Costco Car Battery Price, Warranty, Return Policy Review

Do you know that Interstate batteries are cheaper at Costco than the sale price recommended by the brand? Yes, that’s how Costco’s car battery price, warranty, and return policy are advantageous to their customers. If you want more detail about these things, keep reading this Costco car battery review.

A new car battery sold at Costco ranges from $50 to $100, depending on its type and grade. Battery prices at Costco are considerably lower than at other stores, including Walmart. So, if you need a new car battery, your best option is at Costco because you can save more money with their lower battery prices.

If you are familiar with the prices of new car batteries sold at Costco, you will see that this store chain offers some of the best battery prices. Comparing the prices of a standard battery size from other stores like Sam’s Club and Walmart, the battery prices of Costco are at least $10 cheaper.

Read on to read more about car battery prices at Costco, along with their warranty and return policies.

Costco Car Battery Price

costco car battery price

Depend on the Battery’s Size and Grade

If you buy your new car battery at Costco, you will be able to save more money than if you will buy it at other battery stores. Costco sells new car batteries from $50 to $100. The actual Costco car battery prices depend on the size and grade of the battery.

Interstate Batteries Are Cheaper at Costco

Costco sells Interstate batteries almost exclusively. But it may interest you to know that Interstate batteries are sold cheaper at Costco than what is recommended by the brand.

In addition, when you compare car battery prices of the same size sold at other stores like Sam’s Club and Walmart, you will find that the price is lower by $10 at Costco.

Two Types of Batteries at Costco

As I mentioned earlier, the actual price of the battery depends on its size and type. There are two types of batteries that Costco is selling. One is the Absorbed Glass Mat battery, and the other is the Standard Flooded battery. AGM batteries are priced higher than SF batteries.

The size of the battery also affects its price. It’s the type of vehicle that will determine the size of the battery it needs. The bigger the size, the costlier the battery is.

Costco Battery Prices

Now that you know about the generalities of Costco battery prices, we can now dig down into the actual prices of the batteries sold at this store chain. On average, the prices indicated below for each type and size of the battery are lower than those sold at other battery stores.

And yet their build and quality are just the same. Look at the low prices of Costco’s Interstate batteries in the table below:

Part NumberGroup SizeBattery PriceWarranty
M-1214R124R$129.9518 months
MT-121R121R$141.9524 months
MTP-2424F$167.9530 months
MT-2626$136.9524 months
M-26R26R$104.9518 months
M-27F27$129.9518 months
M-96R96R$119.9518 months
M-94R H7H7$129.9518 months
M-3434$104.9518 months
MT-3535$141.9524 months
M-7575$104.9518 months
MT-47 H5H5$151.9524 months
MTP-48 H6H6$172.9530 months
MTP-49 H8H8$182.9530 months
MTP-6565$172.9530 months
M-6565$119.9518 months
M-5858$109.9518 months
M-51R51R$119.9518 months

Costco Car Battery Warranty Explained

costco car battery warranty

36-month Limited Replacement Warranty

At Costco, it is not only low car battery prices that you will get but also a 36-month limited replacement warranty. In other words, your new battery will be covered for three years from the day you bought it.

If a car battery is not abused and used in normal conditions, it can last three to five years. So, your new car battery has enough coverage for almost its entire lifespan. But how does Costco’s warranty compares with those of its competitors?

Not as Competitive Compared to Its Rivals

While you can save a lot with Costco’s batteries, its warranty is not as competitive compared to its nearest rivals. For instance, Walmart sells Everstart batteries that come with five-year limited warranties. Walmart’s battery warranty also includes a free replacement period within that warranty.

Costco’s Warranty Conditions

1. Battery Has to Be Used Privately

As it is, Costco also has a limited battery warranty. You can also claim a replacement or refund within the 3-year or 36-month limit. But Costco has set certain conditions before this warranty can be applied.

One of the conditions is that the battery has to be used privately. If the battery is used for commercial purposes, the warranty is voided or, at best, will be reduced to six months. After this period, a limited warranty at pro-rated calculations is applied.

2. Applied to All Regions in the US Except for Puerto Rico

In addition, the warranty conditions of Costco are applied equally to all regions in the United States, except for Puerto Rico.

3. Limited Warranty

This limited warranty of Costco is given to the original buyer of the battery. The warranty remains effective so long as it remains in your vehicle. Defects in the material and build construction entitle the purchaser to a new replacement battery.

A buyer is required to return the defective battery to get this warranty. And then it could either be replaced or its purchase price refunded to the buyer, excluding taxes and fees.

