Cars That Start With K [Complete List]

Every year, a new car model hits the market, making it almost impossible to keep up. The options are endless, with each company having a diverse line-up. If you are looking for cars with K, we got you! 

Whether you are doing research or plain curious about the cars that start with K, below are some of them: 

  1. K5 Blazer (Chevrolet) 
  2. Ka (Ford) 
  3. Kadjar (Renault) 
  4. Kallista (Panther) 
  5. Kalos (Daewoo) 
  6. Kamiq (Skoda) 
  7. Kangoo (Renault) 
  8. Karif (Maserati) 
  9. Karl (Opel) 
  10. Karmann Ghia (Volkswagen) 
  11. Karoq (Skoda) 
  12. Khamsin (Maserati) 
  13. Kicks (Nissan) 
  14. Kluger (Toyota) 
  15. Kyron (Ssangyong) 
  16. Koleos (Renault) 
  17. Kombi (Volkswagen) 
  18. Kuga (Ford) 

Read on to learn more about the cars that start with K, as well as a brief description of each model. 

Cars That Start With K

cars that start with k

With the endless selection of car manufacturers and models worldwide, you are probably unfamiliar with many of them. However, if you are curious to find out those that start with the letter K, here are some of them:

1. K5 Blazer (Chevrolet) 

One of the Most Notable Cars That Start with the Letter K

A rugged and full-sized SUV, the Chevrolet K5 Blazer is one of the most notable cars that start with the letter K. Built by General Motors, it was the company’s smallest SUV. It was introduced in 1969, so it isn’t easy to find it. In 1995, it was replaced by the Chevrolet Tahoe. 

Combines Form and Function

To captivate younger buyers, the K5 Blazer offered a combination of both form and function. Aside from its aesthetic, it also became popular because of its generous cargo space. Not to mention, it has a wide wheelbase, which ensures a smooth ride. 

2. Ka (Ford) 

Compact City Car

Launched in 1996, Ford Ka is the company’s compact city car. The versions sold in Europe were made in Spain, while those in Latin America were from Brazil. Its first generation had a two-door convertible, which was called StreetKa. Meanwhile, there was also a sporty hatchback version called SportKa. 

Upgraded Version

More recently, there was the Ka+. It had a massive makeover while still retaining its reputation as the company’s smallest hatchback. The car drew inspiration from the Ford Fiesta. 

3. Kadjar (Renault) 

Compact and Stylish Crossover

A compact and stylish crossover, the Renault Kadjar is a part of the second-generation Nissan Rogue Sport. It was revealed at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show and was sold to the public in Europe starting in April 2015. The cheapest model during its launch had a 108 bhp 1.5-liter diesel engine. 

Redesigned Several Times

Through the years, the Kadjar has been redesigned several times. Today, it is known for its athletic appearance, with some of the highlights including the following:

  • 19-inch alloy wheel rims,
  • Signature LED lighting and
  • Shark-fin antenna.

It also packs some of its manufacturer’s most recent innovations, including Traffic Sign Recognition. 

4. Kallista (Panther) 

Uses Ford Components

The volume model of Panther in the 1980s, the Kallista, was a replacement for Lima. It uses several Ford components, which include its engine. By the 1990s, Ssangyong took over and built the Kallista. However, only 78 models were ever produced from the latter. 

Aluminum Body

One of the defining characteristics of the Ford Kallista is its aluminum body. More so, it came with a steel chassis. The car ran at 60 mph in under eight seconds with its construction. 

5. Kalos (Daewoo) 

Five-door Supermini

The Kalos is a compact car made by Daewoo, a South Korean company. While the company has ventured into larger vehicles, its smaller units were its bestsellers, including Kalos. The latter is a five-door supermini with generous interior space despite being a tiny car. 

Entry-level Car

Nonetheless, note that Kalos is an entry-level, low-cost car, so do not expect much about its quality. For instance, there are numerous complaints about its flimsy plastic components. Some were also unhappy with its underwhelming on-road performance. 

