The Best Coolant for BMW – Top 7 BMW Antifreeze Coolants

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If the coolant light on your BMW dashboard suddenly turns on, your car tells you something. Perhaps there’s a problem with your coolant level, which may need topping up or a full replacement. This article will discuss the best coolant for BMW – the top 7 BMW antifreeze coolants.

Since they are relatively expensive, there are antifreeze coolants exclusively formulated for BMW vehicles to protect the engine and prolong its life.

Here are the top 7 coolants that can provide the best protection for the engine of your BMW:

  1. BMW-8214167704 Grey Antifreeze Coolant
  2. OEM-Recochem-86-324BOEME Antifreeze Life Euro
  3. Zerex American Vehicle 50/50 Prediluted Ready-to-Use Antifreeze/Coolant 1 GA
  4. MaxLife-Valvoline Universal Antifreeze
  5. Antifreeze Coolant Blue gal 7-1/dp B07WMVSTFR
  6. EVANS Cooling EC53001 Performance Waterless
  7. Engine Ice TYDS008 Performance Coolant (for motorcycles)

And there’s one more that you can include in these 7 BMW coolants. The EVANS Coolant EC72064 Powersports Waterless is also designed for BMW motorcycles.

BMW vehicles require specific coolants, which are phosphate and nitrite-free. They are designed to prevent the corrosion and rust build-up of the engine’s metal and aluminum components. You can’t just use any off-the-shelf standard coolant antifreeze for your BMW.

Read on to learn more about the seven best coolants formulated for BMWs, their key specs, and their features.

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The Best Coolant for BMW

best coolant for bmw
BMW-8214167704 Grey Antifreeze Coolant

BMW has designed its vehicles to provide the best performance and long life to give the best service to their owners. For BMW vehicles to last long and deliver excellent performance, they need special coolants. There are antifreeze coolants that are exclusively formulated for BMW engines.

If you want great performance from your BMW and you want it to last long, you should only use these coolants. With that said, here are the seven best coolants for BMW cars that you can use:

1. BMW-8214167704 Grey Antifreeze Coolant

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Ethylene Glycol-based and Comes in One-gallon Bottles

This is the best coolant for BMW cars simply because it is specifically formulated for these vehicles. It is ethylene glycol-based and comes in one-gallon bottles. This BMW coolant can protect metals like aluminum, steel, and cast iron.

Provide Year-round Protection Against Heat Damage, Boilovers, Among Others

Using BMW-8214167704 Grey Antifreeze Coolant, you can provide year-round protection against heat damage, boilovers, and rust for your cooling system and engine.

Has an Excellent Usability Rating

This coolant has an excellent usability rating. It earned an A rating for ease of use, A+ for durability, A+ for temperature resistance, A+ for effectiveness, and ‘Satisfactory’ for its volume or quantity.

Enhance the Lubrication of the Water Pump

One of the car components that this coolant will protect is the water pump. This coolant will enhance the lubrication of the water pump, preventing rust and corrosion. It will also maintain the correct operating temperature of the engine.

Can Work with All Types of BMW Vehicles

This coolant comes in a blue hue. It can work with all types of BMW vehicles. More importantly, it does not contain harsh chemicals such as phosphate and nitrate, which are perfect for aluminum car parts.

Prevent the Formation of Foams and Sediments

BMW-8214167704 Grey Antifreeze Coolant can also prevent the formation of foams and sediments and corrosion., It is also safe for automotive radiators and even prevents overheating. However, this coolant is not suitable for very hot regions.

2. OEM-Recochem-86-324BOEME Antifreeze Life Euro

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Effective for Newer Light Models

This coolant can also be considered the best for BMWs. It is very effective for newer light models of BMW vehicles and gasoline and diesel engines. Its coolant formulation is free of nitrite, phosphate, and amine.

Contains Low Silicate OAT

OEM-Recochem-86-324BOEME Antifreeze Life Euro contains low silicate OAT. It meets and even exceeds the performance requirements of ASTM D3306, D6210-10, D7583, and BS6580.

