Is It Worth Buying a Used Lexus or Other Luxury Car?

You are not wrong in owning a luxury car because it offers prestige, elegance, and style. Even a used Lexus can provide lavish amenities. But is it worth buying a used Lexus or other luxury cars?

It is definitely worth your money to buy a used Lexus because you are getting both luxury and value. This car can stand the test of time more than any other luxury car brand.

Kelly Blue Book estimates that 42.2% of a 2015 Lexus value is retained even when it is already 5 years old.

There is always a larger and wider selection of used cars within everyone’s price range than brand new cars. This is also true concerning luxury cars. Due to the depreciation rate of new cars, it is possible to buy a used Lexus, whatever model, affordable.

Read on to learn more if a used Lexus or other luxury car is worth your money and if they are still reliable and safe.

Is It Worth Buying a Used Lexus or Other Luxury Car?

is it worth buying a used Lexus

Buying a used Lexus is definitely worth it because of its luxury and value. Also, a Lexus can stand the test of time as compared to other luxury cars. Kelly Blue Books states that a 2015 Lexus will retain around 42.2% of its value even if it’s five years old.

The worth of a used Lexus can be best summed up by the assessment made by Kelley Blue Book about this luxury car. In KBB’s estimate, a 2015 Lexus can retain 42.2% of its original value even when it is already 5 years old.

If you consider that brand new cars lose 30% of their value in their first year, KBB’s estimate means that the 2015 Lexus only loses 7% of its value per year. That depreciation rate is meager compared to other cars sold on today’s market, whether brand new or used.

If you’re searching for a pre-owned car, you will find that there is always a larger and wider selection within your budget than you would if you are looking for a brand new car.

And due to the car’s depreciation in its previous years, it is not difficult to find a luxury car of whatever make and model that has a much more affordable price.

Is it worth buying a used Lexus? When you buy a used Lexus, you are buying both luxury and value. This car can stand the test of time better than any other luxury car brand. So, a used Lexus, whatever model year, is definitely worth your money.

But How Reliable Are Used Lexus?

The Lexus brand has gained popularity because of many reasons:

1. Dependable

One of the reasons is the car’s dependability. Lexus has consistently excelled in this area.

2. Ranked No. 1 in Respected Ranking Sites

It has ranked number one in respected ranking sites such as Edmunds, J.P. Power, Auto Express, and many more.

This luxury car managed a clean sweep of the major awards in the Car of the Year Awards 2020.

3. Obtained the Top Spot on a Reliability Survey

On a reliability survey, Lexus grabbed the top spot for five-year-old cars with a nearly 99% score. For cars from 6 to 15 years old, Lexus garnered a score of 93.1%.

The top three most reliable Lexus models are:

  • GS,
  • RX, and
  • IS.

One of the reasons for its excellent reliability is that this car brand is owned by Toyota, a nameplate known for its high-quality cars.

Another reason is it offers quality features and the latest technology. Thirdly, Toyota’s engines are very reliable and are made with standards higher than other cars in their respective classes.

Is Used Lexus Safe?

The area of safety should also be one of your concerns when buying a used luxury car. In this regard, the Lexus is ahead of other luxury cars in its class.

This is proven not by the brand owner but by third parties independent of the brand, including the following:

1. Safety Score by US News

According to the average safety score released by US News, Lexus was among the top safest car brands.

This rating group uses crash tests conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) to evaluate their reliability.

2. Third-Party Rating in USA Today

Another third-party rating published in USA Today reported that the IIHS Top Safety Picks for 2018 are Lexus IS and the Lexus ES.

3. CBS News

There is another article that came out in CBS News about the same topic. It included the Lexus among the top 4 safest cars that anyone can buy. The car that topped the list is the Lexus RX 350. This car was chosen as number one because it avoided collisions in two tests, at 10 and 25 miles per hour.

Reasons to Buy a Used Lexus

The very first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Lexus’ is luxury. This car has all the most luxurious amenities that will make every ride a wonderful experience. But that is not all the reasons why you should think of buying a used Lexus.

While luxury can be one of the most persuasive things you can think of, there are still other valid reasons for buying a used Lexus:

1. Safety System

used Lexus

Safety is also paramount when you get behind the wheel of a luxury car. Lexus does not just offer the usual anti-lock brakes and airbags.

Every Lexus is equipped with a safety system consisting of several safety features that will give you peace of mind. When you are behind the wheel, you will surely be protected.

2. Pre-Collision System

Every Lexus has a pre-collision system designed to detect and warn the driver if a pedestrian or another car is within the vehicle’s driving path.

This system prepares the brake assist and alerts you with both audible and visual stimuli when it sees that a frontal collision is about to happen.

If you don’t apply the brakes in time, the car’s brake assist component will automatically apply the brakes. It will also bring the car to a full stop.

3. Lane Assistance

This is a standard feature of all Lexus models. It will limit the car on the lane that you chose to be on. This system uses a camera that monitors the lines on the road. You can activate your car’s system by moving it into another lane or even just too close to it.

