2/4 Drop Silverado – Facts, How to

Some truck owners lower their vehicles’ suspensions to give their trucks a sporty look. There are many ways to lower a midsize or a full-size pickup that will affect its appearance, handling, cargo capacity, and towing. In this article, I’ll discuss 2/4 Drop Silverado – facts and how to.

Usually, if you want to lower your truck to a maximum of 2 inches, you will have to spend from $100 to $5,000. The actual cost will depend on how and where you will get your car lowered. Some have lowered their Silverados by the installation of drop spindles. These components are widely available at aftermarket suppliers for only around $100.

For pickups with stock heights that are street regular, lowering the suspension around 2 inches at the front and about 4 inches at the rear is the best that most car experts recommend. This is also dependent on the make and model of the pickup.

Read on to learn more about the facts and the procedure of undertaking a 2/4 drop on your Silverado.

What You Need to Know About the 2/4 Drop Silverado

2/4 drop silverado


You will have to spend from $100 to $5,000 to lower your Silverado to 2 inches. The actual expenses will depend on how you will lower them and who will perform the lowering.

Many truck owners have lowered their vehicles by installing drop spindles which they purchased at many aftermarket retailers at around $100.

Best Drop for a Silverado

As car experts recommend, the best drop you can do to your Silverado is around 2 inches at the front and about 4 inches at the rear. According to the car and lowering experts, this is as far as you can go if you want your truck to have the best appearance, handling, and performance.

Improved Driving Position

If you lower the rear of your Silverado, its nose will back up. That will give you an improved driving position. If you have a lowered truck, it will also be more aerodynamic because its new stance will reduce the wind drag.

Improve Traction Due to the Enhanced Grip of the Tires on the Pavement

It will also improve traction because of the enhanced grip of the tires on the pavement, though it does not always happen.

Looks Sporty

Many truck owners lower their vehicles’ suspensions to make them look sporty. Lowering the suspension of a truck for even just a few inches will give it a sporty look.

Some truck owners have even gone to the extreme of laying the framework on the ground to give their trucks a crazy custom look. 

Is a Chevy Silverado a Good Truck?

The Chevy Silverado is a good stock vehicle for this lowering modification. First released in 1998, this truck has become one of America’s most popular. It’s ideal for those looking for a reliable and long-lasting vehicle for business or pleasure.

The Chevy Silverado has turbocharged gasoline or diesel engine that can deliver a range of 285 to 305 horsepower. These powerful engines are very efficient, making them the ideal choice for people who need a strong truck for hauling and towing.

A typical Chevy Silverado has a towing capacity ranging from seven and eight thousand pounds. This is more than enough for an average truck owner. This vehicle has already built a reputation for being a rugged and reliable truck that can handle anything its owner throws.

Regarding comfort and safety, you won’t be disappointed with the Chevy Silverado. The standard equipment of a typical Silverado includes stability control and several airbags. All seats are comfortable enough, and the cabin has plenty of legroom.

How to Achieve a Silverado 2/4 Drop

Install a 2/4 Lowering Kit

The most convenient way of achieving a 2/4 drop for your Silverado is by installing a 2/4 lowering kit. Plenty of aftermarket retailers sell perfect lowering kits that you can use for your Chevy Silverado.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Lowering Kits

What you will need depends on several things. You first need to consider your ability to perform the lowering. Do you want to do it yourself? If yes is your answer, the next question is: do you have the money to do it?

If your answer is positive, then, by all means, give it a go.

There are truck owners who performed a 2/3 on their crew cab by themselves in their garage. The 2/3 lowering can be achieved without much hassle. It is the 4-inch drop at the rear that requires a flip kit. This entails more work because it is more complicated and will void your warranty.

Anyways, it can be done if you want a 2/4 drop. But first, you need to consider the lowering kit you will install. And here’s one suggestion that you may want to consider.

2-inch Lowering Kit, 4-inch Rear Lowering

This is a 2/4 lowering kit that is designed for some Chevy and GM trucks. You can view it here on Amazon. You can quickly lower the suspension of your Chevy Silverado with this kit because it only requires a bolt-on procedure.


Other key features of this drop kit that you will like are the following:

  • This kit will lower your Silverado 2 inches at the front and 4 inches at the rear for a level drop
  • You can still return your truck to its stock height
  • This kit will not affect the stock ride quality of your Silverado
  • You can fully realign this kit to factory specs
  • You can also adjust the rear drop of this kit from 4 to 4.5 inches


Before buying this drop kit, consider its requirements and limitations. Its limitations are as follows:

  • A rear axle flip is required
  • Minor cutting and drilling are also required
  • The size of the wheels of the truck should be no less than 18 inches
  • This drop kit only fits stamped steel or aluminum arms

Truck Fitment

This drop kit is best used for the following make and model of Chevy Silverados:

  • Chevy Silverado 1500, 2014 to 2018 model years, two-wheel drive
  • GMC Sierra 1500, 2014 to 2018 model years, two-wheel drive

Again, what does 2/4 drop Silverado mean? A Silverado 2/4 drop means lowering your truck to 2 inches. This will cost you around $100 to $5,000. You can install drop spindles to lower your Silverado, which you can buy for about $100.

Differences Between Static and Bagged Car Stance

Key Benefits of the 2/4 Silverado Lowering Kit

24 drop silverado on 22s

There are certain benefits that you will enjoy if you will install this drop kit on your 2014 to 2018 Chevy Silverado 1500:

1. Same Ride Quality with Lower Ground Clearance

This drop has an innovative design that allows you to reduce the ground clearance of your Chevy Silverado 1500 fourth-gen and still retain its comfortable ride quality.

