Is Driving Hard? Tips to Make Driving Easier

Most people who take their driving test for the first time do not pass. Most people, though, eventually pass their driving tests within three tries. Is driving hard?

It appears that most people find driving to be complicated. However, it becomes easier as they practice their driving skills and drive more often. If they continue driving, it will become second nature to most people.

Many things make driving difficult for new drivers. For instance, it is tough to master gears’ shifting, judge the right time to change and merge lanes, and guess whether the other driver will allow you to enter the lane.

Read on to learn if driving is hard, why, and how to make it easier.

Is Driving Hard?

is driving hard

It appears that the majority of people find driving difficult. However, it becomes easier as they do it more often and practice their newly learned driving skills. Like most things, driving is hard until you know to do it well. Eventually, as you drive more often, driving will become second nature. 

What makes driving difficult for those who are just learning it is estimating the time and distance required to change and merge lanes, guessing whether the other driver will let you in their lane, turning on your blinkers, and slowing down the vehicle.

However, once you can clock in a good number of mileages, you will find driving easier. Even as a beginner, some ways will make driving easier that can increase your chances of passing your practical test.

Don’t compare yourself with somebody who can quickly learn to drive at a faster rate. You’ll just be frustrated with yourself. Just concentrate on your driving lessons, and you will be at the same skill level as that faster learner at some point in time.

You also may feel anxious driving a vehicle if you have figured in a car accident. It’s good to note that almost every driver has their share of car mishaps, either big or small.

So, don’t let that sorry experience define your driving career. Just figure out where you are weak and work on it, and you’ll be able to overcome it.

Why Is Driving Difficult?

Even some drivers who have been driving for some time find it challenging to drive at times, what more for a beginning driver. It is, therefore, helpful to know why.

Here are some reasons why driving can be difficult for some people:

1. Distractions on the Road

Driving is very easy if the road is clean and there are no distractions. Unfortunately, is there any road or street in the city or on the highway that does not have any other vehicles running or things that are not supposed to be there?

It would be best if you focus your mind on your driving. However, with so many distractions, how can you? So, no matter how you wish it to be, you will always meet and encounter distractions on the road as you drive, especially on a bustling city street.

You should accept this fact and be ready for them if you want to be a competent driver.

2. Driver Lacks the Basic Knowledge

Driving your vehicle itself takes time to master. It would be best if you had ample time to learn the basics of how a car runs and then spend time learning how to drive it. You must remember many things when driving a car on a busy street or highway.

You need to have an excellent working knowledge of the basics of a motorized vehicle, how to drive it efficiently, and how to interact with other drivers on the road. Internalizing all this knowledge and information is essential before you can drive safely. And that isn’t easy.

3. Busy Streets

Driving is easy if you are alone driving on the street. Unfortunately, that can’t happen unless you are driving alone on a very remote road that other drivers do not frequently use. Streets are busy because many drivers are using the road simultaneously.

Again, you must accept that to become a safe and good driver; you must learn how to share the road with other drivers. Streets, roads, and highways are not expanding as fast as the number of vehicles and drivers sharing them.

So, inevitably, road sharing is here to stay. That means it will be more challenging to drive as time passes on. It will stay that way even with the advent of autonomous vehicles. The best way to handle this is to sharpen your driving skills no matter what situation you encounter on the road.

4. Difficulty in Using the Clutch

Most cars today have automatic transmissions. That makes driving easier because you no longer need to use the clutch to change gears faster or slower. However, driving becomes more difficult if you still use a vehicle with a manual transmission.

5. Environment

How can the environment affect the ease of driving? Just look at this situation. If you are driving facing the sun at its brightest peak, will it be easy or difficult to drive? You bet it will be tough because your vision is impaired.

In like manner, driving at night while it’s raining cats and dogs is not easy. It won’t be easy to see a few feet ahead of you. So, that makes driving difficult. You should be prepared and know what to do in these situations, or else you will be hitting something hard or someone else.

Again, is driving hard? Most people friend driving difficult, but with lessons, practice, and time, you’ll find driving manageable.

What Does Confidence Play in Making Driving Easy?

is driving hard to learn

Understanding how confidence is necessary for making driving easy or difficult is also essential.