Warranty Exceptions

There are certain exceptions to this warranty. They are the following:

  • Consequential or incidental damage to the battery: The warranty does not cover battery damage caused by abuse, careless use, etc.
  • Implied warranties are not covered: Any assumed guarantee that Costco does not specify is not covered. Only those guarantees specified by Costco in its warranty policy will be honored.
  • Costco will void your warranty if you use the battery for another vehicle.
  • The warranty will be voided if the battery intended for a passenger car is used in a commercial vehicle.
  • If the battery’s date coding is removed or destroyed, it will void the warranty.

Proof of Purchase Required

Usually, any warranty claim must be accompanied by proof of purchase. This means you need to show Costco the original receipt you got when you bought the battery.

However, Costco is not strict on this matter. If you can’t produce the original receipt, they have a way of confirming if you bought the battery from one of their outlets.

Costco Car Battery Return Policy Explained

Costco’s return policy is straightforward. It is almost the same as the return policies of its nearest rivals. Before buying a car battery from Costco, you need to understand its return policy first. There are six conditions in Costco’s return policy:

1. Proof of Purchase Required

Any Costco battery warranty claim should be accompanied by proof of purchase. So, you need to keep the original receipt that they gave you when you first bought the car battery.

However, Costco is not so strict on this matter. However, the warranty claim process might be slower without this receipt since Costco has to confirm your original purchase.

2. Original Battery Must Be Returned

When filing a battery warranty claim, you must bring the original battery. This is specified in Costco’s warranty when you originally bought the battery. If you lost the battery, your warranty is automatically voided.

3. Must Be the Original Buyer

This warranty will take effect if you can show proof that you were the one who originally bought the battery. Costco has a way of knowing if you are the person who bought the battery.

4. Return the Battery Within Its Warranty Period

For Costco to honor your warranty claim, you must file the claim for a replacement or refund within the specified warranty period. Usually, you are given three years to file a claim. After that, your warranty expires.

5. Battery Date Should Be Visible

There’s a date printed on the battery that you bought from Costco. To be able to file a successful claim, this date should still be visible at the time of your warranty claim.

If something happened and the date was removed or is no longer visible, it will be difficult for Costco to process your claim. They may even void your warranty.

6. Battery Should Be Used Correctly

If you have used the battery correctly, you will be able to file a successful warranty claim. However, if you misused it and did not follow the terms and conditions of the warranty policy, your battery warranty will be voided.

Again, how much is a brand new battery from Costco? At Costco, you can buy a new battery for $50 to $100. This price will depend on the battery’s size and grade. Also, this price range is lower than other stores, like Walmart.

How to Return a Costco Battery

costco car battery return policy

Costco has set a certain procedure that its customers must follow when they want to return a faulty battery. You can return your battery via the following:

1. In-Store

Prepare all the required documents, such as the original purchase receipt and any other proof of purchase. You have to present the documents in-store and not through letters or emails.

2. Telephone

You can also use your phone to initiate the return of your failed Costco battery. If you choose this option, you can contact Costco’s service hotline at 1-800-774-2678. They are open at business hours any day of the week, except during holidays.

The Costco service line is open on weekdays from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Pacific Time). They can receive your call on weekends from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (PT). There will always be a Customer Rep that will receive your call. They will guide you through the simple Costco return process.

3. Live Chat Return

If you want another option, you can try the customer service page of Costco on its official website:

  • Once you hit that page, you’ll be able to start a chat with their customer service rep.
  • Under the Chat Subject, choose ‘warehouse,’ and a service rep will answer you soon.
  • Provide information and details about your warranty claim. They will ask you about the details found in your original receipt.
  • Once you have provided these details, your claim process will proceed.
  • Provide a short message about your battery issues. This will initiate a chat with a Costco service rep. They will show you how to go about the return process.

You can access Costco’s chat service from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays and from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends.

Types of Car Batteries Available at Costco

There are two general types of batteries that you can buy at any Costco outlet. They are either the Absorbed Glass Mat Battery or the Standard Flooded Battery. The prices of AGM batteries are higher than the prices of SF batteries because of their special design, construction, and materials used:

1. Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Battery

Modern Versions of the SF Batteries

AGM batteries are the modern versions of the SF batteries. Their designs were an improvement on the old battery design. This means they can last longer with minimum maintenance required. They are made for high-end vehicles that require increased power demands.

Provide Superior Power to Support the Start-stop Applications

These batteries can provide superior power to support the start-stop applications and higher electrical demands of modern cars. They have superior vibration resistance and are non-spillable since they are fully sealed and nearly maintenance-free.

Easier to Recharge

AGM batteries carry their charge in soaked sponges that coat the lead plates instead of the free-flowing liquid inside regular SF batteries. The complete coverage provided by the glass mat makes it easier for the battery to produce the required power. This makes it also easier to recharge its power.

