Auto-RX Reviews [Is Auto-RX Engine Treatment Good?]

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Auto-RX metal cleaner for automotive engines has positive and negative reviews. Some say that that this product is good, while some say it is bad. In this article, we’ll look at different Auto-RX reviews so you can decide if Auto-RX engine treatment is worth buying.

Auto-RX is an all-natural metal cleaner for cleaning sludge from engines, transmissions, power steering, and differentials. Its manufacturer claims that it can thoroughly clean the internal components or automotive engines.

For cleaning the internal parts of an engine of engine sludge, one must use two bottles of this product. Its maker claims that this cleaner is compatible with all engine oils, whether synthetic or conventional.

Read on to learn more about Auto-RX, what its maker claims it can do, and the positive and negative reviews about it to help you determine if it is really good or not.

Is Auto-RX Engine Treatment Good?

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Auto-RX is a metal cleaner made from natural substances; that’s why its maker claims that it is an all-natural product. The claim is that it can clean the accumulated sludge inside the engine.

It can clean sludge that formed inside the engine, power steering, transmission, and differential. It can thoroughly clean these car parts, according to its manufacturer. This product is compatible with all engine oils, whether they are synthetic or conventional oils.

Some say that when Auto-RX is used together with engine oils, it can reduce the wear of the engine parts. It can also provide a lower coefficient of friction compared to just using engine oil alone.

How Does Auto-RX Work?

Auto-RX Worldwide, Inc. developed the Auto-RX metal cleaner on the premise that even with the improvements made on today’s motor oils and automatic transmission fluids, they still can’t prevent the formation of sludge inside the engine, transmission, differential, and steering systems.

So, how does Auto-RX work? It was developed to help remove the harmful oxidized substances inside engines and transmissions safely and gently so that these car components can last longer and perform better.

Auto-RX Ensure Oil Passages Are Clog-free

Auto-RX will ensure that the oil passages are free from the restrictions brought about by oxidized deposits when used inside an engine. This cleaner enables sufficient lubrication of lifters and minimizes wear on critical engine parts by ensuring unrestricted oil flow.

Frank Miller, the developer of the Auto-RX formula, claims that when it comes to long-term equipment operation, the lubricating oils produced by most oil companies cannot take the capabilities of their products far enough. So, he claims that this is where Auto-RX comes in.

Not for Oil Deficiencies Remedy

Miller claims that Auto-RX and Auto-RX Plus are not used to remedy some deficiencies in the oil. He says that they have to work with and not against the laws of chemistry and physics. Oil, according to him, can’t do much more than marginal cleaning if it is to function along with its main duty of lubrication.

Motor oil is required by a car engine all the time. However, it only needs a cleaner like Auto-RX temporarily. When this product is poured into the motor oil reservoir, it combines with the oil. And then, it is carried by the oil throughout the lubrication system.

Auto-RX Dissolves Dirt

As Auto-RX comes across grime, dirt, and abrasives along the way, it dissolves them and causes them to coagulate into tiny clumps. These clumps are too small to clog any passageway but are still big enough to be filtered out.

The maker of Auto-RX says that it should not be considered as:

  • Oil enhancer
  • Friction reducer
  • Solvent, or
  • Magic potion

Auto-RX Cannot Change Your Motor Oil’s Property

Auto-RX should be added separately. Although, it will not change the properties of the motor oil inside the engine. Green chemistry is used in its development, so it is safe. This type of chemistry is applied periodically as part of the company’s extended protection program.

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Who Makes Auto-RX?

The manufacturer of Auto-RX is Auto-Rx Worldwide, Inc., which has its headquarters at Jacksonville Beach, Florida. In their company info, they claim that Auto-RX Plus has the following properties:

  1. It can remove engine sludge
  2. It is capable of cleaning transmissions, power steering units, and differentials
  3. Has the ability to stop or slow oil leaks

There’s this story that the person who invented this product worked in a printing business before. It seemed that they have a lot of ink sludge that needs to be cleaned, or their expensive printing equipment will shut down.

