Harley Davidson FXDR 114 Review and Specs

The Harley Davidson FXDR 114 is a spiritual successor to the discontinued V-Rod, serving as a muscular cruiser with a high focus on performance. This article will provide a Harley Davidson FXDR 114 review, including all its specs and features, to help you decide if it is the right bike for you.

The Harley Davidson FXDR 114 is not only a good-looking motorcycle but a reliable one too. It has a strong engine, which is the 114-cu. In. Milwaukee Eight V-Twin. The seat is comfortable, the power is massive, and it performs better than its competitors. It is one impressive sports cruiser.

Read on to learn more about the Harley Davidson FXDR 114, including its specs, features, and performance.

About the Harley Davidson FXDR 114 Motorcycle

harley fxdr

The Harley Davidson FXDR 114 is an attractive motorcycle and a reliable one too. It features the 114-cu in Milwaukee Eight V-Twin engine, which is a strong one. The seat is comfortable, the power is massive, and it performs better than its competitors. It is indeed one impressive sports cruiser.

The Harley FXDR 114 is somewhat considered a successor of the V-Rod twin cruiser motorcycle initially launched by Harley-Davidson in 2001. It serves as a muscular cruiser but with more focus on performance.

The aesthetics are inspired by drag bikes – hence what the “DR” in “FXDR” is supposed to stand for. Its big and fat rear tire is hard to ignore. Overall, the bike features a modern motorcycle performance. Nonetheless, it doesn’t lose any classic Harley Davidson character.

It is the 10th motorcycle model that forms part of Harley’s Softail lineup. The design is loosely done around the Breakout chassis. Its lean angle is the highest among all the Softail models. It features an inverted fork and an aluminum swingarm that trims a bit more than 10 lbs.

According to Harley Vice President of Styling and Design Brad Richards, the target market for the FXDR 114 includes riders who prefer performance more than anything else.

Harley Davidson FXDR 114 Review

Let me provide you with a Harley FXDR review based on the following:

  • Looks and Style
  • First Ride Impressions

Looks and Style

The looks of the Harley FXDR 114 set it apart from other Harley motorcycles. It has an impressive new intake and two-into-one exhaust. Seasoned riders would instantly know that this bike indeed has drag-bike roots.

This FXDR Harley features all-LED lamps. It has an inverted fork bolted with a sportier front wheel measuring 19 inches. This makes it two inches smaller in diameter compared to that of the Harley Breakout model.

At the rear, it features a massive Michelin Scorcher 240 tire. When it comes to the forward controls and the oil cooler shroud, you will notice elements of the V-Rod model.

The standard features of this Harley Davidson FXDR include the clip-on bars. However, when you pop off the FXDR logo panel from the triple tree, it will reveal traditional mounts. This way, you can bolt on a handlebar of your choice to adjust the ergonomics.

Even without tools, you can easily remove the rear panel. This can be used to stash a pair of gloves or to add a pillion pad instead.

Similar to other Softail models, the FXDR 114 features a USB port that is neatly tucked away. Its instrumental panel also has a clean look which functions impressively in bright light.

First Ride Impressions

This Harley Davidson FXDR motorcycle model is fun to push into corners. It’s probably because of its 240/120 tire-size combination. Also, if you take a little bit of extra effort to lean over, you will discover how massive the power of this bike is.

Its lean angle is 33 degrees, and the controls have a high clearance. The engine puts out a peak of 199 lb-ft of torque at an rpm of 3500.

This motorbike allows sharp handling despite the straight line, quarter-mile looks. It handles better than its rivals, and its 4.7-inch trail and upgraded suspension play a big role in it. 

In terms of its rear mono-shock, it features a handy external hydraulic preload adjustment knob. At the same time, its front suspension features a single-sided cartridge as well as a triple-rate spring.

When it comes to the stock exhaust, it has a great rumble. But if you want more, you can install a titanium Screamin’ Eagle slip-on pipe featuring a carbon fiber end cap.

Undoubtedly, the Harley Davidson FXDR 114 is fast. The clip-ons enable a snug grip as well as a tight tuck as the bike accelerates. It definitely provides you with tons of fun in terms of speed.

If there’s any downside to it, it’s probably the fact that it can give you lower back pains after a long ride. But then, it provides you with such an enjoyable experience that you don’t notice the pain until you’re done riding it.

In this video, 6Tdegrees reviews the Harley Davidson FXDR 114 motorcycle. After a team of riders did a test drive, they concluded that the FXDR 114 has a better overall performance than its rivals.

2020 Harley Davidson FXDR 114 Specs

harley fxdr 114

Let’s take a look at its specs according to the following categories:

  1. Dimensions
  2. Engine
  3. Performance
  4. Drive Train
  5. Chassis
  6. Electric

1. Dimensions

The Harley FXDR length measures 2,425 mm, the unladen seat height measures 720mm, and the ground clearance measures 140 mm. Its rake is 34, the trail is 120 mm, and the wheelbase is 1,735 mm.

For the tires, the front specs include 120/70ZR-19 60W. At the same time, the rear specs include 240/40R-18 79V.

