Mavis Oil Change Price – How Much Is It?

Motor oil is essential for the efficient operation of your car’s engine. Mavis says that if you let it lubricate your engine longer than it should, its operational efficiency will deteriorate. This means you need to change it at the proper time. Mavis oil change price – how much is it?

The price of Mavis’ oil change depends on the type of motor oil you want for your engine. Typically, if you want regular or standard engine oil, the cost is about $19.95. If your engine needs a synthetic oil blend, the price is around $29.95. But if it is full synthetic oil – you need to shell out about $64.99.

Mavis also offers discount coupons for their oil change service. You can even pay less than their standard prices by using their voucher. The oil change costs from $20 to $60 plus at other car service shops. 

Read on to learn more about the price of an oil change at Mavis Discount Tire Shop, the type of oil change service you can get from them, and how you can get a discount for this service.

Mavis Oil Change Price – How Much Is It?

Mavis Oil Change Price

If you go to any Mavis car service shop, you will find that their prices for oil change service range from $19.95 to $64.94 or more. The price you pay depends on the type of motor oil your car engine requires.

If your engine needs conventional oil, you will pay around $19.95. Should you want a synthetic blend, they will charge you about $29.95. But if it is full synthetic oil, you will be asked to pay around $64.95.

Conventional engine oil is much cheaper than synthetic oil blends because it offers more engine protection and enhanced lubrication properties. Full synthetic oil is the most expensive motor oil because it can last longer and delivers more lubricating properties.

At other car service centers, the average price of oil change ranges from $20 to $60 and over, depending on the type of oil used.

You may wonder why the oil change service is this expensive. Well, the cost depends on the type of motor oil your car engine needs. Secondly, it depends on the type of your vehicle.

You cannot use cheap motor oil if you have a high-performance or luxury vehicle. To protect its engine, you should only use full synthetic oil.

Types of Oil Change Available at Mavis

There are at least different kinds of oil changes that you can get at Mavis Discount Tire Shop. The cheapest is regular motor oil. After that is the synthetic blend or conventional motor oil, which is a combination of regular and some amount of synthetic oil

The most expensive is the full synthetic oil change. This is what your car will require if it is a luxury or high-performance vehicle. For each type of motor oil, Mavis offers discount coupons to their customers. With these coupons, you can lower the cost of your oil change:

1. Regular Oil

Conventional or regular oil are mineral-based motor oils. That means they are refined from crude oil extracted from the ground. They are naturally occurring. These motor oils offer good lubricating properties but not as much as what synthetic blend or full synthetic oils can give.

2. Synthetic Blend

Synthetic blend motor oil is a combination of conventional and synthetic oils. This means it is a mixture of formulated motor and naturally occurring oil. It offers more excellent lubricating properties than regular engine oil.

3. Full Synthetic Oil

As its name implies, full synthetic oil is synthetic-based motor oil with no naturally occurring substances. In other words, engine oil is completely formulated at the lab. Aside from its chemically produced components, some additives are infused in the oil to enhance its performance.

While full synthetic oil offers more protection and lubrication properties to an engine, not all are the same. Since they are formulated in the lab, each brand of full synthetic oil offers different engine lubrication and protection.

Mavis Oil Change Coupons

mavis synthetic oil change price

Mavis customers can use these oil change coupons to lower their expenses when they ask for oil change service from this company. In other words, use these coupons if you want to pay lower than what they usually charge.

Mavis offers these discount coupons occasionally to their oil change customers to attract them to use their services. It will do you good if you look at the details of these discount coupons:

1. $25 Discount Coupon

You can get this coupon and use it if you are going to Mavis, no matter what type of car you have, whether it is your day car or a luxury or high-performance car. If you visit the official website of Mavis Discount Tire Shop, you can get this coupon and then print it.

Usually, this coupon has a time limit. So, you have to use it before its time limit expires.