That person used their cleaning expertise and tweaked a formula for cars. They developed a method on how to use the cleaner. Their business first started as a basement business and sold the product through forums on an experimental basis.

Now, they are a legitimate company selling to thousands of customers around the world. There is not much negative issue about this product so far.

Auto-RX Worldwide, Inc. has been selling Auto-RX to consumers around the world for more than 20 years. They focus their efforts on word-of-mouth advertising to keep their promotional expenses low and keep their prices more affordable to consumers.

This company says that using their Auto-RX Plus for preventive maintenance will ensure that foreign matters and other contaminants will not build up on your car’s engine, transmissions, differentials, and steering systems.

Positive Auto-RX Reviews


Based on many reviews about this product, it seems that Auto-RX can do what it is supposed to do overall. Its maker claims that it will clean the harmful deposits in metals, especially those inside engine parts and other vehicle components:

1. One of the Best Sludge Cleaners

An Auto-RX user says that they have been following the product for several years after hearing about it in a certain online forum. Their Auto-RX review said that this product seems to be among the best as a sludge cleaner.

Other forum members say that other similar products are better. But no member of that forum said that Auto-RX and Auto-RX are bad. This reviewer said that the difficult part is realizing just how good this product is. They said you don’t know whether your car engine is already heading for trouble.

2. Product Works As Advertised

Another reviewer mentioned a love/hate approach on Auto-RX, so many opinions are going around about it. But overall, they said that this product works as advertised. They said to follow the instructions regarding the use of the product.

This reviewer advises users of Auto-RX to allow the product to work for 1,500 miles, change oil and filter, and then repeat the procedure for the next 1,500 miles. Then rinse. They recommend this procedure if you really want to clean your engine and the other critical car components.

3. Helps Reduce Blowby

Another user of Auto-RX says that it works for the piston rings. It also helps to reduce blowby. But they said that in cleaning cams and rocker arms heavily encased with unburned fuel and soot, removing them with this product will not happen in just 10,000 miles.

4. Auto-RX Will Never Cause Any Damage

Another reviewer recommends following the directions on the bottle. They think this product works in some sludge situations but not in others. But in their experience, Auto-RX did not cause any damage that other people seem to have reported.

This reviewer recommended pulling the valve cover for two important reasons:

  • To see if sludge is really present, and
  • Because under valve cover inspection is necessary

5. Completely Safe to Use

Another user that gave their Auto-RX Plus review admits that they are not a fan of the product. But they also said that it is completely safe to use in all gasoline and diesel engines. They personally used Auto-RX in their small common rail Mercedes Benz engine. It didn’t do anything bad in the engine, they said.

They said that the esters in this product would improve the lubricity in most motor oils. While it can do some cleaning, they say there are better products out there.

6. Valves and Cams Are Much Cleaner

Another user said that they are currently experimenting with Auto-RX in their ’89 model SHO. They are now in the first rinse cycle, and they noticed that the cams and the valves were cleaner. He admitted that this wouldn’t happen if they did not try Auto-RX.

They said that this product is an engine flush. It is meant to remove sludge and ensure that the engine’s internal parts are nice and clean. While it can stop leaks, Auto-RX is actually focused on minimizing engine wear and increasing the lubricating power and the flow capacity of the motor oil.

Auto-RX is great, they say, but it will not fix leaks. There is no long-term risk of using this product, they added. It is not really a flush but a long-term chemical treatment. They said you could leave this cleaner in the oil indefinitely because it can take the characteristics and quality of the oil.

Negative Auto-RX Reviews

While there are many positive reviews about Auto-RX metal cleaner, some reviews about it reveal its downsides.

