Find Driver’s License Number by SSN

If you lose your driver’s license, you can’t legally drive your car. You can ask for a replacement, but you need to know the number of your driver’s license. Can you find the driver’s license number with SSN?

You can’t use your Social Security Number to find your driver’s license number. Your SSN is different from the driver’s license number. Your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles issues the license number to drivers, and it is unrelated to SSNs.

Some websites will tell you that you can find your driver’s license number with your SSN. These websites are not telling you the truth. SSNs are never printed in the barcode and are never stored on driver’s licenses. So you can’t use your SSN to search for your driver’s license number online. 

Read on to learn about finding your driver’s license with your SSN and whether you can do it or not.

Find Driver’s License Number With Your SSN

find Driver's License Number With Your SSN

Social Security Card Is Different from your Driver’s License Card

Can you find a driver’s license number with an SSN? You should be aware that your Social Security card is different from your Driver’s License Card. and that your SSN is different from your driver’s license number.

DMV Issues the Driver’s License

The government authority that issues your driver’s license number is the DMV, while the authority that issues your SSN is the Social Security Administration. They are unrelated to each other.

So, you can’t find your driver’s license number by using your SSN and searching for it online or anywhere else. Those who know about these things advise you not to utilize online services that offer this kind of service.

Websites are claiming that you can do it. Be aware that your SSN is not stored in the barcode, and they are not printed on your driver’s license. You are falling into a scam if you will try to do this. These websites would steal your identity.

Visit DMV’s Official Website

But this doesn’t mean that there is no way you can find your DLN if you have lost your driver’s license. Since your local DMV gave you the DLN, you can go there or visit their official website if you have no other way of finding it.

As per information from the Social Security Administration, 29 states use the SSN in their driver’s license systems. Some of these states even use the SSN on the driver’s license card.

Get the Driver’s License Number from the Local DMV

In other words, you can get your driver’s license number if you visit the DMV office in your state or visit a state GOV website. It is unsafe for you to use questionable websites and give them your SSN to get your DLN. They can steal your identity if you do that.

How to Find Your Driver’s License Number Using Your SSN

There is a more effective way to find a driver’s license number without a card. It is by going through the proper channels, meaning from the government agency, that issued you that number in the first place. There are other sources as well where you can find this number:

1. Call the Local DMV

Your best bet in finding your driver’s license number is the DMV that issued your driver’s license. There are licensing agencies that allow giving this kind of information over the phone.

Verify Your Identity

Again, before they give you this information, you will be asked several questions that will help them verify if you are the real person who owns the driver’s license with the corresponding license number.

Visit the Agency or Email Them

Even if that agency does not allow the giving of this information over the phone, you will still be able to get your license number without ever visiting the office or agency in person, online, or in the mail.

2. Check Your Vehicle Registration

Check the registration of your vehicle. It might contain your driver’s license number. The driver’s license is listed on the vehicle registration in some states.

Usually, you have to carry a copy of your vehicle registration every time you drive. This is one of the documents where you can find your driver’s license number, just in case you lost your original driver’s license card.

3. Check Your Past Driver’s Records

Go over your past driver’s license cards. For sure, you have several expired licenses issued by the DMV. Usually, they have the same license numbers as the one you are currently using.

If you have a record of them, or you have saved the actual license cards, you may be able to get your driver’s license number.

Be aware that different branches of DMVs use different numbers. For instance, if a certain state gave you your old driver’s license, the license number might differ from another license card that a DMV issued in another state.

4. Check Your Financial Records

If, while doing business, you are usually writing personal checks, your bank will typically send you your canceled checks or at least digital images of them.

And since many shops and stores write your driver’s license number when they accept your checks, you may be able to find your number in them.

Let’s say you haven’t written any personal checks recently. Even then, you may still be able to find pictures of your canceled checks stored with your bank in your online account.

5. Check With Your Auto Insurance

While getting car insurance, most insurance companies require their clients to supply their driver’s licenses when buying a policy. It can be that your license number was not listed directly on the policy.

Check the Insurance Record

But it may be written on your insurance record. You may find that number very easily if you have an online account with your car insurer. Just search for a copy of your insurance application when you initially asked for a policy quote.

Call the Insurer’s Customer Service

You can also call the insurer’s customer service desk and explain to them your predicament. The customer service staff may be able to help you find your driver’s license number. But be prepared to undergo identity verification before they give you this information.

Again, can you find your driver’s license number with your SSN? It is not possible to use your Social Security Number (SSN) to find your driver’s license number. Different government authorities issue the said numbers. So, your SSN and your driver’s license number are unrelated.

