Costco Battery Warranty and Return Policy 

If you are looking for a new car battery, Costco is one option that should be on the list. It is known for having a wide network and competitive prices. Before you buy, however, it is crucial to know the Costco battery warranty and return policy. 

Costco car batteries come with a limited 36-month warranty. When you return the battery within this period, you are eligible for a full refund or replacement. However, you need to meet certain conditions, including the following: 

  • The problem is not a result of negligence or misuse
  • You are the original owner
  • A receipt or order number is provided 
  • The original battery is returned 

Read on to learn more about the Costco battery warranty and return policy, so you will know what to do if you encounter an issue with a certain product. 

Costco Battery Warranty and Return Policy

costco battery warranty and return policy

The batteries from Costco come with a 36-month limited warranty, which will provide you with peace of mind. The manufacturer is confident of the quality of the products in their store, so they offer comprehensive coverage. 

Within 36 months, you can return defective batteries to Costco. In turn, the store will issue a refund or replacement. 

Even after the warranty has lapsed, you can still get a refund. However, this will be prorated, depending on the duration at which the warranty has expired. 

Costco’s warranty is one of the best ways the company can build credibility and loyalty. It shows how confident they are in the products they carry in their stores.

They will not offer comprehensive coverage if they do not believe in their quality. They will end up suffering from financial losses if they sell inferior batteries.

More so, the warranty at Costco keeps the customers coming back. This is because many people love how the store backs its products. You get a full refund under warranty within three years, so you will not waste your money.

Do You Need a Receipt for Costco Battery Warranty?

Before you file a claim for a Costco Interstate battery warranty, make sure that you meet certain conditions, including the following: 

  • It must have a manufacturing problem or a problem with the craftsmanship. 
  • The battery should have been used based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, such as the size and type of the vehicle. 
  • The original purchaser must return the battery. 
  • It should come with a receipt or any proof of purchase. 
  • The battery must be installed only in a single vehicle since its purchase. 

What Voids Costco’s Car Battery Warranty?

Save yourself the hassle! Certain factors can make you ineligible for the Costco battery warranty, including the following: 

  • If it were used for commercial vehicles or those outside the original recommendations of the manufacturer, the warranty would no longer be valid. 
  • The manufacturer has the right not to honor the warranty if the problems result from neglect or misuse of the battery. 
  • It will not be replaced or refunded when you cannot show proof of original ownership since the warranty covers only the original owner. 
  • Removing or replacing the date of coding will void the warranty. Do not tamper with the dates on the print. 

Using the battery for another purpose does not immediately nullify the warranty.

For instance, if you bought a car battery and you installed it in a commercial vehicle, marine vehicle, recreational vehicle, or golf cart, the warranty will provide only a free replacement within a reduced duration of six months. 

How to Return a Battery at Costco 

You can return your car battery at Costco if you are eligible for a warranty claim. Luckily, the company makes the entire process easy for their customers.

This is a similar process when applying for a Costco tire warranty claim:

1. Start by Looking for Your Receipt or Proof of Purchase

However, to be able to buy a battery at Costco, you need to be a member. The good thing about the latter is that you will have an electronic copy of your purchases, which you can use when filing a warranty claim. 

2. Go to a Costco Store

Approach one of their employees and tell them you are returning a battery. Give the order number or receipt, and your claim will be processed. ‘

3. Battery Inspection

As a part of the processing, they will evaluate the car battery you would like to return. They will analyze its conditions and determine if it is eligible for the warranty. You will also be asked some questions to determine if it has not been misused or neglected. 

4. Full Refund or Battery Replacement

Upon assessment, you will be given several options. If it is within 36 months, you might be eligible for a full refund, but that does not include taxes or similar charges. Alternatively, Costco can also replace or exchange the battery. 

5. Connect to Costco’s Customer Service for More Information

If you do not have the time to visit a store, you can connect to a Costco customer service representative through live chat or telephone. Tell them your concern, and you will receive further instructions on returning the battery. 

Are Costco Batteries Prorated?

After the 36-month warranty period, you can no longer get a replacement or a full refund for a defective battery. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you are a hopeless case. They can still issue a refund, but the computation is prorated. 

Here is a quick overview of how much you can get from a refund. We are putting only the percentage since the actual amount depends on the purchase price of the battery: 

  • 37th to 45th month: 60% of the battery’s purchase price 
  • 46th to 55th month: 50% of the battery’s purchase price 
  • 56th to 65th month: 40% of the battery’s purchase price 
  • 66th to 75th month: 30% of the battery’s purchase price
  • 76th to 85th month: 20% of the battery’s purchase price 
  • 86th to 95th month: 10% of the battery’s purchase price 
  • 96th to 100th month: 5% of the battery’s purchase price 

What Happens When You Return a Costco Battery 

costco battery warranty period

If you return a defective battery at Costco, they will recycle it. Costco is known for its green initiatives, including finding a safe way to minimize waste and reducing the company’s contributions to environmental problems. 

In 2021, Costco recycled over 68.6 million pounds of automotive batteries. Every member must pay a core fee upon purchasing a battery. In turn, it is refunded upon the return of the battery.

Accredited suppliers recycle the batteries. The battery can then be used to make a new battery or another product. 

Again, does Costco offer a warranty? What is Costco’s return policy? Costco provides a limited warranty for batteries with material or workmanship issues. Costco staff will replace the battery or give you a refund.

How Does Costco Battery Warranty Policy Compare to Competitors

If you are curious about the warranty coverage that competitors of Costco are offering, below is a quick rundown of what to expect from major sellers:

1. AutoZone 

AutoZone is one of the most popular suppliers of automotive accessories in the United States. Duralast batteries are some of the most popular in their stores.

