Is RockAuto Legit and Reliable?

Like Amazon, RockAuto sells all kinds of auto parts worldwide through the internet. You can buy auto parts at low prices at this online store because they eliminate the middleman in their selling process. But is RockAuto legit and reliable?

RockAuto is a legit seller of auto parts. However, you must know how they conduct their business and the risks you face. You will most likely get a low price for your needs, but you can’t expect them to give you the best customer service.

Regarding its reliability, the consumer rating of RockAuto based on 1,180 customer reviews is only 1.61. This indicates that most customers are unsatisfied with their purchases at this online store. The customer complaints range from bad customer service, wrong or not fitting parts, and return shipping issues.

Read on to learn more about RockAuto, whether it is legit, how its selling process works, and whether it is reliable.

Is RockAuto Legit and Reliable?

is rockauto legit and reliable

As an online auto parts seller, RockAuto is legit. They sell auto parts all over the world at low prices. However, you must understand their business model and the risks you face. For instance, you can’t expect them to give you the best customer service.

Based on 1,180 customer reviews, the consumer rating of RockAuto is only 1.61. This means that most of their customers are unsatisfied with their purchases. Customer complaints range from bad customer service, issues with return shipping, and parts that don’t fit or are simply wrong.

The rank of RockAuto among the many websites that sell auto parts is number 431. 

You may be wondering why RockAuto can sell auto parts at low prices. They can do this because of the large volume of their sales and efficient selling process. With more sales and an efficient selling method, AutoRock can offer its auto parts at very affordable prices.

RockAuto sells many auto parts sourced from different manufacturers. They also sell a lot of remanufactured auto parts. These are old auto parts taken from other vehicles that are refurbished. If they sell such auto parts, they will label them “remanufactured” in their product or part description. 

Is RockAuto an Authorized Auto Parts Dealer?

RockAuto’s website claims they are authorized by established and reputable car and auto parts manufacturers. These manufacturers include Toyota, Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors. Different manufacturers of aftermarket auto parts also authorize this online auto parts seller.

There are 200 warehouses throughout the US and Canada where RockAuto ships its merchandise. So, it is probable that many dealers also authorize them for other car brands.

As an established company with this wide and broad sales network, RockAuto is probably authorized by all the products and brands that they carry.

If you want to ensure AutoRock is authorized by the manufacturer of the auto part brand you want to buy, contact their customer service and ask them for that information.

Considering its broad and wide sales network, you can say that RockAuto is indeed a big and established company. It is authorized by most, if not all, of the manufacturers of the auto part brands it sells. This means it is legit.

How Do You Order Parts from RockAuto?

RockAuto provides its customers with a convenient way of ordering auto parts. The selling process that RockAuto follows is pretty simple:

1. Customers Can Search for Auto Parts on RockAuto’s Site

Customers can search for the auto parts they need in RockAuto’s catalog published on its official website at They can search by manufacturer and part number.

If a customer is looking for a particular part for their car’s suspension system, ignition system, belt drive, and others, a tab allows them to browse by the type of auto part.

2. Place the Item in a Virtual Shopping Cart

When they find the particular part, they can place it in a virtual shopping cart, just like what they will do at Amazon.

3. Proceed to Checkout

Then when ready to buy, proceed to the checkout.

4. Wait for Delivery

Typically, customers can expect the delivery of the auto part within two to three days. In addition, RockAuto enables its customers to track their orders from its online platform. Their online interface is simple, but the layout is clear and very transparent.

This online auto parts seller backs up its products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is shipping these products globally. Its website is not only in English but is also available in French,
Dutch, Spanish, and German.

RockAuto is based in Wisconsin, where its headquarters is located in Madison. They also have branch offices in Arizona and Illinois.

How Reliable Are RockAuto Parts?

why are rockauto parts so cheap

With the wide variety and a significant number of auto parts sold at RockAuto, how can you be sure if the particular part you are ordering is good? Since this online store sources its products from many different companies, the quality of these parts can also vary.

