Masterforce Tool Box Review and Specs

Whether you’re a plumber, carpenter, or mechanic, or if you’re just a hobbyist who likes to tinker at home, you would need a safe, strong, and secure place to store all of your tools in.

When it comes to high-quality and reliable tool storage, how well do Masterforce brand toolboxes measure up? In this Masterforce tool box review, I’ll list all of the specs and features so you can decide if it is the right tool box for you.

Masterforce offers various tool storage solutions, from heavy-duty tool boxes and chests to workbenches. Whatever type of storage you may be looking for, there is sure to be a Masterforce product perfectly suited to your needs.

Read on to learn more about the Masterforce tool box, including its specs, features, and pros and cons.

About the Masterforce Tool Box

Masterforce Tool Box

Masterforce provides various tool storage solutions, from heavy-duty toolboxes and chests to workbenches. Whatever type of storage you may be looking for, there will be a Masterforce product perfectly suited to your needs.

The Masterforce tool box is only one of the various products under the Masterforce brand. 

Masterforce is a division of Menards group of companies that manufactures quality tools and several tool storage solutions.

While not quite as well-known as the major brands, they offer a range of products at affordable prices without sacrificing quality and efficiency.

Masterforce tool boxes are durable and versatile, enabling you to store all of your tools safely and securely. Additionally, they are very convenient, handy, and easy to carry everywhere you may go.

Who Manufactures the Masterforce Tool Box?

Menards Chain of Home Improvement Stores Owns Masterforce

Masterforce is owned by the Menards chain of home improvement stores. It is among the in-house brands that are carried in all Menards stores.

One of the Largest Home Improvement Centers in the US

It is one of the largest home improvement centers in the United States. The company was founded by John Menard Jr. originally as a pole building company, then-known as Menards Cashway Lumber. Since then, Menards has become famous for selling all kinds of lumber and home improvement services and products.

Sources and Rebrands Tools and Products from Manufacturers

Menards doesn’t manufacture Masterforce products. Instead, it sources and rebrands the tools and products from other manufacturers under the Masterforce brand name. This is a practice that is common among many retail outlets.

Key Qualities of the Masterforce Tool Box

To find out more about the Masterforce tool box, here is a list of some of its unique and outstanding characteristics:

  1. Heavy Duty Materials
  2. Built In Power Strip
  3. Heavy Duty Drawer Slides
  4. Raise and Release Drawers
  5. Modular Design

Let’s discuss each one of them:

1. Heavy Duty Materials

Masterforce tool boxes are built mainly from heavy-duty sheet metal. Compared to top brands, the sheet metal used to make Masterforce tool boxes is a thinner gauge. Nonetheless, they are still very durable. They can endure a considerable amount of abuse.

Durable Finish

Aside from that, Masterforce tool boxes are powder-coated to provide them with durable finishes. It will take a good hard whack to make a visible dent on their surface. The powder coating also renders the tool box virtually rustproof. Even if you are located in an area with relatively high humidity, you won’t have to worry about your tool box getting rusted.

2. Built-in Power Strip

The Masterforce tool box comes equipped with built-in power strips. These enable you to charge devices while keeping them safe and secure at the same time.

For example, if you have several cordless power tools, you may store them in the same toolbox with their chargers. You can also plug in the chargers. That way, your power tools are always charged up and ready to be used at any time.

3. Heavy-duty Drawer Slides

Although Masterforce tool boxes are more affordable than the top brands, they can work just as well. They come equipped with heavy-duty ball-bearing drawer slides that carry up to 110 lbs of weight per pair. Even if each drawer is loaded full of tools, they will still open smoothly as though they were empty.

As for opening them, you can completely pull out the drawers to give you complete access to their entire depth. You may put in as many tools as you wish, and you won’t have a problem finding the specific tool you will need.

4. Raise and Release Drawers

You won’t also have to worry about the drawers opening accidentally while you’re transporting the tool box. Masterforce tool boxes come with a raise and release mechanism to keep the drawers securely closed to avoid such a mishap.

The said mechanism comes with a spring-loaded latch that affixes the drawer to the body of the tool box. To open the drawer, hold on to the drawer, pull, and slightly lift it to disengage the latch. Then, pull the drawer out.

5. Modular Design

Masterforce tool boxes can be stacked on top of one another while remaining secure. You can stack another tool box if you have the rolling tool box over it. You can also avail of Masterforce cabinets that can be stacked and set next to each other.

At the same time, you can place all of the Masterforce brand tool chests inside your garage, and they will all fit in flawlessly.

Masterforce base tool chests have raised edges that allow you to place another tool box on top of it without sliding off. So, you don’t have to worry about the tool boxes sliding off one another:

In this video, Watch Wes Work reviews the Masterforce 72″ Toolbox.

Different Types of Masterforce Tool Boxes

masterforce tool box review

While they are available in a variety of sizes and drawer counts, Masterforce tool boxes come in only three basic types, which are:

  1. Traditional Tool Box
  2. Triangle Tool Box
  3. Rolling Tool Box

Let’s talk about each of these types:

1. Traditional Tool Box

Five or Eight Drawers

This is the perfect tool box for those who mainly work on their workbench. Just place it on your bench, and all the tools that you’ll need will be right within reach. Traditional Masterforce tool boxes come with five or eight drawers. Each comes with a tall open till suitable for power tools and larger items.