The standard Duralast is covered for two years. Meanwhile, Duralast Gold and Duralast Platinum are covered for three years, which is what you can expect from Costco batteries

2. Walmart 

It is almost impossible not to mention Walmart when talking about car battery suppliers in the United States. The warranty differs depending on the battery type that you will purchase. The warranty covers free replacement for a year for the Value Power battery.

Meanwhile, the free replacement is two years for EverStart Plus. For EverStart Maxx, you can enjoy a three-year free and two-year prorated replacement. 

3. O’Reilly 

Different types of batteries at O’Reilly come with additional warranties. The most basic is Economy, which has a warranty of two years. Meanwhile, Premium batteries are covered for two years. On the other hand, their Extreme and Platinum batteries come with three-year warranties. 

4. Advanced Auto Parts 

Under normal installation, Advanced Auto Parts will replace a battery if it has problems in workmanship or defective parts. You can enjoy a minimum of 90 days and a maximum of four years of replacement, depending on the specific type of battery you purchase from Advanced Auto Parts.

The company has value to platinum battery categories, which will decide what type of warranty or replacement you are eligible for. 

Why Should You Choose Costco Batteries 

Costco car battery is beneficial in more ways than one. Aside from the warranty, below are other reasons why Costco is one of the best stores to consider if you are looking for a top-notch battery:

1. Reasonable Price 

On the top of the list are the affordable batteries available at Costco. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $100. Although, several factors will come into play, such as the type, grade, and battery size. 

You will find only one brand available at Costco – Interstate battery. The latter is known for being economical without compromising quality and performance. In the past, Costco also carries affordable batteries from Kirkland, but it is no longer available in their stores.

2. Good Warranty Coverage 

As discussed in this article, Costco batteries are covered for 36 months. This is one way to have peace of mind. You can get a refund or replacement depending on the terms and conditions.

Read the policy to determine how to qualify for this privilege with your battery purchase. 

3. Wide Distribution Network 

The wide presence of Costco is another good reason it is an excellent choice for buying batteries. Aside from the United States, it is also in Canada and Puerto Rico. It even has a growing presence in Europe. 

How to Take Care of Costco Batteries 

Negligence is one of the most common reasons Costco batteries deteriorate over time. Costco will not honor the battery if it deems that the problem is because you fail to use it properly. Hence, you should be proactive in proper care and maintenance.

Here are some of the best things to do: 

1. Avoid Taking Short Rides

Avoid taking short rides, as it can lessen the battery’s lifespan. Quick rides will prevent the battery from fully charging. It will not regain the power that it loses and can contribute to wear and tear. 

2. Fasten the Battery Tightly

By keeping it in its right position, you can reduce potential damage. This is especially important if you are often driving on bumpy terrains. 

3. Avoid Frequent Exposure to Heat

One way to do so is to not park under the sun. If you won’t use your car for a long time, keeping it in the garage or a shaded area is best. High temperatures can decrease battery capacity and shorten battery life.

4. Clean the Battery Regularly

Clean the battery regularly. Dirt can cause a leak and other problems. It can result in a short circuit and a flat battery. It can also corrode the terminals. Use a dry cloth or sponge to wipe the battery at least once a month. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Battery Warranty at Costco 

costco battery return policy

Can You Return a Battery Without a Receipt? 

When returning the battery at Costco and to be eligible for the warranty, you need a copy of the receipt. This will prove that you purchased it from one of their stores.

As a Costco member, you will have electronic records of your purchases, so it is easy to find a copy when the time comes that you need a refund or replacement through a warranty. 

Will Costco Replace a Defective Battery? 

Yes, Costco will replace a battery if it is defective. Nonetheless, you must meet certain conditions. For instance, it should be within the 36-month warranty period. You must also be the original owner of the battery. Plus, the problem must not be a result of misuse or neglect. 

Does the Costco Warranty Cover Wear and Tear? 

Car batteries do not last a lifetime. On average, Costco batteries are good for three to five years. They are prone to wear and tear over the years; a warranty does not cover such. 

Can I Get a Refund for a Costco Battery? 

Yes, you can get a refund if you return a Costco battery. You can get a full refund if it is within the 36-month warranty period.

Outside the warranty coverage, however, you can still be eligible for a refund, but it won’t be the full amount. It depends on the time that has elapsed since the end of the warranty. 

Does the Refund Include Fees and Taxes? 

While you can get a full refund within the 36-month warranty period, note that it does not include taxes and fees. Costco will refund only the base price of the battery, depending on its value at the time of purchase. 

Do I Need a Costco Membership to Be Eligible for a Warranty? 

To shop batteries at Costco, you need to be a member. Hence, when filing a warranty claim, you must also have a valid membership. The fund from these memberships allows Costco to offer their products at reasonable rates, often better than many of their main competitors.

What Will Costco Do with a Car Battery after Return? 

Costco takes pride in its green initiatives. With such, the company will recycle the batteries that you return. They will give them to accredited suppliers. The supplier will use it to make another battery or product. 

Do I Get a Refund after the 36-month Warranty Period? 

Yes, you are still eligible for a refund even after 36 months. However, the amount that you will get is not full. Instead, it will be prorated, depending on how many months have elapsed since the end of the warranty coverage.

You must also meet all warranty conditions, such as proof of ownership and proving that you did not misuse the battery. 

In Closing – Costco Battery Warranty and Return Policy

Costco is one of the best places to buy a battery because of its reasonable prices and comprehensive warranty programs. Every battery purchase comes with a 36-month warranty. 

The warranty terms specify that you must be the original owner and present proof of purchase. Also, the battery should not be misused or neglected. 

Even after the warranty, you can return the battery at Costco. However, there is no option for a replacement. Also, you will not receive a full refund. Instead, the refund is prorated, depending on the months that have lapsed since the end of the 36-month warranty period. 

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