6. Kamiq (Skoda) 

Adventurous Style

If you’re looking for a small SUV that starts with the letter K, Kamiq from Skoda is one option worth considering. It might not be as popular as its competitors, but it can be promising. Also, it has an adventurous styling that is reminiscent of the Nissan Juke. 

It has some unique features that you will find in standard Skoda vehicles. For instance, the SUV has the following features:

  • An ice scraper in its fuel filler cap,
  • Rechargeable torch, and
  • Door umbrella.

Best of all, it is a notable option for people on a budget without compromising performance. 

7. Kangoo (Renault) 

cars names that start with k

Small Van and Multi-purpose Vehicle

A small van and multi-purpose vehicle, the Kangoo from Renault, was introduced in 1997. Since then, there have already been three generations. One of the most recent was introduced in 2019, an electric variant is known as the Kangoo ZE. 

Great for Personal and Commercial Use

The Kangoo is great for personal and commercial use with its unique design. Some of the most notable features you will find in its newest variant include 15-inch steel wheels, dusk-sensing headlights, a rear-view camera, and adjustable door mirrors. 

8. Karif (Maserati) 

Intended to Offer Luxury

Introduced in the 1988 Geneva Motor Show, the Karif was intended to offer luxury. The company envisioned the car to make people feel like they are driving a racing car for the first time. 

One of the Most Mechanically-advanced Cars During Its Time

The Karif was one of the most mechanically-advanced cars during its time. It had a twin-turbo V6 engine, considered the most powerful. It has a maximum output of 285 HP; its newer versions were de-tuned, slightly decreasing its performance.

9. Karl (Opel) 

Practical City Car

A practical city car, one of the biggest assets of the Karl by Opel is its size. It is compact, which makes it ideal for tight spaces. The size also makes it affordable, making it a great entry-level car. Despite being tiny, it has decent interior space. 

Available in One Engine and Transmission Type

The Opel is available in one engine and transmission type. It has a one-liter three-cylinder petrol engine with a five-speed manual gearbox. It has light steering and smooth transmission, contributing to a good driving experience. 

10. Karmann Ghia (Volkswagen)

Vintage Sports Car with an Iconic Style

The Karmann Ghia is a vintage sports car with an iconic style that will turn heads. At first, it was a 2+2 coupe and became a 2+2 convertible on the next generation. It is a combination of the mechanicals of Beetle, hand-built bodywork of Karmann, and styling of Carrozzeria Ghia.

Talks About Continued Production

There have been talks about its revival in recent years since the car’s discontinued production in 1974. If the rumors are true, we can expect the Karmann Ghia to resurrect into a modern electric vehicle

11. Karoq (Skoda) 

Small Crossover SUV

The Karoq is a small crossover SUV from the Czech Republic. It was launched in 2017 as a replacement for the Skoda Yeti. Design-wise, it sits between the Kamiq and Kodiaq, two other popular cars from Skoda.

Choose from Various Engine Configurations

With the Karoq, you can choose from various engine configurations, including 1.0, 1.4, 1.5, and 2.0 I TSI petrol engine and 2.0 TDI diesel engine. Depending on the chosen engine, the power is anywhere from 81 to 140 kW. It’s available in both manual and automatic transmissions. 

12. Khamsin (Maserati)

Last Masterpiece of Maserati’s Engineering Department Head

The Khamsin was notable for many reasons, including that it was the last masterpiece of Maserati’s engineering department head, Giulio Alfieri. It is streamlined and has a wedge shape, resulting in elegant proportions, giving the car an iconic vintage appearance. 

All-steel Construction

With its all-steel construction and insulated, tubular sub-frame, the Khamsin was ahead of its time. It is also incredible because of the double-wishbone suspension, creating a comfortable driving experience in different conditions. 

13. Kicks (Nissan) 

Subcompact Crossover SUV

A subcompact crossover SUV, Kicks, was introduced by Nissan in 2016. From a concept car in 2014, the company brought it into reality. Its initial concept was based on the Brazilian streets. Today, it is known for its fuel efficiency and driveability because of its size. 