Offers Excellent Compatibility with Other Coolants

This coolant also offers excellent compatibility with other coolants because it can blend well with other coolant technology.

Best to Use This Coolant in Pure Form

However, for best results, it is best to use this coolant in pure form without mixing it with coolants with high pH and those containing borate, phosphate, or anti-freeze silicate-based.

3. Zerex American Vehicle 50/50 Prediluted Ready-to-Use Antifreeze/Coolant 1 GA

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Zerex American Vehicle 50/50 Prediluted Ready-to-Use Antifreeze/Coolant 1 GA is a top-tier automotive coolant that offers unparalleled freeze protection and anti-boil performance, surpassing industry standards.

This prediluted formula is designed for convenience, ready to use straight from the container, and ensures optimal performance in a 50/50 ratio with deionized water.

It provides reliable protection for all modern engine components, preventing winter freezing down to an impressive -34°F and safeguarding against summer boiling up to 265°F.

The antifreeze/coolant utilizes Organic Acid Technology (OAT), a cutting-edge corrosion-resistant formulation that effectively combats corrosion, scale, and rust.

This technology ensures the protection of all cooling system metals, including aluminum, which is particularly susceptible to corrosion in traditional coolant formulations.

By resisting these corrosive elements, Zerex American Vehicle coolant contributes to the longevity and efficiency of the engine’s cooling system.

High-quality additives incorporated into the formula play a crucial role in safeguarding the entire cooling system.

Not only do they offer robust protection against leaks, but they also exhibit compatibility with various materials such as gaskets, hoses, plastics, and the original finish of the vehicle.

This ensures that the coolant not only provides optimal engine performance but also maintains the integrity of other crucial components.

The pre-mixed orange formula of Zerex American Vehicle coolant eliminates the need for dilution, saving time and effort during the coolant replacement process.

This ready-to-use solution is a convenient option for vehicle owners looking for a hassle-free coolant that meets the demanding requirements of both cold winter climates and hot summer conditions.

Zerex’s commitment to quality and performance is evident in this antifreeze/coolant product, making it a reliable choice for maintaining the health of a vehicle’s cooling system throughout the year.

4. MaxLife-Valvoline Universal Antifreeze

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Suitable for All Vehicles

This antifreeze from Valvoline can be used for all makes, models, and mileages of all vehicles, including BMW vehicles. It is also compatible with all coolant colors.

Only Antifreeze That Contains Alugard Plus

The MaxLife-Valvoline Universal Antifreeze is the only antifreeze that contains Alugard Plus.

This is a special additive that allows the chemicals in the coolant to work together to provide maximum protection to the engine and other metal parts of the cooling system. It also helps lubricate gaskets and seals.

Contains Denatonium Benzoate

MaxLife also contains 30 to 50 parts per million (ppm) of denatonium benzoate. This is a bittering agent that helps antifreeze products perform their function well. Using this coolant will protect your engine against overheating and cold weather freeze-ups.

5. Antifreeze Coolant Blue gal 7-1/dp B07WMVSTFR

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Pre-mixed in a 50/50 Ratio

This coolant will also protect BMW vehicles against freeze-up and boilovers. The Antifreeze Coolant Blue gal 7-1/dp B07WMVSTFR is ready to use antifreeze formula that comes pre-mixed in a 50/50 ratio.

Comes with De-ionized Water That Can Protect the Engine

It also comes with de-ionized water that can protect delicate components of modern automotive engines.

Can Protect Against Corrosion and Rust

Antifreeze Coolant Blue B07WMVSTFR has NAP-free HOAT chemistry. European technology’s premium, low-silicate, and phosphate-free formula can protect against corrosion and rust, boilovers, and freeze-ups.

6. EVANS Cooling EC53001 Performance Waterless

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Specifically Formulated for All Kinds of Vehicles

This antifreeze is specifically formulated for all kinds of vehicles, be they vintage-powered, classic, or modern vehicles. You can also use it for CNG vehicles, LP engines, and light-duty diesel engines.

Eliminates Boilovers and After-boils

The EVANS Cooling EC53001 Performance Waterless does not contain water. It will not vaporize because its boiling point is 375°F. In that way, it eliminates boilovers and after-boils.

