How to Find Your Driver’s License Number [5 Ways]

The driver’s license number is an essential individual identifier. It serves as a valid ID, which you can use when applying for a job, buying prescription meds, and banking transactions. With such, many are curious about how to find a driver’s license number. 

You can find your driver’s license number in 5 different ways:

  1. Check your records
  2. Contact your auto insurer
  3. Go to the DMV office
  4. Request through mail
  5. Call the DMV office

Unfortunately, you cannot request your driver’s license number online. 

Read on to learn more about finding driver’s license numbers through different methods. 

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How to Find My Driver’s License Number

how to find my driver's license number

Your driver’s license is one of the most important identification cards. You can use it in more ways than one, from entering bars to buying meds.

It has a unique string of characters that you can also use when filling out forms that require an ID. If you do not know your driver’s license number, here are some things you can do:

1. Check Other Records

If your license is nowhere to be found, you can check other records that can also bear your driver’s license number. This is easy for organized people with their documents since you can easily get hold of files containing the numbers you are looking for.

Look for Expired Driver’s License

Look for your expired driver’s license. If you live in the same state, it will have the same driver’s license number as you would have on the new one.

However, if you have a learner’s permit, it might have different license numbers than what you are looking for.

Check the Vehicle Registration

Your vehicle registration is one more thing you should be looking at to find the driver’s license number without a card. The format and contents may vary depending on your location and the issuing authority, but it will include your driver’s license number in most cases.

Inspect Your Financial Documents

If it is not in your vehicle registration record, look for other correspondences that you might have. For instance, you can find it in financial documents, including canceled checks. You might also have employment records wherein you used your driver’s license as valid identification.

Look for Records Containing Social Security Number

You might also want to look for records that contain your social security number. In some states, the latter is also your driver’s license number. Also, you can use it to verify your identity so that the concerned authorities will divulge more information about your driver’s license. 

2. Contact Your Insurer

If you cannot find your driver’s license number in different documents, another alternative is to call your auto insurance company.

When you signed up for their insurance, you probably provided them with your driver’s license number. Since then, if you have not moved to a different state, the information remains accurate. 

The copy of your policy may not contain your driver’s license number. However, the insurer can have it on their record, so it is worth a try asking them if they can provide such. They might ask for other information to confirm that you are the policy owner. 

3. Go to the DMV Office 

Responsible for Driver Registration

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is the main agency in the United States that is responsible for driver registration.

Upon your vehicle registration, they will collect pertinent information, such as details about your vehicle and the owner. Among others, one of the details that they will ask for is your license number. 

Go to the Nearest DMV Office

If you have time, try going to the DMV office nearest your residence or your place of registration. When you arrive at the office, let them know that you would like to retrieve a copy of your driver’s license number.

Bring Documents for Verification

You will be asked for different documents for verification. If you need a new license, you will have to undergo a more rigid process. 

Pay a Minimal Fee for New License

When visiting in person, you will need to complete some forms. Depending on your state, you will also need to pay a minimal fee. For instance, in California, you will pay $5 for requesting a record.

4. Request By Mail 

Curious about where to find my driver’s license number? Those who do not have the time to head to the DMV office can consider requesting by mail instead. This can be a long process that might take several days or even weeks, depending on how busy the DMW office is. 

Process Everything by Mail

The procedure is like filing a request in the physical office. The only difference is that you will process everything by mail. Download, fill and print out the form.

Send the Form and Payment to the DMV Office

Send it along with the payment, which will vary depending on your location. Send it to the address of the DMV office and wait for their reply. 

5. Call the DMV Office

If you are thinking about how to find my driver’s license number, one more thing that you can do is call the DMV office. You will most likely find their contact information online.

Once connected, let them know what you want. The operator can ask for other information to verify that they are talking to the right person. 

Is the Driver’s License Number Available Online?

how to find my driver's license number online

Not Available Online

Most of you probably wonder if you can find a driver’s license number online for free. Sadly, you cannot do so. Even for a fee, there is no way that you can retrieve your driver’s license number online.
The main reason it isn’t available online is because of the possibility of identity theft.

Visit the DMV Office

It will be easy to fake your identity over the internet. So, you will either have to visit the office, ask for a written request, or give the DMV a call.