Better Than SF Batteries in Their Capacity to Provide Strong Starting Power

AGM batteries are several notches better than SF batteries in their capacity to provide strong starting power. With these batteries, more power is stored as soon as you switch off your vehicle. They are more powerful; naturally, they are also more expensive than SF batteries.

Cost Twice or Thrice the SF Batteries’ Price

How much higher are their prices compared to standard batteries? Some of these AGM batteries can cost as much as twice or thrice the price of SF batteries. This cost depends on the batteries built and the size.

This is why if your car needs an AGM battery, it will be wiser if you will get it from a Costco outlet. The AGM batteries available at Costco are priced very competitively compared to other battery sellers.

2. Standard Flooded (SF) Batteries

Cheapest Battery Available in the Market

This is the most common and the cheapest battery available in the market. Costco also has several of these SF batteries on its shelves. These batteries are designed for ordinary cars with ordinary electrical demands.

Popular for Longevity, Durability, and Adequate Power

SF batteries are also known for their longevity, durability, and adequate power. They are also fully sealed, making them nearly maintenance-free as well.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly car battery that can still provide adequate cranking power for your everyday car, you need this type of battery.

Shorter Service Life

However, be aware that when you compare it to the lifespan of an AGM battery, the service life of an SF battery is considerably shorter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that Costco customers frequently ask regarding the car batteries they are selling. The answers to these questions will help you learn a thing or two about Costco’s prices for their car batteries:

What Are the Prices of Car Batteries at Costco?

The prices of car batteries at Costco depend on the battery type and the battery size. Overall, the car battery prices at Costco are lower than the car batteries at Walmart and Sam’s Club.

A new car battery from Costco will cost from $50 to $100, depending on the type and size of the battery. Costco’s car batteries prices are generally $10 cheaper than the car battery prices at Sam’s Club or Walmart.

What Is Costco’s Warranty on Its Batteries?

Costco gives each battery it sells a 36-month limited replacement warranty. Certain limitations define the extent of the warranty.

Are the Car Battery Prices of Costco a Good Deal?

Yes, Costco offers the best deal on car battery prices. Next to Costco is Sam’s Club. After Sam’s Club are NAPA, Advance Auto Parts, and AutoZone. Amazon also sells car batteries, but the best deals are found at Costco.

Does Costco Require a Receipt to Accept a Battery Return?

Usually, you have to show your original receipt to claim a warranty. However, if you lost that receipt, you can still go to Costco to claim your warranty – if your battery is still within its warranty period.

Costco has a means by which they can check if you bought the battery from them.

But it won’t hurt if you will bring along your original receipt. It will help facilitate the warranty process. So, you still need to keep your original receipt if the battery develops an issue that will cause you to claim a replacement or refund.

Do I Have to Be Costco Member to Buy a Battery from the Store?

Yes, you need to be a member to buy from a Costco store. Your membership enables Costco to track your purchases and your preference for car battery types.

If you return a battery for replacement, and its warranty is still effective, you will be provided with a replacement at the quickest possible time. They will not also ask for your original receipt. That’s very convenient, especially if you have already lost that receipt.

Do They Install Batteries at Costco?

Unfortunately, Costco does not install batteries at their outlets. They wouldn’t offer this service even if you bought the battery from another battery shop. Their automobile services are limited to just tire and gas services.

Does Costco Recycle Old Batteries?

One of the services of Costco is the recycling of old batteries. So, if you have an old battery, and you don’t just want to throw it anywhere, you can bring it to any Costco outlet nearest you.

This is Costco’s part in keeping our environment clean from pollutants. They already have the process of disposing of old batteries properly and safely.

Does Costco Honor the Battery Warranty If I Don’t Have a Receipt?

Costco can still honor the battery warranty if you don’t have the original receipt. Costco is not strict in this regard, as other battery sellers require you to provide the original receipt.

You need to take the bad battery to the Costco outlet where you bought it. Costco has a system that will confirm if you purchased the battery from them or not. However, if you want your warranty claim to be finished quickly, you must bring your original receipt.

Does Costco Test Car Batteries?

No, Costco does not offer battery testing. If you take your bad battery to Costco and it is still under warranty, the Costco staff will get your battery and replace it with a new one. They will confirm your original purchase and the serial number printed on the battery.

And when everything checks out, they will give you a new battery. If you want to test the battery before going to Costco, you can do it with a battery service shop that offers battery testing.

Conclusion: Costco Car Battery Price

Generally, a new battery at Costco ranges from $50 to $100, depending on its type and grade. Costco’s battery prices are considerably lower than other stores, including Walmart and Sam’s Club.

So, if your car needs a new car battery, Costco is your best option since their lower battery prices will enable you to save more money.

For instance, if you compare batteries of the same size sold at Walmart and Sam’s Club, you will find that you can buy the same battery size at $10 cheaper at Costco.

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