Discount Tire Patch Cost – How Much Is It?

You can’t delay fixing your tire if it gets flat, especially if you’re out driving. This is an urgent matter that you just can’t postpone. How much does it cost to patch a tire? In this article, I’ll discuss Discount Tire patch cost – how much is it?

Discount Tire patches are for free. This company provides complimentary flat tire repair services to its customers and even non-costumers. However, they don’t repair tire sidewalls or shoulders of tires older than four or five years.

On average, the price of a tire patch service performed by other tire service shops ranges from $10 to $20. There are more than 900 locations of Discount Tire in the country. These locations offer tire and other car repairs, services, and maintenance.

Read on to learn more about the cost of tire patches at Discount Tire and their other car services.

Discount Tire Patch Cost

discount tire patch cost

You may not believe this, but some internet articles say Discount Tire does not charge anything for tire patch services. According to these articles, they are free. There are more than 900 locations of Discount Tire in the United States where you can get this service.

If this is true, it makes sense to take advantage of this if your tires need a tire patch service. Apart from tire patching, Discount Tire also offers other tire and car repairs, services, and maintenance.

However, if the damage on your tires is on their shoulders or sidewalls, and they are more than four or five years old, they won’t do the repairs.

In other tire service companies, the average cost of a tire repair service is around $10 to $20. What’s good about Discount Tire is they offer free flat tire repair if you bought your tires from them.

It would be best if you also understood that the tire repair cost also depends on the size of the damage. The bigger the damage, the higher will be the cost of the tire repair. If the damage on the tire is large, they can no longer repair it. You need to replace the damaged tire altogether.

Discount Tire will also match the price of another tire repair company if you find it cheaper than the price of Discount Tire. So, if your tire or tires need patching or other tire repairs, you can bring them to Discount Tire. Their offers of tire services seem better than the others.

Who Is Discount Tire?

Discount Tire is a service company concentrating on car repair and maintenance. Their services include the following:

  • Tire patching,
  • Flat tire repair,
  • Balancing, and
  • Wheel alignment.

While they can do many tire and car services, they will only perform the services they can or are willing to.

In other words, they will perform the service if they have the tools and skills. If not, they will likely refer you to a car service shop that can. Whatever happens, your tire and car issues will be taken care of.

You don’t need to make an appointment to avail yourself of Discount Tire’s services. However, an appointment ensures that there are tire techs available.

If you do this, you can cut the time you’ll spend at the tire shop by about 30%. Discount Tire shops typically open from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. You must go elsewhere if you have a tire problem late at night.

How Does Discount Tire Patch Tires?

discount tire patch price

Discount Tire follows a specific process in patching tires. While tire patching may seem simple, if you don’t have the knowledge and equipment to do it, you won’t be able to do it correctly.

By following this process, Discount Tire has earned the trust and confidence of many customers all over the United States. Here is how Discount Tire conducts a standard tire patching service:

1. Full Tire Inspection

To provide good service to their customers, Discount Tire techs first perform a thorough inspection of the problematic tire.

This inspection helps them to see the actual condition of the tire and the repairs that it requires. You can get your tires checked first, so you will know if it needs to be patched or if it is leaking air.

2. Dismount the Tire

If the tire tech finds out there’s damage to the tire or it is flat, they will remove it from the rim. Then they will check the interior and exterior of the tire wall. If there is no damage to the tire walls, just a small nail hole, they will use a particular type of rubber to fill it.

The rubber is soft but hardens after it is applied. This process is called vulcanizing the rubber. It can take from 15 to 30 minutes to complete this process. That includes possible waiting depending on the number of customers the tire shop is tending to.

3. Plug the Tire

Another way to repair a tire is by using a tire plug. A tire plug is a sticky rubber material that you can insert into a tire puncture. Tire shops use this tire plug to prevent the tire injury from getting bigger or worse.

Using a tire plug, you can re-inflate a flat tire and use it longer. However, tire patches are getting more popular with tire repair shops because of their significant advantage over tire plugs. The heat enables the patch to attach itself securely to the tire damage.

Over time, the patch melts entirely into the tire, removing all the traces of tire repair the tire has undergone. The tire appears to be un-damaged and un-repaired.

You don’t need to make an appointment to be entertained at Discount Tire. However, it is better to make an appointment so that when you get there, you’ll be attended to by the tire techs immediately.

If you do this, you can cut the time you’ll spend at the tire shop by about 30%. Discount Tire shops typically open from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Go elsewhere if you experience tire problems late at night.

Again, how much is a patch at Discount Tire? Discount Tire patch is free. The company gives its customers and non-customers complimentary flat tire services. They don’t repair tires older than 4 or 5 years.

Why Do You Need Tire Patching?

how much is a patch at discount tire

Thankfully, tire manufacturers have developed innovations in tire formulations that make tires more durable and robust. You no longer have to deal with tire issues related to tire structures and the quality of treads.

Even then, you should still care for your tires as if they are delicate because, in a sense,e they are. Just consider that they are the “rubber that meets the road.” If our streets, roads, and highways are smooth, leveled, and perfect, you don’t need to worry about your tires.

But since they are not, they will cut down the average lifespan of your tires if you are not careful with your driving. Add to these the occasional storms and hurricanes that blow your place and the regular snow you must endure every winter season.

So, you still need to patch your tires if they need patching. You still need to have them checked regularly by tire techs at tire service centers to ensure they will last.

Can You Perform Tire Patching Yourself?

Here are some things that you need to bear in mind about patching tires:

You can buy your tire patch kit and perform the patching yourself. You can even choose one from the many types of kits available in the market.

How Much Does a Tire Patch Cost?

The average cost of a tire patch is about $9. Considering you can get your tire patched at a lowest of $10 and a highest of $2,0, if you want the best results, go to a professional tire shop with qualified tire techs.

If the tire tech finds out that your tire wall is already damaged, it is better to replace it altogether. If you patch it, you might face the same problem shortly. The tire may even be damaged more severely as you use it continuously.

Can Discount Tire Fix All Types of Tire Issues?

Discount Tire can fix a lot of tire problems. But like other tire repair shops, there are tire damages that cannot be fixed anymore. So, even if Discount Tire can fix many tire issues, it can’t do anything about the unrepairable ones.

What are the tire damages that Discount Tire is unable to repair?

  1. More than four or five years old tires.
  2. Discount Tire won’t patch a tire at the same spot where a previous tire patch has been applied (and used).
  3. Tires with punctures or damages of 1/4 inch or larger. These punctures are too large to be patched or fixed. It is better to replace the tire entirely.
  4. Tire damage within 1/2 inch of the edge of the tire. This kind of damage can no longer be repaired. You need to buy a new tire.

In Closing

There are no costs to Discount Tire patches. They are free. This company gives complimentary flat tire repair services to its customers and even non-costumers. However, they don’t do repairs on the sidewalls or shoulders of four or five years old tires.

In other tire service shops, the price of a tire patch service range from $10 to $20. Discount Tire has more than 900 locations around the United States. All these locations provide tire repair and other car services, repairs, and maintenance.