Firestone Tune Up Cost – How Much Is It?

When it comes to tune-up, every car engine has its particular requirements. Whatever tune-up your car engine requires, Firestone car techs can satisfy them. I’ll discuss Firestone tune-up cost in this article – how much is it?

The tune-up cost at Firestone is very competitive. On average, it runs between $40 and $500 for wire and spark plug replacement. For more specialized tune-ups, the cost can range between $200 and $800.

In some cases, Firestone will charge $800 or more depending on what type of tune-up you want them to perform on your vehicle. So, you need to understand what a tune-up is to anticipate the cost correctly.

Read on to learn more about the cost of a tune-up at Firestone, what is included in their tune-ups, and why and when you should go for this car service.

Firestone Tune-up Cost – How Much Is It?

firestone tune up cost

At Firestone, their prices for tune-ups are very competitive. The average cost for a tune-up at Firestone ranges from $40 to $150. The service can include the replacement of spark plugs and damaged wires.

For more specialized tune-up services, Firestone Complete Auto Care will charge from $200 to $800. There are also some cases where they charge a customer more than $800 for this service.

It depends on the tune-up service that your car may require. Knowing the expected cost is essential, so you won’t be surprised when you go to Firestone for this service.

Firestone will only charge the minimum if your car only needs a spark plug and electrical wire replacement.

But if you need a standard tune-up that includes fuel system inspection, computer scanning, an oil change, and replacement of fuel filters, air filters, rotors, distributor caps, and PVC valves, they may charge you from $200 to $800.

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Factors That Affect Firestone Tune-up Cost

How much is a tune-up at Firestone? Your tune-up cost at Firestone will depend basically on three factors:

  • Hourly rate of the Firestone mechanics in your area, and
  • Cost of parts that have to be replaced.
  • Car’s Age

If you want a cheaper alternative, have your car tuned up at an independent car repair shop instead of a car dealership.

Replacing electrical wires and spark plugs is the easiest tune-up service. So their cost will only range from $40 to $150.

A standard tune-up service that includes inspection of the fuel system and computer diagnosis, replacement of wires, spark plugs, rotors, and distributor caps, and replacing of air filters, PVC valves, and fuel filters will set you back between $200 and $800.

How Much Is a Firestone Engine Tune-up Cost for a High-mileage Car?

How much is a Firestone engine tune-up cost for a high-mileage car? If your car’s total mileage is already high, Firestone will charge you more if you ask them to tune it up. They may charge you between $500 and $1,200.

The reason is apparent. Even if they are correctly maintained, older cars have more things that can go wrong than newer ones.

So, if your vehicle’s odometer ranges from 100,000 miles to 120,000 miles, you can expect your tune-up cost to be in the higher price range.

If your car is already old, you can cut expenses by doing essential home tune-ups, such as replacing dirty air filters, damaged electrical wires, and bad spark plugs.

What Is Included in an Engine Tune-Up at Firestone?

At Firestone, a vehicle tune-up is a catch-all term for inspecting and performing preventive maintenance services on car parts that must be regularly checked or replaced.

It is hard to put the finger on the essential service that needs to be done because, as I said at the beginning of this article, the tune-up needs of a particular vehicle are very different from that of another.

But in general, a tune-up is the process of inspecting a vehicle, especially its engine, and replacing the components that are critical to the operation of the ignition and the engine itself. However, these are not just the parts of your car that are checked and inspected.

Generally, a more comprehensive tune-up service can include the following:

  • Replacing wires/coil boots and spark plugs
  • Replacing oil filter – if required
  • Setting the ignition timing – if necessary
  • Replacing distributor cap and rotor – if required
  • Cleaning of the fuel system
  • Cleaning of the throttle body – if necessary
  • Replacing the PCV valve – if required

As they conduct the initial inspection of your car, the car techs at Firestone Complete Auto Care will recommend the tune-up services according to the needs and condition of the engine and car parts they have inspected.

They will do it transparently and only advise you of what your car needs to make it run efficiently and smoothly.