In terms of fuel capacity, it is 19.7 liters. As for its oil capacity, including filter, it is 4.7 liters.

Its weight as shipped is 289 kg. At the same time, its weight in running order is 303 kg.

2. Engine

The engine is a Milwaukee-Eight 114. Its bore measures 102 mm, while the stroke measures 114 mm. The displacement is 1,868 cc, and the compression ratio is 10.5:1.

It features the electronic sequential port fuel injection (ESPFI) system. As for its exhaust, it is a 2-into-1 catalyst in the header.

3. Performance

When it comes to the engine torque testing method, it is EC 134/2014. Engine torque is 160 Nm, which is 3,500 in rpm.

The lean angle to the right measures 32.6 degrees. Whereas the lean angle to the left measures 32.8 degrees.

4. Drive Train

In terms of primary drive, it features a chain with a 34/46 ratio. For its overall gear ratios, the first gear is 9.311, the second gear is 6.454, and the third gear is 4.793. The fourth gear is 3.882, the fifth is 3.307, and the sixth is 2.79.

5. Chassis

The front wheel is gloss/satin black. It has a split 5-spoke, cast aluminum featuring laser etched graphics.

For the rear wheel, it is gloss/satin black. It features a solid disc, Ace cast aluminum with laser etched graphics.

The Harley FXDR 114 features a four-piston fixed front and two-piston floating rear brake system.

6. Electric

The features include high beam, turn signals, neutral, and low oil pressure about its lights and indicator lamps. Other features include low fuel, low battery voltage, security, ABS, and engine diagnostics.

As for the gauges, the features include a viewable area LCD measuring 2.14 inches. It consists of an odometer and speedometer. There are also indicators for the gear, tachometer, range, trip, clock, and fuel level.

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2020 Harley Davidson FXDR 114 Features

Let’s take a look at the features based on the following areas:

  1. Milwaukee Eight 114 Engine
  2. Softail Frame
  3. Minimal Weight for Maximum Performance
  4. Bold 2-into-1 Exhaust
  5. Racing-style Fork
  6. Air Intake
  7. High Performance Rear Suspension
  8. Stretched Fuel Tank
  9. Modern Technologies

1. Milwaukee Eight 114 Engine

The Harley FXDR 114 consists of loads of torque for different events. These include blasting off from stoplights, hitting entrance ramps, and even rolling on the passing power. Also, it has an impressive pure sound with a soul-satisfying rumble.

2. Softail Frame

When it comes to its frame, it is originally from the classic Harley’s Softail models. However, this one has a lightweight design and is stiff. These features make the FXDR 114 such a responsive ride.

3. Minimal Weight for Maximum Performance

The design of this motorcycle consists of several alloy and composite components. These then minimize the overall weight, which includes an aluminum swingarm and subframe.

Minimal weight translates to maximum acceleration, braking, handling, and overall performance.

4. Bold 2-into-1 Exhaust

This bike is tuned to emit a throaty rumble successfully. In addition to that, it also features a dramatic performance-inspired design, which Harley ensures does not interfere with lean angle.

5. Racing-style Fork

The FXDR 114 features an inverted race-style design. Harley uses the single-cartridge technology to enhance the motorbike’s response to the following:

  • Steering input,
  • Braking,
  • Handling, and
  • Overall performance.

6. Air Intake

In terms of the air intake, this motorcycle model is inspired by Screamin’ Eagle NHRA drag bikes. It is shaped in such a way that it enhances airflow to the engine.

This feature is a fresh interpretation of the Screamin’ Eagle Heavy Breather Extreme Air Cleaner. But it has an exposed, forward-facing filter element.

7. High Performance Rear Suspension

Its mono-shock rear suspension can be conveniently adjusted. That way, the Harley Davidson FXDR 114 becomes capable of delivering quick acceleration, dynamic cornering, and quick braking. At the same time, it does not compromise its hardtail look.

8. Stretched Fuel Tank

The fuel tank of the Harley FXDR 114 has a sleek design. It successfully lengthens the bike’s profile, allowing it to have an aggressive appearance.

9. Modern Technologies

There are several modern technologies incorporated in the Harley Davidson FXDR 114 motorcycle. These include the following:

  • LED turn signals,
  • the LED rear lighting, and
  • the LED Daymaker headlamp.

It also features keyless ignition and a digital riser gauge.

harley davidson fxdr 114

In Closing

The Harley Davidson FXDR 114 is absolutely one good-looking motorcycle. Aside from that, it is definitely a reliable one too. It has a strong engine, which is the 114-cu in Milwaukee Eight V-Twin. The seat is comfortable, the power is massive, and it performs better than its competitors. It is one impressive sports cruiser.

This motorcycle may not be ideal for beginners because of its aggressive features and, at the same time, its high cost. However, seasoned riders will appreciate this motorcycle. This is particularly true if they already have a few Harley bikes in their garage. The FXDR 114 is definitely a must-have for Harley collectors.

Suffice to say that all its features make this motorcycle one of Harley’s Softail line-up best.

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