Is Parts Geek Legit and Reliable?

Parts Geek supplies all kinds of car parts to consumers. Some say Parts Geek is reliable, but some say it is not. I’ll discuss whether Parts Geek is legit and reliable in this article.

Other people say the consumer rating of Parts Geek based on 1,040 reviews is only 1.28 stars. This indicates that most customers are unsatisfied with their purchases at this auto store. Dissatisfied customers are most frequently complaining about return shipping, customer service, credit card problems, and wrong or parts that do not fit.

However, some customers say that Parts Geek is reliable in their auto parts merchandise. These customers also say they can find hard-to-find parts in Parts Geek at affordable prices. So, this auto parts online supplier has a generally positive overall review based on such reviews.

Read on to learn more about Parts Geek, whether they are legitimate and reliable, and what their customers say about them.

Is Parts Geek Legit and Reliable?

is parts geek legit and reliable

What Do the Parts Geek Customers Say?

The legitimacy and reliability of Parts Geek, or any product or brand for that matter, in some way, depends on what its customers say about it. You should also understand that what people say about the products they buy and use is mainly based on their experience.

In this regard, the question “Is Parts Geek legit and reliable?” can be answered in two ways: yes and no. Some say that Parts Geek is reliable and legit, and others do not.

On the negative side, some people say that the consumer rating of Parts Geek out of 1,040 reviews is only 1.28 stars. That indicates that most of its customers are not satisfied with their purchases.

Parts Geek’s customer dissatisfaction is mostly about customer service, wrong parts that do not fit, credit card issuer, and return shipping.

However, there are a lot of customers who say that this auto parts supplier is legit and reliable. They say that they can find affordable hard-to-find auto parts in this store. Overall, the reviews and safety of buying and using the auto parts from Parts Geek are positive.

Offers Aftermarket and OEM Auto Parts

Parts Geek offers aftermarket and OEM auto parts. They usually deliver ground orders in about 3 to 7 business days. Some orders, such as truck freight, can take over seven days. Parts Geek usually takes 7 to 12 days to deliver the items for such deliveries.

So, as a potential Parts Geek customer, you should weigh all this information and make your own decision. Look at the positive and negative sides of the coin and determine which makes more sense before saying it is legit and reliable.

What Is Parts Geek?

why is partsgeek so cheap

Online Automotive Parts Supplier

Parts Geek is an online automotive parts supplier. It sells thousands of OEM and aftermarket auto parts, accessories, and supplies. Its shelves contain nearly 200 brands of spare and performance characteristics. These parts can be used in 40 various automobile makes and models.

Uses Third-party Sellers and Manufacturers to Satisfy Customer Orders

This auto parts supplier uses third-party sellers and manufacturers to satisfy customer orders. Consumers can order their required auto parts online or by phone, depending on their preference. Parts Geek started selling their merchandise online in 2002.

Parts Geek offers aftermarket auto parts of name brands and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) auto parts. These merchandises are usually the same brands and quality that you can buy at auto dealers and other auto parts stores.

Offers Up to 80% Discount

However, these merchandises are available at Parts Geek for up to 80% discount. That’s where Parts Geek is more attractive to consumers. They claim to sell only high-quality auto parts made by trusted car and car parts manufacturers.

Constantly Upgrades the Database of Stock Inventories

In addition, Parts Geek also claims that they constantly upgrade their database of stock inventories for accuracy. This is advantageous to their customers because they know if they have their needed auto parts in stock or still have to wait before buying the item.

Fast Delivery Time

Parts Geek also promises to deliver the items as fast as they can. They claim they processed the items for delivery the day they were ordered.

Parts Geek Makes It Easy to Find What You Need

Finding the auto part that you need in Parts Geek is easy. You only need to enter your vehicle’s make and model year date. After that, choose the part category, such as floor mats, windshield parts, solenoids, and even engine parts that are not often replaced.

Offers a 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Parts Geek also observes a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. You can claim this guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the parts you got from them.

More About the Parts Geek Company

Here are some facts that detail the key information about Parts Geek:

  • Owner – Jon Sinclair, President
  • Year established – 2008
  • Official website –
  • Business – auto parts and accessories
  • Headquarters – Doylestown, PA 18902
  • Contact – 1-800-541-9352

Again, is Parts Geek legit and reliable? Parts Geek is an auto parts site with a consumer rating of 1.27 stars from around 1,053 reviews.

