Ford VIN Build Sheet [Lookup Ford Build Sheet by VIN]

If you want to repair a part of your used Ford vehicle or upgrade one of its components, you will need a build sheet. You can use the VIN (vehicle identification number) to look up the Ford build sheet.

The VIN of your Ford can be seen from outside of the vehicle, just right inside the windshield. This number is a code that can give you lots of information about the vehicle.

You can use the VIN on a VIN decoder or VIN guide to access the build sheet. The build sheet is a printout that will list all the parts that constitute your Ford.

There are other ways you can get a Ford build sheet. You can visit websites that are focused on this kind of service. One of them is Marti Auto Works. They can help you find the exact build sheet for your Ford truck or car.

Read on to learn more about looking up a Ford vehicle build sheet through its VIN, how to do it, and other relevant information about this topic.

Ford VIN Build Sheet [Lookup Ford Build Sheet with VIN] 

ford vin build sheet

To find the build sheet for your Ford vehicle, you need to know its VIN code. The VIN is usually found in the lower-left corner of the dashboard, in front of the steering wheel. After getting this VIN, give it to your Ford dealer.

They will enter it into their system to get the build sheet. You can then request a printout. This build sheet will list all the parts and components of your Ford.

There are several ways you can find your Ford build sheet by VIN. One way is to access websites that provide this kind of service. Marti Auto Works is one such website. They can provide you a Marti Report, a build sheet that provides door data plate information, and a complete factory options list for your Ford vehicle.

Importance of VIN in Finding a Build Sheet

Access Complete Info About Your Ford’s Components

The Ford VIN of your vehicle is important in finding its build sheet because it is the only way to access complete information about its parts and components. You need the information contained in its build sheet if you want to sell your Ford, or if it has safety issues, or if you want to do recall lookups.

Use Your Ford’s License Number

If you can’t find the VIN in the usual places, you can use your Ford’s license plate number to look it up. Or you can contact your local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) and ask them for this information.

Look up Original Manufacturing Information

If you know your car’s VIN code, you can look up its original manufacturing information and all its details. Ford has the responsibility to place the VIN on their vehicles. This VIN code number is unique for your Ford car.

Ford’s VIN Is Needed to Find the Build Sheet

The VIN of your Ford is essential in finding the build sheet because the Ford dealer where you bought your car needs to enter this code number. This is how they can get all the information on how your Ford is equipped, such as the following:

  • Size of its engine,
  • Its interior specifications,
  • Its bed size,
  • Transmission, and
  • Its factory options.

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Practical Example of Finding a Vehicle’s Build Sheet

A consumer states in a car forum that they are looking for a truck to buy. They wanted to know if the VIN will tell them about the vehicle’s engine size, bed size, and so forth.

VIN Provides a Wealth of Information About a Vehicle

A forum member replied that it is entirely possible to get detailed information about the vehicle by knowing its VIN code number. The code provides a wealth of information about a vehicle.

You can get some of the information from the VIN code number itself. The first several digits indicate where the company manufactured the car and the company that sold it. The meaning of the rest of the digits is known only to the car manufacturer.

Car Dealer Uses VIN to Find Build Sheet

These are the numbers that are used to find the build sheet. Those numbers are the ones used by the car dealer to find the build sheet of the vehicle. The dealer enters the VIN into their computer system to get its build sheet.

You can give the VIN of your Ford truck to a dealer that wants to service it. They will enter the VIN code on their computer. You can then request a printout of the Ford VIN build sheet of your Ford truck.

Go Online to Figure Out What VIN Means

Another way you can do this is by going online if you already know the VIN code of your car. Searching the internet, you can decode the meaning of your car’s VIN on your own. However, most of the sites that can help you do this will charge you a certain fee. Some of them will not even offer to give you a build sheet.

One of the most popular sites that you can use for this purpose is CarFax. They use VINs to give potential car buyers reports regarding the history of the cars most people want to buy. This is a good idea if you are thinking of buying a used car.

However, some of the samples that CarFax provided did not carry much information about the build data of vehicles. So, the best option remains with the car dealers. In this regard, the suggestion given at many car forums is to befriend the guys at the dealership’s parts department.

How To Find the VIN of Your Ford

ford build sheet by vin

All engine-powered vehicles are given a Vehicle Identification Number. This is a code number that contains 17 alphanumeric characters. The numbers represent detailed information about the vehicle, such as its engine size, its manufacturer, when it was made, its body type, and many more.

A vehicle’s VIN code is unique to itself. No other vehicle has the same VIN. This is the reason why law enforcement agencies use VINs to track down stolen vehicles. But you can also use your car’s VIN code to find its build sheet and its specs.

So, the steps in finding the VIN of your car are the following:

1. Know Where the VIN Is Located

There is a specific place where you can find the VIN in a vehicle. For all vehicles manufactured after 1969, the VINs can be found on the driver’s side dashboard. You can see them through the windshield.

You can also find the VIN of your vehicle on its insurance documents and its title record. If you are not the vehicle’s original owner, you have to ask the dealership or the first owner about its VIN.

2. Record the VIN on Paper

Write down the VIN of your vehicle on a piece of paper.

