Holman RV Review

If you plan to buy an RV, it’s important to buy from a reputable RV dealer. One of the most popular RV dealers in the U.S. is Holman RV. In this Homan RV review, I’ll describe the company and what to consider before buying from Homan RV.

Holman Motors Inc. started as a small car dealership back in 1945. In 1971, they started to sell RVs along with quality second cars. They have since grown to be one of the most successful RV dealerships known all over the US. They have a large range of RVs and are well-known for their customer service and good prices.

Read on to learn more about Holman RV.

Holman RV Review

holman rv

Holman RV is known all over the US for selling brand-new and second-hand RVs. Buying an RV is a major decision. When you buy an RV, you will have to know how to drive it, tow it, and maintain it. Holman RV will discuss all that with you and will help you maintain your RV for many years.

Holman Motors RV started as a small car dealership back in 1945. It was in 1971 when they started to sell RVs along with quality second cars. They have since grown to be one of the most successful RV dealerships known all over the US. They have a huge range of RVs and dealerships serving GMC and Buick.

Like most dealers, Holman isn’t perfect. Dealer Rater rated Holman RV with 3.3 stars. There are mixed reviews about Holman RV. Most people gave them 5 stars, but there were some complaints about some associates who lacked professionalism. However, many gave them 5 stars saying they were satisfied with the sale and the product itself. [1]

Some of the Reviews for Holman RV from the DealerRater.Com Page

“My experience has been with the Holman service department. I have a 35 ft Winnebago Class A that has had many problems. Since I started using Holman for service, I have been impressed with their RV issues and professional service knowledge. They provide a range of service packages to keep the RV systems running as they should and expert repairs when something breaks down. I highly recommend.” – Jreeves on May 06, 2021, 5 stars given.

“I purchased a Forest River travel trailer from Holman RV Motors as an out-of-state buyer. Art in sales was fantastic to work with, easy and seamless transaction at a competitive price. Due to weather conditions and the time of year of the purchase, Holman held my camper for over a month without issue.

I was treated excellent, and Holman GMC was able to get my tow vehicle in for an oil change while I did my orientation on the camper. Plus, I couldn’t be happier with how Holman treated me throughout the entire process, and I will look to Holman the next time I need to buy a travel trailer.” – Matt Prowant on March 17, 2021, 5 stars given.

“I love my new truck. Thanks for the help! I appreciate everything you did to take care of me. I will send my friends when they are shopping!” – JCFreeman0 on July 12, 2016, 5 stars given.

Holman RV Build Your RV

holman motors rv

On the Holman RV website, they have this awesome “Build Your RV” concept, and you can click that and virtually build an RV according to your specifications.

You have RV class choices – Fifth Wheel, Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler, Travel Trailer Toy Hauler, and Destination Trailer. From there, you can choose the RV manufacturer and on their list are Coachmen, Forest River, Heartland, Highland, Keystone, and Winnebago. You can then proceed to pick your brand model.

There are more than 40 brand models to choose from, and when you click on one, it brings you to the next step, which is the floorplan. You’ll be able to view the floorplan of each RV and tells you the maximum capacity for each. From there, you click the final step, which is “Get My Best Price.” It gives you the amount for the vehicle from Holman RV.

Trade in and Financing at Holman RV

Yes, you can trade in your old RV if you’re getting a new one at Holman RV. On their website, they can give you a quote for your old RV by typing in the details of your RV. They’ll have an expert from their team contact you to know how much it’s worth.

If you want to purchase an RV and apply for financing with Holman RV, they made it easy for you by letting you do it on their official website. You need to fill out details and then submit them to them, and they’ll try and see if you’re pre-approved for financing. You can also use their online payment calculator that gives you an estimate of your monthly amortization.

On top of that, they can also provide you with a quotation for your insurance.

Servicing at Holman RV

You can have your RV serviced by scheduling an appointment with Holman RV. There’s a service request form on their website that you need to fill up and then submit. They’ll have someone schedule you an appointment for servicing your RV. You can, of course, call them and schedule through the phone.

You may also request parts and accessories through their website. They can ship what you need, and if they don’t have it, they’ll order it for you.

