Ford 460 Engine Specs and Review

While Ford has released several types of engines over the years, the 460 Ford engine remains one of its best releases. In this Ford 460 engine review, I’ll list all of its specs and features so you can compare it to other engines.

The Ford 460 engine is a reliable engine that any driver would want to have in their truck or RV. It has sufficient power to carry lots of weight. Its durability means that you can get an older model and still experience powerful engine performance.

Read on to learn more about its specs, features, and what makes it stand out from the rest.

About the Ford 460 Engine

ford 460 engine

The Ford 460 is a reliable engine that any driver loves to have in their truck or RV. It is so powerful that it can carry heavy loads. Also, it is highly durable that even if you get an older model, you will still experience powerful engine performance.

Though not in production anymore, this engine still exists. In fact, those who own one can attest to how powerful this engine is. After so many years, it still runs in excellent condition. It is perfect for towing and hauling a lot of weight. Definitely, it is one useful, powerful, and reliable Ford engine.

Take, for instance, an RV. An RV has to be just as good as its engine. By merely looking at its appearance, you would already know that it needs a potent engine. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to maximize its features. Sadly, if this is the case, you wouldn’t be able to have that ultimate RV experience.

With the Ford 460 engine, it can provide the power that an RV needs and more. It doesn’t sacrifice economy or speed despite heavy loads.

Ford 460 Performance

During its production run, Ford 460 always stood out from the rest. However, it wasn’t easy to evaluate its specific performance since it is in many vehicles. It meant that the performance statistics varied and were inconsistent.

Some rivals tried to ruin the reputation of the 460 Ford engine. But they failed in doing so. Drivers very well knew that the 460 was one of the best engines to power any vehicle, including a motorhome.

Regardless of the year it was produced, the Ford 460 engine has always been powerful and durable. It is a solid engine, it is a workhorse, and it can last for more than 250,000 miles without any issues.

So, if you are considering buying a 460, the manufacturing date is not a major factor. Whether it was manufactured in 1968 or 1994, it will most likely run as expected.

Like most drivers would say, the Ford 460 engine is the ideal gas engine to install in a Ford truck.

Lifespan of the Ford 460 Engine

There are Ford 460 engine users who have reported that they have reached more than 200,000 miles already. Still, they have not made any major engine repairs. Some say that major repairs are usually encountered once the engine has exceeded 250,000 miles.

Many can attest to the reliability of this engine. It can last for more than 30 years, and that alone is proof of its long lifespan.

However, it all boils down to how you take care of your engine and your vehicle in general. Your vehicle has to undergo maintenance regularly. That way, you can ensure that you can maximize it for a very long time.

Ford 460 Engine Weight

The weight of the Ford 460 engine is more or less 720 lbs. This means that it is quite heavy to install. So, you have to first assess the condition of your vehicle before placing the engine in it. Make sure that your vehicle is capable of carrying a 720-lb engine.

If you’re hesitant to check it on your own, seek assistance from your mechanic. They might need to perform a basic upgrade to make sure your vehicle can carry a 460. For instance, heavier coils might have to be installed in your vehicle to handle the extra weight.

Leaf springs might not be a good idea to install. They are not strong enough to carry the extra load. The coils to be installed in your vehicle should most likely be an HD or the leveling models. They are costly, but they are worth it.

Does Ford Still Make the 460 Engine?

460 ford engine

Ford has already stopped the production of 460 engines. In fact, it’s been more than 20 years since its last production. The 2 final production runs occurred in 1992 and 1994. It was in 1968 when the engine was initially released for the Lincoln Mark II luxury car.

Ford and Lincoln then decided to use the 460 engine in their full-size cars. By 1980, Ford launched it as the engine installed in its Econoline 350 series vehicles. Ford’s F truck series was eventually installed it featuring roughly 225 horses.

In its latter years, the engine produced roughly 245 hp at 410 ft-lb of torque. Sadly, its production halted when Ford upgraded to the 6.8L 413 ci V10 engine installed in its Super Duty trucks.

The Ford 460 crate engine was a popular engine since its inception. In fact, vehicles with this engine are still up and running in very, very good condition up until now.

Again, what is a Ford 460 engine? The Ford 460 engine is a durable, reliable, and powerful engine capable of carrying lots of weight-which is why drivers want it for their truck or RV. Also, you can get an older model but still, get an excellent engine performance.

How to Identify a Ford 460 Engine

1. Check Out Its Valve Covers

It is not hard to identify a Ford 460 crate engine. Check out its valve covers. There are stickers on it indicating that it is a 460 motor.

2. Check the Intake Manifold

However, if the stickers have already faded or are unreadable, there are other ways to identify the engine. Try checking out the intake manifold in front of the carburetor. You may also check out the ignition coil on the front of the engine. There should be tags there indicating what type of engine it is.

What if all those labels are unreadable or are all gone? Can you still identify whether the engine is a Ford 460 or not? The answer is yes.

