How Much Does It Cost to Fix an Exhaust Leak?

One thing that gets damaged as your car grows old is its exhaust system, mainly because it handles the dirty gas fumes that your car spews out. The most common problem of this system is an exhaust leak. How much does it cost to fix an exhaust leak?

On average, the cost of fixing an exhaust leak would range between $160 and $330. If the leak is easy to fix, you can do it yourself. However, if the leak is caused by a hole or a break in the car’s exhaust system, you can’t fix it without the help of a muffler repair shop.

Depending on the extent of the problem, repairing an exhaust leak could take anywhere between two to three hours. The length of repair depends on how easy or difficult it is to access the exhaust manifold and where the actual leak is coming from.

Read on to learn more about the cost of fixing an exhaust leak, the importance of fixing this problem, the different signs of exhaust leaks, and some exhaust leak cost comparisons.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix an Exhaust Leak?

How Much Does It Cost to Fix an Exhaust Leak

Prepare $160 to $300 for Repair

If your car has an exhaust leak, you should have it fixed right away. You should prepare an amount anywhere from $160 to $300. You can do it yourself if the cause of the leak is easy to fix.

However, if you discover that the leak problem is caused by a break or a hole in the exhaust system, you must let a muffler repair shop do the repairs. They will be able to weld the hole or install a new exhaust pipe to ensure that your car’s exhaust system will be leakproof.

Unsafe to Driver Car with Exhaust Leak

It’s unsafe to drive your car with an exhaust leak. The fumes that the system will produce are toxic. They contain carbon monoxide, which is deadly if inhaled. The leak will also reduce your car’s fuel efficiency, making it work harder to give you the same mileage as before.

2-3 Hours of Repair

On average, repairing an exhaust leak will take two to three hours. If it is easy to fix, it will take less time. However, if the cause of the leak is hard to determine, and if it is difficult to repair, it will take more time. In this case, the cost to fix a leaking exhaust will be higher.

Prepare $774 to $795 If the Exhaust Pipe Has to Be Replaced

You might have to replace the entire exhaust pipe to repair the leak fully. In that case, be ready to spend anywhere from $774 to $795. That will include labor and parts. The cost will also get higher or lower, depending on the type and make of your car.

Repair Costs of Exhaust Leaks for Different Car Models

Here is a table that will show you the approximate cost to fix a leaking exhaust for different car models in the United States. This will give you an idea of what it will cost you to repair your exhaust leak:

Car BrandPartsLaborTotal Cost
Ford Focus$18 – $27$157 – $201$175 – $228
Ford F-Series$18 – $39$236 – $301$254 – $340
Ford Fusion$24 – $27$157 – $201$181 – $228
Honda Accord$17 – $27$147 – $160$164 – $187
Honda Civic$13 – $25$236 – $301$249 – $326
Honda CR-V$20 – $20$126 – $161$146 – $181
Toyota Corolla$22 – $33$197 – $251$219 – $284
Toyota Camry$22 – $48$110 – $141$132 – $189
Chevrolet Silverado$28 – $37$126 – $161$154 – $198
Nissan Altima$18 – $22$142 – $181$160 – $203

Service Shops’ Exhaust Leak Repair Costs

The cost for repairing your exhaust leak will depend on your car’s make and model and the service shop you will ask to do the repairs. Here is a table that compares the exhaust repair costs of different car service shops in the United States:

Car ShopCost of Parts and LaborWarranty
Pep Boys$14 – $45Six months
Midas$134 – $22812 months
Walmart$19 – $42Limited
Amazon$12 – $55Limited
Mr. Tire$146 – $33012 months

Again, how much does it cost to fix an exhaust leak? To fix an exhaust leak, prepare between $160 and $330. However, if you plan to replace the exhaust pipe fully, prepare an amount between $774 to $795.

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What Is an Exhaust Pipe?

how much does it cost to repair an exhaust leak

If there’s a leak in your car’s exhaust manifold and you don’t take care of it soon, your car engine can have severe damage. While fixing an exhaust leak seems straightforward, it will still take some tools to do it. But if you don’t fix it now, you will face more expensive repair costs in the future.


The exhaust pipe is located at the back of your car. Its function is to eliminate exhaust fumes or unburned gases from the engine. This system eliminates these toxic fumes, channels the emissions, and releases them from the tailpipe.

