Dodge Barracuda Specs and Review

The Barracuda was last seen in the ’70s when it was later re-invented as Plymouth Barracuda from 1985 to 1989. Rumors about the new Barracuda are causing a stir among car enthusiasts with a possible return under the Dodge family. 

It isn’t official yet, but Dodge will release the Plymouth Barracuda. The Dodge Barracuda uses lightweight materials like carbon, fiber, and aluminum, previously reserved for high-performance cars. This sleek and stylish Barracuda also carries an impressive power to boot. It could also easily outpace most other vehicles in its class, thanks mainly to its lighter than its competitors like Ford’s Mustang or Chevy’s Camaro.

So, is the new Dodge Barracuda worth waiting for? 

About the Dodge Barracuda

dodge barracuda

Cuda only gained attention from muscle car junkies and was released with a HEMI engine and eight-cylinder configuration from 1969 to 1978.

During this time, it joined forces with Plymouth, bringing the Plymouth Barracuda immense popularity. With the new Dodge Barracuda, expect a high-performance vehicle with an intimidating punch. 

The excitement around Dodge Barracuda’s release has got car enthusiasts speculating its performance and form. This vehicle will be lighter and faster than its predecessor, and this muscle car will be a massive deal for anyone looking to upgrade to a ‘better and sleeker Plymouth.’

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen an iconic muscle car like the Plymouth Barracuda, but Dodge Barracuda has taken inspiration from this model and created its version. With hints of what made them so famous in past years, anticipate modern design elements added to the Cuda’s original form.

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Dodge Barracuda Specs and Features

There are various speculations roaming floating around Dodge Barracuda exteriors and features. With a sleek and muscular design, the third-generation model of Plymouth Barracuda is the inspiration for Dodge’s new muscle car. 

May Pay Tribute to 1970s Cars

The new Dodge Barracuda may be paying tribute to 1970s cars while maintaining some of the aerodynamic features with the Challenger. The neo-retro look would be reminiscent of the 1970s muscle cars without fully resembling the Dodge Challenger’s design.

Capture Chevy’s Muscle Car Appeal

The Dodge Barracuda might also be trying to capture Chevy’s muscle car appeal but sporting a smaller size than Challenger.

Off-road and on-road, the Dodge Barracuda will handle better with a broader stance. The wheelbase of this car is 116 inches, so they can have shorter legs than other cars in their class.

Large Hood with Two Air Intakes and Headlights in the Edges

Several leaked or published photos of the Dodge Barracuda showed a large hood with two air intakes and headlights on the edges. The body is massive and muscular built.

Might Be Available in Coupe or Convertible Models

It’s also rumored that this car will be available in coupe or convertible models!

The back of the new Dodge Barracuda is pretty fat, giving the impression of a drag racer. However, this is expected coming from its Cuda predecessor. Imagine this: the rumbling sound behind the hood as you turn on the rev.

That is music made into perfection for any car lovers looking forward to the Dodge Barracuda’s release. 

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Dodge Barracuda Review

Dodge will release the all-new Dodge Barracuda soon. And it’s sure to make waves with its modern styling. Here are some of the best guesstimates from expert car geeks about this iconic muscle car:

1. Performance and Engine


The Dodge Barracuda’s wheelbase is 105-110″. One variant may use the Dodge Challenger’s engine, making it a replacement for their current vehicle lineup.

Fastest Street-legal Car

The new Dodge Barracuda will be its class’ most powerful, excellent, and a fastest street-legal car. Car experts anticipate these new releases will have impressive performance benchmarks from their original Cuda design.

Eight-speed Automatic Transmission

The powerful Hellcat supercharged engine can pull a minimum of 707 horsepower and 881 Nm (650 pound-feet). With an eight-speed automatic transmission, this vehicle promises to provide drivers with top gear quality performance every time.

Superb Racing Performance

Car fanatics are also quick to point out its superb racing performance, with speeds reaching 200 mph. This is a neat feature expected from the third-generation Challenger.

The mid-level Dodge Barracuda will have a 3.6L Pentastar V-6 engine with the eTorque 48-V mid-hybrid setup that can provide better fuel economy, mileage, and power.

However, to the surprise of all car geeks everywhere, this modern Cuda won’t have the Pentastar V-6 engine as a base engine.

2.4L “Tiger Shark” Inline-four Engine

Instead, expect it to have a 2.4L “Tiger Shark” inline-four engine with a MultiAir2 intake system developed in Fiat Chrysler automobiles.

If this is the case, its closest rivals would be Camaro RS and Mustang EcoBoost with 184 horsepower and 201 Nm (148 pound-feet) if without a turbocharger. 

2. Interior

Two Seats per Row

The interior of the Dodge Barracuda will have two seats per row. Considering it’s competing with Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro, expect the interiors to feel almost similar.

Soft Fabric Leather

Speculations include soft fabric leather and Alcantara for the base model, while premium aluminum and carbon fiber stand out for premium models. 

Retro-inspired LEDs

We can expect an all-new design with retro-inspired LEDs and a thin grille for added cooling while driving on performance models with a large air intake across from it.