What Do the Customers Say About Parts Geek?

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Negative Reviews

Before we go into the positive reviews that customers have given to Parts Geek, let us first discuss the negative reviews. These reviews will give you an idea of what customers complain about in this online auto store. So, here goes.

First, I would like to repeat that out of 1,040 customer reviews, this online auto store got a consumer rating of only 1.28 stars. These customers often complain about customer service, wrong or misfit auto parts, credit card issuers, and return shipping.

Here are some actual customer reviews that were published online:

1. Item Did Not Fit the Vehicle

This is from Barry R, whose review was given on Dec 4, 2022. The reviewer says he ordered a locking gas cap for his Dodge Ram 3500. Parts Geek, he says, required him to set it up in a certain way for it to work. He says they even posted a picture of how to do it on their website.

The auto part in his Dodge is identical to the one in the picture. So, he ordered the item. When the item came, it did not fit his vehicle.

However, when he tried to return it, he received a message saying, “nothing is returnable, along with no refunds.” That made him say that Parts Geek is, “in his opinion,” “pretty much a crook.”

2. Parts Geek Declined the Request for Return Shipping

This is another one from a confident Steve. He gave his review on Jan 20, 2023: The reviewer says he bought an auto part at Parts Geek, according to their catalog. When he received the part, it did not fit his car. He wrote to PG about this.

However, they changed his reason for returning the item. They said it was Steve who ordered the wrong part. Steve said it was their catalog that was wrong. He requested return shipping, but Parts Geek declined.

3. Wrong Lower Arm Control Size

This review is from a certain Nate B. His review was recorded on Jan 20, 2023. Nate said he ordered a lower arm control from the Parts Geek website. Parts Geek said it would fit his vehicle. He swapped out the parts when the item was delivered. However, he found that there was no chance it would fit.

He said Parts Geek tried to hide behind a certain policy when he tried to return it. They didn’t approve the return, he said.

Positive Reviews

There are always two sides to the same coin. So that you can get the other side of the coin, I will discuss some of the positive reviews that Parts Geek got from its customers.

1. High-Quality Item

This is from a certain LkSanders whose review was given on Feb 1, 2023. Lk said they would likely recommend Parts Geek. The part that they ordered was delivered on time. It was of high quality, and the customer service rep was friendly and knowledgeable.

Lk said they would readily recommend that customers contact the company’s customer service for their questions regarding their needed auto parts.

2. Items Arrived Earlier Than Expected

This is another one from Angel Perez, who gave his review on Feb 2, 2023. Angel searched for the auto part he required for a reasonable price at Parts Geek. They delivered the items earlier than he expected. He installed it, and the item worked like magic, he says.

3. Good Price

This is another positive review from Donald Hauser, who gave it on Feb 1, 2023. Donald says he ordered a variable valve timing solenoid kit for his Hyundai Santa Fe Sport for intake and exhaust. He installed the exhaust, and his car purred like a kitten. This made him thankful to Parts Geek.

This one came from James, who gave his review on Feb 1, 2023. James said the 2001 Hyundai Tiburon Fuel Pressure Regulator he ordered was delivered promptly. He said he was happy with the “package and good quality” of the item. You can’t beat the price, he added.

4. Order Packed Safely

This short review comes from Boone, who ordered a kit for his 2001 Hyundai Tiburon Fuel Pressure Regulator. Boone said the kit came fast, with everything packed safely. He says that it is working great. Boone gave this review on Feb 1, 2023.

These customer reviews show that Parts Geek is an auto parts seller providing good customer service. They are indications that this online auto seller is legit and reliable.

This company supplies hundreds of auto parts manufactured by reputable brands at affordable prices.

Of course, you can’t discount the reviews of customers who experienced bad things about the items they ordered from Parts Geek.

However, suppose you will consider that many customers have only experienced good things about Parts Geek. In that case, you can’t disregard that this company can be counted upon when you need auto parts.

In Closing

Some say that based on 1,040 customer reviews, Part Geek’s consumer rating is only 1.28 stars.

This indicates that most of Part Geek’s customers are dissatisfied with their purchases. Most complaints among these customers are about customer service, credit card problems, return shipping, and wrong parts that do not fit.

However, the overall review of Parts Geek is generally favorable. This is based on the many customers who say that Parts Geek is reliable and that its merchandises come from reputable brands.

They also say they can find hard-to-find auto parts at Parts Geek, and their prices are very affordable.