Lifted Mustang – Body, Suspension, and Lift Kits

You won’t be able to deny the commanding appearance of a Mustang. And yet, you can even make it look more imposing by lifting its suspension. This article will discuss lifted Mustang – body, suspension, and lift kits.

If you have correctly lifted your Mustang, it will have a commanding and tougher look and improve its performance. Modifying its lift will raise the Mustang’s ride height and give it additional ground clearance.

One of the great benefits of a lifted Ford Mustang is the freedom to travel anywhere. If you do this lifting project correctly, you can drive your Mustang in places you can’t go before. Imagine being able to drive your off-road Mustang over steep hills, wade through rivers, and conquer the slopes.

Read on to learn more about lifting a Ford Mustang, its benefits, and lifting kits that you can choose if you want to undertake this project.

Lifted Mustang

lifted Mustang
Lifted 2007 Ford Mustang

Raised Ride Height

A lifted Mustang is a regular Mustang that its owner modified to have a particular lift that raises its ride height. The Mustang owner usually does this to give the vehicle additional ground clearance.

Tougher and More Imposing Look

A regular Mustang already has a commanding appearance. But modifying it with a lifting kit will acquire a tougher and more imposing look. For instance, a lifted Mustang GT will stand out over the other vehicles on the highway.

Gives Mustang Off-road Capabilities

Additionally, owners of Mustangs undertake this project to give their Mustangs off-road capabilities. With stronger suspension and bigger tires, you can now drive your lifted Mustang over rough roads, climb steep hills, and conquer mighty rivers.

Can You Lift a Mustang?

You can lift your Mustang with the proper modding skills, tools, and equipment. Even if you don’t have these requirements, you can still lift your Mustang by asking a professional vehicle lifting company to do it.

Letting the professionals do the project is your better option because you are assured that the lifting process they will perform will be done professionally. So, the lifting procedure will be accurate, and more importantly, your Mustang will still be safe to drive.

How Do You Lift a Ford Mustang?

But you may wonder, “how do you lift a Ford Mustang?” There are two ways of doing it. The first option is to do a body lift, and the second option is to undertake a suspension lift. Your final choice will depend on your reason for wanting your Mustang lifted.

You only need body lifting if you want to improve its appearance. But if you’re going to make your Mustang an off-roader, you must undertake a suspension lift.

If you do a suspension lift, you catch two birds with one stone. A suspension lift not only gives your Mustang off-road capabilities but will also make it look more impressive.

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Lifting a Ford Mustang – Overview

A Mustang is lifted by raising the height of the vehicle. As a result, the car can gain more traction in off-road conditions. Additionally, some Mustang owners chose to lift their vehicles to make them look more imposing.

Install or Add a Particular Lift Kit to the Vehicle

The work involved in lifting a Mustang includes installing or adding a particular lift kit to the vehicle. After the lift kit is installed, the Mustang is raised a couple of inches higher than the tires.

Mount Bigger Wheels

This means the owner can now mount bigger wheels and tires to the vehicle. They can still use their old tires, though. The upgrade will improve the car’s off-road grip.

Owners Sometimes Display the Modded Mustangs in Car Shows

Some Mustang owners lift their cars to display their modded Mustangs in car shows. Some do it so they can participate in 4×4 activities. Often, these 4×4 contests involve extreme off-road activities that only vehicles with exceptional off-road capabilities can handle.

Participating in these extreme off-road activities is sometimes the primary reason some Mustang owners lift their vehicles. The upgrade cost goes up according to the intent of the Mustang owner.

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Types of Mustang Lifts

lifted mustang 4x4
Ford Mustang Air Lift

Modifying regular cars to make them do what they were not designed to do is nothing new. Many owners of affordable cars modify their vehicles so they can easily go through rough roads.

While this may be a common thing for trucks, it’s not what you usually see Ford Mustang owners do with their vehicles:

1. Off-roader Mustang

These Mustang owners wanted to go off-roading without buying a 4×4 truck. They instead convert their Mustangs to 4x4s. You will see a standard Ford Mustang on

Lift Kits Instead of Stock Suspension

What they do is they remove the stock suspension and replace them with what they call ‘lift-kits.’ These kits raise the bodies of their vehicles.

Bigger All-terrain Tires

They also replace the tires with bigger all-terrain tires to complete the transformation. Some of these Mustang owners even go all-out with their conversions. They equip their Mustangs with extended versions of the axles and wide wheels and tires.

