Best Ram 1500 Mods

Are you wondering what is the best Ram 1500 mods right now? The Dodge Ram 1500 is already an impressive machine. Note, though, that there are still many modifications that you can add to make it even better. So what are the best RAM 1500 mods?

The top mods that you can add to your Dodge Ram include:

  1. Leveling and Lift Kits
  2. Cold Air Intakes
  3. Exhaust
  4. Running Boards and Side Steps
  5. Floor Mats

Read on to learn more about the best Ram 1500 mods you can use to customize your truck.

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Best Ram 1500 Mods

best ram 1500 mods

Being a Ram 1500 owner is fun. The reason is that because of its popularity; there are lots of aftermarket modifications (mods) available. The mods could be for improved aesthetics, added performance, or just for personalizing the truck.

Here are some of the best Ram 1500 mods you should be getting right now:

1. Leveling and Lift Kits

Installing a lift kit on your Ram 1500 will lift the truck’s body a couple of inches. Most of the time, you will have to add spacers between the frame and the truck’s body.

You can use lift kits when you want to increase the overall height of the truck. This means installing the spacers on all four wheels.

Leveling kits, on the other hand, will only slightly increase the height of the front end. The reason is that car manufacturer intentionally lower the front end of all their vehicles.

This is fine for driving on pavement. However, a leveling kit will prevent the front of your truck from digging into the earth if you’re going off-road.

Here are some of the benefits of adding aftermarket leveling and lift kits on your Ram 1500:

Overall Protection

The biggest reason why truck owners install lift kits on their trucks is to protect the body when going off-road.

With the body lifted higher above the ground, going over bumps and into potholes will not be quite as nerve-wracking. If you leave your truck at the factory ride height, it will be more susceptible to damage.

Bigger Tire Clearance

A lift kit will give your truck higher ground clearance. In other words, you can take on most rough roads without any problem. Do you plan to take your Ram 1500 off-roading? Or do you see it having a lot of utility use, like on a farm or ranch?

Then a higher ground clearance is a must. It means you can take on more elevated bumps and deeper potholes without bottoming out and getting stuck.

On the other hand, higher ground clearance also means that the center of gravity of your truck will be higher. This means reduced handling on the highway. In addition, because of the higher ground clearance, air can get underneath the car, increasing drag.

Bigger Tire Size Options

Because of the increased ground clearance, you can install bigger tires on your Ram 1500. Most truck owners, especially those who live in the city, install larger tires purely for aesthetics. However, utilitarian users and off-road enthusiasts do it for added traction.

When installing larger wheels and tires, it is essential to get your speedometer recalibrated. The factory settings only account for the original tire size. This means it will not be as accurate when installing bigger tires.

Added Style Points

Even if you’re not planning on taking your Ram 1500 off-roading, a lift kit will give it an aggressive stance. It is common knowledge that lifted trucks always turn heads. Even if others remained in stock, the lifted truck seems more attractive than the one that is not.

However, there is a caveat to adding lift kits to the Ram 1500. The higher center of gravity means the truck will not be relatively stable at high speeds. In addition, extreme lift kits make for a bumpy ride. You will feel it if you run over a small bump at city driving speed.

2. Cold Air Intakes

best 2020 ram 1500 mods

Even though the standard air filtration and intake system of the Ram 1500 is pretty good, it could be better. Aftermarket cold air intake is like an OEM air filter. The reason is that it gathers air to mix with the fuel so the latter will burn.

However, a CAI provides a smoother path for the air into the engine. This makes the fuel burn more efficiently.

It is a cold air intake because it gathers air outside the engine bay. Some collect air from under the vehicle. Keep in mind that cold air is denser than hot air.

You will deliver more oxygen into the engine than the same hot air volume. More oxygen means burning less fuel but still creating the same power.

Improved power output is not the only thing you can get from a quality CAI. It will also significantly improve your gas mileage. Your engine will need less fuel to provide enough power to the wheels, which means much-improved gas mileage.

3. Exhaust

Vehicle owners usually have aftermarket exhaust systems installed because they want improved performance. A performance exhaust allows the engine to breathe easier. The bigger pipes allowed the exhaust fumes from the engine to exit faster.

This increases the power output of the engine considerably. It also increases fuel efficiency because the engine can rev without too much effort.

However, most people also get aftermarket exhaust systems to make their trucks sound better. The reason is that most OEM exhausts have very efficient mufflers that significantly reduce the noise coming from the engine.

One thing to remember when installing aftermarket exhausts is that some will remove the catalytic converter of your truck. This means you will not be able to renew the registration of your truck when the time comes.

