Hyundai Digital Key for iPhone – How Does It Work?

Modern Hyundai vehicles’ nifty features these days are their digital keys. These keys essentially let you turn on the ignition using your phone. Now, how does the Hyundai digital key for iPhone work?

Hyundai’s digital key system allows the owner to remotely unlock and start their car’s engine using their smartphone. This replaces the need for a physical key. You can download it on your Android phone. Up to four different authorized persons can then use it. This is new to Hyundai cars and the entire auto industry in general.

Read on to learn more about the Hyundai digital key system and how it works.

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Hyundai Digital Key – How Does It Work?

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As the name suggests, the Hyundai digital key system lets the vehicle owner unlock the doors digitally. They can even start the engine remotely using their smartphone. If your Hyundai car comes with this system, you need to meet specific requirements to set it up.

Here is what you need to set up your Hyundai Digital Key:

  • Compatible Android smartphone – Does the Hyundai Digital Key work with iPhone? No, it does not currently work with iOS devices. It also seems like Hyundai will not be pursuing the iOS version of the app. Meanwhile, you can still use the included card key with the vehicle. This is if you don’t want to switch devices.
  • The smartphone needs to run on Android 7.0 or higher – This is just for formalities’ sake. Most Android phones today have the latest OS already pre-installed.
  • The phone has to support Bluetooth 4.0 or newer – Again, if you have a smartphone no more than two years old, this should not be a problem.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) support – You can still use the Digital Key feature if your phone does not have NFC support. However, it will be limited.
  • A MyHyundai account enrolled in the Hyundai Digital Key service is essential because the car and your phone will communicate through the app. If you already have a MyHyundai account, ensure your Hyundai vehicle is on the supported list.

If you have everything (or almost everything covered), you need to set up your digital key app. This is quite simple as you need to follow the prompts and enter the necessary information.

How Do You Pair Your Hyundai Digital Key?

You should set up your phone, so your car recognizes it as the primary key. Do this every time you change phones. Remember this procedure if you are the type who changes phones more than once a year:

  1. Sit inside the vehicle with your smartphone on and open the Digital Key app.
  2. Start your vehicle using the included key fob.
  3. Tap the “+” icon to put the phone in “pairing mode.”
  4. If your phone supports wireless charging, place it on the wireless charging pad. The phone will pair with the car automatically.
  5. If you have a vehicle with a navigation system, push the following sequence on the touchscreen monitor: Setup > Vehicle > Digital Key > Smartphone Key > Select > Save.
  6. If your vehicle does not have a nav system, use the display to guide you through the setup process. You can operate the menu display using the buttons on the steering wheel. Here is the sequence that you need to follow: Digital Key > Smartphone Key > Select > Save

How to Pair and Register the NFC Card Key

Have you successfully paired your smartphone with your car via the Digital Key? Then note that it is still good practice always to carry the Card Key. Smartphones are notorious for running out of juice when you need it the most.

This means having a backup to unlock and start your car is necessary. Also, get a power bank to keep your smartphone charged.

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The Card Key is identical in size and shape to a credit card. In other words, you can safely stow it away in your bag or wallet. However, before you can use the Card Key, you should pair it with the car before you can use it.


  1. Sit inside your vehicle and start the engine using the key fob.
  2. Ensure you turn on your smartphone with the Hyundai Digital Key app. The app also needs to be open.
  3. Navigate the app and tap on the Pair NFC Key Card. You can usually find it in the BLE sub-menu.
  4. Place the Card Key on the wireless charging pad, and the pairing will proceed automatically.
  5. If you have a vehicle with a Navi system, here is the procedure: Setup > Vehicle > Digital Key > NFC Key Card > Save
  6. If yours does not have a Navi system, here is the sequence when using the instrument cluster: Digital Key > NFC Key Card > Save

How to Confirm If the Hyundai Digital Key Pairing Is Correct

hyundai digital key app

After pairing, your smartphone should act as your car’s primary digital key. To confirm, open the Digital Key app on your phone, and your vehicle’s information should be displayed.

To verify the pairing even further, turn off the engine. Exit the vehicle, lock the doors, and walk a couple of meters away.

How to Test the Digital Keyless Entry

You do not need to open the Digital Key app for this. Just get near the car and place your phone near the handle for a second. The phone does not need to touch the vehicle at all. You should hear the door locks disengage and be able to open your door.

Only the driver’s side door will unlock if you haven’t programmed this feature. This is a built-in safety feature that is in almost all modern cars.

Again, what is the Hyundai digital key? The Hyundai Digital Key allows users to access their cars using their smartphones. You can download the app to get a digital key. This technology is new to the industry.

