Hybrid Motorcycle Defined [And the 8 Best Hybrid Motorcycles]

Hybrid cars have been popular in the auto industry in the past years. On the other hand, motorcycles have a long way to go before fully adopting the hybrid revolution. What is a hybrid motorcycle? What are some of the best hybrid motorcycles today? 

A hybrid motorcycle uses a mix of gas and electricity to power its system. It is expensive for manufacturers to implement, which is why you do not see it often. The benefits include minimal fuel consumption and reduction of emissions, making it good for the environment. 

Below are some examples of hybrid motorcycles: 

  1. Kawasaki Hybrid Motorcycle
  2. Honda PCX 
  3. Piaggio Mp3 Hybrid Motorcyle-Scooter
  4. Logos Technologies SilentHawk Hybrid Motorcycle
  5. IZH-1 Hybrid Motorcycle 
  6. Furion M1 Hybrid 
  7. Schneider Electric Hybrid Motorcycle 
  8. Eko ET-120 Hybrid 

Read on to learn more about hybrid motorcycles and some of the top models. 

Hybrid Motorcycle Defined 

hybrid motorcycle
Piaggio Mp3 Hybrid Motorcyle-Scooter

Like hybrid cars, hybrid motorcycles have two main sources of power – gas, and electricity. With its dual system, it delivers efficient electric power and a convenient combustion engine. The rider has the option to choose the fuel to use depending on the drive conditions. 

A hybrid motorcycle has a gasoline engine and an electric motor. They work independently or together, allowing the motorcycle to run. It burns less gasoline to increase fuel economy and uses electric power to boost performance. 

Today, while there is a clamor for hybrid in the car market, it is a different story for motorcycles. Honda and Piaggio have introduced their respective models, but none made a strong impact. Kawasaki is also working on similar technology, but we are yet to see how it fares. 

Benefits of Hybrid Motorcycles 

Hybrid may not be the trend in today’s motorcycles, but we expect a bright future for this technology. Here are some of the compelling benefits of this incredible technology: 

1. Better Fuel Economy 

This is the most popular benefit of hybrid cars and motorcycles. The addition of a battery utilizes another source of power, minimizing the dependence on expensive fuel. It is a great way to lessen the cost of your commute. 

2. Fewer Emissions 

When a motorcycle relies less on fuel for power, it generates fewer emissions. This is a great move to help curb air pollution. It is a small step to creating a cleaner environment that will benefit future generations. 

3. Tax Benefits 

This will depend on the place where you live. In many places, there is a tax incentive for using hybrid cars. We assume that you can enjoy the same benefits when you are using a hybrid motorcycle. 

4. Runs Quietly 

When the hybrid motorcycle runs on gas, it is loud as a conventional motorcycle. On the other hand, if it runs on electricity, it will be quieter. This is a great way to minimize noise pollution while also appreciating your scenic drives better. 

5. Made Using Light Materials 

Similar to hybrid cars, the construction of hybrid motorcycles requires lighter materials. In turn, they will need less energy to run. You can conserve significant energy by having a lightweight body that won’t require too much from the engine. 

The Best Hybrid Motorcycles 

Many of the hybrid motorcycles today remain nothing but concepts. They appear to be good on paper, but we have yet to test how they will fare in the real world. Nonetheless, some manufacturers have also produced their respective hybrids, but they were not successful globally. 

Below, we’ll have a quick look at some of the hybrid motorcycles, including those that have already been made and those that remain product concepts:

1. Kawasaki Hybrid Motorcycle 

While we have yet to see the physical product, Kawasaki has been actively filing patents for their hybrid motorcycle. They even have a teaser video, which shows how this model is slowly taking shape. 

For more than a decade, Kawasaki has been developing a fully electric bike. Until now, however, it still has no plans for its public production. Instead, they focus on creating a hybrid motorcycle, which combines gas and electric engines. They want to deliver better performance and fuel economy without a bulky battery. 

The electric motor of the hybrid they are developing generates zero emissions. It will be useful for countries that will require green transportation in the future. Nonetheless, the motorcycle will still incorporate an internal combustion engine for better range and performance despite its clean power. 

Most people will enjoy Kawasaki’s hybrid motorcycle is the familiar riding experience that it offers. You can shift the transmission using your foot and operate the clutch with your hand. With this, there is no need for too much adjustment for motorcycle riders. 

2. Honda PCX

No other manufacturer has motorcycle models as diverse as Honda. Unsurprisingly, the company is also amongst the first to tap hybrid technology in their moto. It is available only in Japan.

The exclusive hybrid system that you will find in this scooter uses a high-output battery for reliable power. It will boost torque up to 36% and increase horsepower by up to 15%. It comes with a 48-volt lithium-ion battery that fits on the 23-liter luggage box. 

More so, it has an alternating current generator, which works with the motorcycle’s 124cc engine. 

It also offers two motor modes. Pick one that is most suitable for the terrain conditions or the type of ride that you expect. D Mode enhances fuel economy, which is best for a relaxing ride. Meanwhile, S Mode enhances performance, which is ideal for rougher conditions. 

Another thing worth commending in the Honda PCX is its exterior. It is sure to be a head-turner. With flowing and suave lines, the aesthetic is one thing that makes it exceptional. The lights and the seat are also well-designed, adding to the premium feel of the motorcycle. 

3. Piaggio MP3 Hybrid Motorcyle-Scooter

The Piaggio MP3 Hybrid is the first plug-in hybrid scooter and one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles ever built. With a consumption of 141 mpg, it is a great way to save money while also minimizing environmental impacts. It has a parallel hybrid system, which is the same technology as Toyota Prius. 