Here’s a video showing how far a car owner will go to upgrade their Ford Mustang:

One of these Ford Mustang modders installed massive off-road wheels that look more like they are suited to a monster truck. The owner mounted huge tires designed to handle rough and loose road surfaces to complete the assembly.

Engine Upgrade

The engine also has to be changed to enable it to power the massive upgrades done to the Mustang. From the stock standard V8 engine, the owner installed a modified 5-liter, twin-turbo V8 Coyote engine.

Now, this Mustang can handle the rough and tumble off-road surfaces with its 1,200 horsepower engine.

To prove that this modded Mustang is an excellent off-roader, the owner pitted it with a stock Ford Mustang. At first, the standard Mustang went toe to toe with the heavily modded Mustang on well-paved surfaces.

But when they hit the off-road course, the stock Mustang couldn’t keep up with the heavily upgraded Mustang.

2. Air Lifted Mustang

There’s another aspect to this topic of the Mustang lift kit. The Ford Mustang that comes out of the factory is more than adequate for daily driving.

It does not need any modifications because it is already a competent car. However, some people are not satisfied with regulars. They want the specials.

If you are a corner carver, or a drag racer, then lifting a Ford Mustang is your cup of tea. A suspension lift will make your Mustang travel faster in straight lines and corners. To undertake this project, you need to learn the basics and what you need to know before undertaking this project.

Air Lift Suspension Kits Remove the Springs, Struts, and Shocks

A popular upgrade to the S197 Mustangs is the replacement of the main parts of the suspension with an air lift suspension kit. This upgrade has spread out to the other Mustang generations.

All air lift suspension kits remove the springs, struts, and shocks. They are replaced by pneumatically controlled air springs and airbags. These kits can raise the suspension by as much as 1 inch compared to stock Mustang.

Lower the Vehicle by 5 Inches

But it can also lower the vehicle by as much as 5 inches. As such, airlifts are usually done for show cars only. Even then, airlifted cars can still perform well in the off-the-line turns.

If you are considering airlifting your Mustang, you should consider the places you regularly visit, like your office, stores, and restaurants. Airlifted cars sometimes find it challenging to park and enter driveways.

3. Coil-Over Kits for Mustang

There is another lifting option for Mustangs. This is by using coil-over kits instead of the stock Mustang springs, struts, and shocks. The coil-over kit is one all-encompassing assembly that can give the Mustang a static drop height.

An average drop height ranging from 1 to 2.5 inches is possible with coil-over kits. However, this setup is not very practical if you use your Mustang for your daily drive. Your vehicle will absorb all the potholes and bumps you’ll encounter on the road.

4. MagneRide Suspension

Ford launched its MagneRide Suspension in 2018 for their Mustang models. If you have an older Mustang, you may want to consider this an upgrade. The main difference between the standard suspensions used by Ford in older Mustangs is the dampening fluid in the MagneRide.

Oil is used as a damper in regular shock absorbers. In a MagneRide, magnetorheological fluid, or MR fluid, is used instead. This MR fluid can respond much faster to the changes in the road surface. It makes your Mustang ride stiffer.

Again, what’s the purpose of a lifted Mustang? A lifted Mustang will have tougher looks and enhanced performance due to its increased ride height and ground clearance.

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Examples of Lifted Ford Mustangs

Here are two examples of Ford Mustangs that received considerable upgrades from their owners that they can handle more than a regular Mustang can handle:

2007 Ford Mustang

There is a 2007 Ford Mustang that was lifted and is now able to conquer the mud. It’s a custom-built Ford Mustang. The owner modified the vehicle so they could take it on their adventures. This unique Mustang is already an off-road monster because of its owner’s massive upgrades.

Most Notable Modifications

What are the modifications that the owner did to this Mustang? Here are some of the most notable mods:

  • A front bumper is made of custom-built DOM tubing with aluminum skid plates and rocker guards.
  • Front and lower sway bars are equipped with a custom-built lift kit with Pro Comp rear shocks.
  • A GT500-styled front grille, hood, bumper, and LED lights.
  • A fully functioning snorkel
  • Bigger tires, which are 265/75 R16 Maxxis Buckshot M/T
  • Pro Comp wheels
  • Racing steering wheel
  • Engine: 4.0-liter V6 engine with 161,000 miles on the odometer. The upgraded 4×4 Mustang has only been driven 1,000 miles.
  • Added newly installed spark plugs, fresh coolant, and a new water pump.
  • Starting bid price at Amazon is $5,500
  • This lifted Ford Mustang is now stationed in North Augusta, North Carolina.