Is a Car Tune-up Necessary?

As you keep on driving your car, you will subject it to stress and strain. Its components will grow old, wear down, and deteriorate. If you don’t want any severe damage to happen to your car, you should have it regularly checked by a competent mechanic.

This is why you need to have your car tuned up regularly. This preventive maintenance service will ensure that your vehicle runs efficiently and smoothly. The engine of your car is a complex piece of engineering.

It comprises parts that must work together seamlessly always to experience a good ride. If even one of its components does not work correctly, you will put stress and strain on the other parts. This is basically why your car needs a tune-up at regular intervals.

What Does a Tune-up Consist of At Firestone?

firestone standard tune up cost

What specific things does a Firestone car service center perform in a tune-up service? There are several procedures that the car techs of Firestone will do on your vehicle. Here are some of these necessary procedures:

1. Regular Tune-Up Service

Firestone car mechanics perform the most common type of tune-up service as the standard or regular type. If you choose this kind of tune-up, they will perform the following procedures:

  • Take a comprehensive visual inspection of the engine and its components
  • Replace the old spark plugs with new Bosch Iridium spark plugs
  • Adjust the setting of the engine’s timing and idling
  • They will provide a Lifetime Warranty for every part they replace

2. Cleaning of Fuel System

  • Check the condition of the car’s fuel system
  • Clean the fuel system to restore its normal performance
  • Follow a three-step process that will remove carbon deposits on the fuel injectors of the engine
  • They will provide 12,000 miles or a one-year warranty for this service

3. Filter Replacement

  • Firestone car techs will replace the fuel filter of the engine
  • They will also replace the air filter of the engine
  • They will provide 6,000 miles or a 6-month warranty

How Does Firestone Perform a Tune-up?

Engine Inspection

Firestone’s car techs will comprehensively inspect the engine during a car tune-up. If they find a part that is not working efficiently or is damaged, they will replace it. They will also check how the engine operates.

Engines that are regularly driven naturally get dirtied by the unburned gases they produce. These gases turn into carbon deposits or black soot on the inside and outside parts of the engine.

If these dirty deposits are left alone, they will degrade the fuel’s atomization and flow efficiency. Firestone car techs will clean the throttle body or the intake parts of the engine to restore the efficiency of fuel delivery to the engine.

Replacement of Spark Plugs, Wirings, and Coil Boots

They will also replace the spark plugs, wirings, and coil boots. Some cars require deeper cleaning. Additionally, GDI or gasoline-direct-injection engines do not mix the air and gasoline at the intake. This results in large quantities of unburned carbon buildup inside the engine.

Gunk Buildup Removal

For these engines, Firestone Complete Auto Care car mechanics will remove the gunk buildup from the lubrication and intake system of the car.

They will also clean the engine’s GDI or high-pressure fuel system if required. They may also clean the breathing system of the engine’s crankcase.

Again, what does a tune-up consist of at Firestone? Firestone tune-up costs $40 to $500 for a wire and sparks plug replacement. Other tune-ups of parts may cost between $200 to $800.

When Does Your Car Need a Tune-Up?

If you are attentive to how your car performs while driving it, you won’t be able to ignore the signs that show it needs a tune-up. Don’t ignore these signs, or you will have a severely damaged car that is difficult and expensive to repair. What are these signs?

  • The engine stalls, or it feels like it is stalling
  • Check engine light or engine malfunction warning light appears on the dash
  • Reduced fuel efficiency or increased fuel consumption
  • The engine’s idling is rough
  • The engine misfires
  • Poor acceleration when stepping on the gas
  • Difficulty in starting the car
  • The engine is producing strange knocking sounds

These issues car techs at Firestone can fix. In their tune-up service, they consult the schedule of the maintenance services prescribed by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Typical Firestone Tune-Up Services

how much is a tune-up at firestone

On average, car owners who go to Firestone Complete Auto Care for tune-ups will get the following services:

1. Oil Change Service

This is one of the usual services you will get from Firestone if you go there for a car tune-up. It is similar to a blood transfusion in humans because oil lubrication is essential in operation and longevity of a motorized vehicle.