How to Test the Keyless Ignition

Sit inside the car and place your phone on the wireless charging pad. Step on the brakes and push the engine start button. The car’s engine should start effortlessly. Once the engine runs, you can remove the phone from the charger.

How to Share Your Digital Key with Others

Like regular car keys, you can share your Digital Key with three others. The requirements for the Digital Key app are the same as yours. This means the other drivers should also have Android-powered phones:

1. Open the My Hyundai App and Tap on the Digital Key Menu

There is a menu there for Shared Key holders. The list will be blank if you don’t have anyone registered yet.

2. Click “Create Key”

After clicking it, you will be redirected to a webpage. Here, you need to fill in the necessary information to create accounts for the other drivers of the car.

3. Choose to Notify via Email or Notification

If you don’t live in the same house, choose to notify them via a notification on the app. It could also be through an email or text message.

4. Tweak the Restrictions of the Shared Key

There are other fields that you can fill out to tweak the restrictions of the shared key/s. These include an expiration date and an option only to allow the user to unlock the car. If you share the car with your teenage kids, set a time when the keys can operate the vehicle.

This essentially places a curfew on the car. In addition, as the holder of the main digital key, you can revoke any issued shared keys anytime.

Is the Hyundai Digital Key Safe?

Hyundai is to be trusted since the digital key system comes with “high-level security” features. This means the car’s immobilizer will not disengage unless the registered device is within range of the receiver.

The digital key can do all sorts of things, from unlocking the doors to starting the engine. It also provides an option to trigger a panic alert. It is possible to activate all these features through a smartphone’s Bluetooth or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity features.

In addition, because the user data remains safe within the app, sharing keys with family and friends is easy. Also, as mentioned earlier, you can set the Digital Key app to limit the features the other users have.

You can also revoke and deactivate any of the shared keys. For instance, when you loaned your car to a friend for the weekend.

What Are the Possible Issues When Using a Hyundai Digital Key?

hyundai digital key compatible cars

The digital key offers an innovative and convenient way to operate Hyundai vehicles. However, it also has a couple of issues – among which are the following:

1. Security Issues

Unless Hyundai uses military-grade online encryption, there is still a possibility of compromising the app. A wire or a stretched-out clothes hanger can bypass a physical key. With that said, think of how quickly a black hat hacker can hack into your car.

Considering how easily Anonymous successfully hacked into supposedly “secure” government websites, a sedan should not pose a challenge.

2. Works Only for Android Phones

Some people did not also like the digital key system because it only works for Android phones. In North America, a huge chunk of the population uses iOS devices. This means they can’t use this system at all.

This is a huge problem because most iOS users are typically solid operating system fans. You will have a hard time convincing them to switch to Android.

Fortunately, Hyundai provides a complimentary NFC card that they can use instead of the digital key app. However, this also means you can only let one other person borrow the car.

You will be using the original key fob. You can protect the card from illegal skimming and copying by putting it in a protective sleeve.

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How to Keep Your Car Secure

Are you worried that the Digital Key system will not secure your Hyundai vehicle enough? Here are some things you can do to make your vehicle more secure besides the other built-in security features:

1. Always Park in a Well-lit and Highly Visible Area

Make your car a less-attractive target for thieves. They would typically target vehicles that they deem as easy targets. Among these targets are the ones parked in a dark and secluded areas. If you park in a well-lit and highly visible location, the extra layer of difficulty will repel most thieves.

3. Don’t Leave Any Valuables in Your Car

If you have a terrible habit of leaving your laptop bag in your car, you had better change it immediately. Thieves want to break into your vehicle if they see something valuable. Most car break-ins are not even that discreet.

They are usually smash-and-grabs where the thief would shatter the windows. Afterward, they would grab whatever was inside and then run for it.

They usually do not care even if they set off the alarm. They would already be far away by the time you notice it.

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3. Lock the Doors and Close the Windows

This might seem to be common sense. However, you would be surprised how many people do not even bother locking their car doors.

This is especially true when they are parking on their driveway. Car thieves would always check if their targets were unlocked. The reason is that if they were, they would be able to do their “job” quickly.

Conclusion – How Does Hyundai Digital Key for iPhone Work?

Hyundai’s digital key system provides a more convenient way for owners to operate their vehicles. This allows the owner to unlock the doors and start the engine without using the key fob. This system turns your Android smartphone into the main key of your car.

That way, you no longer have to use the included key fob. In addition, you can authorize up to four other people to operate the car.

The digital key system is new to Hyundai vehicles and the rest of the automotive industry. This system might not be the most secure, but the convenience it offers more than makes up for its downsides. Besides, it is not entirely unsecure. It still has additional protective layers.