Ford Sync Phone Button Not Working [Causes and How to Fix]

Ford Sync is a convenient feature that lets you take advantage of several hands-free technologies while completely controlling your car. When the Ford Sync button is not working, you won’t be able to take advantage of its many functions. 

Below are some of the common reasons why your Ford Sync phone button is not working: 

  1. The phone is not compatible 
  2. Bluetooth is not working 
  3. Damaged buttons 
  4. Wiring problems 
  5. Your phone has no battery

If the Ford Sync phone button does not work, here are some of the possible fixes: 

  1. Reset Bluetooth 
  2. Do a soft reset 
  3. Do a hard reset 
  4. Do a master reset 
  5. Pull and reconnect the fuse 
  6. Clean the button 
  7. Update your phone 

Read on to learn more about the Ford Sync phone button not working, including some of the most common causes and how to fix them.

Leading Causes of the Ford Sync Phone Button Not Working

Ford Sync Phone Button Not Working

Ford Sync not working with iPhone, Google Pixel, Samsung, and other brands can be frustrating. Before you can fix the problem, understand its cause, which can be one of the things I will talk about below. These issues are specific to the phone button in Ford Sync:

1. Phone Is Not Compatible 

Old Model

If you cannot pair Ford Sync with your phone, one of the main reasons is that the two are incompatible. While it will work with most phones, you will have a problem connecting if you have one from a not-so-popular brand or an old model.

Keep the OS Up to Date

It can also be because you have an old operating system. Keeping your OS up to date is an easy fix. Otherwise, you might not be able to take advantage of its full features, including connecting to Ford Sync.

2. Bluetooth Is Not Working 

Relies on Bluetooth

Ford Sync relies on Bluetooth technology. The latter eliminates the need for wired connectivity.

Instead, when Bluetooth is active on both devices, they can communicate directly. Hence, when there is a problem with the Bluetooth connection, the Ford Sync phone button may not be working correctly. 

Bluetooth Logo Is Visible When Active

Not sure if Bluetooth is working? Depending on the phone’s model, you will find the Bluetooth logo on the top of the phone. This shows that the feature is active.

Try pairing it with other devices. This way, you can be sure if your phone’s Bluetooth is the problem or if it is another issue you have to deal with. 

3. Damaged Buttons 

Dirty Ford Sync Phone Button

If you have a Ford car with a physical Ford Sync phone button, it is also possible to have damage. Over time, the buttons can accumulate dirt and dust.

It is especially the case if you often drive with open windows on dirty and dusty roads. Not regularly cleaning your car’s interior can exacerbate the problem.

Clean the Phone Button

When dirt pools on the button, it may end up being unresponsive. Regardless of how hard you push, the function will not activate. It can also be a result of old age. Once it is no longer dirty or sticky, you might make the phone button work like it is new.

4. Wiring Problems 

Like anything else in the electronic modules of your car, Ford Sync has several wires that you cannot see from the outside. Once any of these wires break, you won’t be able to use the Ford Sync phone button as it will fail to communicate with the other parts of the system. This can be a result of wear. 

5. Your Phone Has No Battery 

At times, the cause can be as simple as your phone having no battery. No matter how hard you push the button, you might experience that it is not responding, not because of the problem in the Ford Sync system but with your phone. Make sure that your phone’s battery has a charge to avoid this. 

How to Fix the Ford Sync Phone Button When It Is Not Working

When you experience Ford Sync not working, you can try several solutions. Many of them are easy DIY tasks.

So, before you run to a nearby mechanic and spend money on repairs, you might want to try one of the things I will discuss below:

1. Reset Bluetooth 

One of the most straightforward solutions is to reset Bluetooth. This will bring back the original Bluetooth setting of both your phone and Sync:

  • Turn your smartphone’s Bluetooth off and turn it on again. 
  • Turn off the Bluetooth in Ford Sync and turn it on again. 
  • Connect Ford Sync manually to your smartphone. To do this, tap Phone, hit Settings, and choose Bluetooth devices. Find your phone on the screen and click Connect. 

2. Do a Soft Reset 

You will be resetting the module, but you won’t be losing your current data or settings. It is essentially shutting down:

  • Press and hold the Seek Up button. While doing this, you must also press and hold the Radio Power button. 
  • Wait for five seconds. Then, release both buttons when the screen turns black. 
  • Try pushing the Phone button after a few minutes and see if it is now working. 