3. Visit a VIN decoder Website

Then visit a VIN decoder website. Several sites do VIN decoding, including the following:

  •, and

These are only some of these Ford Vin build sheet websites.

Enter the VIN code of your car in the search box of one of these websites and press the “Enter” button, and you will get the meaning of the alphanumeric characters contained in it. From there, you can proceed to get a build sheet of your Ford vehicle.

Again, how can you get your Ford build sheet? You can use your VIN to access your Ford’s build sheet. You can see your VIN from the outside of your vehicle, near your windshield. Then, use a VIN decoder or VIN guide. The build sheet lists all of your Ford parts.

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Use the Ford ETIS Site

A more direct way of getting the meaning of your Ford’s VIN code is by visiting Ford’s VIN decoder site. There is a search box at the top right corner of the landing page where you must enter the VIN code of your Ford vehicle. After entering the VIN, hit the ‘Decode’ button, and you will get the meaning of the numbers.

The format of the VIN is recognized all over the world. It was the ISO Institute that implemented this format. Every carmaker has to mark their vehicles with the VIN format that ISO requires.

After you have decoded the VIN of your Ford vehicle, you can now obtain its build sheet by using the Ford ETIS site. The landing page of this site has a search box where you can enter the VIN number of your Ford vehicle.

Hopefully, if you do the right thing, you can get the build sheet of your particular Ford car. But some Ford vehicle owners have noticed that the options listings on the page were quite small and vague in the past few months.

They also said that you have to sign up for an account if you want to get a detailed report. Nevertheless, a Ford owner was able to obtain a build sheet for their 1991 Crew Cab. However, they also said that the data that specified the parts that have been installed in their truck has completely faded out over time (around 25 years).

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How the Build Sheet Is Reflected in the VIN Code

ford vin number build sheet

Before 1981, the VIN codes of vehicles consist of 11 alphanumeric characters. Today, carmakers are using 17 characters. Additionally, be aware that Ford has two main markets for its vehicles, namely the European and the American markets.

First Digit of VIN – American Market

The first digit in Ford’s VIN code represents the country of origin. Here are the meanings of the first digit in Ford’s VIN codes for the American market:

1 – USA

2 – Canada

3 – Mexico

6 – Australia

9 – Brazil

First Digit of VIN – European Market

VIN codes for the European market are differently organized. They also start with an alphabetic character. Here are the meanings of Ford’s VIN codes for the European market:

  • TW2 – Portugal
  • VS6 – Spain
  • Y4F – Belarus
  • WFO – Germany
  • WF0 or X9F – Russia
  • UN1 – Ireland
  • XLC – the Netherlands

Other Decoding Info Regarding Ford Vehicles’ VIN Codes

To obtain a complete build sheet of a Ford vehicle, a decoder is required for its VIN number. But to give you additional explanations, letters A, B, and T stand for a limousine with 5, 3, and 2 doors. Other decoding info regarding VIN codes of Ford Vehicles are as follows:

  • D or W represents two-door subcompact
  • N represents four and five-door combi
  • S represents Kombi/bus
  • C represents two-door coupes
  • F represents four-door sedans
  • P represents pickup truck
  • V represents van

Ford VIN Decoder

You can use websites that decode Ford vehicle VIN numbers to find the Ford VIN build sheet. But there is no other more reliable VIN decoder other than what Ford itself offers. With Ford’s decoder, you can find the following:

  • Your vehicle’s engine and body type,
  • All its equipment and parts, and
  • Any information about its past such as accidents.

To repeat, all you need to do to obtain a build sheet for your Ford are the following:

  1. Enter the VIN number into your chosen decoder.
  2. Hit the decode button.
  3. The information that you need will appear very shortly. You will be provided with a free decoder report
  4. Access this report on your laptop, PC or mobile.

Ford Owners Suggestions on Finding Build Sheet

A Ford owner said that he has figured out a way to obtain the build sheet of their vehicle. They suggested that you contact Ford Motor Company, provide them with the VIN code, and provide your name, phone number, and address.

Ford or Ford’s Archives will contact you if necessary so that they can mail the build sheet of your Ford vehicle. It will take around four to six weeks before the sheet gets into your mailbox.

Below are the contact details of Ford as suggested by this Ford vehicle owner:

Customer Relationship Center, Ford Motor Company, United States
Tel. No.: 800-392-3673
Tel. No.: 800-232-5952 (TDD for the Hearing Impaired)
Office Hours: 8:00a.m.-5:00p.m. Local Time (Central)
Work Days: Monday-Friday

Another Ford owner suggests that you go to the parts person of the Ford dealership nearest you. You may need to befriend this parts person, though, if you want to get your build sheet as quickly as you want. They also said that anyone in the Ford service department should be able to give you this info.

Conclusion: Ford Build Sheet By VIN

You need the VIN of your Ford vehicle to find its build sheet. You can see it from outside of your vehicle, just right inside the windshield. This is a number code that provides lots of information about your vehicle.

By entering this code, the dealer of your Ford vehicle will be able to access its build sheet. Then, you can ask them to give you a printout of all the parts and components that makes up your Ford vehicle.

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