Suppose you lack confidence in your driving maneuvering abilities, knowledge of the road, and how to share the road with other drivers. In that case, you will undoubtedly lack confidence in your driving ability.

One point in driving tests is that the person who approves your application can see if you have enough confidence to drive correctly and safely on the road. So, before applying for a test, practice driving a lot of times so you can build enough confidence.

The best way to build your confidence is by putting into your heart and mind the theory of driving and practicing it as often as possible before taking a driving test. While you are starting to learn, everything will seem to be very difficult.

But stay with it; pretty soon, you will get that hang of it, as they say. Just think that every good driver has to start not knowing anything about driving. It’s not only you.

What Can I Do to Make Driving Easier?

There are some measures that you can take to make it easier for you to drive. If you follow these tips, you will undoubtedly feel more confident as you sit behind the wheel to drive:

1. Take Defensive Driving Lessons

One of the best ways to build your driving confidence is to take a defensive driving course. The lessons you will learn therein will increase your awareness and ability to act accordingly to difficult road situations that you can’t learn independently.

You can even get a discount on your car insurance if the insurance company knows you are a holder of such a defensive driving course.

2. Plan Your Route

If you plan the route to your destination, your driving will be much easier. You will be able to anticipate the twists and turns of the road to where you want are going. No surprises like one-way streets, roadblocks, or unexpected traffic will make driving more difficult.

By knowing the route you will take, you won’t be so bothered by checking with your phone if the road you are taking is correct. That would reduce your mistakes and your stress.

3. Avoid Distractions

One of the common distractions you can encounter on the road is not debris on the road. It is your cellphone. It is very tempting to answer your phone if someone texts you. You will want to text back if the message is essential.

Some have suggested not to bring your phone while driving or at least put it off when you are busy at the wheel. Even if you are using your car speakerphone, it is still very distracting. You should always be focused solely on the road ahead.

4. Don’t Drive in Rush-Hour Traffic If You Can

Driving in rush-hour traffic is very stressful. It will be challenging even if you have been driving for years. The streets and roads are more congested. Your fellow drivers will use their driving tricks to get past the traffic so they can get home early.

Driving is more difficult during rush hour traffic. Since you are in the middle of this traffic, you will be driving the same way. Try not to join them and drive home right after rush-hour traffic or shortly before.

5. Use Sunglasses

Keep a pair of sunglasses in your glove box. They are helpful on bright and sunny days. If your car is tinted, they are not much needed. However, it would be best if you had something to protect your eyes once you get out of your car and into the sunlight.

6. Find the Best Driving Position

Your driving will be much easier and less tiring if you sit in the right position and distance from the steering wheel and the pedals. If you are uncomfortable in your position, that can be considered a distraction. Make sure that you are comfortable while driving.

7. Keep Hydrated and Bring Along Some Snacks

Bring water, soda, and some snacks if you are on an extended trip. Your drive will be easier and less boring if you have something to drink when thirsty and munch when hungry.

Or you can pull over at an eatery along the road. This could also give you some respite from the long drive that you are doing. This is one thing you need to do on an extended trip.

8. Get Enough Rest

Don’t go on a long drive if you are not fully rested. Having adequate rest the night before taking a long trip is essential. Your attention will be sharp, and your focus will be more concentrated with good rest.

Will Time Make Driving Easier?

is driving hard or easy

Don’t get frustrated if you can’t get the hang of driving earlier in the game. With enough time and ample experience, driving will get easier. Being at the wheel for plenty of time will expose you to all driving situations.

If you put more mileage into your driving, it will be harder for you to stay a novice. Insurance companies know this because they reduce the cost of car insurance for older drivers. They know that drivers become more confident as they age.

In Closing

It seems that to most people, driving is difficult. However, as they continue driving and do it more often, it becomes easier. Eventually, driving becomes second nature to those who initially find it hard to do.

It is for new drivers that driving is difficult. This is due to several factors, such as shifting gears, judging the time and distance required to change and merge lanes, and guessing what the other drivers will do as you try to enter a lane. But with constant practice, these things become easier.