Built-in Power Strips

The Masterforce traditional tool box also has a built-in power strip with USB slots. This allows you to both charge and store your power tools simultaneously. You won’t have to use a wall outlet for your many chargers anymore. Just plug them in the tool box, and you’re all set.

2. Triangle Tool Box

Allows Quick and Easy Acces of Tools

The Masterforce triangle tool box is ideal for quick and easy access to all of your tools simultaneously. When you open the lid of the Masterforce triangle tool box, the latch at the top will lock it into place automatically. This allows you to get whichever tool you will need easily.

Can Be Mounted on the Side of Work Truck

You won’t have to open and close drawers anymore when you’re looking for a specific tool. Another convenient feature is that it can be mounted on the side of a work truck if necessary.

3. Rolling Tool Box

Equipped with a Small Working Surface

The Masterforce rolling tool box is a chest of drawers with a small working surface above it. It can carry up to 2,000 lbs of tools. This is due to the four heavy-duty solid rubber swiveling casters equipped with locking mechanisms. It also comes with a side handle that allows you to pull or push the tool box wherever you go easily.

Masterforce always has something to offer for all of your tool storage needs with a varied assortment of tool boxes, tool chests, and workbenches.

Again, what does Masterforce offer? Masterforce offers several tool storage solutions, including durable tool boxes, chests, and workbenches to cater to their customers’ storage needs.

Masterforce Tool Box Specs

Here are the Masterforce tool box specs and the Masterforce tool chest:

1. 41” x 24” Masterforce Tool Box

  • Dimensions: 43.70” H x 31.30” W x 26.77” D
  • Weight: 209.3 lbs.
  • No. of Drawers: 8
  • Carrying Capacity: 900 lbs.
  • Material: Powder-coated sheet metal and heavy-duty steel ball bearings


  • Raise and release drawer latching system
  • Tubular locking system
  • Full-extension drawers
  • Built-in power strip with USB charging ports

2. 41” x 24” Masterforce Rolling Tool Chest

  • Dimensions: 44.09” H x 39.98” W x 27.17” D
  • Weight: 295.25 lbs.
  • No. of Drawers: 8
  • Carrying Capacity: 2,000 lbs.
  • Material: Powder-coated sheet metal and heavy-duty ball-bearing drawer slides


  • Raise and release drawer latching system
  • Heavy-duty solid rubber casters
  • Full-extension drawers, and
  • Built-in power strip with USB charging ports.

Pros and Cons of the Masterforce Tool Box

masterforce tool box manufacturer

Below are the pros and cons of the Masterforce tool box:


The pros of the Masterforce tool box include the following:

  1. Low Cost but Respectable Quality
  2. Modular Design
  3. Customizable Storage Solutions

1. Low-cost but Respectable Quality

This is for you if you’re starting your trade and don’t have the budget to afford top-branded products. Masterforce tool boxes are among the most affordable tool storage lines in the market today. So they are sure to be well within your price range.

In terms of quality, while perhaps not as durable as big-name brands, they are tough enough on their own. As long as you take good care of them, they will last for a long time.

2. Modular Design

The stylish modular design of Masterforce tool boxes allows you to set them up in any way you like. For example, you can set up a tool chest on top of a Masterforce drawer or cabinet base. It will appear so seamless, as though it was an individual piece.

3. Customizable Storage Solutions

If you mainly do most of your work on a workbench, you may opt to get a tabletop tool chest. Additionally, you may also decide to have a rolling tool chest. Then, place a regular tool chest at the top to bring your tools along with you. This is particularly helpful if you’re working in another part of your garage.


The con of the Masterforce tool box includes:

  • Thickness of Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal Is Not as Thick as Other Tool Boxes

This is the only con I have observed with the Masterforce tool box. While their corners are well-made, their sides aren’t as tough. If you hit it hard enough on the side, it would be enough to leave a mark on the surface and maybe even tear the material.

But as long as you don’t keep whacking the side of your tool box a lot, it should hold up for a reasonably long time.

Is the Masterforce Tool Box Right for You?

Masterforce tool boxes are ideal for beginners just starting their trade, especially if they can’t afford to buy top-name brands. If you want a good tool chest to organize your tools and keep them safe, a Masterforce tool chest is a decent choice.

Masterforce tool boxes may not have the same level of quality as top-shelf tool storage products. But that doesn’t mean that they have poor quality. On the contrary, they are very well-crafted in their own right.

So, if you’re looking for reliable tool storage at a reasonably affordable price, you can’t go wrong with buying a Masterforce tool box.

Conclusion – Masterforce Tool Box Review and Specs

Masterforce offers various tool storage solutions, from heavy-duty tool boxes and chests to workbenches. Whatever type of storage you may be looking for, there is a Masterforce product ideally suited to your needs.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to set up your workshop entirely with Masterforce brand products.

Masterforce tool boxes may not be in the same class as the top brand names, but they are not short on quality. And at a budget-friendly price, you will be sure to get far more than your money’s worth. So, if you’re the type of consumer who favors product efficiency and affordability over brand recognition, then the Masterforce tool box is the practical choice.

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