AutoZone Services and Prices [Full List]

Are you looking for affordable new parts or fluids for your car? Don’t look any further because there is probably an AutoZone outlet near you. I’ll discuss AutoZone Services and Prices – Full List in this article.

AutoZone is a popular distributor of car spare parts and accessories in the United States. Whether you need a new battery, a new alternator, or any fluid like coolant, transmission fluid, and so forth, you will find it at AutoZone at affordable prices.

AutoZone is the biggest alternative car parts and accessories retailer in the United States. This company was established in 1979. It has grown so large that it now has more than 6,400 stores all over the country. AutoZone has outlets and operations in other countries like Brazil, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the US Virgin Islands.

Read on to learn more about the services you can get at AutoZone and a complete list of the prices of the automotive spare parts and accessories they sell.

AutoZone Services and Prices – Full List

autozone services and prices

If you are looking for an affordable car battery or an alternator, your best option is to buy it from AutoZone. This company is one of the leading retailers of automotive spare parts and accessories in the United States.

AutoZone started its operation as car parts and accessories retailer in 1979. It is now a large operation having more than 6,400 outlets across the country. This company has all the car spare parts and accessories you need at very affordable prices.

So, you will find it at AutoZone, whether it is a car battery, an alternator, transmission fluid, or any item you need to fix your car. This company also provides checkup services for critical components of your vehicle, like engine checkups, battery checkups, and so forth.

Now more than 43 years after its establishment, AutoZone remains committed to its effort to provide the best customer service, car parts, and prices in the automotive aftermarket industry. AutoZone’s headquarters is in Memphis, Tennessee.

AutoZone Services

There are several kinds of automotive services that AutoZone provides its customers. If your car requires fixing and AutoZone offers the fixing that it needs, you need to consider driving your vehicle to the AutoZone outlet nearest you. What kinds of services can you get at AutoZone?

1. Free Testing of Parts

AutoZone can check the condition of your car battery, starter, and alternator for free, in all its locations in the United States.

2. Battery Checkup

If you think your battery has a problem and don’t know what it is, you can get it to AutoZone for a checkup. It does not mean it is not functioning anymore if it is dead. The only way you can be sure is to have it examined at AutoZone.

So, if your battery triggers its warning light on the dash, or if it’s not able to start the ignition, or slow in starting the engine, you need to know why it is acting this way. What you can do is to get your car to the nearest AutoZone outlet.

They will test your battery while it is still in your car. The person checking your battery will know if it is only dead but still working correctly. If that’s the case, they will recharge your battery for free. So, if your battery warranty is already up, you can bring it to AutoZone and get a new one.

For battery charging, AutoZone uses the Duralast Fast Charger. It can charge your battery only within 39 minutes. This battery charger can charge almost all types of car batteries. They also do install batteries.

3. Starter Checkup

The starter is a critical component of your car because it is the one that cranks the engine so it can run. If the starter can’t crank the engine, you won’t be able to drive your car. Your starter is not functioning if you don’t hear a clicking noise when starting the engine.

You can remove the starter from your car and bring it to the nearest AutoZone outlet. They will inspect it without any charge.

4. Alternator Checkup

If your battery is not working correctly, it might be the fault of a malfunctioning alternator. So, a failing alternator can damage a good battery. So, if you are experiencing problems with your alternator, you need to have it examined along with the battery.

Some symptoms of a malfunctioning alternator are flickering or dimming lights, difficulty in starting, a battery warning light on, or a completely dead battery. If you bring your car to the nearest AutoZone outlet, they will check its alternator for free, even if it is still mounted on your vehicle.

5. Fix Finder Service

AutoZone also offers what they call Fix Finder Service. It is a specific vehicle warning light checkup and report supported by the most comprehensive database of car tech solutions. And AutoZone will also give you this service for free.

So, if a warning light pops up on your dashboard, you can bring your car to the nearest AutoZone outlet to check it. Fix Finder can read all information that caused that warning light to appear on your dash.

These include maintenance lights, ABS, Check Engine lights, etc. It will take AutoZone less than one minute to check the cause of the warning light and give you a report about it once the Fix Finder is plugged into your car.

AutoZone will provide you with a printed report that you can easily understand. The report will contain the tech verified fixe that your car requires for the particular problem experienced by your vehicle.

AutoZone will discuss the report’s details and the recommended fixes to solve your car’s problem. An AutoZone staff will help you find the specific car part you need to fix the issue and recommend the nearest AutoZone outlet to fix your problem.

6. Recycling Services

AutoZone also offers recycling services for several car accessories and parts that can still be repaired and used even if they have already gone bad. Their motive for recycling is to reduce waste and emissions. What car parts does AutoZone recycle?