2. Only Minor Installation Required

With this kit, you only need to perform the minor installation to lower your Chevy Silverado. You are only required to do a little cutting and drilling along with an axle flip to install this kit.

All-in-all, you only have to spend around 4 to 6 hours of work to finish the installation. As an added convenience, you can do the installation at your own home. The only tools required for the installation are common household tools; no special tools are needed.

3. High-quality Design and Construction

This drop kit has a sturdy set of lowering knuckles and cam plates. They are designed to complement the stock suspension geometry and control arms that came with your Silverado from the factory.

This assures efficient overall performance and great adjustability to fine-tune the alignment of your truck. In addition, this drop kit also comes with the 10-stage premium N3 shock absorbers that are Nitrogen charged.

They are equipped with a piston rod that is chrome-hardened. The rear components include the following:

  • Spring hanger brackets,
  • U-bolt plates, and
  • Axle saddles.

4. Lifetime Warranty

This drop kit comes with a lifetime replacement warranty for defects in manufacturing. So, buyers of this kit are protected from workmanship and structural defects after purchasing it.

How to Lower a Silverado Using Lowering Kits?

To better understand what lowering kits can do to your Chevy Silverado, you must understand the usual procedures on how it is typically done. There are several ways you can lower a Chevy Silverado, or for that matter, any pickup truck.

Here are some of those methods:

1. Lower the Leaf Springs

The most common way to drop the ground clearance at the rear of a truck is to lower the leaf spring. However, this will compromise your truck’s overall torque weight and cargo capacity.

By combining this method with new lowering spring eye hangars, you can lower the ride height of your truck to 4 inches. While this method will compromise the cargo capability of your car, you can mitigate this by using an airbag helper spring.

Mount the airbag on top of the leaf spring. Some of the lost cargo capacity will be restored if you do this. It could also raise the truck’s rear if it is towing a trailer or carrying a heavy load.

2. Install Coil Springs

Aftermarket coil springs can lower your Chevy Silverado two inches at the front. The ideal choice here is to use progressive-rate springs made of high-quality steel. This strong material will not sag over time.

3. Install Leaf Spring Eye Hangars

Many truck owners use leaf springs at the rear to lower their trucks since they can handle extra cargo capacity. What they do is replace the stock mounts of the leaf springs, which are also called shackles and hangars. 

They drill the stock shackles out of the frame and then bolt on the new aftermarket ones. This method usually works well. They also often combine it with other lowering products to get their desired reduction in ground clearance.

This method is ideal for those who want their trucks to have a level ride. The reason is that the truck is still using the stock spring. An added benefit is that there will be no loss in cargo and towing capacity.

4. Install Drop Spindles

One of the best methods of lowering your Chevy Silverado is by using drop spindles. Using them will allow you to drop the ride height of your truck by about 2 to 3 inches without compromising the stock suspension geometry or ride quality.

When buying drop spindles, don’t choose the cheap ones because they easily crack and shear. They won’t last as long as the more expensive ones. Combining 2-inch lowering coils with drop spindles can lower your Chevy Silverado up to 4 inches.

5. Use Leaf Spring Blocks

Many truck owners have used leaf spring blocks to lower the back of their trucks by anywhere between 1 to 3 inches. There are lowering kits that include leaf spring blocks. They are usually inserted between the leaf spring and the axle.

The best blocks you can buy are steel, usually with built-in pinion angle correction. Be aware that they look more like a wedge instead of a square block. In some kits, the blocks come with a wedge which can be added to provide the correct pinion angle.

In most cases, these blocks are used together with leaf spring hangars to lower the truck’s rear by as much as 4 inches. You must use high-quality and robust U-bolts when lowering your truck with blocks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

2/4 drop silverado kit

Do you still have questions about the 2/4 lowering of a Chevy Silverado? If you do, perhaps the answers to the most often asked questions about this topic will enlighten you:

What Is the Meaning of 2/4 Drop Silverado?

The term “2/4 drop Silverado” means that the stock suspension of a Chevy Silverado is lowered 2 inches at the front and 4 inches at the rear.

What Is the Purpose of Lowering the Suspension of a Chevy Silverado?

Many owners of Chevy Silverados, and other brands of pickup trucks for that matter, want to enhance the appearance of their trucks. They want their trucks to look sportier or flashier. So, they lower their trucks’ stances or ground clearances.

How Do You Accomplish a 2/4 Drop Silverado?

The simplest way of performing a 2/4 drop to a Silverado is to buy a drop or lowering kit from aftermarket suppliers and retailers. Most of these kits include the lowering components needed to achieve a 2-inch drop at the front and a 4-inch drop at the rear.

How Much Will It Cost Me to 2/4 Drop My Silverado?

Usually, the cost of lowering a pickup truck can be between $100 and $5,000. The expense will depend on the lowering kit you buy and the person or company performing the lowering procedure.

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In Closing: Facts About 2/4 Drop Silverado

It will cost you from $100 to $5,000 if you want to lower your Silverado to 2 inches. The actual cost will depend on how and who (or the car shop) will perform the lowering.

Some truck owners have lowered their vehicles by installing drop spindles. These lowering components are widely available in aftermarket supplies at about $110, so it can be done.

If you have a Silverado with a stock height, car experts say that if you want to lower it, the best way is to lower its suspension at the front by around 2 inches and at the rear by about 4 inches. However, this recommendation depends upon your Silverado’s make and model.

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