Does AutoZone Make Keys?

AutoZone is popular in the country as a supplier of automotive parts and accessories. It has more than 6,000 outlets across the nation. But does AutoZone make keys?

One of the specialties of AutoZone is making car keys and fob or transponder keys. This company can make keys for virtually any car make or model since it positions itself as a one-stop shop for all your car key requirements. Even if you have an old model car, they can make an exact copy of it.

This company can duplicate your old car key accurately. Plus, they are willing to cut the replacement key several times until you are happy with the final product. AutoZone is also able to make transponder keys fast and at very affordable prices. 

Read on to learn more about AutoZone’s ability to make car keys and transponder keys and other information about them that will help you determine if this is the key-making company you are looking for.

Does AutoZone Make Keys

Does AutoZone Make Keys

AutoZone makes all kinds of keys. They specialize in creating replacement keys for any car make or model. AutoZone has been positioning itself as a one-stop shop for all your key requirements.

So, if you have a 20-year old car and want to replace its key, you can ask this company to make a duplicate key. They will cut the key for you several times until the final product is good enough for you.

AutoZone Makes Transponder Keys

They also make transponder keys. So, if you want to upgrade your original car key, you can ask AutoZone to make a transponder key. They can make transponder keys fast and at very affordable prices.

Average Cost of a Replacement Key

The average cost of a replacement key made from key blanks ranges from $3.00 to $6.00. If you still have your old key, AutoZone will duplicate it accurately. They usually use a key blank and cut it precisely to the design of your original key.

The cost will naturally be higher for replacement transponder keys that are more advanced than ordinary car keys. These types of AutoZone keys can range from $200 to $400. With more than 6,000 locations all over the country, there should be an AutoZone outlet near your place.

Also Offers Key Copying Services

AutoZone also offers key copying services for several vehicle brands. The brands of the vehicles that they can make replacement keys for include the following:

  • Mercedes,
  • Ford,
  • Toyota,
  • Dodge,
  • Kia,
  • Honda, and others.

What Is AutoZone’s Specialty?

AutoZone’s Specialty Is Making Replacement Keys

Does AutoZone make car keys? Making replacement keys for cars is the specialty of AutoZone. They can make duplicate keys for almost any car make and model. Even if you have a car about 20 years old, they can still make a duplicate key for it.

Transponder Key Replacement

However, if your original car key is a transponder type and is not functioning properly, you can give it to AutoZone for repair or replacement. AutoZone is also able to get you a transponder key and program it for your car. The cost will be a lot cheaper than having it repaired or replaced at the car dealer.

In replacing your original car key, you have to buy a blank key from AutoZone. This company has many blank keys suited to different car models. They probably have one blank key that’s right for your car. These blank keys are sold from $3 to $6 apiece.

Price of AutoZone Keys

If it’s a key fob that you are using, the cost is significantly higher. AutoZone also offers various key fobs that work in several car makes and models. The prices of AutoZone keys range from $20 to $400. Other key makers charge from $267 to $740.

Key Fobs Are More Expensive Due to Add-on Technology

Key fobs are more expensive because of the add-on technology. It is just a small plastic remote control unit that can control the following:

  • Car’s door locks,
  • Alarm system, and
  • Ignition system.

Key fobs use RFID chips together with an antenna to communicate with another RFID reader unit inside your vehicle. Input the code from the key fob into your RFID reader. This is the way the remote key fob can control the operation of some components inside your car.

Unfortunately, being tiny and made of plastic, people often misplace key fobs. They easily break them too. So, after some time, you will need a replacement key fob. This is where the key fob replacement services of AutoZone come in.

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Transponder Keys of AutoZone

does autozone make keys for cars

No Need to Make an Appointment to Get a Replacement Key Fob

It is easy to get a replacement key fob from AutoZone because you don’t need to make an appointment to get this service. Their service charge for this type of work is also very attractive. Typically, it only ranges from $20 to $90. Only if you want a special key fob will they charge you up to $400.

What Are Transponder Keys?

Transponders, key fobs, or chipped keys are special keys because of the embedded RFID chips inside them. In many cases, these chips have unique codes that receivers read in the ignition system or other systems used by your car.

The code of the key fob should match the receiver’s code so that when you push the ignition button on the key fob, the car engine will start. This added security layer ensures that your car will not start if a wrong key fob is used.

Approximately 70% of the vehicles running on the streets today are using a transponder key. Cars made from the year 2000 use such key fobs. So, if you have a late model car, chances are, it came with a transponder key or a key fob – that small black plastic piece of car remote control.

