Fastback Miata Hardtop – Full Guide

You can’t beat a Miata convertible when the weather is fair. However, when it’s pouring, and you’re on a long drive, you’d wish that your Miata was a hardtop. In this article, I’ll discuss the fastback Miata hardtop –full guide.

While Miata convertibles are the cars that became popular, there are also Miata hardtops that are equally great to drive. Miatas are true hardtops, while some Miatas are rigid hardtops that can retract into the trunk in about 13 seconds.

Since they were introduced in the market, Miatas have captured the hearts of car enthusiasts because they are reliable cars that only require simple maintenance and very affordable parts. They also became famous as convertibles and were fun to drive.

Read on to learn more about the fastback Miata hardtop and a full guide on what to consider when choosing this car.

Fastback Miata Hardtop

fastback miata hardtop

Most car enthusiasts know that the Miata is a fastback, lightweight, and convertible car. But not many know there are a fastback hardtop Miatas with solid and permanent overhead shells.

No, it is not a rigid hardtop that you can retract and functions as a convertible. These Miata hardtops have real and solid permanent headshells that you can’t dismantle. You have to break the supporting structure to get its top down.

Since Mazda launched the Miata in the market, it has steadily captured the attention of car enthusiasts, primarily those who love convertibles. The first Miatas found in the market were convertible models. They seemed to be more fun to drive.

After a time, the hardtop Miata models were left on the sidelines, which are equally fun to drive and affordable. They were left out of the picture and made a bit obscure because of their shells or covers at their tops, which made them like ‘standard’ cars.

Anyways, those who can’t leave the convertible behind and would like to enjoy the fun that convertibles can provide can still choose to drive a Miata rigid hardtop.

While it is a hardtop, they can still retract the top if they want to or need to.

The convertible top of this kind of Miata is so rigid that you would think it is solid and permanent and that you can’t fold it down when the whole canopy is set up to hide the car’s cabin.

Short Overview of Mazda Miata

Mazda Launched MX-5 Miata at the 1989 Chicago Motor Show

Mazda, the Japanese car manufacturer, launched the MX-5 Miata at the 1989 Chicago Motor Show. The rest, as they say, is history.

Three decades have passed, but little did Mazda know that the Miata would hugely impact the global car industry.

Other car manufacturers have introduced many other sports cars since then. They were more powerful, agile, and lighter. However, not one of them has got it in terms of fun in driving. The Miata has always risen above them a bit higher in this respect.

The thing about Miata cars is that they seem to be everywhere, especially during their popularity. These cars are fun, easy to handle, lightweight, and have rear-wheel drives.

Mazda Has Sold More Than One million units of MX-5s Since Its Launch

Mazda has been able to sell more than one million units of MX-5s ever since its launch. So, it won’t be hard to find it anywhere, from the Americas to Southeast Asia and other places worldwide. So you can buy them on Craigslist and other online sites.

Reliable and Affordable

And also, since they are very affordable, especially the used units, you can easily afford one. Even brand-new units are affordable for those who want to own this little, spritely sports car. It is also very reliable and will give you its best service if you let it.

Many Miata enthusiasts say that it is rather tricky to get hold of a Miata car to buy today. They say you can only get a genuine Miata fastback through modifiers in the aftermarket.

Fastback Is Different from a Standard Coupe

A fastback is unlike a standard coupe because the rear window is more likely to be large and might sit on an incline instead of a sharp angle, just like a standard coupe.

That particular style was trendy during the ’60s and the ’80s. However, it started to fade away after the following decades. If you have the knowledge, tools, and skills to modify a fastback Miata to conform to what you want its form to be, this project is worth it.

However, if you are like most auto owners, you would instead choose to have a professional do it for you. You have to spend money, though, roughly about $3,000, just for the body kit alone.

What to Look for When Buying a Fastback Miata Hardtop

mx5 fastback hardtop

If you want to own a fastback Miata hardtop, look for an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Miata hardtop. You can also consider a fastback Miata kit. Stay away from hardtops similar to Miata fastbacks but actually of an inferior or bogus brand.