RockAuto does not produce the auto parts it sells. It only functions as a hub for the many auto parts from a wide range of auto parts, which are brand new and remanufactured by different brands and manufacturers.

In other words, the quality of the product you will get from this online auto parts store also depends on where they come from. If the original manufacturer is known for good quality products, you will get a good auto part, and vice versa.

You must pay more if you want an auto part produced by an established and known name brand. If you want a cheaper alternative, buy the auto part from a not-so-well-known manufacturer. But don’t expect the same quality as the more popular branded product.

So, the straight answer to the question: “Will you get a good quality product from RockAuto?” The short answer is it depends on the amount you want to pay. The bottom line is: you will get what you pay for.

Again, is RockAuto legit and reliable? RockAuto is legit; even mechanics get parts from them.

How Can RockAuto Offer Auto Parts at Low Prices?

RockAuto Do Not Pay for a Physical Store

While it is true that more popular and branded products cost more and have higher qualities than items that are not so well-known, in general, the prices of RockAuto are lower than other brick-and-mortar stores. Some things in this store cost less than half at other stores.

The primary reason why RockAuto can sell its products at low prices than other conventional stores is because it can avoid paying for the overheads such as a physical store and the staff that goes with it.

The savings from these standard expenses are passed on to RockAuto’s customers. That is why they can let go of their merchandise at lower prices. This is the main difference between RockAuto and its competitors in the business, whether they are online or physical retail stores.

However, it is in the area of customer service where RockAuto seems to falter. If you will consider its consumer rating of only 1.6, it appears that this is where this online store should make some improvements. The reason is that most of the complaints against RockAuto are on this aspect.

Only Employs a Handful of People

This online auto parts retailer is just a small company. It only employs a handful of people in its headquarters in Wisconsin. Their small staff knows IT and the auto parts business.

RockAuto Utilizes Independent Warehouse Distributors

The auto parts that RockAuto sells come from independent warehouse distributors across the United States. RockAuto calls them WDs. These distributors supplied many wholesale jobbers and independent resellers for the past years – until RockAuto came on the scene.

Together with their standard business, RockAuto uses these WDs to supply auto parts and then pack and ship them to customers around the United States and other parts of the world.

Since RockAuto has many WD sources, they even facilitate competition to get the best prices for their merchandise.

Uses a System That Automatically Handles the Sales

Other factors also contribute to why RockAuto can give low prices to its customers. They also use an IT system that handles all the sales processes automatically. The same marketing process is followed across all its product lines.

And always, the customer gets the best price for the products they order from RockAuto. That’s the main reason for their low prices and why customers continuously flock to their website, despite their delivery and customer service issues.

Who Owns RockAuto?

rockauto reviews google

RockAuto was founded by brothers Tom and Jim Taylor. They established their operations in 1999. Besides supplying auto parts in the United States, they also ship their merchandise to Canada, Europe, and other parts of the world.

Advance Auto Parts bought the company in 2008. Advance Auto is a publicly-traded company and one of the US’s biggest auto aftermarket parts retailers. It has more than 5,000 locations in the country, employing more than 74,000 people.

RockAuto has been growing continuously since it was acquired by Advance Auto. It has now added more auto parts and manufacturers to its catalog. This online retailer is a leading auto parts and accessories supplier for professional car mechanics and DIYers.

Their official website is easy to use, and they are trying to improve their customer service. Some reviewers even say that RockAuto’s customer service is excellent.

Call their toll-free number for questions about any auto parts in their catalog. If you are looking for an auto part that is hard to find, you may find it in RockAutos’ catalog.

In Closing

RockAuto is a legit online auto parts seller, but you need to know how they conduct their business and the risk it entails. Indeed, they offer the lowest prices for the parts that you need.

However, you can’t expect the best customer service from RockAuto. But, you must know how they conduct business and the risks you face.

Regarding reliability, RockAuto’s consumer rating based on 1,180 customer reviews is only 1.61. This low rating of RockAuto indicates that most of its customers are not satisfied with their purchases.

Customer complaints range from bad customer service, wrong or not fitting parts, and return shipping issues.