Getting a Key Fob from the Car Dealer Is More Expensive

If you ask the car dealer where you bought your car to replace your key fob, they may charge you a higher service fee. However, if you get your replacement from AutoZone, you will get a replacement at a lower price.

Program AutoZone’s Remote Key Fob Into Car’s Computer System

You can program the AutoZone’s remote key fob into your car’s computer system. They usually use an onboard programming system to do it. But the availability of the program depends on the car brand.

In some cases, a car owner may still have to go to the car dealer or visit a locksmith that can program the new key fob to fit your car.

AutoZone Digitally Cut Keys

At AutoZone, the replacement keys are cut digitally using state-of-the-art technology and equipment. This ensures the accuracy and precision of the key. They will do it repeatedly if they have to until you are satisfied with the final product.

Again, does Autozone make keys? One of Autozone’s specialties is making keys and fob or transponder keys for any car make or model. Indeed, it is a one-stop shop for all your car key needs.

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AutoZone Sells Other Key-Related Products

Aside from car keys and car key fobs, AutoZone also makes other key-related products. Here are some of these products:

1. Car Keys Simple Car Key

AutoZone sells this product under its Car Keys Express Vehicle Key category. With this product, you will be able to get a quality key replacement for your car. It features a key blade that can be cut in any car dealership, hardware store, or local locksmith.

After the locksmith cuts the blank key blade, you will be able to pair it to your car even without programming devices. You can ask AutoZone to do this for you, or your car dealer, or your locksmith.

2. Transmitter Replacement

AutoZone also sells on its website this Remotes Unlimited Keyless Entry Alarm Remote Control unit. It is a remote transmitter replacement that can be used for your keyless entry alarm remote control. This is an OEM quality part. If you buy this product, you will also be given free phone technical support on using it.

3. Dorman Keyless Remote Case

If you want to protect your key fob, you need this Dorman Keyless Remote Case. This case will help protect the plastic body of the key fob and its internal electronic parts from damage due to accidental bumps and drops.

4. Remote Control Battery Pack

AutoZone also offers the Energizer 357BP-3N Remote Control Battery 3 Pack, which will benefit your fob remote control key. This battery pack contains three batteries. All key fobs use batteries as their power source.

Just like a TV remote control, the battery inside a key fob will lose its juices after being used for a while. The Energizer brand is the ideal replacement since they are known for their long life, durability, and quality.

Other Types of Keys Available at AutoZone

does autozone make keys for houses

Since AutoZone is branding itself as a one-stop-shop for all your key requirements, it sells other vehicle keys, not just car keys. Aside from four-wheeled vehicles, other two-wheeled vehicles also need keys for their ignition systems. Here are the other vehicle keys available at AutoZone:

1. Blank Motorcycle Keys

AutoZone sells keys for Suzuki, Yamaha, and Honda brands of motorcycles on their website. They only sell them at $2.49 per piece. You need to take this blank key to a locksmith or to your motorcycle dealer for cutting. AutoZone does not sell already cut motorcycle keys.

2. Blank House Keys

AutoZone also sells house key blanks on their website. They can be used to replace Schlage keys and other key brands. These blank keys are sold for about $10. There are reports that some AutoZone employees are willing to cut the key for a reasonable service charge.

Keys Not Available at AutoZone

Other vehicle keys are not available at AutoZone. They don’t make these kinds of vehicle keys. What are these keys?

1. RV Keys

AutoZone does not make or sell keys for recreational vehicles. You need to ask your RV dealers for a replacement key if you damaged or lost your original RV key.

2. ATV Keys

AutoZone also does not sell or make keys for all-terrain vehicles. However, they offer replacement ignitions of ATVs, and they come with a new key. Of course, this key has a different cut from your current ATV key.

3. Mailbox Keys

AutoZone does not offer mailbox keys. The majority of the keys for mailboxes are the “Do Not Duplicate” types. If you need a replacement key for your mailbox, you need to visit your local post office and make your request. The cost for a new key is usually around $20.

Conclusion: Does AutoZone Make Keys?

Making car keys is one of the specialties of AutoZone. So, yes, they make car keys. Whatever type, make, or model of your car, AutoZone can make a car key for it. They have positioned themselves as a one-stop shop for all your car key requirements.

So, if you have lost the key for your older car model, they should be able to make its replacement key. AutoZone also makes transponder keys fast and at very affordable prices. This is the service you need from them if you want to upgrade your old car key.

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