Car Batteries

Your car battery is made up of expensive materials. That is why they are relatively expensive. To salvage these materials, they are recycled, or some parts are reused to produce new batteries.

In 2022, AutoZone has so far recycled more than 412,000 tons of used car batteries all over the United States in all its outlets. AutoZone uses a system for recycling old batteries.

When a customer buys a fresh battery from AutoZone, they pay a price that includes a Refundable Core Deposit of up to $22.

This is an additional cost that serves to incentivize customers to return their old batteries to the AutoZone location where they purchased them.

So, when you return your old battery from AutoZone, you will get a refund of the Core Deposit. AutoZone will send your old battery to a place where its several components will be dismantled and processed for recycling.

To recycle your better, you need to do the following:

  • Remove it from your vehicle
  • Take it to the nearest AutoZone outlet or where you originally bought it.
  • An AutoZone staff will get your old battery and issue you a core credit

Old Car Parts and Steel

AutoZone also recycles old vehicle parts and steel. In 2022 this company has recycled 66,000 tons of used or worn-out car parts and 17,000 tons of steel. They will be used in making new car parts.

Old and used car parts such as alternators, transmissions, brake calipers, engines, and engine parts are remanufactured. Instead of ending up in landfills or polluting the environment, AutoZone repurposes or remanufactures them, thus reducing pollution. 


AutoZone has also recycled 1,000 tons of plastic in its 2022 fiscal year. Through this initiative, AutoZone was able to prevent microplastics from polluting the rivers and seas of the United States.

Recycled plastic can be used as packaging materials or other plastic products and consumer items. In this way, rather than causing the degradation of our environment, they can be repurposed into other valuable items.

Engine Oil

AutoZone also recycles used engine or motor oils. In the company’s fiscal year of 2021, it recycled 12 million gallons of used motor oil. The used engine oil was collected in all AutoZone locations across the US.

This prevents that same amount of old oil from going into the country’s waterways or being deposited into the ground, polluting the environment. Here’s what you can do to help AutoZone recycle your old engine oil:

  • Collect your used motor oil in an oil pan while it is being drained out of your engine
  • After that, transfer the used oil into a suitable container
  • Bring this container to the nearest AutoZone outlet
  • The AutoZone outlet will transfer this used oil to a bigger container so it can be stored safely
  • A used oil recycling company will pick up all the collected, used motor oil and bring it to an oil recycling plant
  • You can bring home the container so you can use it again for your next oil change

Pallets and Cardboard Boxes

Pallets and cardboard boxes are typically used by retailers to transport car parts. These car parts can be delivered to warehouses, AutoZone local outlets, or directly to your door.

They can be recycled to prevent them from creating a nuisance to the environment. Cardboard boxes and other light packaging materials can be repurposed as new paper products.

Pallets can be broken down into animal beddings, wood mulch, or new wood products. They can also be made into new shipping materials.

Prices of the Best-Selling Merchandise at AutoZone

autozone service prices

AutoZone sells all kinds of car parts and accessories. While that is true, some of its merchandise is more salable than others. Here are the AutoZone prices of the most saleable items:

1. Batteries

Here is a sampling of the prices of the most salable batteries sold at AutoZone:

Duralast AGM Power Sports Battery CT5L-BSFP 80 CCA

  • Regular price – $54.99
  • Regular price plus core – $62.99
  • Refundable core charge – $8.00

Duralast AGM Power Sports Battery CTX9-BSFP 135 CCA

  • Regular price – $79.99
  • Regular price plus core – $101.99
  • Refundable core charge – $22.00

Econocraft Battery 75DT-E Group Size 75DT 650 CCA

  • Regular price – $69.99
  • Regular price plus core – $77.99
  • Refundable core charge – $22.00

Econocraft Battery Review and Specs

Valuecraft Battery 35-VL Group Size 35 520 CCA

  • Regular price – $109.99
  • Regular price plus core – $131.99
  • Refundable core charge – $22.00

2. Engine Oils

STP Engine Oil High Mileage Conventional 5W-30 1 Quart

  • Price – $6.49

STP Engine Oil High Mileage Conventional 10W-40 1 Quart

  • Price – $6.49

STP Engine Oil High Mileage Conventional 5W-30 5 Quarts

  • Price – $24.49

STP Engine Oil High Mileage Conventional 5W-20 5 Quarts

  • Price – $24.49

3. Automotive Fluids

AutoZone Power Steering Fluid 32 oz.

  • Price – $6.49

Prestone Antifreeze/Coolant Universal 40/40 Premixed 10 years/300K Miles Protection

  • Price – $1.99

AGS Sil-Grade Brake Lubricant O.14 oz.

