How Fast Does a 50cc, 100cc, 125cc, and 150cc Scooter or Moped Go?

A moped is typically a motorized pedal vehicle with a 50 cc or smaller motor. On the other hand, a scooter, which resembles a moped, is more powerful and can be equipped with a 250cc motor. But how fast does a scooter or a moped go?

A 50cc scooter typically has a top speed of 30 mph, and a 50cc moped has more or less the same speed. A 100cc scooter can reach about 60 mph, whereas a 150cc scooter can reach about 60 to 70 mph. 

Learn more about scooters and mopeds, particularly their motors and speeds.

How Fast Does a 50cc, 100cc, 125cc, and 150cc Scooter or Moped Go?

how fast does a 50cc, 100cc, 125cc, and 150cc scooter or moped go

A 50cc scooter has a top speed of 30 mph, while a 50cc moped somewhat has a similar speed.

A 100cc scooter can reach about 60 mph, whereas a 150cc scooter can reach about 60 to 70 mph. Typically, the engine of a moped does not exceed 50 ccs, in which case, its maximum speed cannot go beyond 31 mph.

How Fast Does a 50cc Scooter Go

There are many 50cc bikes equipped with engines restricted at 48 kilometers per hour (kph) or 30 miles per hour (mph). Scooters with 50cc motors are allowed on public roads but not on motorways.

They can even be used by teens at least 14 years old, but they must hold a Class 6D driver’s license. However, scooter-related laws may differ in each U.S. state.

50cc scooters are equipped with a restricted engine. This then limits the speed to 48 kph or 30 mph. It may also be possible for a 50cc scooter to go as fast as 96 kph or 60 mph. However, a more comfortable ride can be achieved at 65 kph or 40 mph.

50cc Scooter – Pros and Cons


In many cases, a 50cc scooter is the first choice among beginners. But is it ideal to buy a 50cc scooter? Let’s take a look at some of its pros, which include the following:

  1. Less Costly
  2. Economical
  3. Convenient
  4. Allowed in the U.S. States
  5. Low Maintenance

1. Less Costly

50cc scooters are not expensive. They are cheaper than scooters equipped with larger engines.

2. Economical

There is no denying that the 50cc scooter is more economical on gas than other scooters. Its small engine plays a significant role in it.

3. Convenient

It is very convenient to ride a 50cc scooter. Its top speed is low, and its acceleration is also slow, making it advantageous and highly recommended for beginners.

4. Allowed in the U.S. States

Most U.S. states allow people to ride a 50cc scooter with a driver’s license. There is no need for a separate motorcycle license to be able to ride it. Given the features of a 50cc scooter, it is safe to ride it.

5. Low Maintenance

Logically speaking, a basic scooter requires simple maintenance too. Therefore, a 50cc scooter is pretty convenient to maintain. If you take care of it and don’t abuse it, it will not give you a headache. In case it needs repairs, its parts are not expensive, making it easy to replace and fix them.


If there are pros, the 50cc scooter has cons too. These include the following:

  1. Slow Acceleration
  2. Low Speed
  3. Weight Capacity

1. Slow Acceleration

A 50cc scooter accelerates slowly. It may be advantageous for people still trying to ride a scooter.

However, it poses a risk, too, especially in situations where you must keep up with traffic speed. Also, this might be impossible if you need to accelerate to escape a dangerous situation.

2. Low Speed

The scooter only has a 50cc engine, which translates to slow speed. You probably can’t go more than 20 mph when riding it on steeper hills.

3. Weight Capacity

Since a 50cc scooter lacks power, carrying a passenger may be an issue. In many U.S. states, carrying a passenger while riding a 50cc scooter is illegal.

50cc Scooter Models

If you are interested in getting a 50cc scooter, you might want to take a look at the following models:

  1. Aprilia SR50
  2. Gilera Runner 50
  3. Piaggio Zip 4T
  4. Yamaha Zuma 50
  5. Peugeot Speedfight

1. Aprilia SR50

Aprilia is a brand owned by Piaggio. Initially launched in 1992, the Aprilia SR50 features a 2-stroke engine. It is faster than a 50cc scooter, with a top speed of 30 mph. The Aprilia SR50 can achieve 90 to 96 kph or about 56 to 60 mph.

2. Gilera Runner 50

Gilera is another brand owned by Piaggio, and the Gilera Runner 50 was first launched in 1997. It features a two-stroke engine and is reported to have a top speed of about 80 kph, which translates to about 50 mph.

