Icon Toolbox Review

When it comes to heavy-duty storage solutions at an affordable price, only a few can rival the Icon Toolbox. Check this toolbox out if you are thinking of getting a toolbox for your personal or work use. You can also decide on whether it is an excellent choice with the help of this Icon toolbox review.

Icon toolboxes provide an almost perfect combination of economy and quality. These toolboxes are not nearly as expensive as the top brands like Snap-on, and MAC Tools make. However, you can bet that they are just as functional and durable. If you hunt for a quality toolbox that is not so expensive, check out the Icon toolboxes.

Read on to learn more about the Icon Toolbox, its features and specs, pros and cons, and everything else you should know. That way, you can decide if this toolbox is the right one for you.

Icon Toolbox Review: Some Notable Qualities

Icon Toolbox Review

Icon’s toolboxes were made with the working man in mind. Harbor Freight made these boxes to provide a safe storage solution for a tradesperson’s precious tools. You will be getting the same or nearly identical quality as that of the top brands.

The following are just a few of the qualities and features you can expect from Icon Toolbox:

1. High-quality at an Affordable Price

Yes, Icon toolboxes are more expensive than US General. However, note that they are still thousands of dollars cheaper than Snap-on and other popular brands. They did not skimp out from the design to the quality of materials used in the manufacturing process. 

Although these toolboxes are in the mid-range in terms of price point, Icon toolboxes are undoubtedly on top. This is especially true when we talk of functionality and durability.

2. Top-notch Durability

As most mechanics will tell you, it’s not the toolbox that makes them money but the tools. Icon toolboxes understand that sentiment perfectly. It is the reason why they promise that they will protect your tools from damage. The toolbox can keep them organized and ensure that they are safe from theft. 

Whatever environment you work in, you can be sure that all your tools are safe and sound.

3. Same Quality as the Top Brands

Sure, toolboxes from Mac and Snap-on are among the best that money can buy, but they are also costly. What’s great about Icon toolboxes is that you’ll get almost the same quality as the major brands but at a low price. Icon toolboxes can give brands like Snap-on and Mac a run for their money in performance and looks.

4. Comes with the Harbor Freight Seal of Approval

Harbor Freight, which owns the Icon brand, ensured that all products in their stores met their stringent qualifications. Although the Icon toolboxes were manufactured overseas, they still needed to get through their strict quality checkers. This is before they ever go on sale. 

Also, the design process was completely from stateside. That way, you will not be getting some shoddily-made toolbox like with other cheap brands. In addition, Harbor Freight has teams of people overseeing overseas manufacturing to prevent cutting corners. 

If you receive an item with factory defects, Harbor Freight will refund the full amount. Alternatively, they may replace your toolbox with a brand-new one – a toolbox without any defects whatsoever. 

5. Excellent Attention to Details

Harbor Freight is also the owner of the US General brand of toolboxes. Although they are some of the most affordable, they still have a couple of shortcomings. Icon toolboxes took note of the issues that US General has, and they eliminated them. They also made a lot of improvements to their designs. 

Among the things that Icon improved upon are the drawer handles and latches that keep the drawers closed. The handles are much easier to use. They also look a lot better, and the latches work smoother.

You can find more info and reviews on this homecarezen.com article here: Icon Toolbox Review.

Who Makes Icon Toolbox?

Harbor Freight Owns and Operates Icon Tools

Harbor Freight owns and operates Icon Tools, which is the official brand of Icon Toolboxes. It is one of the biggest tool retailers in the country, with more than 1,200 stores in 48 states.

Allan and Eric Smidt Operated Harbor Freight

In 1977, father-son duo Allan and Eric Smidt founded and operated Harbor Freight and Salvage in North Hollywood. The company first operated from a small building. Their primary service back then was a mail-order tool retailer that dealt in returned merchandise.

Harbor Freight Became Harbor Freight Tools

In just a couple of years, the company grew exponentially, and it changed its name to Harbor Freight Tools. In 1985, Eric Smidt became the president of the company. He was just 25 years old back then, and in 1999, he became the CEO.

Does Harbor Freight manufacture the Icon toolboxes? No, just like Home Depot, Lowes, and other big-box retail companies, Harbor Freight is not an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). The company sub-contracts the manufacturing of Icon toolboxes to a manufacturer in Taiwan. It is the reason why Icon toolboxes can keep their prices competitive.

Where Are Icons Tools Made?

Best Features of the Icon Toolbox

harbor freight icon toolbox review

Aside from its competitive price and aesthetics, Icon toolboxes have several features that make this professional-grade storage solution more valuable:

1. Heavy-duty Drawer Slides

Compared to the drawers’ slides used in US General, Icon toolboxes are significantly beefier and stronger. You can confidently load the drawers with hundreds of pounds of tools. They will slide in and out of the toolbox like butter.