2. Check Up of All Engine Fluids

Aside from oil change, Firestone car techs will also check the condition of the several fluids that your car uses to run efficiently and smoothly. The coolant fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and windshield wiper fluid need an inspection.

If some of these fluids are already dirty, they will be replaced. However, if they are still clean but only lacking in quantity, the mechanics of Firestone will top them up.

3. Change Filters

Your car also uses different filters to prevent unwanted particles from getting inside the engine and all parts of your vehicle that uses fluids and air.

The number one concern of Firestone car techs is the oil and fluid filters. They will check the integrity of these filters, especially the oil filters. Any impurities in the lubricant that enter the engine will damage the machine’s insides.

The same is true for the transmission fluid, brake fluids, and other fluids allowed entry to the inner parts of the transmission and your car’s braking system. These unwanted particles must not be allowed inside these parts to ensure your vehicle’s smooth and efficient operation.

4. Check or Change Spark Plugs

Spark plugs enable you to start your car. They provide the sparks that will ignite the air and fuel mixture inside the car’s combustion chambers so that the crankcase can rotate and the engine can run.

Spark plugs constantly give out sparks thousands of times while you are driving your car. Eventually, they can develop problems because of age and the buildup of unburned gases on their surfaces.

These are the conditions that Firestone car techs are looking to see when they inspect your car. If the spark plugs are no longer working as before, they will replace them. Your operator’s manual will give them a clue if it is already time to replace them.

5. Tire Check

Your car is running on tires. Of all the car parts that make your car run, the tires make the rubber hit the road. In other words, even if you have an efficiently running engine and a tire goes flat, you won’t be able to go anywhere.

So, one of the things that the mechanics at Firestone will do is check the condition of all your tires. They will check for holes and if they are over or underinflated. They will also review it their wheel balancing and alignment.

6. Hoses and Belts Check

Your car also uses hoses and belts to run efficiently. The hoses are the car parts that channel all the fluids to their destination. These hoses, over time, can develop holes, or they can split or crack.

When that happens, the liquids inside these hoses will leak out. That can cause your car to stop. So these hoses have to be inspected. If one or two are already old, they must be replaced.

The same goes for the belts. There are several belts in your car. The engine uses some directly, and the air conditioner uses some. These belts are usually made of rubber.

Over time they could lose their tightness, or they could crack as well. If a belt already has these imperfections, it must be replaced. The car mechanics at Firestone are experts in inspecting and replacing car hoses and belts.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have some questions about what types of tune-up services that you can get from a Firestone Complete Auto Care center, perhaps you will get your answer from the ones listed below:

What Kind of Engine Tune-up Does Firestone Offer?

Firestone offers its customers several types of car tune-ups. There is the standard or regular tune-up, and there are more comprehensive tune-ups. Standard tune-ups are cheaper than specific ones requiring more time and work.

How Much Is a Tune-up at a Firestone Car Service Center?

Generally, standard tune-ups can cost anywhere between $40 and $500. For more extensive and time-consuming tune-ups, Firestone will charge from $200 to $800. Some customers may need more specialized tune-ups for their cars. They should expect their expenses to rise from $500 to $1,200.

What Kind of Tune-up Services Can Firestone Provide Its Customers?

There are several types of tune-up services Firestone offers its customers. They include

  • Oil Change Service
  • Check Up of All Engine Fluids
  • Change Filters
  • Check or Change Spark Plugs
  • Tire Check
  • Hoses and Belts Check

In Closing: How Much Is a Firestone Tune-Up?

At Firestone, the cost of a tune-up is very competitive. On average, a typical tune-up that includes the replacement of wires and spark plugs can range from $40 to $500. If your car requires a more specialized tune-up, you can expect the cost to be between $200 and $800.

The actual cost will depend on the specific tune-up services that your car requires. It could be more than $800. So, you need to know the expected cost before going to Firestone to ask for a tune-up.

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