How Much Is an Oil Change at Walmart?

As you well know, Walmart is the biggest retail chain store in the United States that sells consumer goods at lower prices. They also provide the cheapest oil change as well. How much is an oil change at Walmart?

The cost of an oil change at Walmart depends on the type of oil change you want for your vehicle. They do four types of oil changes. These are their prices:

  • Standard oil change – $29.88
  • Semi-synthetic oil change – $39.88
  • Pit crew oil change – $19.99
  • High mileage oil change – $35.88

The price of an oil change is low at Walmart because their company operations are big enough to demand lower prices for the materials they buy from their suppliers. So, they can lower their prices than their competitors such as Pepboys and Firestone.

Read on to learn more about the oil change prices at Walmart, the types of oil changes they perform, and what is involved in their oil change jobs.

How Much Is an Oil Change at Walmart?

how much is an oil change at Walmart

The cost of a Walmart oil change will depend on the type of oil change you want them to perform on your car. There are four types of oil change that Walmart does. The cost of each is as follows:

  • Standard oil change – $29.88
  • Semi-synthetic oil change – $39.88
  • Pit crew oil change – $19.99
  • High mileage oil change – $35.88

Reason Behind Walmart Oil Change Prices

Walmart oil change prices are low because it’s a big enough company to demand lower prices for the materials they buy from their suppliers. This enables Walmart to charge lower prices for their oil change than their competitors like Pepboys, Take 5, Jiffy Lube, and Firestone.

Typical Cost of an Oil Change at Walmart

The typical cost of an oil change at Walmart ranges from $35 to $75. The actual cost will depend on the type of motor oil your car requires and the price of your local Walmart. If your car needs synthetic oil, the price could jack up between $65 and $125.

The oil changes that Walmart performs have excellent value to you and your car. According to Walmart’s statistics, more than 2,500 Walmart Auto Car Centers across the United States cater to motorists in their respective areas.

How Walmart Performs Oil Changes

Walmart performs all its oil changes at its Lube and Tire shops. These car service centers are usually located at the sides of most Walmart stores. Walmart’s Lube and Tire shops are patterned after the business models of Speedee and Jiffy Lube oil change service centers.

So, if you go for an oil change at Walmart, you will generally have the same customer experience that you can get from Speedee and Jiffy Lube.

Here is how Walmart processes your request for an oil change:

  1. If you take your car at Walmart for oil change, a lube technician will welcome you. They will ask you certain questions related to your oil change request. After that, they will inform you what they will do to your car with respect to oil change, and how long it will take them to do this service.
  2. If you agree, you will be asked to leave your keys with them.
  3. Walmart staff will drive your car up the line until it reaches their service bay.
  4. Then, they will drain the old motor oil from the oil reservoir of your car.
  5. They will pour fresh oil into the engine according the recommendations of the car manufacturer. They will also ensure that the oil level will not go over than the fill line of the oil dipstick.
  6. If your car requires additional service beyond what the Pit Crew provides, the lube technicians will perform all the necessary inspections.

Process Might Vary

Since no Walmart Lube and Tire shop is 100% identical to the other, you can expect variations in the above process. One of the differences in how they drain the old motor oil. Some Walmart shops will drain it from underneath your car.

Some Walmart Shops Use Oil Extraction Tools

Others will reach the drain plug below your car, while some will put your car to a lift where they can easily unplug the drain plug and drain the old motor oil while standing up. Some Walmart service shops use oil extraction tools.

They will insert this extraction tool into the oil dipstick tube to suck out the old oil. Sucking out the oil reduces the risk of stripping the drain plug, which is good.

After the oil changes, they will drive your car out of the service pit. They will park it outside and return the key to the front desk. When you approach the front desk, the staff will inform you that your car is ready for pick up. Before picking it up, you need to pay for the oil change service.

Type of Oil Changes at Walmart

how much is high mileage oil change at walmart

Factors That Determine the Type of Oil Change Your Car Needs

Make and Model of Car

The make and model of your car determine the type of oil change it needs. Car manufacturers have their standards regarding the type of motor to be used in their cars to function efficiently.

Car’s Mileage

Some car oil service centers also take into account the mileage of your car before they perform the service. To be sure of the motor oil to be used, you should consult your car’s owner’s manual. You can also contact the store where you bought your car and ask them.

There are four types of oil changes that Walmart performs. They run from the cheapest basic oil change to the most expensive full synthetic oil change. The most expensive oil change will give your car engine the most protection.

