Mevotech Vs Moog – Which Is Better?

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If you want your car to give you a smooth driving experience, you should ensure that its suspension system works well. When it comes to suspension parts, Mevotech and Moog are two of the most popular brands. So, Mevotech vs Moog – which is better?

Mevotech suspension spare parts are more affordable. Some of the products of Mevotech have a higher quality than Moog. That could also be said about Moog’s suspension spare parts. For example, a Mevotech control arm comes with ball joints and bushings. A Moog control is supplied with ball joints only. 

Mevotech and Moog are the two most popular brands of suspension replacement parts in the market. These two brands have been selling suspension and steering replacement parts for many years. However, both brands have their strengths and weaknesses. 

Read on to learn more about the Mevotech and Moog suspension replacement parts, how they compare with each other, and which of the two is the better choice.

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Mevotech Vs Moog

mevotech vs moog

The suspension spare parts of Mevotech are more affordable than those of Moog’s. They are also of higher quality. For example, the control arm of Mevotech is supplied with ball joints and bushings. Moog’s control arm only comes with ball joints.

Mevotech and Moog are the two leading brands of suspension and steering products in the market. They have been supplying these products for many years now. There are reviewers of these two products who believe that Mevotech is the better brand. Others say Moog is better.

While this is the consensus of some reviewers, you also need to choose the brand and the product that will best suit your needs, the type of your vehicle and its model, as well as your budget.

Main Differences Between Mevotech and Moog

One way of knowing which of the two brands is better is by examining their differences. For example, while both offer suspension and steering systems spare parts, their products have certain properties that make them different from each other.


One of the main differences between these two brands is the price of their products. The price of the suspension products of these two brands is on the higher end. However, when comparing the price of Moog vs Mevotech, Mevotech’s spare parts are generally more affordable than those of Moog’s. 

Degree of Specialization

The two brands also have a different approaches to specialization. Mevotech specializes in parts for different car models and operational needs. This company has developed unique brands such as the Mevotech Original Grade, Mevotech Supreme, and the Tough Terrain Extreme.

In contrast, Moog is not doing too much specialization. Moog concentrates its resources on educating its clients about their cars’ suspension and steering systems and how to choose the best replacement parts. 


Reading the many reviews about these two brands, it appears that it’s quite difficult to tell if the quality of the products of one brand is higher than the other. When it comes to product quality, there is a need to compare the same products to gauge which one is better. 

For instance, some reviewers say that Mevotech products have lower quality than Moog’s products and vice versa. They said that that is the reason why Mevotech products are more affordable than Moog’s. 

There is a significant difference between their control arms. The control arm of Mevotech is supplied with ball joints and bushings, but the control arm of Moog only comes with ball joints. It is the additional bushing that makes Mevotech’s control arm more effective than Moog’s. They are resistant to corrosion, that’s why.

There’s not much difference in the tie rod ends Mevotech or Moog. When it comes to their performance, both tie rod ends of Moog and Mevotech seem to be equal.


In terms of service life, the suspension replacement parts of Moog tend to last longer than the same products of Mevotech. In other words, in this Moog vs Mevotech issue, you can use Moog suspension spare parts longer than those of Mevotech’s. 

Where They Are Made

The products of these two brands are also made in different places. For example, Mevotech manufactures its suspension spare parts in Canada, while Moog makes its products in factories located in different many parts of the world. 


The two brands also follow different warranty schedules. Overall, Moog provides its customers a more comprehensive warranty than Mevotech. All spare parts sold by Moog are covered with a three-year warranty. You will only get a limited lifetime warranty when you buy a Mevotech suspension replacement part.

Moog vs Mevotech Ball Joint Comparison

moog vs mevotech
Mevotech Ball Joint

The ball joint of a car’s suspension provides pivoting movement between the control arm and steering knuckle. In this way, you can have a smooth ride and precise control of your car. So how do the ball joints of these two brands compare?

Mevotech Ball Joint

Ball joints made by Mevotech are strong and durable. Overall, they have a robust quality. So if you are looking for a ball joint to fit your heavy-duty suspension system, this ball joint should be your pick. 

The metal-to-metal design of this ball joint makes it durable under pressure. In addition, it is made of materials that are resistant to corrosion, so rusting will not be a problem. The rubber boots of this ball joint also work well. 

There will be no leakages of grease after you install it. This ball joint is also cheaper than the ball joint of Moog. It is lower in quality, though, that is why it is weaker. Although its design and build quality are close to its OEM counterpart, it will not perform as well.


  • Inexpensive and yet high quality
  • Durable and well made
  • Easy installation
  • Made for heavy-duty driving


  • Have to be replaced eventually just like the majority of ball joints

Moog Ball Joint

The ball joints made by Moog are more expensive than Mevotech because of their better quality. They come with metal gusher bearings. These ball joints are capable of making 360° movements allowing smooth and easy rotation. 

Like Mevotech ball joints, they have a metal-to-metal design too. As a result, grease can flow through them to minimize friction. They also come with Belleville preload washers to absorb sudden impact.

The overall construction of these ball joints makes them very tough, enabling them to withstand high pressure. This is one of the reasons why the market prefers Moog suspension replacement parts.

Many car owners use Moog ball joints because of the high-quality material, rubber used, and overall construction. Any DIY car owner will prefer these ball joints because they are straightforward to install. Even a novice mechanic won’t have any difficulty installing them. 