8″ Infotainment Screen with GPS

There will also be plenty of the original Challenger features inside, including the 8″ infotainment screen with GPS.

Driver-assist Element

The driver-assist element could be possible add-ons you’d expect from the new Dodge Barracuda. However, drivers can turn it off for burnouts and donuts runs. 

3. Platform

dodge barracuda specs
Dodge Barracuda

The new Dodge Barracuda will be utilizing the Alfa Romeo Guilia platform.

Since the classic Chrysler LA platform could be incompatible with the unique Cuda’s body style and size, using the modernized Italian platform would bring the superb overall feel of the automobile. There are more than a few naysayers against this change.

The new Alfa Romeo Guilia platform could ruin the purity of muscle car features with its high-performance cars coming out on top.

However, this Italian car model has been proven to work well in producing reliable and efficient vehicles. These vehicles impress enthusiasts and those looking for an affordable ride.

Again, is Dodge coming out with a Barracuda? Plymouth Barracuda might be released under the Dodge brand this year.

4. Chassis and Suspension 

More Responsive Handling

The new Dodge Barracuda will have many features, including more responsive handling. This setup may include an independent rear suspension like those found on performance models from Mustang and Camaro.

Magnetic Dampening

It would also have magnetic dampening, reducing interior noise by 50%. The optional extra seems likely at best, but we’ll see more details soon, nearing its official release.

Stiffer Springs and Lower Ride Height

With a more aggressive setup, the Dodge Barracuda will surely have stiffer springs and lower ride height.

There is a possibility this new Cuda won’t be borrowing too much from Alfa Romeo regarding suspension design.

Many speculated this Cuda’s suspension would be coming from the SRT team, the people who worked on Viper’s spring system. So, no solid rear axle design will be reminiscent of the old Challenger. 

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Dodge Barracuda Cost and Production

The Barracuda is a direct replacement for the Challenger, so we expect its pricing to be similar.

However, with neck-to-neck competition against Ford and Chevrolet, Dodge Barracuda needs a lower sticker price to compete against these two behemoths. Car experts speculate the base rates range from $26,000 to $28,000.

Pricing it too high may be a fatal marketing mishap for carmakers, especially without a powerful market appeal to back it up. But if the Dodge Barracuda comes with affordable pricing and high market demand, it can become a good competitor against similar modern models of this type. 

Its high-performance cars could skyrocket to as much as $70,000. Given the performance and ability of this car, it’s undeniably going to be worth every buck. 

The new Barracuda’s release has been more than a decade in the making. Several leaked photos have been circulating and creating buzz for a much-anticipated release this 2022.

Dodge has delayed releasing a new product in the market, considering the Challenger’s immense success in the market. With fans already clamoring for Dodge Barracuda’s eventual release, several car geeks are all eyes on this new car for its official entry into the market. 

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Dodge Barracuda and Competition

dodge barracuda competition
Chevy Camaro

Chevy Camaro and Ford GT

The rumor about the Dodge Barracuda’s release has been a discussion among car geeks since 2007. With its release inching closer to becoming official, the new Cuda’s direct competition could be the Chevy Camaro and Ford GT.

High-performance Cars at Reasonable Prices

These two strong competitors on the market today belong to high-performance cars at reasonable prices. Dodge SRT Viper has ceased production since 2017 because of low sales and safety concerns.

However, despite the SRT Viper’s setbacks, numerous car enthusiasts support this beloved American brand.

With the Dodge Barracuda’s release, we’ve gotten wind that Conner Avenue, the Viper’s car production plant, could be redesigning to produce the new Cuda. The future of Dodge’s most famous muscle car is in doubt.

Viper’s Replacement

The Barracuda has been announced to take over as the replacement for Viper, but it remains unclear whether this will be under the Dodge or Chrysler badge.

The rumored Dodge Barracuda may only materialize if fully turned into a sports car. But if not, the Viper will remain without any imminent successor.

Limited-edition Car with Badge Engineering

The upcoming Barracuda remains a mystery, but some maintain it will be a limited-edition car with badge engineering.

This means that this could be something special in disguise despite the belief of replacing Dodge Challenger as its model from here on out. Limited-edition items are often more expensive because they have a lower quantity available.

The cost of a limited-edition Dodge Barracuda may also increase as years go by due to their scarcity and higher demand. Car geeks everywhere are waiting with bated breath for this new Cuda.

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Conclusion – Dodge Barracuda

The new Barracuda has been in the works for ten long years. Ever since Sergio Marchionne passed away in 2018, the new CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) merged with Peugeot-Citroen (PSA) last 2021 creating Stellantis.

Under the Stellantis umbrella are Fiat, Chrysler, Ram, Dodge, and Alfa Romeo. If this is the case, the push for the Alfa Romeo platform could prove to be redundant. 

Dodge Barracuda’s official release could be just right around the corner. As to market demand, the U.S may be opting to purchase crossovers like SUVs or pick-up trucks. If this is the case, the eventual release of a smaller sports coupe may have a limited fan base for this iconic brand.

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