2. $10.00 Discount Coupon

This particular coupon differs from the $25 discount coupon in that you can get free tire rotation services and redeem them at any Mavis service shop.

3. S37.99 Discount Coupon

You can use this discount coupon if you are using a high-mileage vehicle. This coupon will save you a couple of bucks, so take advantage of it.

Usually, when you go for an oil change at Mavis and any car service shop, the car techs will perform additional services to your car, which are connected to the oil change service. With these Mavis discount coupons, you don’t have to pay for these added services.

Just apply a discount coupon to the services the car techs have performed on your car. This way, you will be able to pay even less than their regular prices.

The total discount would be reflected on your oil change bill if they did not provide additional service to your vehicle.

4. Discounts of Up to $99.99

From time to time, Mavis offers bigger discounts (up to $99.99) to oil change customers. So, watch out for the said deal (especially during Christmas) whenever you are in for an oil change service.

Again, how much is a Mavis oil change? It will cost you about $19.95 if you get a conventional oil change at Mavis, while a synthetic oil change will cost around $29.95. Tipping is not required for an oil change.

Mavis Oil Change Price Vs. Other Car Service Shops

Mavis Inspects Car Leaks and Other Engine Issues

If you have your engine checks, such as motor oil changes regularly, the car mechanics will also check and correct leaks and other engine issues. These issues, if not corrected, will shorten your engine’s lifespan.

This is what the car techs at Mavis will do if you ask them to perform your oil changes regularly. There are lots of Mavis car service shops all over the country. They are all skilled in this task and other tasks related to it.

Collects and Safely Disposes of Your Car’s Used Oil

Another thing that differentiates Mavis from all other car service centers is that they will recover all the used engine oil from your car and safely dispose of them to protect our environment.

Performs Complimentary Safety Check

In addition, the car techs will perform a complimentary safety check of the essential components of your car. More importantly, they will follow the car manufacturer’s recommendation regarding the type and grade of motor oil they will use on your engine. See our posts on the other oil change centers.

What’s the Best Motor Oil for Your Car?

mavis discount oil change price

Most modern cars have engines with superior tight tolerances between their moving parts. For this reason, most of these engines require motor oils that are thin or lightweight. This property enables the motor oil to penetrate (and lubricate) small crevices of the engine.

As such, car manufacturers today prefer and recommend motor oils with OW-20 or even thinner oils with OW-16 grade. These types of oil can only be produced in the lab. In other words, they are full synthetic oils.

Synthetic oil offers many beneficial properties that regular and synthetic blend oils cannot. So, if your engine comes with synthetic oil, you should stay with synthetic oil. Switching from synthetic oil to either regular or synthetic blends will affect your engine badly.

If your car is initially using regular oil, can you switch to synthetic oil? Yes, you absolutely can. You can do it anytime you decide to do it. Your engine will feel the difference. It will perform better than before.

The price difference between synthetic and regular oil is about $32 on average. That difference is justifiable if your engine can do better and last longer with synthetic oil.

What Are the Prices of Oil Change at Other Shops?

If you are still hesitant about choosing Mavis for your following oil change, perhaps knowing the prices of oil changes at another car shop will be enough to swing your vote.

Here is the price of oil change services at other car service centers:

  • Firestone – from $46 to $96
  • Jiffy Lube – from $45.99 to$89.99
  • Valvoline – from $45.99 to$95.99
  • Goodyear – from $30.99 to$95.99
  • Take 5 Oil Change – from $45.99 to$95.99

In Closing

The price of an oil change service at Mavis depends on the type of engine oil that your car engine needs. If your engine requires regular or conventional motor oil, Mavis will charge you around $19.95. If it is a synthetic oil blend, the price is about $29.95.

The price is around $64.95 if you want a full synthetic oil change service. You can still get these prices lowered if you avail of Mavis’ discount coupons. In other car service shops, the average costs of oil change service range from $20 to $60 and over.