Fuel Stabilizer – What Is It and Best Fuel Stabilizers

You have not used your car for months. Will the engine start when you turn it on? It may or may not. If you used a fuel stabilizer before you stored your car, there is a great chance it will start. This article will tell you about fuel stabilizers – what they are and the best fuel stabilizer. 

If your car is using gasoline, especially if it has ethanol, it will not go bad if you add a fuel stabilizer – even if you haven’t driven your car for six months or more. Not adding a fuel stabilizer will make it stale if you are not driving your car regularly. The fuel will not freeze as well.

If you will store your car for months or store fuel in an approved can for a long time, you should add a fuel stabilizer of the required amount in the fuel tank or the gasoline container. Keep the fuel cap fully closed and sealed.

Read on to learn more about fuel stabilizers, what they do, the importance of using them, and the best fuel stabilizers in the market.

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What Is a Fuel Stabilizer?

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Prevents Fuel from Freezing

If you are storing your car for six months or more with gas in its tank, you need to add a fuel stabilizer to the fuel. A fuel stabilizer will keep gasoline, mainly if it contains ethanol, from getting stale if you store it for a long time. It will also keep the fuel from freezing.

Preserve the Fuel for up to 24 Months

If you are storing gasoline for months in an unapproved container, you should first put the right amount of stabilizer in the container, pour in the fuel, and seal the cap entirely. The fuel stabilizer you have added will keep it viable for 24 months.

Compatible with Ethanol and Non-ethanol Fuels

Most fuel stabilizers work with ethanol and non-ethanol fuels. There are many brands and types of fuel stabilizers available in the market today. You can indeed find one that will fit your needs and your budget.

What Happens When You Don’t Use Fuel Stabilizer?

Fuel Potency Decreases

The remaining fuel in your tank will stay usable if you are driving your car regularly, even if it’s already weeks since the last time you filled up the tank. However, if you couldn’t drive your tank for months and just allowed that fuel to sit idle in the tank, its potency would decrease.

Affect the Fuel System’s Critical Parts

The fuel formulation will break down because of the mixture of oxygen and moisture imbibed while sitting idly inside the tank. So, the fuel will start to deteriorate and gum up the critical parts of the fuel system, such as the carburetor.

Adding Fuel Stabilizer Will Preserve the Fuel

When you are ready to start the engine, it may or may not respond. If the engine doesn’t start, you may remove the old fuel first and pour in a fresh amount. But if you add a fuel stabilizer to the fuel before storing your car, the fuel will not deteriorate. You will be able to start your car even if you’ve not driven it for months.

Ethanol and Water Combine Resulting to Phase Separation

The gasoline from the gas station contains around 10% ethanol. This substance is hygroscopic, which means it absorbs water from the air. In contrast, gasoline is hydrophobic. It does not absorb moisture.

Engine Won’t Start

What happens is that when your fuel tank absorbs over 500 parts per million of water in the fuel, it will bond with the ethanol. Then it will sink to the bottom of the tank because of phase separation.

And when you turn on your engine, this mixture of water and ethanol gets inside the engine. That is why the engine won’t start. It is also possible for engine parts to get rusty.

Why a Fuel Needs Fuel Stabilizer

If you consider what I have just stated above, you will see the primary reason you need to add a fuel stabilizer to the fuel inside your tank – before you store your car for several months:

1. Slows Down Gasoline Oxidation

Fuel stabilizers slow down the unavoidable process of gasoline oxidation. These add-on fuel products are usually made of petroleum. They are a mixture of lubricants and antioxidants made to bond with the fuel.

2.Acts as Water Repellant

Fuel stabilizers act as a water repellant, minimizing winter ice formation and evaporation. There are stabilizers with added alcohol to mix with water.

3. Prevents Fuel Deterioration

Until there is an ethanol-free fuel, it is essential to use fuel stabilizers. They will keep the fuel inside your tank usable and prevent it from deteriorating even after leaving your car in storage for months. If the fuel has a fuel stabilizer, you won’t have any trouble doing a cold start of your engine.

How Fuel Stabilizers Work

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Old Fuel Leaves Gummy Deposits in Engines

When you store the fuel for a certain period, chemical reactions occur within the fuel. In addition, volatile compounds in the fuel can cause liquid fuel not to burn properly after being stored for more than three months. Old fuel also often leaves gummy deposits in certain sensitive parts of the engine.

This is where fuel stabilizers come in. They prevent the usual problems caused by raw, unprotected gasoline. Fuel stabilizers are effective in preventing the deterioration of standard fuel.

Slow Down the Oxidation Process

The primary function of fuel stabilizers is to slow down the fuel’s oxidation process. They work by bonding with the absorbed water or breaking down water into tiny dispersed droplets to create a flammable substance. Some fuel stabilizers are also designed to prevent ice buildup during the winter season.

Again, do fuel stabilizers really work? Fuel stabilizers help maintain the quality of your car’s fuel even if you’re not driving it regularly. It can also prevent your fuel from freezing.

