Is Volvo a Luxury Brand?

What defines a luxury car? Is it simply some extra features that other vehicles don’t have? Or is it all about the driving experience? Well, it is a combination of both. So, in light of this, is the Volvo automaker considered a luxury brand?

Volvo is a luxury automaker that has produced secure and robust cars for a long time. They have undoubtedly gained the trust of many customers throughout their 90-year journey. They entered the premium car market in 1933 with the release of the PV654. Since then, Volvo has produced some excellent luxury cars.

Read on to learn more about the Volvo brand and where it stands in the luxury category.

Is Volvo a Luxury Brand?

is volvo a luxury brand
Volvo XC90

The definition of luxury has shifted over the past ten years from a metric of affluence tied to possessions and assets to a measure of time scarcity and life-enriching experiences. Consumers’ expectations and perceptions of what constitutes luxury evolve more rapidly than ever. 

The Volvo automaker understands that and has produced some fantastic premium cars that live up to such expectations. Throughout their 90-year history, they have earned many clients trust.

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What Makes Volvo a Luxury Brand?

Volvo only offers seven models. Well, let that sink in. Of course, this gives the automaker plenty of room and time to concentrate on making these cars better day in and day out rather than investing money in new models.

Moreover, the comfort, safety, and driving experience are the main priorities of Volvo’s thriving R&D division.

The fact that they consistently lead the NHTSA’s five-star safety ratings illustrates their emphasis on safety. Nearly all of the amenities available in a regular Volvo are luxury-class, from its power-adjustable thigh bolster to its unique specific crumple zone in the brackets for optimal security.

Many people do not view Volvo as a luxury brand simply because it does not “aggressively” sell itself as one, but there is no doubt that it is a luxury brand.

Even within its upscale lineup, prices vary to serve customers of all income levels. Generally speaking, Volvo offers three SUVs, two estate cars (V90 and V60), and two saloons (S90 and S60) (XC90, XC60, XC40).

These models have created three additional categories: electric, hybrid, and mild-hybrids.

Every model offered by Volvo Cars comes in three trim levels (Basic/Core, Plus, and Ultimate).

Short History of Volvo as a Brand

Volvo cars have a strong reputation for safety and excellence, but how did it start? In Sweden, Volvo was established during the industrial revolution.

At first, the company’s founders produced exceptionally tough and long-lasting items out of iron, a local natural resource, more than a century ago. 

You can see the legacy of these strong origins on every opulent Volvo vehicle. The old alchemical sign for iron serves as the emblem of the Volvo automaker.

But when was the switch flipped? When did comfort and durability come together? By that point, Volvo had already established itself as a leading automaker with a reputation for safety.

Luxury has served as an improvement to safety and a means of brand evolution ever since. With more leather and improved comfort, numerous milestones have been reached. 

There is, however, a more enticing period in the history of Volvo. The introduction of deployable rear booster seats in its vehicles helped Volvo become known as a luxury automaker.

The Volvo brand’s dedication to convenience officially started at this point, even though it isn’t strictly a top-tier luxury feature.

Features That Distinguish Volvo as a Luxury Brand

Below, we are going to highlight some of the features that distinguish Volvo as a luxury brand:

1. Specifications

Volvo cars all come with reliable engines. They come with a four-cylinder turbocharged engine. Moreover, specific models had twin-charged engines. Today, all of their electric vehicles have achieved great success.

Currently, “all-wheel drive” is an available feature on every model. Volvo has excellent engines and hybrid technology, which significantly improve fuel efficiency.

2. Body

Volvo vehicles all have a similar front end. The exterior is opulent and exquisite, and the body gives their cars a sporting appearance.

The inside is secure and reliable due to employing five distinct types of steel with varying strengths and aluminum in constructing the car’s body. 

This, of course, contributes to Volvo’s maintenance and excellent safety ratings. 

3. Interior

Volvo interiors are made as comfortable as possible for the driver and passengers. Luxury features, including massage, heated seats, ventilated leather, and power adjustability, are standard on all front seats in their cars.

Additionally, Volvo offers its customers the option of cooling seats. With the addition of a superb front display and sound system, the interior’s overall atmosphere has a premium vibe.

4. Practicality 

The Volvo brand was created with the utmost practicality in mind. Indeed, it sought to efficiently and safely move its passengers from point A to point B. Its name, Latin for “I roll,” already conveys the straightforwardness of the business.

According to Volvo’s website, the vehicles’ first designs were created to protect drivers from Sweden’s severe weather.

The Volvo car’s reputation for reliability was so strong that people often used it as a delivery truck or a transport vehicle.