Have the Secondary Documents Ready

Whatever you choose, expect a stringent verification process. They will ask for secondary documents, including social security number. 

Check the Driver’s License Status Online

There are other things that you can do online. For instance, you can check your driver’s license status online. Doing so requires providing pertinent information, including your license number, full name, date of birth, and social security number.

Doing so will let you know if you have pending tickets or if your license has been reinstated following a suspension.

Again, how to find your driver’s license number? To find your 9-digit driver’s license number, check the top of your permit or non-driver ID. Note that this number remains the same even when you change your ID.

How to Get a Driver’s License Number 

Process Depends on the Agency

If you don’t have a license number yet, then you should work on getting one. The process can vary depending on the requirements of your state’s agency responsible for vehicle and driver registration. 

Requirements Vary for Citizens, Immigrants, and Students

You have to apply for a license to get your driver’s license number. It will have varying steps depending on the applicant. For instance, the requirements are different for citizens, immigrants, and students. 

Start by Getting a Learner’s Permit

Generally speaking, you will start by getting a learner’s permit. This is your license as a student driver. You will need to read a handbook and pass an exam.

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Pass the Qualifications and Driver Exam

You also need to pass the qualifications, such as the minimum age requirement. Proof of identity and residency can also be required before you can finally take the test. 

Aside from the driver’s exam, you also need to pass a vision test. If you failed the test, you would need to get glasses or contact lenses, depending on the recommendations following the evaluation. After completing the requirements, you can now study and practice. 

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Complete the Application

Once you are confident in your driving skills, you can schedule a test. Complete the application, submit the documentary requirements, pay a fee, take the exam, and pass the practical driving test. Once done, you will be issued a license, which will contain your driver’s license number. 

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Frequently Asked Questions – Finding a Driver’s License Number

how to find my driver's license number online for free

What Is a Driver’s License Number?

Upon issuing a driver’s license, you will receive a unique identifying number on the license. Other details printed on the license include full name and birth date.

The social security number can be your driver’s license number in some states. Although, in most cases, the two are different. 

How Does a Driver’s License Number Look Like? 

While it is a string of numbers and letters, the specific format will depend on the state where you are from. Here is a quick look at some of the formats in the ten largest states by population in the US: 

  • California: One letter and seven numbers 
  • Texas: Seven to eight numbers 
  • Florida: One letter and 12 numbers 
  • New York: One letter and seven numbers, one letter and 18 numbers, eight to nine numbers, 16 numbers, eight letters 
  • Pennsylvania: Eight numbers 
  • Illinois: One letter and 11 to 12 numbers 
  • Ohio: One letter and four to eight numbers, two letters and three to seven numbers, eight numbers 
  • Georgia: Seven to nine numbers
  • North Carolina: One to 12 numbers
  • Michigan: One letter and ten numbers, one letter and 12 numbers 

Can I Find My Driver’s License Number Online? 

No, you cannot find your driver’s license number online. Some third-party websites may claim that they can provide such to you for free or at a fee.

Nonetheless, the safest way to obtain it is to go through your old records, call your insurer, or contact DMV through phone, mail, or in-person visit. 

You will find several websites advertising their services for retrieving driver’s license numbers by providing pertinent information, such as social security numbers. Avoid them at all costs, as they can steal your identity.

Is the Driver’s License Number the Same As the Social Security Number? 

The answer to this question depends on where you are living. The driver’s license number and social security number are the same in some states. Some will either display the driver’s license number as the social security number or include the latter on the license.

What Do the Driver’s License Numbers Mean? 

Most driver’s license numbers are generated randomly, so they are meaningless strings of numbers and letters. However, the number could also reflect your birthday’s month, day, and date, depending on your state. It can also include the year of the license issuance and the first three letters of your name. 

In Closing

Thinking about how to find a driver’s license number without a card? As mentioned above, here are some of the things that you can do:

  1. Check your records
  2. Contact your auto insurer
  3. Go to the DMV office
  4. Request through mail
  5. Call the DMV office

Sadly, you will not be able to find your driver’s license online. The DMV’s website does not currently support requests for the issuance of the license number. Nonetheless, there are some things that you can check online, such as the status of your driver’s license.

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