Maaco Paint Prices – Cost of Maaco Paint Job

If you want a new car paint job, you don’t give it to an untested car painting service. You should choose a top-notch and well-experienced car painter like Maaco. But how much is Maaco paint prices?

The cost of a typical Maaco paint ranges from $300 to $500. If your car is in for a paint job, Maaco will give you several options which can either lower or raise the cost of the paint job by a few hundred dollars. It will also depend on the quality of the paint job you want.

Maaco does not charge anything for their price estimates. They are 100% free. However, they don’t give their estimates via email or over the phone. You have to take your vehicle into one of their shops so they can see it in person. They require this arrangement to ensure that their estimate is reasonable.

Read on to learn more about Maaco paint job prices, how they estimate the costs, factors that can affect the cost, and more information about this topic to enable you to make a wise decision.

Maaco Paint Prices – How Much?

Maaco Paint Prices

The car paint job that Maaco usually provides their customers ranges from $300 to $500. You will be given several options that can lower or raise the cost by a few hundred dollars. The actual charge will also depend on the paint quality that you want.

Free Paint Job Estimate

They will not charge you anything for the paint job estimate. However, Maaco requires you to bring your car to their shop to see what they need to do, according to the paint job you want. You don’t even have to make an appointment before going there.

Have Been in Business for More Than 45 Years

Your car will be in good hands if you bring it to Maaco. They have been in this business for more than 45 years. Maaco has already serviced more than 20 million vehicles since it started its operations. At a very reasonable price, Maaco will dress your car with new paint.

How Does Maaco Assess Car Paint Jobs

Assessment of the Car’s Physical Condition

When you bring your car to their shop, the Maaco paint specialist will assess the physical condition of the body of your car. They will mainly focus on the damage and imperfections of the paint/body of your car. The specialist will then provide you with a standardized paint service price for your car. It will be somewhere between $300 and $500.

$5.33 per Square Foot

Since Maaco has many locations around the country, you will find that their estimates are reasonably consistent compared to other car painting service companies. It runs to around $5.33 per square foot.


To give you an example: Say you have a sedan with about 85 square feet of body surface that need to be repainted. The minimum charge that Maaco will ask from you is around $453.05. If you compute it, it will be like this: 85 sq. feet x $5.33 per sq. feet = $453.05.

Please remember that the Maaco paint job prices will depend on the size of your car and the actual price of the paint job that the local Maaco outlet will quote.

What Paint Does Maaco Use?

For New Paint Jobs

You may be wondering what paint Maaco uses in their paint jobs. For new paint jobs, they use simple single-stage urethane paint. It does not cost too much. The price is similar to what you can get from Amazon at only $150.

Paint Cost Is More or Less Equal to One-step Polyurethane One-coat Formula

It is safe to assume that the cost of paint is more or less equal to a one-step polyurethane one-coat formula. Urethane and polyurethane paints are long-lasting and very resistant to tough weather conditions. As single coat paints for cars, they are the ideal options.

Urethane Component Increases Paint Mixture’s Plasticity

The urethane component of the paint increases the plasticity of the paint mixture, giving it a more durable and flexible finish. It’s more than what synthetic enamel paint can provide, even if it’s an oil-based paint commonly used for car paint jobs.

Urethane Paints Can Withstand Elements

Urethane paints are used in painting boats because they can withstand the elements better than any other paint. Additionally, oil-based paints are declining in use these days because there are other lacquers, water-based acrylics, and urethane paints that dry as tough as rocks. They are better options for auto paint jobs for modern cars.

Estimated Maaco Paint Labor Cost

maaco paint job

Paint and Labor Cost

Paint is only one part of the total cost of a car paint job. You have to factor in the labor cost as well. The work required in painting a car can sometimes be higher than the cost of the paint itself.

You can guess how much Maaco charges for the labor if you look at the amount an employee of this company makes. The figure is around $10 to $30 per hour. Sometimes, you could be paying as much as $50 per hour to have your car painted all over.

How Long Does It Take Maaco to Complete a Car Paint Job?

How long does it take them to complete a car paint job? It depends on the size of your car and the kind of paint job that you want. While some people say it can take about two to three days to finish the job, others say it is much shorter than that.

With their extensive experience, some people believe that it will only take Maaco about 40 hours to complete the job. But some experienced car painters say that with Maaco’s more than four decades of experience, they will be able to do it in a much shorter time.