If you want to know more about this lifted 2007 Mustang, you can visit this website.

2009 Ford Mustang

Here is another Ford Mustang that its owner lifted. It’s a 2009 Ford Mustang that was put up on sale about a year ago. The odometer reading of this Mustang is less than 100,000 miles.

Its owner has fully modified this vehicle to make it 4×4 capable. There are new features added to this Mustang. They include a new suspension that makes it approximately 7 inches taller than a standard Mustang.

These vehicles are also equipped with steel wheels and Hankook all-terrain 30-inch tires. With these types of wheels and tires, this Mustang is capable of rock crawling and other extreme off-road driving.

This vehicle has other customized features such as a custom cage, turn signal lights, grill lights, and steel front bumper. If you want to know more about this lifted Ford Mustang, click here

Cost of Lifting a Ford Mustang

lifted mustang pics

Maybe you are asking yourself: “How much does it cost to lift a Mustang?” It depends on the lifting that you want. Remember, there are two kinds of lifting – suspension lifting and body lifting. They are not the same, so their costs are very different:

1. Suspension Lifting

If you choose suspension lifting for your Ford Mustang, you have several choices of how much height you want to be added to your Mustang. Here are some sample costs that correspond to the lift height that you wish to:

  • 1 to 2 inches – a typical kit for this lift height ranges from $300 to $1,500.
  • 2 to 2.5 inches – with this amount of lift, you will be spending between $1,000 and $5,000.
  • 3 to 3.5 inches – this lift usually costs between $1,500 and $5,000 or more.
  • 4 to 4.5 inches – this added lift height can cost you between $2,000 and $5,000.

2. Body Lifting

If you want to increase the height of your Ford Mustang, but your budget is limited, you can opt for body lifting only. The cost of body lifting is considerably lower than that of suspension lifting because the kit used in the process is very easy to install.

Prices of Ford Mustang body lifting kits start at $300. It may cost $400 or more, depending on the kit’s quality, brand, and lift height. This can be a DIY project because most body lifting kits available on the market are easy to install.

But you need the basic tools to do the job and some rudimentary handyman skills. For this project, be ready to spend 2 to 7 hours finishing the job.

3. Professional Lifting Service

If you are willing to go the professional route, you may be spending between $800 and $4,000. The cost of the kit may range from $400 to $4,000. If you ask a professional to do the job for you and want to lift your Mustang to the maximum allowable height, the total cost may go up to $12,000.

Take a look at this example: It will cost around $400 to $12,000 to lift an average-sized truck 2 inches, while it will cost about $11,000 and $14,000 to raise bigger trucks by six inches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have some questions about this topic, perhaps you will get your answers from the ones listed below:

Why Would Mustang Owners Want to Lift Their Vehicles?

There are Ford Mustang owners that are not satisfied with the way their Mustangs look and behave. They want to enhance the looks and performance of their Mustangs. Some want to upgrade the looks of their cars.

Others want their Mustangs to be able to handle off-road conditions. And then some of them also want to improve the appearance and the performance of their Mustangs.

How Can I Lift My Ford Mustang?

There are two ways that you can lift your Ford Mustang. One way is to do body lifting. The other way is to do suspension lifting. Body lifting is less costly than suspension lifting because the parts required are less costly, are fewer, and the labor is not so complicated.

Is It Easy to Lift My Ford Mustang?

It depends on what kind of lifting you want for your Mustang. Body lifting is less complicated than suspension lifting. Perhaps you can perform body lifting on your Mustang if you already have decent handyman skills and the right tools.

Suspension lifting is better for professionals because you probably don’t have the tools, right skills, and experience to do a decent job.

In Closing: Lifted Mustang – Body, Lift Kits, and Suspension

Lifting your Mustang properly will acquire a more imposing and tougher look. It will also improve its performance. If the lifting is done correctly, the ride of your Mustang will be higher, and its ground clearance will increase.

Lifting your Mustang will open new vistas because you can now go to places you haven’t reached before. If you want the best lifting for your Mustang, you should let the professionals do it.

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