3. Piaggio Zip 4T

The Piaggio Zip 4T is a 50cc scooter initially launched in 2005. This one features a four-stroke engine and can achieve a velocity of about 80 kph or 50 mph.

4. Yamaha Zuma 50

The Yamaha Zuma 50 is a 50cc scooter that was initially released in 1989. Its later models feature 4-stroke engines. They can achieve a top speed of about 72 kph or 45 mph.

5. Peugeot Speedfight

The Peugeot Speedfight is a 50cc French scooter initially introduced in 2000. It features a 2-stroke engine with a top speed of about 65 kph or 40 mph.

Is Getting a 50cc Scooter Worth It?

how fast does a 50cc moped go unrestricted

A 50cc scooter is ideal for beginners or if you are merely riding around town. Riding it gives you the best mileage because of its small engine. But if you are considering riding it beyond city limits, this might not be a great idea.

However, it is possible to take it for a long ride. The key is to plan the route properly and ahead of time. By planning, it should include several rest stops. That way, you don’t only get to rest from time to time, but you allow your scooter to rest too.

Another factor is to keep in mind the capabilities of your scooter. Remember that it only has a 50cc engine; you should not ride it beyond its capabilities.

How to Take a 50cc Scooter for a Long Ride

Here are some tips on how to prepare for a long ride using a 50cc scooter:

  1. Keep a Right Mindset
  2. Improve Your Scooter Experience Gradually
  3. Plan Your Route Properly
  4. Don’t Forget to Check the Weather
  5. Bring Everything You Need
  6. Inspect Your Scooter Before Leaving

Let’s briefly discuss each one of them.

1. Keep a Right Mindset

It is important to keep the right mindset if you plan to take your 50cc scooter for a long ride. This means keeping your scooter’s capabilities in mind and not even attempting to go beyond them.

With a 50cc engine, remember that you are not supposed to ride it as if you are in a race. Instead, ride it leisurely and enjoy the scenery and the whole journey.

At the same time, it is also all about endurance. With a 50cc engine, you will most definitely reach your destination longer than if you ride a scooter or a motorcycle with a bigger engine. Therefore, you need to be physically prepared for it too.

2. Improve Your Scooter Experience Gradually

If you typically ride your 50cc scooter around the neighborhood or reach a store nearby, impulsively taking it for a 150-mile trip is not a good idea. You don’t want your scooter breaking down in the middle of the trip, or you don’t want to end up feeling physically exhausted.

Instead, increase your distance gradually. Take a 20-mile trip first, then eventually increase it to 30 miles. That way, you learn more about handling your scooter and yourself before you finally take it for a long ride.

3. Plan Your Route Properly

It is essential to plan your route properly and ahead of time. Take roads where you will not end up on steep hills. Don’t take roads that seem risky. Remember that you can’t go fast with a 50cc engine, so avoid roads where drivers speed fast.

You can check out the Waze app or other similar apps to help you plan your route. Find ideal routes to take. Remember that your scooter is meant to be driven slow. Running it at its maximum speed during a long ride might end up as a disaster instead of an exciting adventure.

When planning your route, including rest stops. This will allow you to rest physically. At the same time, your scooter gets to rest too. Don’t force it to overwork to avoid road problems.

Typically, taking a rest stop every hour is ideal. And planning your route also means considering where and when to gas up.

4. Don’t Forget to Check the Weather

Taking your 50cc scooter for a long ride is exciting. But before you leave your house, make sure to check the news about the weather. If rain is expected, check if your 50cc scooter can withstand it. If there’s going to be a heavy downpour, it is best to reschedule the trip.

Checking the weather allows you to prepare the necessities. This includes the clothes you wear and other stuff you must bring. Also, it is best to choose the rest stops carefully to be on the safe side in case of unexpected occurrences.

Again, how fast does a 150 cc moped go? A 150cc scooter’s top speed is 60 mph (70 mpg), while a 250cc scooter’s top speed is 75 mph (60 mpg).

5. Bring Everything You Need

Make sure to bring everything you need! Even if there’s sunny weather, bring your rain gear with you. Also, you might find bringing duct tape funny, but it will sure come in handy!

Here are some of the things you can prepare or bring with you:

  • Contact numbers saved in your phone in case of emergency
  • Powerbank
  • Duct tape
  • Rain gear
  • Flashlight
  • First aid kit
  • Patch kit and mini pump for the tires
  • Swiss knife or a multi-tool
  • Water
  • Extra clothes, including a jacket
  • Gas in case of long stretches
  • Zip ties

6. Inspect Your Scooter Before Leaving

Before leaving the house, make sure to do some pre-ride inspection. Maybe, you are ready and set to take that much-awaited long trip, but is your scooter ready? Is it in good condition?