3. Do a Hard Reset 

If the soft reset does not work, your next step is to do a hard reset. Like a soft reset, you will be resetting the module without wiping off data and settings:

  • Make sure that you turn the ignition off before doing a hard reset. 
  • Disconnect the battery or the power supply from Ford Sync. 
  • Wait half a minute and reconnect. 
  • Finish by turning the ignition on and waiting for Ford Sync to boot. 

4. Do a Master Reset 

If you were unsuccessful with a soft and hard reset, the next option is to do a master reset. However, note that this will reset the module and erase your data. Especially if you have had your car for a long time, you might not want to do this.

But if you have no option, a master reset can help with Ford Sync Bluetooth not working or a problematic phone button:

  • Start by disconnecting your phone and turning Bluetooth off. If you do not do this, you’ll be deleting data on Ford Sync and your smartphone. 
  • Press Settings and choose the General icon. 
  • Press Master Reset. You will find it by swiping vertically or pressing the scroll bar. 
  • Click Continue once you see a notification, which will warn you that you will be deleting the current stored settings and data. 
  • Wait a few minutes before using Ford Sync again.

5. Pull and Reconnect the Fuse 

The problem may not be just with the phone button in Ford Sync but from the system itself. Especially if you see a Disconnection Error message, it might have something to do with the fuse.

A quick fix is to get the fuse out and reconnect. Check the manual as the location of the fuses may vary from one model to another:

  • Look for the fuse that connects your Ford Sync to the power supply or your vehicle. In most cases, you will see it under the passenger box. Take the box out, and you will see the fuse box. 
  • Determine the fuse number, so you will know what you will pull. Once you know, take it out and wait at least ten seconds. 
  • Reconnect the fuse and see if the phone button of Ford Sync is now working. 

6. Clean the Button 

As mentioned earlier, the presence of dirt is one of the main reasons the Ford Sync phone button is not properly working. Like any button, having dust or dirt in the gaps will make it hard to press. Even if you press, you might not get the command you want. An easy solution is to clean the button. 

If it is sticky, push the button hard. While holding the button, make circular motions, which will help get rid of particles stuck in the gap. You can also use a stick or wire to clean through the gap. Be careful not to damage any internal component. 

7. Update Your Phone 

Another common reason why the Ford Sync phone button does not work is that your phone might have an old operating system.

OS Is Due for an Update

From Samsung to Apple, smartphone manufacturers periodically release software updates so that you can enjoy the best experience. If you cannot connect to Ford Sync, your OS is due for an update.

Updating an OS Varies from One Phone to Another

The specific methods of updating an operating system can vary from one phone to another. If you haven’t updated your phone in a while, this process might take a long time, so prepare to wait until the update is over. 

Again, the Ford Sync Phone Button Not Working – what should you do? When the Ford Sync Phone Button is not working, find your phone’s Bluetooth menu, then tap the off and on option. Then, find the SYNC option, then turn off and on the Bluetooth. Press the Phone button, then scroll to System Settings, press OK, then scroll to Bluetooth Devices. Then, press OK again. Lastly, tap the off button.

What Is Ford Sync?

ford sync phone button not responding

One of the Most Innovative Features in Several Ford Vehicles

Sync is one of the most innovative features that you will find in several Ford vehicles. It works with Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, providing hands-free connectivity. Ford Sync has you covered whether you are playing music, listening to directions, or making a call. It is convenient and safe. 

Unlock More Features

Depending on the Sync version that you have in your vehicle, you can unlock more features. For instance, it will let you access your car using your phone. You can lock, unlock, start, and stop your vehicle from a distance. 

In-vehicle Wi-Fi

Another incredible feature of Ford Sync is enjoying in-vehicle Wi-Fi. You can even turn it into a hotspot. This makes it easy to stay connected on the road. Your passengers will never be bored when online, especially during road trips. 

How to Pair Phones with Ford SYNC?

