Ford Window Sticker by VIN [How to Look Up]

The Ford Window Sticker lists the precise details of the automobile or truck as it was brand new. Now, the thing is, if you are going to buy a used Ford vehicle, some may not have this sticker. So, the question remains: Can you look up a Ford window sticker using a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?

You can look up a Ford window sticker using a VIN lookup tool, like the one available for free on the NHTSA website, where you can input your VIN and view most of the details on your original window sticker.

Alternatively, there are websites run by third parties that offer this service and might give you extra information beyond what the NHTSA would. Finally, you can also visit the original car dealership or the port of origin and bring your VIN, as they should help you look up your Ford window sticker.

Read on to learn more about a Ford window sticker and how to look it up using your VIN.

How to Look up Ford Sticker by Using the VIN Number

ford window sticker by vin

Getting the original Ford window sticker by using VIN is plain and simple and has plenty of advantages. You can, for example, check to see if your used car is missing a feature on the original window sticker. 

Maybe you wish to sell the car and give the buyer the original window sticker. Here are four methods you can follow to get the original Ford window sticker by using a VIN:

1. Use a Lookup Tool

One option is to use a VIN lookup tool, such as the one you can find on the NHTSA website for free. You may access most of the information on your original window sticker by entering your VIN.

Some third-party websites also provide this service, such as Monroney labels, and may provide you with additional information beyond what the NHTSA would. You can also use them as a window sticker lookup for a Ford truck without entering a VIN.

2. Search Online

You can check websites for auto auctions and put your VIN, manufacturer, make, and model to see whether a window sticker that matches yours is available.

Some automakers also provide an online platform where you may enter your VIN to retrieve an authentic window sticker by VIN and then print it. If nothing else works, you can also try phoning them.

Moreover, new window stickers are another area of expertise for several web businesses. One can be made specifically for you if you get in touch with them and provide them with your VIN. However, there will probably be a fee for this thing.

3. Go to the Original Auto Dealer

You can always make a trip to the car dealership where you originally bought the vehicle. They should be able to search your vehicle and print one for you if you bring the VIN. You might also need to present identification and ownership verification in such a case.

4. Check Out the Port of Origin

The name of the original port facility may be available from that same dealership. If you find their contact details, you can call them and get a copy of the window sticker by VIN. They usually keep copies of window stickers.

What Is VIN?

Stands for Vehicle Identification Number

VIN stands for “vehicle identification number,” and since no two Ford vehicles or trucks can have the same VIN, it functions as the vehicle’s unique fingerprint.

Present on Various Sections of the Vehicle

Usually, you can find this VIN on various sections of the vehicle, such as the driver’s side bottom corner of the windshield, or you can get it from the dealer or the previous owners. 

It is usually visible on the front end of the car frame or under the hood adjacent to the latch. You can also find it inside the door pillar of more modern Ford vehicles on the driver’s side.

Unique VIN for Each Vehicle

Every vehicle has a unique VIN, whether a Ford or a different make and model. Knowing a car’s VIN can provide you with a wealth of information.

You will get information like whether or not the previous owner used the vehicle in auto shows or whether they somehow unlawfully modified the engine block. You will also get information on how much torque the engine has.

Many programs can send the VIN to various websites so they can decipher it. The dealer will also be able to provide you with the VIN and alternative ways to obtain it.

What Is the Significance of a VIN?

Gives an Insight About the Vehicle

Think of it like your vehicle’s tracking number. A car’s manufacturer assigns it a VIN, and no two VINs are the same. It has a distinct string of 17 numbers that you can use to identify several aspects of a vehicle, such as:

  • Factory origin
  • The producer
  • The type, size, trim, and brand of the engine
  • A code for vehicle security (meaning the manufacturer has verified the vehicle)
  • The original manufacturing place of your vehicle’s components
  • The Ford identification number

Use VIN Decoders to Know the Car’s History

The best way to learn about a vehicle’s ownership and accident history is to start with a VIN decoder. To ensure that you are buying a quality used car, you should use VIN decoders, and vehicle history reports in conjunction with a mechanic examination.