Summary of Different Types of Oil Change at Walmart

Here is a table that shows the different types of oil changes at Walmart, what services come with each oil change type, and the respective Walmart oil change prices:

Type of Oil ChangeWork InvolvedPrices
Standard Oil Change (SOC)Vacuuming, fluid checks, other functional checks such as lights check, air filter check, essential fluids check, and top-up$29.88
Semi-synthetic Oil ChangeSame as SOC$39.88
Pit crew Oil ChangeChassis lube, oil filter, adjustment of tire pressure, check battery condition$19.99
High Mileage Oil ChangeSame as SOC, including five quarts of oil$35.88
Synthetic Oil ChangeSame as SOC, including five quarts of oil$49.88

Again, how much is an oil change at Walmart? Walmart offers four different types of oil change in their shop, including Standard oil change ($29.88), Semi-synthetic oil change ($39.88), Pit crew oil change ($19.99), and High mileage oil change ($35.88).

How Much Time Does Walmart Oil Change Take

You can’t avoid it, but you need to allow some time before the oil in your car is changed. At Walmart lube and tire center, it usually takes the lube techs somewhere between 15 to 30 minutes to do it. It may even be longer depending on the amount of work the lube techs at Walmart have in their hands.

Generally, you may be required to leave your car at the lube service center. It can be half a day or maybe the whole day. Perhaps you can leave your car in the morning and get it in the afternoon. Some service centers offer to call you if your car is ready for pick up.

Is Oil Change at Walmart Good

In general, the oil change service that you can get at Walmart is of great value. You should understand that most lube and tire technicians at Walmart don’t have certifications. Simply put, Walmart does not require them to be certified before hiring.

In short, they are not mechanics. But it doesn’t mean that not being a mechanic, a Walmart lube tech cannot provide good oil change service. However, the quality of work depends from person to person. The reality in this world is that not all individuals are the same.

The fact is there are more than 2,500 Walmart lube and tire shops all over the United States. Not even one-third of these shops will survive if they are all manned by workers with poor working attitudes. As of this time, these 2,500 Walmart car service centers are still up and standing.

Nothing can fundamentally go wrong in this straightforward maintenance service. So, on average, when you go into a Walmart lube and tire center for an oil change, most of the time, you will leave satisfied.

Why Are Walmart Oil Changes So Cheap?

how much is a synthetic blend oil change at walmart

Walmart can charge the lowest prices in oil change services because of their arrangement with their raw materials suppliers. This company is large enough to get the best prices from their suppliers.

Walmart Can Get Supplies at Low Prices

So, if they can get their supplies at low prices, they can afford to charge lower service rates to their customers. This is the fundamental reason why their service charges for an oil change are the lowest in the United States.

Lower Oil Change Prices Than Competitors

Their oil change service prices are lower than their competitors Pepboys, Firestone, and Valvoline. However, be aware that they can also make money from the other things you will be encouraged to buy when you enter their car service shops.

Some statistics show that more than 80% of their oil change clients buy sundry things from the store while waiting for their cars to be served. That’s a good marketing strategy.

How Can I Trust Walmart for an Oil Change?

Observe Lube Techs Perform Their Duties

If you are unsure of the service quality of the Walmart lube and tire service shop in your local area, spend as little as ten minutes to watch and observe how their lube techs perform their duties. You can also read online reviews on forums focused on this service. Read the positive and negative reviews to get a balanced perception of their service quality.

Find a Forum

If you find it difficult to find such reviews, you can join a forum dedicated to this subject and field your question to its members. Ask them about their experience getting an oil change service at Walmart, whether it’s bad or good.

Drop at Walmart Lube and Tire Service Shop

But the best strategy by far is to drop by at your local Walmart lube and tire service shop. Just watch their lube techs. How do they treat their customers? Are they just goofing around, or are they serious about getting the job done?

Ask Walmart Customers

Then ask the customers who are waiting for their car to be serviced. Ask them if they are continually using that particular service center when they need an oil change. How are they being treated by the employees at that Walmart car service shop? For sure, you will be able to gauge the quality of their service if you will do this.

Conclusion: How Much Is an Oil Change at Walmart?

At Walmart, the cost of an oil change will depend on the type of oil change you want for your car. They perform four different types of oil changes. These oil change types and their prices are as follows:

  • Standard oil change – $29.88
  • Semi-synthetic oil change – $39.98
  • Pit crew oil change – $19.99
  • High mileage oil change – $35.88

On average, the quality of customer service that you will get from a Walmart lube and tire center is good. But as in all things, there can be some exceptions. To ensure that you’ll get a good service, vet the service center first before driving your car for an oil change.

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