Any business that has been around for close to 100 years must undoubtedly undergo some changes. Given that it entered the luxury car market in 1933, Volvo could always be one.

The PV 654, as this posh car was known, was equipped with “an upgraded, plush inside, twin spare tires, and a reversing light.”

Volvo’s car manufacturing was halted due to the drop in overall manufacturing that followed World War II. Despite this, they returned to the market with the PV60, a safer choice that harkened back to their traditional beginnings. 

Volvo did not try again to capture the luxury market until 1968, the year of the PV 164 and its leather inside. Then, what came next was the S90 period, a boxy wagon that occasionally had velour seats and an upgrade to a limousine.

After Ford acquired the brand in 1999, it returned to its roots. The S80 served as the company’s flagship and several model versions for many years. It was, by and large, the most conventional and secure sedan.

However, Volvo redesigned the S90, which helped Volvo get more recognition as a luxury brand.

5. Volvo Experience

The automaker would surely like to know what you, as a customer, might need in a car.

As such, with the help of the Volvo On Call app, you can access concierge services delivered right to your door, lifelong tows, retailer connectivity, and, of course, the opportunity to preset the temperature in your car before you get there. 

Luxury Volvo Sedans

is volvo a premium brand

There is no doubt that Volvo is a luxury brand when it comes to its sedans. For instance, leather seats are a standard feature in its luxury sedans, and they have wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and phone charging. That costs typically extra with those other luxury brands, as one would think. 

Did you know that every new car from Volvo comes with three years or 36,000 miles of complimentary maintenance? Most automakers, such as Volkswagens, do not offer this perk; if they do, it usually only applies to one service.

Luxury Volvo SUVs

We went briefly earlier over why Volvo is considered a luxury brand. Still, many of their clients have reportedly claimed that size and power are the two main things they believe to be luxurious over the years. 

1. Volvo XC90

So if that applies to you, the Volvo XC90, their flagship model, marked the beginning of their opulent SUVs about 20 years ago.

This car includes a panoramic roof, leather seats, keyless entry, keyless start, and a third row. But what about the most recent additions to their fleet of opulent SUVs? Let’s look more closely.

2. Volvo XC60

Their brand-new Volvo XC60 SUVs provide a different perspective on family-sized features and amenities. The mid-sized SUV model, the Volvo XC60, comes equipped with a Google Assistant as an onboard personal assistant.

Imagine running your regular errands and being stuck in traffic. Ask Google to phone the theater ahead of time and hold, will-call, or whatever else you need your tickets to be. All of this is possible with your Volvo XC60. It is built to anticipate and meet your needs, just like all models are.

3. Volvo XC40

Even more so, the opulent new Volvo XC40, their most compact SUV, can drive emission-free, something its larger stablemates cannot.

The Volvo XC40, a prize-winning vehicle, propels the brand’s future and EV mobility in this regard. It is anything but little, boasting an incredible all-electric range and 402 horsepower that would shame most sports cars.

Volvo Quality and Design

A luxury brand cannot skimp on quality because its features will always be its selling point. Similar circumstances apply to Volvo, which offers quality and comfort at a standard trim level that is challenging to attain. 

A luxury vehicle’s overall premium feel and comfort are essential, and Volvo engineers ensured that their vehicles excelled in each area. It is something that other automakers strive to achieve, such as BMW, Audi, or Acura:

1. Seats with Lumbar Support and a 9-way Adjustable Design

The seats have lumbar support and a 9-way adjustable design and are heated and ventilated to ensure this. Additionally, you have memory seats, and you can change these seats to previously preset positions by pressing a single button.

2. Reduced Odor in the Passenger Area

With the help of its cutting-edge air quality technology, AIQS, pollution, and odors in the passenger area are significantly reduced.

3. Tailor-stitched Leather Seats

In addition, all Volvos come standard with tailor-stitched leather seats, a heating steering wheel with three different heating settings, dimmable ambient LED lighting, and sidestep illumination that immediately lights up your vehicle’s pockets. 

4. High-end Interior Components

Moreover, most of the interior’s components are high-end, including soft leather, driftwood, and Orrefors crystal glass (a famous Swedish glassmaker).

On a sunny day, your journey will be more comfortable thanks to the integrated sun curtain, which you also witness.

5. Sound System

A “Bowers and Wilkins” premium sound system, which has 18 speakers and is one of the top sound systems in the industry, is also included to up the level of luxury.

What Volvo Has the Most Horsepower?

We all know that luxury cars are expensive, so people expect to get their money’s worth, which is total comfort, high performance, and fewer frills. So, the table below provides an excellent general overview of the performance you may expect from a Volvo car. 