Exhaust Pipe Parts

The exhaust pipe is part of the exhaust system’s components. The exhaust system’s parts include the following:

  • Exhaust manifold,
  • Catalytic converter,
  • Tailpipe,
  • Resonator, and
  • Muffler.

Determine the Source of the Problem

To fully fix this problem, you have to examine all these parts to determine where the problem started. You need to trace the problem right from its root. That’s the only way to choose the best and most effective way to fix the leak.

Possible Sources of the Exhaust Leak

Detecting where the leak is coming from is not easy. They can come from anywhere within the exhaust system. So, any component of this system is a possible source of leak or problem.

The leak could also be coming from the exhaust pipe itself. If there is a sign that you have an exhaust leak, you need to inspect these parts since they are the likely suspects. You only have five parts to inspect, so; you can start with that knowledge.

When Should You Have The Exhaust Leak Repaired?

You should have the exhaust leak repaired as soon as you notice the problem. You cannot expect the mechanic to see this problem because you are the one driving your car, not him. So, the first time you see any of the signs I mentioned above, you have to take your car to your trusted mechanic.

If you hear strange noises coming from the engine, see the car doctor at once. Do this before your engine develops a bigger problem that is more expensive to repair.

Exhaust Leak Symptoms

You should be able to see some changes in your car’s operation if there’s a problem with one of its systems or one of its parts. The same is true with your car’s exhaust system. There should be some signs that will tell you that it’s an exhaust leak.

Here are some of the possible symptoms of exhaust leaks:

1. Engine Is Not Running as Usual

If there are any changes in the engine’s operation, there must be something wrong with one of its parts. Give a cursory inspection of the major parts of the engine to see if one of them has gone bad. If there’s none there, check the exhaust system.

2. Engine Is Noisier Than Usual

If your engine is running noisier than usual, you may have a problem with the exhaust system. This is the most common symptom of an exhaust leak. Being the car owner, you are the only person who can tell if your engine is not running normally. This is a warning sign that you should pay attention to at all times.

3. Gas Pedal Vibrates

The gas pedal should be steady as a rock while driving your car. But if it vibrates, it is a sign of an exhaust leak. When you feel that the gas pedal is vibrating, this could mean there’s a big problem with your exhaust system.

If there is an exhaust leak in the system, there will be some rumbling sensations that you will feel underneath your feet while you are driving your car. The exhaust pipe may be already leaking.

4. Fuel Efficiency Begins to Drop

When you notice that your car’s gas consumption has suddenly increased, the exhaust pipe could be leaking. This is also one of the most common signs of an exhaust leak problem. When there’s a leak in your exhaust system, your gas sensor will be triggered.

There’s not enough fuel going into the engine because of the leak. That situation makes the engine work harder. Your car will not be able to optimize its use of gasoline. In short, its fuel efficiency will suddenly drop.

So, if you notice that your car uses up more fuel while negotiating the routes that you usually take, think of the possibility of an exhaust leak. Check your car at once to prevent further damage to your engine.

How to Know the Sound of an Exhaust Leak

how much does it cost to fix a small exhaust leak

You need to know what the sound of an exhaust leak is like. It will help you sense the problem before it gets worse. This is how you can determine the sound of an exhaust leak:

  1. Turn on the engine, open the hood, and stand beside the engine bay.
  2. Try to listen to a distinct noise coming from or near the exhaust manifold.
  3. An exhaust leak sounds like a puffing or ticking sound.
  4. Then listen for any leak at any joints or union in the exhaust system.
  5. Once you reach the catalytic converter and trace your way back from there, more likely the leak will sound more like a hum or a buzz or it may sound like your car is a hot rod.
  6. The louder the noise, the closer the leak is to the engine.

Don’t touch any part of the exhaust system because they are all hot. While doing this exercise, have someone rev up the engine intermittently so you’ll be able to hear the changes in the exhaust system’s sound.

Conclusion: How Much Does It Cost to Fix an Exhaust Leak?

The average cost of fixing an exhaust leak will range from $160 to $330. You can probably do it yourself if the leak is easy to fix. However, if you discover that the leak is due to a break or a hole in your car’s exhaust system, you have to ask a muffler repair shop to fix the leak.

The extent of the leak problem will largely determine the length of time required to fix it. On average, it takes from two to three hours. The actual time it will take will also depend on how difficult or easy it is to access the exhaust manifold and the actual source and condition of the leak.

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