Check the tires, the engine’s oil level, and the signals. Are they good? Make sure that everything is tight too.

How Fast Does a 100cc Scooter Go

100cc moped top speed

A scooter with a 100cc engine has a top speed of about 60 mph, which is also about 97 kph. 100cc scooters can have a 140 kph speedometer, which many people wonder about.

The fact is, the scooter will most likely run faster if you are going downhill or if you are going down a flyover. With a 140kph speedometer, you will be alerted if you are running your scooter faster than it is supposed to be.

We don’t see a lot of 100cc scooters in the United States. There are more 125cc and 150cc scooters around because they are better than 100cc scooters.

How Fast Does a 150cc Scooter Go

A 150cc scooter has a top speed of about 60 mph too, which is pretty much similar to the speed of a 100cc scooter. It also achieves approximately 70 miles per gallon (mpg).

In essence, a 150cc scooter has more power than those with a smaller engine. This then makes it more ideal in terms of regular commuting and even when taking long trips.

There are bigger scooters than scooters with a 150cc engine. But, interestingly, 150cc scooters have larger storage spaces under the seat. This makes it more functional, especially during long rides.

Frequently Asked Questions – Speed of 50cc, 100cc, 125cc, and 150cc Scooters or Mopeds

Here are some frequently asked questions about the speed of scooters and mopeds based on their engines:

How Fast Does a 50cc Moped Go?

A 50cc moped is as fast or slow as a 50cc scooter. Its restricted engine limits it to a top speed of about 48 kph or 30mph.

Moped Vs Scooter

Is There a 100cc Moped or a 150cc Moped?

A moped is merely a two-wheeled vehicle with pedals equipped with a small motor. Its motor does not exceed 50cc, but it can be lower than that. So, there is no such thing as a 100cc moped or a 150cc moped.

Is a 50cc Scooter Fast Enough?

A 50cc scooter typically has a speed of about 30 mph. This makes it ideal or convenient for riding it around the village, the city, or town.

Can a 50cc Scooter Go up Hills?

Scooters with a 50cc engine are very low geared. There’s nothing to worry about when going uphill as it will not overheat either.

Can a 50cc Moped Go on an A Road?

Mopeds with a 50cc motor lack power. While they may be allowed on public roads, there are also roads where they are off-limits. Some are A-roads or motorways because low speed will put mopeds at risk.

Is It Worth Getting a 50cc Scooter?

If you intend to drive it for short distances, then getting a 50cc scooter is a good idea. You can do inner-town travel, campus cruising, beach cruising, or simply driving around the neighborhood. You don’t even need a motorcycle license to drive it; a regular driver’s license will do.

How Long Will a 50cc Moped Last?

A moped with a 50cc engine is not expected to last as long as scooters or bikes with bigger engines.

Typically, a 2-stroke scooter engine can more or less reach 30,000 km, as long as it undergoes regular maintenance service. If you don’t abuse your 50cc moped or scooter, it can last for more than 50,000 km.

How Fast Is 150cc in Mph?

A scooter with a 150cc engine has a top speed of 60 mph. It can achieve about 70 mpg too.

Are Scooters Easier to Ride than Motorcycles?

Typically, motorcycles are more difficult to learn to ride. But, in essence, they are better since they have bigger engines and impressive top speeds.

Scooters, on the other hand, are ideal for urban commuters. They are cheaper and more fuel-efficient. Also, they have better maneuverability, making them more suitable for beginners.

Scooter Vs Motorcycle

In Closing: How Fast Does a 50cc, 100cc, 125cc, and 150cc Scooter or Moped Go?

To sum it up, a 50cc scooter has a top speed of 30 mph, while a 50cc moped somewhat has a similar speed.

A 100cc scooter can reach about 60 mph, whereas a 150cc scooter can reach about 60 to 70 mph. Typically, the engine of a moped does not exceed 50 ccs, in which case, its maximum speed cannot go beyond 31 mph.

Scooters and mopeds are different, but they are often mistaken to be the same. But if we are talking about the engine and speed, a 50cc scooter and a 50cc moped generally have the same speed.

Suffice to say that if the engine or motor is bigger, the scooter or the moped can achieve faster speeds too. So, in essence, 100cc, 125cc, and 150cc scooters have higher top speeds than a 50cc scooter.