It will warn you through audible and visual stimuli. There is a steering assist feature that comes with this lane departure system. When the system is triggered and doesn’t respond quickly, it will give a slight pull to the steering wheel, leading you to return to your lane.

4. Intelligent High-Beams

Lexus also offers impressive visibility on the road. All Lexus cars have Intelligent High-Beams. They provide you with additional illumination, particularly in dark areas of the road. Ordinary headlights have beams that will not allow you to see detours ahead of you.

When the system detects a dark area, the Intelligent High-Beams will turn on automatically. If the visibility returns to normal, they will switch back to low beams.

5. Dynamic Cruise Control

Ordinary cruise control systems in standard cars can be a hazard during unpredictable circumstances. This is not a problem with the dynamic cruise control of a Lexus car. There is an option for Lexus cars to have dynamic radar adaptive cruise control.

This cruise control comes with a camera and radar designed to sense the car’s distance and speed ahead. The system will adapt to that situation and control Lexus’s speed to maintain a safe following distance.

If the car in front slows down, the system will reduce Lexus’ speed to get too close.

6. Avoid Initial Depreciation

Buying a used luxury car will enable you to avoid its initial depreciation. The first few years of a car’s life are when its value goes considerably south.

7. Enjoy Brand Prestige

The badge on the front and rear of the car matters to most people. Luxury car brands equal prestige because they are not accessible to ordinary car buyers. People don’t look at a Mercedes-Benz or a Lexus the same way they look at a Chevrolet or a Ford.

8. Get to Enjoy Luxury for Less

You will be able to enjoy luxurious features without paying the price. Luxury cars, even pre-owned ones, still have the nicest interiors and tech features that most affordable cars don’t have. You get these luxuries and amenities for less with a used luxury vehicle.

9. Used Luxury Cars Are Still Dependable

Car companies specially made luxury cars. Every part and every component has to justify its original price point. In other words, luxury cars consist of high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship.

Even when used, you can still rely on them to get you anywhere you want to go without any trouble. It is a smart move to buy a used luxury car.

Again, is it worth buying a used Lexus or other luxury cars? Buying a used luxury car like Lexus will not only give you luxury but also value.

For example, Lexus can stand the test of time, according to its users and third-party reviewers. A 2015 Lexus maintain around 42.2% of its value even after 5 years.

What Used Lexus Models to Buy?

Lexus was one of the few luxury cars that Consumer Reports has included in its list of the best-used cars that can be bought under $20,000. It recommended four different Lexus car models.

What are these Lexus cars?

1. Lexus 2011 LS

This is the oldest Lexus among the three is a 2011 model. But it offers some of the most luxurious features of cars in its time. An example is its optional radar-based cruise control system.

A brand new LS has a base price of $75,000, while a used one can go for around $14,000. That’s a huge cut, and it still has its luxurious amenities.

2. Lexus 2013 GS

buying a used luxury car

The Lexus 2013 GS is the second used Lexus on the list of Consumer Reports. According to Consumer Reports, this GS model is a re-design of the original GS, making it a real sports sedan. Aside from being sporty, this car also had a luxurious interior typical of Lexus cars.

A brand new Lexus GS is at $51,000, while a used one goes at only $15,000. Another steal this used car is.

3. Lexus 2015 ES

Third, on the list of Consumer Reports for Lexus’ best used to buy is the Lexus 2015 ES. While this is less luxurious than the first two Lexus on the list, it is still more lavish than a Corolla or a Camry.

It doesn’t have many features that are in the GS. But it will only set you back $17,000 for a used 2015 ES. The brand new one will cost you $40,000.

4. Lexus 2013 RX

The Lexus 2013 RX also made it on the list of Consumer Reports. It was the only midsize luxury SUV on the list. CR included this car because it offers ease of driving.

It has an interior that is “well-finished,” comfortable, and spacious. CR also gave high marks for its ride comfort and its ability to suppress outside noise.

A brand new Lexus 2013 RX starts at $44,000 while a used one is only around $16,000.

Conclusion: Is It Worth Buying a Used Luxury Car? (E.g., Lexus)

If you buy a used Lexus or other luxury cars, you are getting both value and luxury. So, a used luxury car like Lexus is definitely worth your money. More than any other brand of luxury car, Lexus can stand the test of time.

In assessing the resale value of the 2015 Lexus, Kelly Blue Book stated in one of its reports that this particular luxury car can retain 42.2% of its value even if it is already 5 years old.

Again, here are the reasons why you should buy a used Lexus:

  1. Safety System
  2. Pre-Collision System
  3. Lane Assistance
  4. Intelligent High-Beams
  5. Dynamic Cruise Control
  6. Avoid Initial Depreciation
  7. Enjoy Brand Prestige
  8. Get to Enjoy Luxury for Less
  9. Used Luxury Cars Are Still Dependable

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