Adjustable Retention Latches

The drawer slides also come with adjustable retention latches that will hold the drawers securely. Even if you transport your toolbox, you don’t have to worry about the drawers flying open. You don’t have to get too stressed out about your tools spilling out.

Steel Bands

Steel bands positioned underneath also reinforce the drawers. This prevents the sheet metal from bowing from the weight of the tools. Each drawer is 265 pounds, which is a lot more than what most people put in their toolboxes. It also means that the drawers will not get stuck.

2. Secure Locking System

If you are sharing a working space with other people, you need to keep your tools secure. This is important, especially if you have co-workers who like to “borrow” your tools when you are not looking. That is not a problem with the advanced locking system used by Icon toolboxes. One twist of the key and will lock the drawers in place.

These also come with heavy-duty latches. They will be quite difficult to pry open even if you are using a crowbar.

3. Slide-out Work Surfaces

Some Icon toolboxes also have a built-in worktop. This will come in handy when you work on location and do not have access to a workbench. This worksurface works pretty much like how the drawers do. This allows you to hide it away when you are not using it.

4. Near-unlimited Expansion Possibilities

Icon toolboxes have modular designs, which means you can stack or set them side-by-side to create your storage system. There are different configurations of toolboxes that you can put together to make them adapt to your ever-changing needs. For instance, you can purchase end cabinets or top chests to expand your toolbox’s storage capacity.

5. Durable Frame

The secret to the Icon toolboxes’ sturdiness and strength are their double-wall and steel frames. The inner panels use 18-gauge steel for their material. This makes them capable of carrying the weight of the drawers and the hundreds of pounds of tools stored within.

In addition, the toolbox’s frame includes corner brackets, which add to its structural integrity. These brackets prevent the toolbox from twisting and getting distorted from the weight of all its carried tools. All of these also use durable and scratch-resistant powder coating for their finish.

6. Built-in Power Strips

Icon toolboxes do not just provide storage but also charge your power tools while keeping them inside. Icon toolboxes have built-in power strips with surge protectors. This means that you can recharge your power tools’ batteries or phone. You can even plug in a laptop from your toolbox. 

The power strip also comes with two fast-charging USB ports for your smartphones, tablets, and laptops. 

7. Strong and Durable Casters

At the base of every Icon toolbox are high-capacity casters. The casters are rated at 2,000 pounds each. This means that even if you fill the toolbox, you can still push it around your workshop easily.

The casters also have locking brakes, allowing them to stay put at one corner of your workplace if needed.

These are only some of the many features that Icon toolboxes have. It is much better to check them out in person so that you can see how great these products are.

Again, what do the Icon Toolboxes provide? For a lower price, you can get functional, sturdy, and durable storage with Icon Toolboxes. These toolboxes are more affordable than top brands, including Snap-on and MAC Tools.

Pros and Cons of the Icon Toolbox

harbor freight icon tool box

As great as the Icon toolbox is, it does have its share of issues. You should learn about these issues so that you can make an even more informed decision:


1. Strong Drawers and Drawer Slides

The drawer slides are typically the weakest links. However, you will not think that when you see the ones used in Icon toolboxes. Each pair is capable of carrying more than 250 pounds of weight. That way, you can confidently load them with as many tools as you can fit inside the drawer.

2. Durable Materials and Sturdy Construction

Despite the competitive price, Icon toolboxes boast of their high level of craftsmanship. 

3. Adjustable Drawer Slides

Aside from being strong, the drawers slide also has a feature that lets you adjust how loose or tight the drawers are. 


1. Assembly Is a Bit Complicated

If you are not careful during the assembly and installation, aligning the doors of the toolbox will be hard. If the sides are ever so lightly twisted, you will find it impossible to close the doors completely.

2. Some Drawers Seem Like They Are Stuck

This may indicate that the manufacturer did not apply enough grease to your toolbox’s drawer slides. This is why you cannot easily open some drawers unless you use a good amount of force.

Conclusion – Icon Toolbox Review

If you are looking for a toolbox that provides a good mix of quality and economy, you’d love Icon toolboxes. Unlike Snap-on and Mac tools toolboxes, the ones that Icon offers are not nearly as expensive.

However, the quality and functionality are still on par with the top brands. If you’re looking for a high-quality toolbox that will not break the bank, you should consider getting an Icon toolbox.

The toolbox is not the one making you money. The tools inside them do. That said, there is little reason to buy a toolbox that is costlier than the cumulative value of your tools. Get an Icon toolbox so you can save money while providing your tools with the protection that they deserve.

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