Nonetheless, one thing that makes it different from traditional hybrid motorcycles is that it has three wheels. Despite such, it does not compromise power. Thanks to its 125cc four-stroke engine and electric motor, the performance is top-notch. 

When you plug the battery into a standard outlet, it will take only three hours to charge it fully. It also has a hybrid charge mode, which allows the battery to recharge upon braking and deceleration. 

4. Logos Technologies Silent Hawk Hybrid Motorcycle 

bike motorcycle hybrid

Logos Technologies and Alta Motors were recipients of government grants to help in its development of hybrid motorcycles. The Small Business Innovation Research Award of the Defense, Advanced Research Projects Agency received a significant amount to design a hybrid motorbike for special military operations.

The main idea behind the creation of this motorcycle is for special-ops teams to breeze past enemies and organize stealth raids. This is possible because of the silent electric engine. At the same time, they also want a motorcycle that can go at high speeds for its important missions, which can be done with a gas-powered engine. 

At its base, the SilentHawk Motorcycle will have the body of Red Shift MX. The latter is a 250-pound all-electric motorcycle sold at $15,000. They plan to retrofit it with a quieter and multi-fuel engine that will handle the demand of military tasks. 

Creators of this hybrid motorcycle emphasize being stealthy over being efficient. A silent motorcycle is a must-have to prevent the enemies from detecting them. It would be useful in conducting lightning-fast raids. 

5. IZH-1 Hybrid Motorcycle 

This was a concept released in 2012. Almost a decade after, it did not turn into reality. Nonetheless, it has promising features. It was created by Igor Chak, who was 26 years old at that time. 

With a 140hp engine, the motorcycle promises an epic performance. To add, it has a self-regulating engine, which is important for better fuel economy. The engine can be fitted with either an automatic or six-speed manual transmission. 

It has a plethora of innovative features that make it a notch over other bikes. For instance, it has three modes – manual, comfort, and sport. The motorcycle also comes with two airbags. Plus, it has a GPS navigation system. 

6. Furion M1 Hybrid 

A concept from an unpopular French motorcycle maker, the Furion, is expected to be available in the market in 2021. It started as an ambitious concept, but the company worked hard to make it a reality. 

From its first appearance at the 24 Hours of Le Mans Motorcycles, the design has been through several iterations. As a result of comprehensive research and development, the company found ways to improve its concept, making the motorcycle more competitive. 

The unit uses a 750cc Yamaha gasoline block and an electric motor. The motor does not use neodymium magnets, making it good for the environment. 

7. Schneider Electric Hybrid Motorcycle

This motorcycle is the result of a collaboration between Schneider Electric and Orange County Choppers. It is a V-twin hybrid motorcycle, which is the first of its kind. It has excellent range and top speed while delivering great energy efficiency. 

When the motorcycle runs in electric mode, its power source is the A123 battery pack. When full, the battery has a range of up to 40 miles. In this mode, the rear motor powers the rear wheel. On the other hand, it has an engine that spins the front motor in the IC mode. 

Another thing worth highlighting is that the production process for this motorcycle took only 60 days. From the sketch to the creation of the prototype, everything was ready within two months. 

8. Eko ET-120 Hybrid

hybrid motorcycles

It has a gas-powered and electric motor that combines the best of both worlds for performance and efficiency. While Eko is a small motorcycle manufacturer from India, they have been making a name in recent years because of their positive environmental impacts. 

One of the highlights of this hybrid motorcycle is its 70cc petrol engine. The latter has a power and torque equivalent that you can expect in a 120cc engine. It runs in three engine modes – electric, petrol, and hybrid. 

More than the amazing technical specifications, this hybrid motorcycle is also loved because of its aesthetic. Aside from its appearance, it is also affordable. 

Hybrid Motorcycles Are Rare

For years, cars have been utilizing hybrid technology. In contrast, motorcycle makers are too slow to adopt. We cannot blame them. Aside from not having enough demand, they do not feel the pressure coming from the government and other authorities.

Many governments impose fuel economy standards. Through Corporate Average Fuel Economy, companies can legally make and sell fuel-hungry vehicles without penalties. However, they must also have fuel-efficient models. There is no such standard in motorcycles.

Not to mention, a lot of people are still skeptical about hybrid vehicles. Because using electric power along with a diesel engine, it might compromise performance. A hybrid motorcycle may not be as capable as its conventional counterpart in rugged terrains or tough environments. 

Nonetheless, we expect to see a change in the coming years. One of the reasons for this is that electric motorcycles have slow recharging times and range limitations, among other problems. With these issues, manufacturers are more inclined to offer two power sources instead of relying on one. 

Conclusion – Hybrid Motorcycle

A hybrid motorcycle uses both gas and electricity as its power source. This means that it can run on conventional fuel or source its power from a battery. It delivers plenty of benefits, such as minimal fuel consumption and reduction of emissions.

Hybrid isn’t the norm in today’s motorcycles. While this is an innovation that many car manufacturers are embracing, motorcycle makers are slow to catch up. They do not see high demand, so they do not feel pressured to participate in the hybrid revolution. 

What is the best hybrid motorcycle? The 8 best hybrid motorcycles are as follows:

  1. Kawasaki Hybrid Motorcycle
  2. Honda PCX 
  3. Piaggio Mp3 Hybrid Motorcyle-Scooter
  4. Logos Technologies SilentHawk Hybrid Motorcycle
  5. IZH-1 Hybrid Motorcycle 
  6. Furion M1 Hybrid 
  7. Schneider Electric Hybrid Motorcycle 
  8. Eko ET-120 Hybrid 

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