3. Look at the Valve Cover Bolts

Check out the valve cover bolts and count them. If there are 7 valve cover bolts, the engine is either a 460 or a 429. To tell them apart, check out the casting number indicated on the crankshaft. You can also try to measure the stroke instead.

The engine is a 460 if it has a 3.85 stroke. If it has a 3.59 stroke, then it is a 429 engine. Also, it might help to know that the 429 engine was made between 1968 and 1978 only. So, if you see a Ford engine with 7 valve cover bolts in excellent running condition, it most likely is a Ford 460 engine.

How to Maximize the Ford 460 Engine Power

Who doesn’t want to maximize power out of a 460 engine? You can do so by boring out the cylinders to 4.3905. This will turn your engine into a 501. You can do overboring, too, and turn it into a 0.0305.

Another option is to change engine timing. In fact, the timing on the 460 was set back due to smog requirements. Many users have already adjusted to a performance timing set. This has allowed them to maximize engine power.

Installing a better carburetor is another option. This will also require you to change the timing set.

Also, it is recommended that you ask your most trusted mechanic for suggestions. They have the best ideas on how you can maximize the power of your Ford 460 engine.

In this video, Powernation shows how their team built a Ford 460 Big Block with a tight budget.

Ford 460 Engine Fuel Efficiency

ford 460 engine specs

The 460 is considered one of the most powerful Ford engines. But it also has its downside, one of which is its issue in terms of fuel efficiency.

Remember that this engine was manufactured from the 1960s until the 1990s. It is known to be not fuel-efficient. There are even vehicles that get less than 10 miles per gallon.

Also, its fuel efficiency depends on several factors. These include the type of Ford vehicle you are driving, how much weight it is towing or hauling, and what type of tires you are using. It also matters how you step on the gas pedal. Or how often do you bring your vehicle to the car care shop for maintenance?

There are many other contributing factors. The bottom line is, this type of engine is not at all fuel-efficient. But then, with its many advantages, it is quite understandable why fuel economy gets compromised.

Can I Get a Better Mileage with My Ford 460 Engine?

If you want to get better mileage, the cheapest option is not to let your vehicle carry too much weight—lesser weight to carry means better gas mileage.

Your driving style also is a contributing factor. The way you step on the gas and the brakes has an impact on your gas mileage.

If you are willing to spend some money, the other option is to restore it as if it’s brand new totally. Replace all vehicle parts that are showing signs of deterioration. This includes the tires, ensuring that they are inflated to the correct psi.

Ideal Carburetor Size for a Ford 460 Engine

In terms of the perfect carburetor for a Ford 460 engine, there are several options available. 

If you choose Edelbrock, the ideal carb for the 460 is the 9913 750 CFM Square Bore 4 Barrel Air Valve Electric Choke Remanufactured Carburetor. Motorcraft also has a carb for the 460, which is the 4300 Carb C84F-B.

Holley has several carburetors that work well on the 460. One is the 0-80318-1 Carburetor 4160. The other is the 0-80452 600 CFM Square Four Barrel Vacuum Secondary Electric Choke Street Carburetor. Lastly, the 4160C 750 cfm Universal Polished.

You can also check if the carburetor perfectly matches your 460 engine. Match it to the airflow produced by the engine’s maximum RPM. If they match, the carburetor is suited for a 7 to 7.5 429 to 460 ci engine.

If the carburetor works well with your Ford 460 engine, it results in fuel efficiency.

Is the Ford 460 Engine Ideal for Motorhomes?

If you are interested to know if the 460 can be installed in motorhomes, the answer is yes. The Ford 460 is an ideal engine for trucks and RVs, and that includes motorhomes. It’s got all the power you want for your motorhome.

This engine suits the 429 big blocks, giving you options for motor installation. The 460 and the 429 may have different strokes. Nonetheless, they have similar bores measuring 4.36 inches in them.

Most of the time, a 460 engine is the one used for a motorhome. I only mentioned the 429 if you need another engine, and the 460 is not readily available.

Other Facts about the Ford 460 Engine

The Ford 460 is a 7.5-liter engine. It definitely is a big engine that has enough power for your RV or your motorhome. The engine also features rods measuring 6.605 inches, creating a rod length to stroke ratio of 1.71:1.

Let’s say you’ve been searching for an old 460 and found one that needs major repair and restoration. In which case, you need to spend some dollars to get the job done. The estimated cost is $1500.

However, the actual cost all depends on several factors. Some of these factors are the parts needing repair, parts you have to replace, and the repair shop’s location.

Conclusion – Ford 460 Engine

If you’re asking if the Ford 460 is a reliable engine, the answer is yes. Any driver would love to have a 460 in their truck or RV. It is so powerful that it can carry heavy loads. Also, it is highly durable that even if you get an older model, you will still experience powerful engine performance.

Of course, the condition of your 460 engine also depends on how you take care of it. If it undergoes regular maintenance, you will surely be able to maximize its use.

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