Considering Maaco’s over four decades of car painting experience, let’s assume that their well-experienced car painter was able to finish painting your car in just a matter of four hours. Then they charge you $450 for the job.

Big Part of the Paint Cost Goes to the Franchise

This means they were able to make most of the money. The painter is paid only on an hourly basis, and the paint costs so much. So, a big part of the money goes into the coffers of the franchise. They need to make money too. The thing is – the franchise is taking more of it.

It’s understandable because they’re the ones who are making their business model work. They also pay for the upkeep and the business’s insurance policy and pay the bill when something goes wrong.

In short, paint body shops like Maaco can sometimes charge up to $100 for the labor that they’ve done to a car paint job.

Again, Maaco Paint Prices – how much does a Maaco Paint Job Cost? Maaco, the company that offers professional car painting services, provides a paint job that ranges from $300 to $500. You have the option to choose the quality of paint job you want to get.

Why Choose Maaco?

You need to ask yourself a relevant question: why do I have to choose Maaco’s service? There are many reasons for doing so, and here are some of them:

1. Extensive Experience

Being in this business for more than 45 years gives you an edge over your competitors. You can say that Maaco has been exposed to all the car painting problems and solutions. So, you can expect that the job that they will do with your car is far above the average. But that depends on the kind of car paint job that you want for your car.

2. Plenty of Locations

Maaco has many franchises spread across the country. So, you can easily find a Maaco outlet near you.

3. More Than 20 Million Vehicles Serviced

With more than 20 million vehicles they have painted over, it is safe for you to assume that they will provide your car with a good painting job. These millions of car owners won’t use Maaco’s car painting service if it is unsatisfactory,

4. Paint Warranty of 3 Years

Maaco gives every car paint job a three-year warranty. This guarantee is against peeling and cracking. Meanwhile, special car paint jobs have a five-year warranty.

5. Reasonable Paint Job Prices

On average, the Maaco paint job prices are very reasonable. In certain ways, they are very affordable. There are times when the price they quote is the cheapest that you can get.

Factors That Affect Maaco Paint Job’s Actual Cost

maaco paint job cost

Not all paint jobs are the same when you consider the different conditions of the body paint of each car. What are the factors that determine the actual cost of a car paint job?

1. Car’s Physical Condition

The final cost of a car paint job can be affected by the physical condition of the car. If there are no hidden imperfections on the surface of the car’s body, then the cost will be just the standard painting job.

However, if there is any hidden damage on the body, it will jack up the cost to a certain extent. The reason is that you have to prep the body before you apply the paint. Prepping adds to the labor and time. Those are additional costs that affect the final service charge.

You can choose to forego the prepping, but that will affect the paint warranty that Maaco will give to your car. They may not even warranty the painting job.

2. Basic Service

If you want the cheapest paint job, you can choose Maacos’ basic painting service. They will apply single-stage enamel paint along with a nice gloss finish to refresh the appearance of your car.

3. Premium Service

If you want the prettiest paint for your car, you can choose Maaco’s premium service. This involves a two-stage painting that consists of a base coat and a clear coat. It will give your car a glossier finish if you choose this service. This service also comes with a 5-year warranty on the paint.

4. Preferred Service

If you want a not-so-cheap painting job, choose Maaco’s preferred service. The paint they will use here is not enamel but urethane-based paint. This makes the paint on your car scratch-resistant. It also comes with a 3-year warranty.

5. Specialty Painting

If you choose this painting service, Maaco will offer you different kinds of paints, giving you the option of mixing them. They will also use special paints that are rare, unique, and more expensive. An example of this is metallic paint which gives your car a look that distinguishes it from other cars.

6. Paint Brand

In most of their car paint jobs, Maaco uses its paint brand. If you choose another brand, there will be an extra cost.

7. Hard To Reach Places

The paint job cost will also increase if you want hard-to-reach spots of your car to be painted.

8. Car’s Size

If the size of your car is bigger than the standard for its size, it will consume more paint. So, expect additional charges for the paint job.

Conclusion: Maaco Paint Prices

A car paint job at Maaco will typically cost you between $300 and $500. They will give you several options that can raise or lower the cost by a few hundred dollars. The actual charge will depend on the quality of the paint job you want and the size of the paint job.

If you want to know the cost of a paint job for your car, you can ask Maaco to do it. They won’t charge you anything because they give their estimates for free. However, you need to bring your car to their shop to provide you with a reasonable estimate.

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