4. Running Boards and Step Sides

A set of running boards will make getting in and out of your truck easier. This is if you also installed a lift kit on it. You will find this particularly useful if you have back conditions that make it difficult to climb over things.

Allows Easy Access to the Truck Bed

A running board is a step that will assist you when hopping in and out of your truck’s bed. Typically, you should step on the rear bumper, climb over the tailgate, and open it from the inside.

This is ideal when you need to load and unload your cargo quite often. If you will be using your Ram 1500 on a farm or ranch, having a running board is useful.

Improved Aesthetics

Aside from being utilitarian, running boards will also add a bit of aesthetics to your truck. For the Ram 1500, the running boards can provide additional chrome pieces.

This will instantly add more curb appeal to your truck. This is especially true if you plan to get a customized running board for your truck.

Easier to Get in and Out of the Cab

The Ram 1500 already has a relatively high ground clearance. This already makes it difficult for some people to get inside. If you have family and small kids, they will quickly get into the truck’s cab.

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5. Floor Mats

You would not usually think about floor mats when talking about truck mods. However, they are among the best and cheapest you can get. Here are some of their benefits to convince you about the merits of aftermarket floor mats.

Keeps Your Truck Clean

A good quality set of floor mats provides an extra layer of protection for your truck’s interior. If you leave the factory carpet alone, even without treading mud on them, cleaning them can be quite torturous.

Even the rubber carpets will not be of much help. The reason is that dust and mud can still get into the fibers. You cannot simply vacuum them out of there.

Floor mats are typically made from waterproof synthetic leather or rubber. They do an excellent job of keeping the floor and side panels of your truck’s interior clean. Also, because the floor mats are waterproof, you can wipe away any mud or grime.

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Makes Your Truck More Comfortable

The thin floor mats typically featured with your Ram 1500 are incomparable to the comfort provided by aftermarket floor mats. The top-tier floor mats come with memory foam cores that are pretty comfortable to rest your feet on.

This is quite a luxurious feeling, especially if you are on a long road trip. These kinds of floor mats make your car’s cockpit feel like that of a luxury vehicle.

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Looks Good

Factory floor mats are plain-looking at best. Ask yourself if you would be willing to spend money to customize the exterior of your Ram 1500.

If yes, then spare a bit more to make the interior prettier. On the other hand, you can purchase aftermarket floor mats made from synthetic leather and rubber. They look nice and will make your truck’s interior look much nicer.

Gives Your Truck Your Personal Touch

Not many Ram 1500 owners like to keep their trucks “stock.” If you bought a truck, it is only natural to put a couple of personal touches on it. Doing so can make it uniquely yours.

Although floor mats are mass-produced, some manufacturers allow you to customize your mats for a small additional fee. Aside from letting you choose the color of the mats, you can also add stripes. Some companies would even put a monogram on the mats.

Conserve a Lot of Your Car’s Value

There is no avoiding the devaluation of your Ram 1500. When you drove it out of the lot, its value had already dropped considerably. The only thing that you can do is slow down the depreciation as much as you can. You can sell it later for as much money as possible.

One solution is to install aftermarket floor mats. These will keep the truck’s floor clean and prevent wear on the floor panels. Use floor mats almost immediately after purchasing your Ram 1500. This will ensure that the floor will be pristine even after years have passed.

Disadvantages of Modding Your Ram 1500

best ram 1500 interior mods

Although installing mods has a lot of benefits, there are also a couple of drawbacks. Here are some of them:

1. Devaluates Your Car

Heavily modifying your Ram 1500 will make it lose a lot of value. Even if you added a lot of expensive mods, it would typically make your truck harder to sell.

As mentioned earlier, adding mods to your truck is an excellent way to personalize it. This will be a problem when you decide to sell it later.

Other people would, of course, want to customize the secondhand trucks that they buy. That way, they will not be too keen on purchasing an already heavily customized vehicle. Unless you find a buyer who likes the same things you do, you’d have a hard time selling your modded truck.

2. “Voids” the Warranty

Technically speaking, adding mods like lift kits and aftermarket exhaust pipes should not void the warranty of your Ram 1500.

The case will be different if GMC believes that the aftermarket mods caused your truck to break down. If such is the case, they will not honor the warranty and consider it void.

It should be properly installed if you install mods on your Ram 1500. Ideally, professionals should do it.

In Closing – Best Ram 1500 Mods

Some of the best mods that you can add to your Dodge Ram include:

  1. Leveling and Lift Kits
  2. Cold Air Intakes
  3. Exhaust
  4. Running Boards and Side Steps
  5. Floor Mats

Adding the best Ram 1500 mods will make your truck uniquely your own. Although mods have some drawbacks, the benefits outnumber them vastly. You can add as many mods as you like. However, you should consider the resale value later.