Produces Only Low Vapor Pressures

Since there is no water in this BMW antifreeze coolant, corrosion, water pump, and liner cavitation are not a problem. This antifreeze produces only low vapor pressures, reduces strain on parts of the cooling system, and prevents loss of coolant.

Prevents Pre-ignition and Engine Knocks

It also prevents pre-ignition and engine knocks due to overheating. So, it helps increase combustion efficiency so that the engine can deliver more power and improve its fuel economy.

Before using this antifreeze, you should remove the old water-based coolant first so that this coolant can do its work well.

7. Engine Ice TYDS008 Performance Coolant

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Formulated Specifically for BMW Motorcycles

Some coolants are formulated specifically for BMW motorcycles. The Engine Ice TYDS008 Performance Coolant is one of them. This is a bio-degradable motorcycle antifreeze that is also non-toxic and phosphate-free.

Can Reduce Operating Race Temperatures

This BMW motorcycle coolant can reduce operating race temperatures and keep boil-over temperatures to 256°F. It can also prevent freeze-ups up to minus 26°F.

Engineered to Maintain the Optimum Performance of the Engine

This coolant is engineered to maintain the optimum performance of your motorcycle engine so that it won’t lose power through excessive heat. It is safe for most metals, including aluminum.

Average Operating Reduction Temperature of 10°F to -20°F

This coolant has an average operating reduction temperature of 10°F to -20°F. So, it is ideal for motorcycle racing or street driving, even with snow machines and ATVs.

Can Reduce Operating Temperatures in High Stress

This coolant uses propylene glycol, eliminating seal and water pump gasket failures. It can also reduce operating temperatures in high stress and high load conditions more than conventional coolants.

8. EVANS Coolant EC72064 Powersports Waterless

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Also Applicable to BMW Motorcycles

We can also add this coolant to the 7 top coolants for BMW vehicles because of its good antifreeze capabilities. The EVANS Coolant EC72064 Powersports Waterless is also applicable to BMW motorcycles.

Can Eliminate Corrosion

This antifreeze does not contain water. It can eliminate corrosion and prevent cavitation erosion in water pumps and liners. You can reduce the maintenance costs when you use this coolant because it reduces the probability of electrolysis and corrosion.

This coolant is specifically designed for street bikes, snowmobiles, quads, UTVs, and ATVs. Before using this antifreeze, you should first empty all the old water-based coolants in your cooling system.

What Is the Function of a Coolant?

best coolant for bmw 328i

Keeps the Engine Running Well

Coolants or antifreeze are very important in the efficient functioning of your car, specifically, its engine. It can keep the engine running well for a long time.

Most coolants of the past are water-based. They are good at removing heat from the engine and its different parts. The coolant is pumped into the engine through a pipe and into ‘passages’ or gaps throughout the engine block.

As the engine runs, the coolant will also acquire heat from the engine parts that it is cooling. When this happens, it is drained through a different engine section before going to the intercooler.

When the coolant passes through the intercooler, it is cooled by the passage of air underneath the vehicle while it is running. Modern cars are equipped with antifreeze or coolant temperature sensors to track their accuracy.

Prevent Rust and Corrosion

Another function of a coolant is to prevent rust and corrosion, especially during winter. In this aspect, they serve as antifreeze agents. But in summer, they function as coolants to remove heat from the engine. No vehicle will function efficiently without any coolant or antifreeze.

Why Use the Best Coolants for BMWs?

Expensive to Buy a New BMW

BMW vehicles are not the most affordable vehicles out there. It costs quite an amount of money to buy a brand new one. They say cars are not investments. But still, you have to spend big money to own a BMW.

So, you need to be sure that you will be able to enjoy the service of your BMW for years to come. And the way to do that is to be mindful of its need for a good coolant, not just any coolant that you can buy off the shelf.

In this matter, some coolants are designed explicitly for BMWs. That’s what we have been discussing in this article. I hope you now understand why you should only use coolants designed for your BMW vehicle.

