F150 Length – How Long Is a Ford F150 Truck?

When shopping for a pickup, you need to consider the cab and bed size that will fit your needs. For a truck to be purposeful, its length must be ideal for cargo and passenger space. In this article, I’ll discuss the F150 length – how long is a Ford F150 truck?

The Ford F150 has the widest variety when it comes to lengths that you can choose from. Most of these trucks have around 8-foot bed lengths. The Ford F150s’ overall length ranges from 209.1 to 231.7 inches. Their wheelbases also range from 122 to 145 inches. The available trims include the XL and the XLT trims.

A Ford F150 Regular Cab has a length of 209.1 inches or 222.7 inches if it comes with a cargo box or truck bed. The Ford F150 SuperCab, on the other hand, is 231.7 inches or 250.3 inches long if it comes with a truck bed. A Ford F150 SuperCrew has the longest bed. It can extend from 231.7 inches to 243.5 inches if a cargo box is installed.

Read on to learn more about how long a Ford F150 truck can be and the different lengths of its different trims.

F150 Length – How Long Is a Ford F150 Truck?

f150 length
Ford F150 Supercrew

The Ford F150 pickup truck is available in different length configurations, depending on the trim level that the buyer chooses. The majority of Ford F150 truck beds have lengths of around 8 feet. The overall lengths of these pickup trucks can range from 209.1 to 231.7 inches.

As for the length of their wheelbases, they usually range between 122 and 145 inches. The specific lengths depend on the Ford F150s trim. There are several trims available for these pickup trucks. Some of the trims are the XL and the XLT trims.

The Ford F150 Regular Cab comes with a length of 209.1 inches or 227.7 inches if it is equipped with a truck bed or a cargo box. Another trim, the Ford F150 SuperCab, is longer. Its length spans 237.1 inches or 250.3 inches if it comes with a cargo box.

There’s another Ford F150 trim – the SuperCrew. This truck has a minimum length of 231.7 inches but can stretch to 243.5 inches if equipped with a truck bed. So, the overall length of a Ford F150 will vary depending on the length of its truck bed.

As you can see, there are different lengths of Ford F150s. So, they are not all of the same sizes. In general, the truck bed sizes of these pickup trucks come in three different lengths.

There is a 5.5 feet Styleside, a 6.5 feet Styleside, and the 8 feet Styleside. The length of the shortest bed floor of the Ford F150 is around 67.1 inches, with a width of about 50.6 inches.

What Are the Trim Packages for the 2022 Ford F-150?

As I have already mentioned, the Ford F150 is available in three trims:

  • Regular Cab
  • SuperCab
  • SuperCrew.

Each of these trims has a specific truck bed length.

So, whatever truck length you may require, one of these three trims will be able to satisfy your needs:

1. Regular Cab

The shortest Ford F150 truck length belongs to the Regular Cab trim. This particular truck comes with a 40/20/40 split starting with the bench seat. It has locking storage below the center, 20 percent of the seat.

A Ford F150 Regular Cab has the shortest length in this truck lineup. It does not have a back seat and comes only with two doors. All stock Regular Cab F150s come with two different bed lengths.

They can be supplied with a 6.5-foot bed. If you choose this trim, the overall length of your truck will stretch to 209.1 inches. Or you can choose to get the 8-foot bed. This will stretch the overall length of your truck to 227.7 inches.

2. SuperCab

This Ford F150 variant has a standard bench seat, just like the Regular Cab. But the difference is that it has a 60/40 split bench seat that can be flipped up. This particular truck also comes with a center console and dual front seats.

A longer bed in the Ford F150 lineup is the SuperCab. It has two main doors and a small seat at the back, with two smaller back doors. You can fit three different bed sizes in the F150 SuperCab.

The 6.5-foot bed can fit this truck. If this is your choice, your truck’s overall length will be 231.7 inches. If you want the longest overall length for the F150 SuperCab, choose the 8-foot bed. Then, you’ll have a pickup truck that is 250.3 inches long.

3. SuperCrew

The SuperCrew trim of the Ford F150 offers the most space of all the variants because it is the biggest. It has a bench seat, a center console, and dual front seats.

There is also an option of a center console with front bucket seats. This truck also features a rear 60/40 split-bench with an elongated cushion.

How Long Is an F150 Crew Cab?

The Ford F150 SuperCrew is this model lineup’s biggest, longest, and perhaps heaviest cab configuration. If you want the biggest that F150s can offer, this is the one you should consider. It comes with two full-size doors, and you have two bed-length options.

You can equip it with a 5.5-foot bed which will give your truck an overall length of 231.7 inches. Or you can choose to mount a 6.5-foot bed on it. This will stretch the overall length of your truck to 243.5 inches.

All the trim levels of the Ford F150 are perfect for business purposes since they are designed with functional interior work surfaces. Their designs can transform their center seat or consoles at the front into a flat surface where you can work on your laptop or sign papers.

If you want a more luxurious and comfortable Ford F150, your ideal option is the SuperCrew. Ford has a patented design that can transform the interior of this pickup truck into an ideal place to have a quick refresh after lunch with its King Ranch Limited and Platinum trims.

These are exclusively made for some Ford F150 SuperCrew trims.

In addition, SuperCrew trims also offer several unique storage solutions. These include fold-flat storage and a flat load floor at the rear. All of these storage places are partitioned and lockable.