How to Use a Fuel Stabilizer in Your Car

Are fuel stabilizers safe to use? Using a fuel stabilizer is pretty simple. Just be sure that you have fresh fuel in your fuel tank. The tank should also be about 95% full:

  • Calculate the right amount of fuel stabilizer.
  • Pour the stabilizer nice and easy in the tank if you have the right amount.
  • Then start the engine and let it run for around five minutes. This will ensure that the fuel stabilizer will be evenly distributed throughout the entire fuel system. The fuel stabilizer will keep your fuel from deteriorating for up to 24 months.

Best Fuel Stabilizers in the Market

Most fuel stabilizers you can buy in the market can be used for ethanol or non-ethanol fuel. Here are some of the best fuel stabilizers that you can buy at Amazon:

1. STA-BIL Storage Fuel Stabilizer

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Preserves the Fuel for up to Two Years

The STA-BIL Storage Fuel Stabilizer can keep the fuel inside your tank fresh for a maximum of two years. You can use this safely on your fuel because it is designed for all gasoline types, including ethanol-blended fuels.

Can Treat up to 40 Gallons of Fuel

There are 16 ounces of this product in the container. It can treat up to 40 gallons of fuel. If you want quick and easy starts for your car engine that has not been used for months, you need to add this stabilizer. Just fill-up the fuel tank and add this fuel stabilizer before storing your car.

One Ounce Can Treat 2.5 Gallons of Fuel

One ounce of this fuel stabilizer can treat 2.5 gallons of fuel. You are advised to use it only with fresh fuel. And you are also advised to fill up your tank 95% full before adding it. The reason is to prevent condensation when it is in storage.

2. STA-BIL 360 Protection Ethanol Treatment & Fuel Stabilizer

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Another product you can consider is the STA-BIL 360 Protection Ethanol Treatment & Fuel Stabilizer. This fuel stabilizer works by preventing corrosion caused by fuels blended with ethanol.

Using this product will also improve your engine’s fuel efficiency and increase its power. It comes in 32-ounce containers. One container is enough to treat a maximum of 160 gallons of fuel.

Effective in all Gasoline Blends

This product is also effective in all gasoline blends, including non-ethanol fuels. While STA-BIL 360 is designed primarily for fresh fuel, it can also stabilize older fuels for a maximum of 12 months.

Use One Ounce for 5 Gallons of Fuel

You are advised to use one ounce of this fuel stabilizer for 5 gallons of fuel for actual dispersion. You are also recommended to use it at every fill-up for one season if you want year-round protection and performance.

3. Yamaha ACC-FSTAB-PL-32 Fuel Stabilizer & Conditioner

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Works with Ethanol and Non-ethanol Fuels

Another fuel stabilizer worth considering is the Yamaha ACC-FSTAB-PL-32 Fuel Stabilizer & Conditioner. It is specially formulated to protect your engine’s fuel system from the dangers of fuels enriched with ethanol. But it also works with non-ethanol fuels.

One Ounce Can Treat Three Gallons of Fresh Fuel

One ounce of this product can treat three gallons of fresh fuel. For storage lasting around two months, add one ounce of this product per one gallon of fresh gasoline. It can clean carburetors and dissolve gums and varnish in fuel systems.

4. Heet Fuel Additives

Absorb Five Times More Water

According to its manufacturer, this is a methanol-based product that can absorb five times more water than ordinary gas dryers or stabilizers. This product can also prevent corrosion and rust, says Gold Eagle, its manufacturer.

Tests conducted at the University of Nebraska Lincoln showed that this gas stabilizer performed well. They found that it increased the water-holding capacity of the additive by 0.23 teaspoons per gallon. That is a 7% increase over fuel without additives.

5. Royal Purple Max-Clean Fuel Stabilizer

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Can Function as Regular Fuel Additive

This product could be used as a regular fuel additive as claimed by Royal Purple, its manufacturer. They also say that it can improve fuel economy at an average of 3.2%. It can also increase horsepower by about 2.6% while reducing hydrocarbons by 12% and CO by 18%.

Effective in Improving MPG Consumptions

This product is effective in improving mpg consumption. A car owner has seen a 1 to 2 mpg improvement for six to seven tank fills. Meanwhile, another owner says their 25.6 mpg improved to 29.1 mpg in two weeks.

6. Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment

Concentrated Fuel Treatment Product

This is a concentrated fuel treatment product. Its manufacturer says that it can treat 48 gallons of fuel. This means one gallon of this fuel treatment is enough to treat one full gasoline tank in standard-sized vehicles.

Designed for E10 Engines

The formulation of this product is designed for E10 engines. Its manufacturer says it works the same way as STA-BIL, protecting fresh fuel for two years. This gas stabilizer works against phase separation and disperses the water buildup through the fuel as droplets of submicron sizes.

Conclusion: Fuel Stabilizer

If you are using gasoline in your car and it has ethanol, it won’t go bad if you add the right fuel stabilizer. The fuel will stay viable even if you haven’t driven your car for a long time. It won’t freeze as well. If you won’t add a fuel stabilizer and are not driving your car regularly, the fuel in the tank will grow stale.

You should add a fuel stabilizer in the right amount if you have stored your car for months or if you stored the fuel in an unapproved can. Then you have to fully seal the container or the fuel cap of your car to prevent the fuel from deteriorating.