  • Price – $11.99

Rain-X Remover Washer Fluid 1 gal.

  • Price – $5.29

Prestone Antifreeze/Coolant Universal Concentrate 10 Year/300K Mile Protection, 1 Gallon

  • Price – $15.19

AutoZone Negative 20 Degree Windshield Washer Fluid, 1 gal.

  • Price – $4.49

AutoZone Power Steering Fluid 32 oz.

  • Price – $6.49

Prestone Antifreeze/Coolant Universal 50/50 Premixed 10 Year/300K Mile Protection, one gal.

  • Price – $11.49

AGS Sil-Glyde Brake Lubricant 0.14 oz.

  • Price – $1.99

AutoZone Power Steering Fluid 32oz

  • Price – $6.49

AutoZone Power Steering Fluid 32 oz.

  • Price – $6.09

Prestone Antifreeze/Coolant Universal Concentrate 10 Year/300K Mile Protection 1 gal.

  • Price – $15.19

Rain X Bug Remover Washer Fluid 1 gal.

  • Price – $5.29

4. Alternators

Duralast Gold Alternator DLG7273

  • Price – $124,99
  • $40 Refundable Core Deposit

Duralast Gold Alternator 1996-16-4

  • Price – $271.99
  • $40 Refundable Core Deposit

Duralast Gold Alternator DLG7760-6-71996-16-4

  • Price – $264.99
  • $40 Refundable Core Deposit

5. Starters

Duralast Gold Starter DLG9966S

  • Price – $221.99
  • $40 Refundable Core Deposit

Duralast Gold Starter DLG8429S

  • Price – $138.99
  • $40 Refundable Core Deposit

Duralast Gold Starter DLG581S

  • Price – $172.99
  • $40 Refundable Core Deposit

6. Brake Pads

Duralast Semi-Metallic Brake Pads MKD987

  • Price – $46.99

Duralast Ceramic Brake Pad D1184A

  • Price – $92.49

Duralast Ceramic Brake Pads D1345S

  • Price – $43.99

Duralast Ceramic Brake Pads D150

  • Price – $23.99

7. Other Items

FloTool Drain Pan 7 Quart

  • Price – $4.19

Hopkins Black Big Mouth with No Mess Splash Guard Funnel

  • Price – $84.99

AutoZone AZP-19CA VOC Brake Parts Cleaner Aerosol Spray 14 oz.

  • Price – $4.19

Premier Smart WiFi Video Door Bell

  • Price – $3.29

Duralast 800 Amp Portable Battery Jump Starter

  • Price – $84.99

AutoZone Price Match

AutoZone wants its customers to get the best deal every time they purchase car parts and accessories at their locations. They practice price matching to ensure customers get the best prices.

They price-match their store merchandise with other car parts and accessories retailers like Napa, O’Reilly, and Walmart. But they will not price match their items with another AutoZone outlet.

To price match an item, here’s what you need to do:

  • Determine the price of the item you are buying at your local AutoZone location. You can call them or visit their store to get the price.
  • Make sure that the item you are price-matching is in stock at that store. However, they will give you a price match if the item is not in stock.
  • Ask AutoZone which of the other retailers it is price matching with.
  • If you can, bring an advertisement containing the product’s price from the other retailer so AutoZone will have a basis for a price match.

Price matching is a powerful strategy that you can use to influence AutoZone to give a better price for the items that you require.

Frequently Asked Questions

what free services does autozone offer

If you have some questions about the services and prices of items at AutoZone, maybe you will find your answers to the ones listed below:

What Car Services Are Offered by AutoZone?

AutoZone provides its customer with several car services for their customers. They include:

  • Parts testing free of charge
  • Battery checkup for free
  • Starter checkup free of charge
  • Alternator checkup for free
  • Fix Finder service
  • Recycling services for used motor oils, old car batteries, old car parts and steel, old plastic car parts, cardboard boxes, and pallets.

Does AutoZone Price Match the Items That They Sell?

If you give AutoZone the information about the item’s price from other retailers, AutoZone will do its best to match that price. However, AutoZone will not match the item’s price in another AutoZone location.

What Car Parts Can I Buy at AutoZone?

Almost all car parts and accessories are found at any AutoZone outlet. They can range from batteries, brake pads, motor oils, car fluids, and many more.

Who Owns AutoZone?

Its corporation owns all AutoZone locations. They don’t operate any franchises. The name of the corporation is Vanguard Group, Inc.

In Closing: AutoZone Services and Prices – Full List]

If you need car spare parts or a car accessory, you can find them at AutoZone, one of the leading distributors of these types of products in the United States.

Whether you need a new battery or need to top off your transmission fluid, AutoZone has the right product at very affordable prices.