Can You Get Your Driver’s License Number Online?

can i find my driver's license number with my ssn

Beware of Scam

Some websites claim you can use the internet to search for your driver’s license number. Don’t fall for websites that offer free driver’s license number lookups. They are a scam. It is possible to use the internet to get your driver’s license number but not through these unauthorized websites.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, there are 29 states where SSNs are linked to driver’s licenses. If you live in one of these states when you receive your driver’s license, you will also see your SSN as one of the information indicated, including your name, race, age, and so forth.

Search for Driver’s License Number Online Through the Local DMV

You can only search for your driver’s license number online, for free, through your local DMV, which issued your driver’s license card. Don’t use websites that offer to find your driver’s license number for free. They are doing this to steal your identity.

So, if you think that the easiest way to get your lost driver’s license number is online, you need to think twice. You can’t do it online because it is unsafe.

Avoid Sharing Your SSN on Websites

Sharing your SSN on websites, you don’t know and have not verified is dangerous. If you can’t find any personal records that bear this number, visiting your local DMV personally is the safest way.

How to Get a New Driver’s License Card

Getting a new driver’s license card is not that difficult. Generally, it will only take you a few steps. And what’s more – it is the safest route in getting a new driver’s license card than using your SSN that a questionable website asks from you:

1. Gather All Your Documents

So, you need a new driver’s license card because you lost the original. The first thing you need to do is gather all the documents that prove your identity. Since you forgot your driver’s license number, you need to produce these documents so the DMV can verify your identity.

Most DMV offices honor birth certificates and passports that prove a person’s identity. You can also use national ID cards such as SSS IDs. Any other documents like billing addresses, professional ID cards, and other documents will also help verify your identity.

2. Visit Your Local DMV

Since the DMV needs to verify your identity, they have to see you in person. It’s hard to identify a person by just looking at them remotely on the internet. Your best chance is to visit your local DMV office.

You need to show them that you are the real person on the documents you are showing them. If they issued you the lost driver’s license card, they should have a copy of the card in their system or its number. However, you need to visit the DMV’s office to prove your identity.

Call their office first so they will not be surprised when you come by their office. Make an appointment, so they’ll know that you are visiting them and your purpose for going there.

3. Fill Up a Form

As in every request for an official document from the government, you will be asked to fill up a form concerning your request for a new driver’s license card. More or less, this will be an application form for a driver’s license replacement.

If you like your request to be acted promptly and faster, it is better to have already copied or downloaded this form from the DMV agency and filled it up at home.

This form is not that long, so you can easily accomplish it. When you get there, hand them this form, and they will be able to act on your request faster.

4. Pay a Replacement Fee

Replacing your lost driver’s license card costs money. So, be prepared to pay an amount to process your new driver’s license card.

5. Wait for Your New Driver’s License in the Mail

After you have passed all the necessary documents, submitted the application form, and paid the required fee, you will be asked to wait for your license card in the mail. Some DMV offices can readily print a new license card within the day.

However, if this is not the practice in your local DMV, they will let you know when it will arrive in the mail. You can request the staff to process your driver’s license if you need it quickly.

So, Can You Get Your Driver’s License Number By Using Your SSN?

how to get driver's license number with social security number

There is no way to get your driver’s license number by using your SSN. Some dubious websites offer this kind of service for free. Beware. You may be scammed. Your social security number was issued to you by the Social Security Administration.

Your driver’s license card was issued to you by your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). They are two separate government agencies with very different functions. So, you can’t use your SSN to find your driver’s license number to get a new license card if you lost your original card.

How About Using Some Websites Offering This Service?

These websites are offering something that they can’t do. They would like to get your SSN to use it for their nefarious purpose. Don’t give your SSN to them because that will enable them to steal your identity and perhaps siphon your money from your bank account.

How Can You Get a Replacement Driver’s License Card?

The safest way to get a replacement driver’s license is through the proper channels. And that is through the DMV that issued your driver’s license card in the first place.

They should have your original records. You need to show them that you are indeed the person asking for a replacement driver’s license card.

In Closing: Can You Use Your SSN to Find Your Driver’s License?

The simple answer is no. You can’t use your SSN to search for your driver’s license number. They are two different things.

The DMV of your state is the government authority that issues the individual sets of numbers for driver’s licenses. Your SSN and DLN are unrelated to each other.

You will see some websites telling you that you can use your SSN online to search for your driver’s license. Don’t believe them because that is not true. SSNs are never stored nor printed on the barcode of driver’s licenses. So, you can’t use your SSN online to find your DLN.

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