Here is one negative review about this product. It was given by a person who used Auto-RX in their 2003 Subaru WRX:

Worst Customer Experience

This person says they are not recommending Auto-RX because of their experience with its manufacturer, Frank Miller. Apparently, this reviewer came across something that claims Auto-RX can free up stuck ring lands, increase cylinder pressure and reduce blow-by.

After using the product for 1,000 to 5,000 miles, an oil leak developed on the motor’s driver side. This reviewer communicated with Rich Eklund, a company rep, about the problem. Eklund gave this person some recommendations on how to fix the issue.

But after several more communications, the leak seemed to grow worse. They were given more recommendations, and more issues resulted. The company, through Eklund, offered to give this person complimentary bottles of Auto-RX.

After dilly-dallying, this reviewer decided to take the offer and email Eklund to accept the offer. They received a reply email saying that Eklund is on vacation. The person who sent the reply email was Frank Miller, the founder, and owner of Auto-RX Worldwide, Inc.

Miller’s reply is very succinct. Quoting his reply directly, it said: “Hello, Rich is on vacation. Why would we send you a free bottle of Auto-RX?” This reply infuriated this reviewer. They said it is by far the worst customer service they have ever experienced.

Nothing but Snake Oil

This reviewer said that Auto-RX does not do anything for the engine. It is nothing but just snake oil, they added, and it will only empty your wallet. This person also said that this product would varnish and does not work in Aluminum engines.

The reviewer presented a thread called ARX & Aluminum Engines as proof, which you can Google. They also said that this product was a site sponsor on BITOG (Bob is the Oil Guy?) from 2002 until 2009. This reviewer said they were apparently kicked off from the site because 99% of the forum members who also used Auto-RX said they never saw any results.

But the owner of Auto-RX claimed that they are doing something wrong and they should buy more Auto-RX. This reviewer also said that there are around five members on BITOG who claim that this product works.

According to this reviewer, the problem here is that these five members are paid representatives of the product maker.

Alternatives to Auto RX

auto rx reviews
Amsoil ENG & Trans Flush

There are several alternatives to Auto RX. Their manufacturers also claim that they can clean sludge from engine parts and enhance motor oil flow inside the engine, resulting in more efficient lubrication.

Here are the products. They are all available at Amazon:

1. Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment

Click here to see it on Amazon.

According to its manufacturer, this product can liquefy gum and varnish deposits inside the engine. This Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment is made of 100% pure petroleum. It comes in 16-ounce containers.

2. Liqui Moly 2037 Pro-Line Engine Flush

Click here to see it on Amazon.

The Liqui Moly 2037 Pro-Line Engine Flush is a highly effective solution for cleaning and flushing the oil systems of both gasoline and diesel engines.

This engine flush offers a convenient and easy way to rid the engine of accumulated deposits, sludge, and contaminants that can hinder optimal performance.

Engine flushes are crucial maintenance procedures that help extend the life of the engine and maintain its efficiency by ensuring that the oil circulation remains unimpeded.

One of the key advantages of the Liqui Moly 2037 Pro-Line Engine Flush is its gentle yet rapid cleaning action. The formulation is designed to break down and dissolve sludge and deposits without causing harm to engine components.

This ensures a thorough cleaning process that is essential for maintaining the engine’s health and performance.

3. zMAX 51-306 – Transmission Formula

Click here to see it on Amazon.

The zMAX 51-306 – Transmission Formula is designed to clean harmful deposits in transmission systems of vehicles. It can be used for manual and automatic transmission systems. This product uses Micro lubrication soaking into metal surfaces. It improves lubrication and reduces gear wear.

Conclusion: Auto RX Reviews

Auto-RX is an all-natural metal cleaner that can be used for cleaning sludge from transmissions, power steering, differentials, and engines. The maker of this product claims that it can thoroughly clean the deposits of foreign contaminants and other sludge from the internal components of automotive engines.

This product mixes with the motor oil in the engine, thereby enhancing lubrication and reducing wear on engine metal parts.

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