Cab and Bed Interior Sizes of the 2022 Ford F-150 Variants

As far as their interior dimensions are concerned, the cab and bed interior sizes of these three variants are listed in the following table:

Interior Cap OptionRegular Cab LengthSuperCab LengthSuperCrew Length
Legroom Front43.9 inches43.9 inches43.9 inches
Legroom RearN/A33.5 inches43.6 inches
Headroom Front40.8 inches40.8 inches40.8 inches
Headroom RearN/A40.3 inches40.4 inches
SeatingThree (max.)Six (max.)Six (max.)

Again, what is the length of an F-150 truck? The F-150 truck’s length ranges from 209.1 to 250.3″.

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What Are the Dimensions of a Ford F-150 Truck Bed?

f 150 length in feet
Ford F150 Regular Cab

Do you know that the cab you choose for your Ford F150 determines how long your truck will be? The Ford F150 has different external dimensions for its truck beds, the shortest of which is 5.5 inches. Next is the truck bed that measures 6.5 feet, and the longest is the one that is 8 feet long.

It is interesting to note that you can fit any of these three truck bed lengths in a Ford F150 Regular Cab, a SuperCab, or a SuperCrew.

If you choose to get the 5.5-foot bed, your truck will have an overall length of 67.1 inches. The cargo volume of this truck bed size will be about 52.8 cubic feet, equivalent to around 395 gallons.

The next longest is the 6.5-foot bed. Choosing this one will give your truck an overall length of 78.9 inches, translating to a truck bed size of about 62.3 cubic feet or around 466 gallons.

Lastly, the longest is the 8 feet long truck bed. If you choose this bed, the overall length of your Ford F150 will be 97.6 inches. It will give you 77.4 cubic feet of cargo space, equivalent to around 579 gallons.

Factors That Pickup Truck Buyers Should Consider

When choosing a Ford F150 or any pickup truck, you must consider at least two main things. They are the interior and the cargo capacity:

1. Interior

The Ford F150 Regular Cab offers the smallest interiors and cargo space. It can only fit three people, while the SuperCab and the SuperCrew trims accommodate up to six people. In all of these trims, you get 40.8 inches of headroom and 43.9 inches of legroom at the front.

The SuperCab and the Super Crew have additional spaces (or additional two doors at the rear). But the Regular Cab only has two doors at the front. It has no rear door. That’s the reason it is the shortest of the three trims.

It is essential to consider these interior spaces when thinking of buying a pickup truck. You don’t know when you will conduct business inside your truck. Sometimes you need to write down or type up a document or look up a document that is vital to your transaction.

You will require ample interior space inside your truck to ease the stress of such activities. Ford F150s come with Interior Work Surface that will make business transactions easier and less stressful.

2. Cargo Space

Cargo capacity is also an important consideration when choosing a pickup truck. You don’t want to go back and forth to retrieve your things. That will be a waste of valuable time.

Ford F150s come with storage solutions designed to keep pickup truck life organized. Every unit of the F150 comes with a center console at the front. This console has a wide-open space. It makes it easy to hand a device to a person sitting at the back.

Ford F150s also have tailgates that can be transformed into optional work surfaces. They are strong enough to take heavy loads and provide a stable working platform if needed.

Ford F150 Vs. Other Pickup Trucks

You can better appreciate the length of the Ford F150s if you know how long the other pickup trucks in its class are. The biggest competitors of the Ford F150 are the Ram 1500 and the Chevrolet Silverado. How do these two trucks measure up against the overall length of the Ford F150?

1. Small Cab Category

There is no small cab configuration in the small model lineup of the Ram 1500. The smallest cab configuration of the Chevy Silverado has an overall length of 229.5 inches.

2. Medium Cab Category

The pickup truck of the Ram 1500 in the medium category has an overall length of 228.9 inches, while that of the Chevy Silverado has an overall length of 231.7 inches.

3. Longest Cab Category

The longest cab in the Ram 1500 lineup has two overall lengths. They can either be 232.9 or 241.8 inches. The longest in the Chevrolet Silverado stable also has two overall lengths. They can either be 231.7 or 241.2 inches.

If you again refer to the dimensions of the Ford F150, you will see that it has the longest truck bed overall.

Frequently Asked Questions

ford f 150 length crew cab

If you still have questions about the length of the truck beds of Ford F150s, perhaps the answers below will clarify whatever is unclear in your mind:

What Is the Length of a Ford F150?

It depends on the length of the truck bed. Ford F150s come in different bed lengths. So your choice of bed length will determine its overall length.

Most of these trucks come with 8-foot bed lengths. To give you some figures that you can quickly grasp, the overall length of a Ford F150 can range from 209.1 to 231.7 inches.

What Determines the Length of a Ford F150?

The trim level and the truck bed length determine the overall length of a particular Ford F150.

There are three trim levels or variants of the Ford F150, the Regular Cab, the SuperCab, and the SuperCrew. If you choose the Regular Cab, you will have the shortest overall length. But if you select the SuperCrew, the overall length of your pickup truck will be the longest.

What Are the Truck Bed Sizes of the Ford F150?

Ford F150s come in three truck bed sizes. They are the 5.5-foot Styleside, the 6.5-foot Styleside, and the 8-foot Styleside truck beds. The shortest of these options is 67.1 inches.

In Closing: What Is the Length of an F150?

Ford F150s offer the widest variety of truck bed lengths to choose from. The average bed length of most of these trucks is about 8 feet.

In terms of overall length, the truck beds of Ford 150s can range between 209.1 and 231.7 inches. As far as their wheelbases are concerned, they can go anywhere between 122 and 145 inches.

When buying a pickup truck, it is important to consider its overall length because it determines how much interior and cargo space you can work on.

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