Never decide to buy a used vehicle based purely on the vehicle history report. Problems could arise from mistakes and omissions. 

Can Reveal a Car’s Issues

When doing a VIN check, a VIN decoder can reveal lots of information such as:

  • Whether or not the car has undergone significant repairs after being in an accident
  • Theft issues
  • Whether it was recalled
  • Lots of other additional information

The VIN can also determine the type of airbags, the type of restraint system, and even the vehicle’s model year. It will help a great deal in learning about the specs of your vehicle.

Although VINs have been necessary since 1954, they only started to emerge more frequently in 1982 when the NHTSA mandated that all vehicles have a VIN that adhered to the precise pattern of 17 numbers we see today.

Lookup Ford Build Sheet with VIN

How to Read a VIN Number

Has a Unique Set of 17 Characters

The VIN has a unique set of 17 numbers, each symbolizing a different meaning. For instance, the first number or letter refers to the country of origin.

First Digit

Those built in the U.S. get the number 1. Other vehicles made in Germany, for example, receive the letter W. 

Second Digit: Manufacturer’s Identification Code

The second digit or letter includes the manufacturer’s identification code. This is usually the first letter of the business name.

Third Character: Vehicle Type

The third number or letter represents the type of vehicle in question. Consider this one in particular when reading the VIN to focus on the specifics of the vehicle.

Four Through Eight Characters Gives Information About Model, Style, Etc.

The car’s model, body style, transmission, engine, and restraint systems are all described by the numbers in positions four through eight.

The USDOT developed a specialized formula that produced the special digit in the ninth place of the VIN. This ninth digit will help in determining the authenticity of a VIN.

Tenth Letter: Model Year

The tenth letter or number will indicate the model year. It includes letters B through Y standing in for the years 1981 through 2000. However, they do not use the letters I, O, Q, U, or Z. The numerals (one through nine) were used from 2001 to 2009; then, the alphabet was reset in 2010. 

Therefore, to identify a vehicle from 2018, the letter J would appear in the ninth position. The 11th digit represents the code for the original factory location.

Next Six Digits: Vehicle’s Serial Number

Finally, the following six digits represent your vehicle’s serial number, which it receives as it leaves the factory.

Ultimately, they link this VIN to a database with details on a vehicle’s ownership history, accidents, and title information, which can reveal a great deal about the vehicle’s experiences over time.

Again, can you look up the Ford window sticker by VIN? Use a VIN lookup tool to search for Ford window stickers. The NHTSA website has one you can use to look up information about your window’s original sticker.

What Is a Window Sticker?

ford window sticker by vin free

A window sticker or Monroney sticker lists your vehicle’s VIN and other specific information. It bears the name of Oklahoma senator Almer Stillwell “Mike” Monroney. 

The Automobile Information Disclosure Act of 1958, which Monroney authored, required automakers to reveal information about new vehicles publicly. The response to that need was the window sticker. 

Any new car produced in the U.S. must have a window sticker attached to the side window or windshield. And only the owner can take it off. Any window stickers that are missing or altered can result in fines of up to $1,000 for car dealers.

Vehicles weighing more than 8,500 pounds are the only exception, as they are exempt from the requirement for a window sticker.

What Does the Ford Window Sticker Tell You?

If you intend to buy a secondhand Ford vehicle, you must do your homework. You would think obtaining the vehicle history record would be enough, but this is not enough. Finding the Ford VIN window sticker would provide you with plenty of useful information, such as:

1. MSRP, or Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price 

The dealer should sell the vehicle for this price, which is the suggested retail price. But remember that this price refers to the worth of the new vehicle, not the value of the vehicle now.

Types of the vehicle’s engine and transmission are listed on the window sticker. It also contains information on the engine’s size and cylinder count. Additionally, it also lists the type of transmission, such as whether it is automatic or manual.

Every window sticker will identify the standard equipment for the car. This may include safety features, interior features, and external features.