Tips on Buying an RV at Holman

holman rv review

In 2020, Northern America recorded 424,400 RVs sold. People bought RVs despite the recession and a raging pandemic. Needless to say, 2021 should see a rise in the sales of RVs. If you’re looking for one, here are a few things to know:

1. Find Out the Value of the RV

An RV, like all vehicles, loses value once it leaves the dealer’s lot. Whether you’re purchasing a new or second-hand RV, you need to know its true value. We suggest checking various dealerships and sites to get the best value for the RV of your choice.

2. Thoroughly Inspect the RV

Inspect the RV for problems. Do this in the exterior and interior. Check every detail like plumbing, cabinets, door handles, faucets, etc. And if you’re buying a second-hand RV, gauge whether the problem will require a lot of money to fix or if it can be done with minimal expense.

Here’s a checklist for what to look out for:

  • Mold – When there’s mold, there’s moisture. Check for leaks in the sinks and bathroom fixtures. Check the ceiling and floors too and find out, if there is a leak, where it is coming from.
  • Tires – All tires of your RV need to be changed every 5 years. Check the tires because even if they look new, they can still cause a blowout, and that can be a major problem, even worse than that of a smaller vehicle. Make sure the tires of the RV you are purchasing are in excellent condition.
  • Floor – Check for signs of rotting or leaks in the floor. This can be a major expense if you need to change the flooring of your RV.
  • Exterior – Check for rust and signs of corrosion. Check doors and panels and make sure they all work properly.

3. Find Out the History of the RV

If you’re checking out a second-hand RV, find out how many have owned the RV in the past. Also, know the RV’s vehicle registration number to find out its history.

4. Do a Test Drive

To get a total feel of the RV, take it for a drive. See how it runs on different roads and conditions. Listen to noises and check the engine. Test drive the RV at different speeds.

5. Get RV Insurance

For most states, RV insurance is a must. Check what your state law requires as insurance for motor homes, self-propelled RVs, or fifth wheels may vary from state to state. Get sufficient coverage so that you can get covered in case of accidents or lawsuits.

RV vs Mobile Home

Things to Consider When Buying an RV from Holman

When buying an RV, there are many things to consider. Don’t make huge decisions without thinking them over many times. There are many RVs to choose from, and all the options can be overwhelming. Factors to consider before buying an RV:

1. What Will You Use Your RV For?

Will you be using your RV at national parks or for long weekend trips? The type of RV you get will depend on how you plan to use it. Will you use it during the cold season, hot season, or both? This is important as you need a good heating system and/or a good air conditioning system in your RV.  The features and amenities of your RV will also depend on how you plan to use your RV.

2. How Many People Will You Be Accommodating?

Factor in the number of people who will use an RV with you. Do you have a big family? Or will you often be with a group of people? Consider that everyone on your RV needs to be comfortable, so make sure you have enough living space.

3. Will You Be Using Your RV Often?

How often will you be using your RV? Will you use your RV part-time or full-time? If you use your RV sparingly, consider the idea of renting instead of buying. If you’re undecided on what RV to get, renting out a different RV every time you need one will be a good thing to do to help you decide.

4. Is It Better to Get New or a Second-hand RV?

A new RV will come with better features and amenities. A second-hand one will come at a lower price. Check the market for both used and new RVs and look for the best deal you can get.

5. Consider RV Sharing

Yes, there is a thing such as RV sharing. It’s very much like the concept of Airbnb. RV sharing helps you experience the RV world with less expense. Long-term ownership of an RV can be expensive because of vehicle maintenance. Check out websites for RV sharing.

Pick a good RV sharing company that has insurance for the owner and the renter and roadside support. RV sharing is also a good way to experience different RVs.

Conclusion: Holman Motors RV

As we said earlier, purchasing an RV is a huge decision, and one must do a lot of research to get the perfect RV to fit their needs. We have suggested doing research and buying from a reputable source that can do maintenance and servicing for you. Holman RV has been an established name in the RV buy-and-sell business, and they’ll be happy to do business with you.

Holman Motors Inc. started as a small car dealership back in 1945. It was in 1971 when they started to sell RVs along with quality second cars. They have since grown to be one of the most successful RV dealerships known all over the US. They have a huge range of RVs and dealerships serving GMC and Buick.

Check out Holman RV if you’re seriously considering purchasing an RV. You won’t be disappointed.

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