These are not the quickest or the slowest expensive vehicles, though. They perform at a mediocre level:

ModelTypeHorsepower0-60 time (sec)

According to the above data, the majority of the cars fall into the 197–300 horsepower range, giving us a 0–60 time of 6.8–7.6 seconds, which is especially good considering that the majority of vehicles offered by Volvo are SUVs that prioritize elegance and comfort above performance.

Volvo has respectable performance numbers compared to other brands in the same category (BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc.).

How Much Is a Brand New Volvo?

If we use price as the only measure, practically all Volvo models are luxury vehicles because anything over $40000 is considered a luxury.

The XC90 Hybrid, Volvo’s most costly vehicle, has 455 horsepower, a top speed of 112 mph, and course, luxury features on par with any other brand.

You must spend a minimum of $33700 on becoming a Volvo owner, which gets you an XC40 with a 129hp 3-cylinder turbocharged engine and a top speed of 112 mph:

ModelPrice ($)

Again, is Volvo a luxury brand? Volvo is a luxury carmaker. The brand’s sedan and SUVs are famous for their luxurious features, comfort, and safety features.

What Safety Features Do Volvos Have?

was volvo always a luxury brand

Every car made nowadays has safety equipment.

Surprisingly, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s New Car Assessment Program for 2021 awarded eleven models with a 5-star, the highest attainable safety rating, thanks to Volvo engineers’ use of cutting-edge technology.

The following are some of the safety features included in a Volvo car:

  • Steering assistance and city safety: This includes pedestrian, cyclist, and large animal detection and front collision warning with full auto brake.
  • A speed limiter that makes sure you do not go above the permitted limit.
  • Vehicle deceleration control includes an anti-lock brake system, electronic brake distribution, and emergency brake assist.
  • “Driver Attention”: Blind spot information system with steer assist, cross-traffic alert with auto brake, and rear collision warning & mitigation.
  • Controlling Stability and Traction: This includes spin control, engine drag control, and corner traction control.
  • Lane-keeping assistance provided by “Driver Alert Control” ensures that you stay in your lane.
  • Airbags for the Side Impact Protection System (SIPS) (Front Seats).
  • 360-degree camera with parking equipment to guarantee your vehicle’s and other vehicles’ safety.

All of these features demonstrate that engineers took every precaution to ensure the safety of Volvo vehicles.

Most Luxurious Volvo Models

1. XC90

The XC90 is undoubtedly the crown gem that Volvo’s engineers and designers have created together.

Likewise, this model provides luxury and comfort on par with any other luxury brand in its class. This is the initial vehicle produced by Volvo using its “Scalable Product Architecture” (SPA) technology.

This vehicle oozes elegance with its ventilated Nappa leather seats and Black Ash wood inlays. Additionally, it has an adjustable air suspension that can adjust to the surface it is driving on, providing you with a comfortable ride on any terrain imaginable.

Being a hybrid, it also has impressive performance stats. For a sizable SUV, the 2.0 liter, 4-cylinder engine with an electric motor generates 455 horsepower in 5.4 seconds.

The Volvo S90 is the most excellent option, particularly for fans of sedans.

2. S90

The S90 is a futuristic sedan with styling that can compete with any other high-end manufacturer. Moreover, leather, metal, and wood are used throughout the interior in place of plastic to create a more opulent atmosphere.

The premium Harmon Kardon audio system provides a lovely fusion of grandeur and bass. This car has massage seats with heating and ventilation features to relax your trip.

S90’s performance is also not lacking in any way. It’s four-cylinder supercharged or turbocharged engine’s 300 horsepower and 6.2-second 0-60 time are outstanding for a solid sedan.

Additionally, it has Volvo’s “four-C” electronically controlled damping system and rear air suspension to ensure the ride is as comfortable as possible.

Conclusion – Are Volvos Luxury Cars?

Is Volvo a good investment in the long run, and should you buy one? The answer always depends on what you are looking for in a car.

There is no doubt that Volvo is the most excellent option if you want a luxury car that offers the best value for the money, has average performance levels, and of course, has excellent safety ratings.

Volvo is often seen as a luxury brand because it only offers seven models, many of which come in high-end luxury trim levels.

Most cars have heated steering wheels, integrated sun shades, and premium LED ambient lighting. You can spend between $34,000 and $72,000 for a Volvo, which is a high price range.

Volvo is pretty difficult to beat in terms of safety requirements. Compared to other top-tier luxury brands worldwide, they are the safest and have good features.

Volvo should be your first choice if you’re looking for a safe and secure luxury car because it has improved over the years, and safety is its main selling feature. Additionally, it provides other plush amenities and comfort at a relatively acceptable level of performance.