2. Ford Warranty

The Ford window sticker will list the basic powertrain and roadside assistance warranties. Both years and mileage are shown for each warranty. For instance, if a warranty covers problems for two years or the first 24,000 miles of the vehicle, whichever comes first, it will do so.

3. Standard Equipment 

There are no additional costs for the regular Ford vehicle for any of the standard features you see listed on the window sticker. The vehicle’s standard equipment includes the exterior, interior, safety features, warranty, and functional specifications.

Moreover, you will also have the VIN listed on it, which will help prevent confusion between the car and another similar one during pre-delivery preparation.

4. Optional Equipment and Cost

If the car has extra equipment beyond those regarded as standard equipment, you will undoubtedly find such information on the sticker. You can find the cost of each of these extra pieces of equipment on the sticker as well.

For instance, it gives you exact information on the cost of manufacturing your vehicle. By providing a price indication, Ford is transparent by preventing price manipulation.

The sticker also includes any extra features that are added to the car in addition to the standard ones. 

Consider the 2021 Ford F-150, For example. It has many ” optional features,” such as a 3.5L power boost complete hybrid and electric 10-speed automated transmission.

The window sticker contains information such as whether steel wheels of the Ford standard size will be replaced with aluminum wheels, for instance. You will see both if the manufacturer changes the basic car specification later.

5. Fuel Economy

A fuel efficiency range compares one vehicle to another in its class by including city, highway, and combined ratings.

It contains many data, such as emission ratings, annual fuel cost, and fuel efficiency. It also has information on greenhouse gas ratings, smog ratings, and more.

Other information has to do with the yearly predicted fuel cost, which might vary depending on the vehicle’s maintenance, the environment in which it is driven, and the driver’s habits.

The estimated annual fuel cost will vary, too, depending on how much it costs to drive.

The California Air Resource Board established the environmental performance area on car window stickers in California to rate smog and greenhouse gas emissions.

As of 2013, Ford automakers were required to list the vehicle’s fuel efficiency information on the window sticker. It includes estimates for fuel costs, ratings for emissions, and more.

6. Engine and Transmission

ford truck window sticker by vin

Ford window stickers offer such important information that it gives prospective buyers a full history of the engine and transmission. Moreover, it will inform you whether the transmission is automatic or manual.

It will also provide other information on the vehicle, such as the model year.

7. Crash Tests Ratings 

The NHTSA may conduct several performance tests when looking for a new vehicle.

You may learn more about the vehicle’s safety and crash avoidance features by looking at its 5-star safety rating. Only once a year does NHTSA release a crash test rating.

A 5-star rating is the highest on a scale of one to five. For instance, the 2010 frontal crash, rollover, and side collision ratings for the Ford Mustang are all 5.

Suppose the Ford window sticker does not include information about the safety ratings or statistics. In that case, it does not mean that the Ford vehicle is somehow dangerous to drive. No, but the vehicle has not passed any required safety testing. 

8. Parts

You can learn more about where the various components of your Ford vehicle were created by looking at the last section of the window sticker. Moreover, you will also find out how many of your vehicle’s components were made in the U.S., Canada, etc. 

You can also find out where the manufacturer put it together and where the engine and transmission were made. Before buying a used car, every buyer should have access to this crucial information about the different parts of the vehicle.

In Closing

There are many ways you can look up a Ford window sticker by VIN for free. First, you can use a VIN lookup tool, such as the one on the NHTSA website, for free. By entering your VIN, you will access most of the original Ford window sticker information.

Websites run by third parties offer Ford direct window sticker lookup and may provide you with additional information beyond what the NHTSA would.

Finally, you can take your VIN to the original auto dealer or the port of origin, where they should be able to help you in finding your original Ford window sticker.

Once you are done, you will find plenty of useful info on your Ford window sticker, such as:

  • Suggested retail price,
  • Ford warranty,
  • Fuel economy,
  • Engine and transmission, and
  • Crash-test ratings, among many others.

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