OEM Miatas are not known to lose their value even after an extended period, as long as it is well kept and in good running condition, especially if the vehicle is in tip-top shape.

On the other hand, the value of aftermarket fastback hardtops cannot even attain half the value of OEM Miatas.

If there is no other choice for your budget, don’t settle for fiberglass. Insist on getting an SMC or sheet molding compound. Look inside the hardtop material and look for the letters “IIRC.”

These are the only letters you will see in all the OEM hardtops that Mazda has manufactured. There would also be additional extras, such as the defroster with pigtail variants of the OEM hardtop and the headliner.

Some will even come with a side latch kit. If what you are thinking of buying has it, be thankful because it costs an extra $40 to $50 if you buy it on your own.

Again, what is a fastback Miata hardtop? A fastback hardtop Miatas have a solid and permanent overhead shell. It is affordable and fun to drive, like other Miatas.

Where You Can Buy a Fastback Miata Hardtop

Are you looking for a hardtop Miata that is very affordable? An aftermarket seller offers their Miata hardtops for only $1,699 for the hardtop Miata Small Window and only $1,799 for the Miata Big Window. You can view these two Miata hardtops here.

This hardtop Miata fastback will be very useful for your joy rides. When the sky is fair, and you want to enjoy the scenery with your friends, you only need to use it as a top-down.

However, on a long drive along the freeway, you must cover up to protect everything in your Miata.

If that’s what you want, you can have the best of both worlds with this fastback Miata hardtop. It’s a solid hardtop when it’s pouring hard on the road, but you can also remove it if the weather is excellent and you want to enjoy the fresh air.

This removable Miata hardtop improved the general sports car appearance, giving it a unique “Speedster” roof outline. The design feature of this little sports car is exciting with its curved flush installed window, which provides a low and sleek appearance.

Its hardtop material is weatherproof and can take all kinds of weather conditions. The hard top comes with thick rubber gaskets that provide a weather-tight seal. Rain guards also prevent moisture and water from penetrating the door.

A New Miata Hardtop in New York

Recent news from Mazda indicates a new 2022 Mazda MX-5 Miata hardtop. It is still very affordable, the only such car in its class, along with a convertible top. You can view the article here.

This hardtop convertible was in the 2022 Editor’s Choice of the Car and Driver magazine. The car boasts a spritely four-cylinder engine mated to a six-speed manual transmission. But there’s an option for one variant that is automatic.

This hardtop Miata MX-5 handles eagerly and playfully. Going into the twisties is an exciting experience. Most of these Miatas have soft tops that you can manually fold. The more expensive RF versions have Targa power-folding hardtops.

Mazda has also incorporated Kinematic Posture Control into this car, a new feature that can improve the sports car’s handling. This feature enhances the car’s stability control and reduces body roll.

This new Miata MX-5 is available at these prices:

  • Sport – $28 715
  • Club – $ 31 785
  • Grand Touring – $33 315
  • Grand Touring RF – $ 36 015
  • Club RF – $ 39 215
miata fastback hardtop nc

If you are still entertaining questions in your mind about this subject, perhaps you will get your answers to those that are listed below.

Miata is a small sports car manufactured by Mazda that is lightweight and affordable. It is one of the most inexpensive sports cars in the world today.

Mazda launched the first Miata in 1989. This sports car has continued production ever since for three decades plus now.

Not all Miatas manufactured by Mazda are entirely hardtops. Most are, but there are some Miatas with solid and permanent tops made of hard materials; some in the past are even made of steel.

In Closing

Miatas are very popular and well-known as great convertibles. But they are not all top downs. There are Miata hardtops that are also equally great to drive.

Miata hardtops can be as permanent as a conventional car. Other Miata rigid hardtops can retract inside the trunk in 13 seconds.

While a Miata convertible can give you a fun drive, it’s also good to consider a fastback Miata hardtop. It is more useful when driving through a heavy downpour on a long stretch of wet highway.