Safety Shield 360

Among others, one of the car’s most notable features is the Safety Shield 360, making it easy to monitor the surroundings as you drive. It also has wireless connectivity to connect your smartphone or music player. The elegant interior is also worth noting, giving the car a luxurious treatment. 

14. Kluger (Toyota) 

Family SUV

Known as Highlander in some markets, the Kluger is a family SUV. It combines practicality and luxury, allowing you to experience comfort and convenience while still economical. It is a seven-seater car with flexible cargo space, making it easier to transport. 

Available in Several Versions

The Kluger is available in several versions. For instance, you can opt for the Kluger GX, which comes with either a 3.5-liter V6 engine or a 2.5-liter hybrid engine. On the other hand, for more upscale models, you might want to consider Kluger GXL and Grande, which both pack more powerful engines. 

15. Kyron (Ssangyong)

cars that start with the letter k

Mid-sized SUV

Smart, refined, and affordable, the Kyron is a mid-sized SUV from a South Korean manufacturer. The newest edition of the vehicle combines urban chic styling with practical functionality. Inside, it has a sophisticated interior that ensures your comfort and convenience on the road. 

Triple-layer Ultra-rigid Frame

Looking at its features, one of the most notable is the triple-layer ultra-rigid frame that benefits the car’s aerodynamics while also ensuring durability. The manufacturer built Kyron to have minimal vibrations, even when driving in challenging conditions. 

16. Koleos (Renault) 

Premium Style and a Plethora of Safety Innovations

With its premium style and a plethora of safety innovations, the Koleos from Renault is another notable car that starts with K. This compact crossover SUV was first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2000 and once again made an appearance in the Paris Motor Show in 2006. 

Available in Two Engine Configurations

The Koleos is available in two engine configurations, both of which are diesel. It also comes with a seven-inch touchscreen satellite navigation, making driving easy while adding a hint of luxury to the interior. 

17. Kombi (Volkswagen) 

Multi-van or Micro-bus

While it is technically a multi-van or micro-bus, the Volkswagen Kombi deserves mention on this list of cars that start with the letter K. It has an iconic design, guaranteeing it to be a head-turner whenever you are on the road. 

Notable Features

Over the years, the legendary vintage design has transformed. One of its latest editions is the T6.1. It is a premium car that offers safety, comfort, convenience, and connectivity. Its most notable features include the following:

  • Stability control,
  • Six airbags,
  • Park assist,
  • Hill start assist,
  • Dual electric sliding door, and
  • Three-zone climate control. 

18. Kuga (Ford) 

Spacious But Compact Family SUV

In 2008, the Kuga was Ford’s spacious but compact family SUV, offered primarily in the European market. Currently, the car is in its third generation and has witnessed several improvements, especially in terms of the technologies that the vehicle incorporates for a better driving experience. 

Kuga Available Versions

Several versions are available. If you prefer something that demonstrates sophistication, then go for the Kuga Titanium. Meanwhile, the Kuga ST is for you if you want something sporty. It is hard for those looking for an upscale car to go wrong with Kuga Vignale. Electric and hybrid versions are also available, ideal for eco-friendly drivers. 

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Conclusion – Cars That Start With Letter K

As we talked about above, below are some of the cars that start with K: 

  1. K5 Blazer (Chevrolet) 
  2. Ka (Ford) 
  3. Kadjar (Renault) 
  4. Kallista (Panther) 
  5. Kalos (Daewoo) 
  6. Kamiq (Skoda) 
  7. Kangoo (Renault) 
  8. Karif (Maserati) 
  9. Karl (Opel) 
  10. Karmann Ghia (Volkswagen) 
  11. Karoq (Skoda) 
  12. Khamsin (Maserati) 
  13. Kicks (Nissan) 
  14. Kluger (Toyota) 
  15. Kyron (Ssangyong) 
  16. Koleos (Renault) 
  17. Kombi (Volkswagen) 
  18. Kuga (Ford)