The process of connecting a smartphone to Ford Sync is straightforward. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how you can do so:

  1. Turn your smartphone on. Ensure that your phone is compatible with the Sync version in your Ford vehicle. 
  2. Activate the Bluetooth feature of the device that you would like to connect to Ford Sync. 
  3. On the screen of Ford Sync, hit the Phone button. This will then display the phone menu. Tap OK. 
  4. Choose Add Device and click OK. You will see a prompt, “Press OK to begin pairing device.”
  5. Wait until Sync scans for nearby devices. It will soon find your phone. 
  6. On the screen of Ford Sync, a six-digit PIN will appear. Type it on your phone. When they match, you will see a confirmation message stating that the connection is successful. 
  7. Exit the message on the screen, press OK, and you are now ready to use Ford Sync. 

Ford Sync Phone Button: Other Features You Can Use

Now that we have talked about some of the most common causes and fixes of Sync phone button problems, we’ll also share how you can use this button for a more enjoyable ride:

1. Answer and End a Call 

When you are driving, answering a call is a no-no unless you do so hands-free. Thanks to Ford Sync, you can talk while your hands stay on the steering wheel. Answering and ending a call is pretty straightforward as well:

  • First, make sure your phone is paired with Ford Sync, discussed above. 
  • To answer an incoming call, press the phone button. 
  • To end the call, press and hold the phone button.

2. Make a Call 

After pairing Ford Sync with your phone, you can make a call without going through your phonebook manually. Depending on the Ford Sync version that you have, you can do so through voice commands: 

  • Press the button that activates voice commands. 
  • Say Phone, then Call, followed by the name of the person you are calling. The name that you will utter should be the same as how the contact is saved on your phone. 
  • Say Dial, then after Sync confirms the number you are calling, say Dial one more time. 

3. Switch Between Paired Phones 

If two or more people are using your car or if you have several phones, you can easily disconnect and reconnect the device. There is no need to do manual pairing every time you want to use another phone:

  • Press the phone button to enter the menu. 
  • Scroll to System Settings. 
  • Tap OK. 
  • Scroll on the screen until you see the BT device on display, then press OK. 
  • Look for Connect Device and scroll until you see the device’s name that you would like to connect. 
  • Tap OK once you find the device you want to pair. 

Other Ford Sync Issues

ford sync buttons not working

While one of the most common issues is the phone button not working properly, you can experience other problems, including those I will briefly discuss below:

1. Background Noise

Your signal is probably weak. This can affect the call’s overall quality, making it hard to understand the person on the other line. Your phone’s audio control settings can also be the culprit. 

2. Failure to Recognize Your Device

This problem is mainly linked to the device and not to Ford Sync. It is also possible that you are attempting to connect a device or operating system that your current Ford Sync does not support. 

3. Failure to Recognize Your Voice

You might need to speak clearly so that the system can recognize your voice. If you are attempting to call someone, it is also possible that you have contacts with names that sound almost the same. 

4. Slow or Lagging

You might experience a slight or significant delay in response to Ford Sync after tapping a button. You can solve this by removing the paired device and reconnecting. It is also possible that you need a software update. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Fixing Ford Sync Phone Button 

Why Has My Ford Sync Bluetooth Audio Stopped Working?

There are several reasons why Ford Sync Bluetooth can stop working, such as using an incompatible device, an outdated operating system, the phone is not paired, a faulty power module, and being out of range. 

Where Can I Find the Ford Sync Phone Button? 

The Ford Sync phone button’s location varies from one model to another. Find the label PHONE or a telephone logo. It is on most Ford vehicles’ lower-left corner of the control panel.

In Closing – Ford Sync Phone Button Not Working [Causes and How to Fix]

Sync is one of the best features that you will find in Ford vehicles. It redefines your driving experience, making it more convenient and comfortable. This will allow you to use your phone hands-free through voice commands.

However, it can also experience several problems, such as the phone button not working properly. 

If you are experiencing the Ford Sync phone button not working properly, below are some of the potential culprits: 

  1. The phone is not compatible 
  2. Bluetooth is not working 
  3. Damaged buttons 
  4. Wiring problems 
  5. Your phone has no battery

If you experience any of these problems, it does not necessarily mean that you need to pay a mechanic. Instead, below are some of the quick solutions that might work: 

  1. Reset Bluetooth 
  2. Do a soft reset 
  3. Do a hard reset 
  4. Do a master reset 
  5. Pull and reconnect the fuse 
  6. Clean the button 
  7. Update your phone 

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