BMW Coolants Are Made of European Technology

Coolants for BMWs are made of European technology. This makes it hard for some people to get a hold of the right coolant for their BMWs since they are not made in the United States. Thankfully, you can get the right coolant for your BMW at

The links I have provided in this article for each coolant that I have enumerated should enable you to get hold of the coolant your BMW car requires. Just click on the links, and see if it is available when you need them.

BMW Is Not an Ordinary Vehicle

Keep in mind that your BMW car is not an ordinary vehicle. It requires different motor oil and a different coolant or antifreeze. You cannot just put inside it any ordinary engine oil and antifreeze. It must be the oil and coolant specified in your operator’s manual.

BMW Coolant Frequently Asked Questions

bmw coolant alternative

There are many questions that BMW owners have asked often regarding the right coolants that they can use for their vehicles. Here are the answers to those frequently asked questions:

What Engine Coolants Are Best for BMWs?

BMWs will run more efficiently if they use coolants specifically engineered for them. Our top 8 picks of coolants that can best protect BMW engines are the following:

  1. BMW-8214167704 Grey Antifreeze Coolant
  2. OEM-Recochem-86-324BOEME Antifreeze Life Euro
  3. Valvoline-Zerex-Antifreeze Coolant
  4. MaxLife-Valvoline Universal Antifreeze
  5. Antifreeze Coolant Blue gal 7-1/dp B07WMVSTFR
  6. EVANS Cooling EC53001 Performance Waterless
  7. Engine Ice TYDS008 Performance Coolant (for BMW motorcycles)
  8. EVANS Coolant EC72064 Powersports Waterless (for BMW motorcycles)

Do I Need a Specific Coolant for My BMW?

Yes, if you want your BMW to function without any engine problems, you should only use the coolant specified by BMW for its engine. A BMW OEM coolant might be a little more expensive than a BMW coolant alternative that you can buy off the shelf.

But this BMW-specified coolant is the best for preventing rust buildup and corrosion of the engine’s metal and aluminum components. BMW engines require phosphate and nitrite-free coolants. And these BMW-specified coolants are just like that.

Does My BMW Require a Special Coolant?

BMW specifies the coolant that you should use for your BMW car. It should have the right chemical formulation and the right BMW coolant color. Your operator’s manual will indicate the right BMW coolant for your vehicle. If the BMW coolant light flashes, you should add or replace the coolant.

What Coolant Can Work with BMW Gasoline and Diesel Engines?

The best coolant that can protect both BMW gasoline and diesel engines is the Zerex coolant. It uses non-phosphate technology to protect metal surfaces, including aluminum, against rust. You should put this coolant in your BMW coolant reservoir.

What Other Good Things Can a BMW Coolant Do to My Engine?

If you use a BMW-specified coolant in your engine, it will also lubricate its seals and gaskets. So, it will also prevent BMW coolant leaks.

Are There BMW Coolants That Are Designed for Motorcycles?

Yes, two BMW motorcycle coolants are engineered specifically for BMW motorcycles. One is the Engine Ice TYDS008 Performance Coolant, and the other is the EVANS Coolant EC72064 Powersports Waterless.

In Closing: The Best 7 BMW Coolants

Seven antifreeze coolants are specifically formulated for BMW vehicles. They are the following:

  1. BMW-8214167704 Grey Antifreeze Coolant
  2. OEM-Recochem-86-324BOEME Antifreeze Life Euro
  3. Valvoline-Zerex-Antifreeze Coolant
  4. MaxLife-Valvoline Universal Antifreeze
  5. Antifreeze Coolant Blue gal 7-1/dp B07WMVSTFR
  6. EVANS Cooling EC53001 Performance Waterless
  7. Engine Ice TYDS008 Performance Coolant

And there’s one more that you can use as a coolant for your BMW, and this is the EVANS Coolant EC72064 Powersports Waterless.

The best coolants for BMW vehicles are phosphate and nitrite-free. These antifreeze coolants prevent corrosion and the buildup of rust even in the aluminum components of your BMW vehicle.

You are risking the performance and life of your BMW if you will use any off-the-shelf antifreeze coolant.

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