  • Can absorb shocks and impacts on the road very well
  • Very durable and will remain in good condition even after long use
  • Used by car owners for domestic and imported vehicles


  • Price is slightly higher than Mevotech suspension products

Mevotech vs Moog Wheel Bearing Comparison

Mevotech Wheel Bearing

The design of Mevotech wheel bearings follows the specifications of OEM units closely. All parts of the wheel bearing and hub assembly are pre-lubricated to minimize friction and wear. To protect them from dirt and debris, they are sealed at the time they were processed.

These wheel bearings come with integrated flanges that minimize vibration of the vehicle and maintain the integrity of the inner bearing. They have oversized ball bearings that allow them to carry extra load and prolong their service lives.


  • Pre-lubricated with high pressure and high-temperature grease to minimize friction and wear
  • Bigger ball bearings improve lifespan and load capacity
  • Bearings don’t need maintenance
  • Strong and durable integral raceway minimizes vibration and enhances stiffness
  • Integrated flanges reduce wobble and protect the integrity of the internal bearing
  • OE-style ABS Sensor installed inside the hub assembly to enhance signal and connection
  • Minimizes vehicle noise and enables the vehicle to run smoothly
  • Easy to install


  • In some cases, the sensors stopped working after a couple of days.

Moog Wheel Bearing

Moog wheel bearing can reduce the rumbling noise in your car considerably. It is treated with heat to acquire its optimum hardness and depth that will enable it to support heavier load capacity.

They are designed to provide your vehicle greater endurance, maximum protection against contaminants, proper function and fit, and safety while driving. They are manufactured to provide smooth, reliable performance and overcome problems.

Moog wheel bearings are superior in quality and ensure quiet vehicle operation. They can reduce rolling resistance and ensure that the ABS is functioning optimally.


  • Molded ABS covering and socket connections that provide excellent defense against dirt and other contaminants, enhancing durability
  • Quad lip design ensures greater protection
  • Roll form design allows for consistent and optimal preload
  • Components are precision matched, allowing smooth and quiet operation
  • Better conductivity of the ABS signal because of the high-quality copper and polymer wiring
  • Protective coating on the wheel stud. This prevents the development of rust and corrosion, ensuring easy removal and accurate torquing of the stud.
  • Easy to install


  • There are customers who said that the wheel bearing was loosed when delivered.

Moog vs Mevotech Control Arm Comparison

difference between mevotech and moog
Moog Control Arm

Next, let’s look at Mevotech vs Moog Control Arms:

Mevotech Control Arm 

The Mevotech MS601043 X-Factor control arm is compatible with several types of vehicles. It is designed to handle different types of driving that range from urban conditions to more difficult terrain.

This control arm has parts that are made of natural rubber. It also comes with bushings. It is designed to be resistant to corrosion. So you can expect it to last long. This suspension spare part is also a threaded ball joint stud type that is very easy to install. It is not adjustable, though.


  • Superior-quality finish coated with black oxide to enhance its corrosion-resistant properties
  • Compatible with several types of vehicles
  • It makes vehicle suspension stronger
  • It can be easily greased to improve ball joint function
  • Durable and dependable
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable price
  • It comes with a one year warranty


  • Ball joint is not included in the warranty

Moog Control Arm

Its manufacturer claims that the Moog CK620054 control arm is one of the best control arms in the market. The metal design of this product allows steady grease flow, which enhances its durability.

It comes with a pre-installed dust boot. This feature prevents moisture and other contaminants from causing corrosion and wear and tear. Bushings are also pre-installed in this control arm so that noise is minimized while driving.

It is also compatible with several vehicle types, including SUVs, sports cars, performance vehicles, and trucks. Easy installation is one of its plusses, in case you need to replace a bad control arm.


  • Made of high-quality forged steel, stamped steel, or aluminum
  • You can use it on difficult terrains
  • Equipped with a 10° additional stud swing inside the upper ball joint when required
  • Pre-installed ball joint and bushings if required
  • It comes with M2 technology to improve steering and steering response
  • Equipped with gusher bearings made of powdered metal, allowing uninterrupted grease flow from bearing to stud
  • With Belleville washers to help absorb impacts and shocks
  • With a limited lifetime warranty


  • Does not have wire harness clips

Best Mevotech and Moog Amazon Products

If you are looking for an appropriate suspension replacement part for your car, below are some of the best Mevotech and Moog products on Amazon:

1. Mevotech MS251057 Control Arm

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This control arm from Mevotech comes with a ball joint. The Mevotech MS251057 Control Arm with Ball Joint is made of high-quality materials. If it is installed properly, it will greatly improve your driving experience.

2. Mevotech MS251058 X-Factor Control Arm

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Another control arm that is worth considering is the Mevotech MS251058 X-Factor. It also comes with a ball joint. With this control arm in your suspension, your driving experience will be smooth and precise.

3. MOOG ES3493T Tie Rod End

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A good tie rod end will also ensure a comfortable driving experience. The MOOG ES3493T Tie Rod End is easy to install and will restore like-new steering. It has many beneficial features that will make driving more comfortable and less stressful.

4. MOOG DS1439 Tie Rod End

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This is another tie rod end that is worth your consideration. The MOOG DS1439 Tie Rod End is strong and durable because the ball studs are heat-treated that match or even exceed OEM standards. This process improves the tie rod end’s fatigue strength and prevents temperature failure.

Conclusion: Moog vs Meotech

On average, the suspension products of Mevotech suspension are more affordable. They are also of higher quality than the suspension spare parts of Moog. For example, a Mevotech control arm is supplied with ball joints and bushings. A Moog control arm comes with ball joints only. 

Which of these two brands is better? From the information given above, Mevotech and Moog have their strengths and weaknesses. Mevotech is better in some features, but that can be true as well with Moog. Determining which of one is better depends on what you are looking for, your practical requirements, budget, and product availability.

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