Midas Oil Change Prices – How Much Does It Cost?

Midas is known for its car maintenance services, including oil changes. Car owners go to Midas because this car service shop takes care of their cars as if they are their own. In this article, I will discuss Midas oil change prices – how much does it cost?

The typical oil change prices at Midas are the following:

  • Oil and filter change – $27.95
  • High mileage oil – $39.95
  • Synthetic blend – $69.95
  • Synthetic oil – $89.95

If you go to a car service center for a conventional oil change, they will usually charge you $35 and $75, depending on the location. However, if your car requires synthetic oil, the oil change price is generally higher. It can range from $65 to $125.

Read on to learn more about oil change prices at Midas, what kinds of services are included in their oil change service, and why you should choose Midas for your oil change.

Midas Oil Change Prices

midas oil change prices

How much is an oil change at Midas? When you go to Midas for an oil change, you can expect to pay the following prices:

  • Oil and filter change – $27.95
  • High mileage oil – $39.95
  • Synthetic blend – $69.95
  • Synthetic oil – $89.95

Other Car Service Centers’ Oil Change Price

At most car service centers, the price of oil change using conventional oil ranges from $35 to $75 depending on where you are getting the service. However, if your car needs synthetic oil, the price will be higher. The Midas synthetic oil change price will be between $65 and $125.

Midas Typically Uses Pennzoil Motor Oil

In their oil change service, Midas typically uses Pennzoil Motor Oil. If you want to bring your motor oil, Midas allows it. You also need to bring an oil filter and an oil filter gasket, and the engine oil.

Midas Touch Maintenance Package

If your car needs conventional oil, the minimum charge of Midas is around $20. However, if your car needs full synthetic oil, its price could reach $85. Midas also offers what they call “Midas Touch Maintenance.”

This involves different car maintenance jobs, each with its respective price. Here are the details of the Midas Touch Maintenance package:

  • Oil & Filter Change – $27.95
  • Synthetic Oil – $89.95
  • Synthetic Blend – $69.95
  • High Mileage Oil – $39.95
  • Brake Fluid Service – $69.95
  • Power Steering Fluid Service – $89.95
  • Fuel Injection Service – $89.95
  • Midas Touch Courtesy Check – Free
  • Wiper Blades & Lighting – call for an estimated price

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Midas Oil Change Prices in Detail

Factors That Affect Midas Oil Change Price

When it comes to the oil change service you will get at Midas; the actual price will depend on the type of oil that your car needs and the location of the Midas car service center where you are getting the service.

If you are using conventional motor oil in your car, the price of your oil change service will be less than that of a synthetic oil service. That’s simply because synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional oil.

Synthetic oil contains lesser impurities than conventional oil. This motor oil type also offers more engine protection and usually lasts longer than conventional motor oils.

While its first cost is higher, you save more money with synthetic oil than conventional oil because your oil change frequency is reduced, and your engine gets more protection.

Types of Motor Oils Used in Lubricating Car Engines

Conventional Motor Oil

It is proper to give you a rundown of motor oils used in lubricating car engines. First, we have conventional motor oil. This motor oil is made from crude oil and is enhanced by adding different additives.

Synthetic Motor Oil

Then we have synthetic motor oil. This is made from artificial ingredients with different kinds of additives. The full synthetic oil is pure and with a uniform molecular structure. It can provide increased engine protection with additional environmental benefits.

There are many advantages to using full synthetic oil. It can provide the best lubrication, sludge prevention, viscosity retention, and stability.

This means better protection against engine wear, smoother engine performance, and improved gas mileage. You will never enjoy these advantages if you only use conventional motor oil.

High Mileage Motor Oil

Lastly, we have high mileage motor oil. This motor oil contains anti-wear additives that can prolong the life of engines running for more than 75,000 miles. High mileage motor oils are also available in full synthetic, synthetic blend, and conventional formulas.

Nevertheless, if the operator’s manual of your car says that it requires conventional oil, it will work fine with your vehicle. If you want a higher oil grade that is not as expensive as synthetic oil, you can choose synthetic blend oil. This oil is a nice mixture of conventional and synthetic oil.

Midas Oil Change Prices According to the Type of Oil

The oil change prices at Midas, based on the types of oil used, are the following:

  • Conventional oil and filter change – $27.95
  • Synthetic blend oil – $39.95
  • High mileage oil – $69.95

As you can see, the Midas oil change price is very competitive. These prices are very attractive to car owners looking for quality oil change service at affordable rates.

If you are after dependable oil change service, you don’t have to look for an expensive, high-tech car service center. Midas has everything that you need – at prices within easy reach.

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Advantages of Having Your Oil Change at Midas

1. Has Over 2,300 Locations Across the United States, Canada, and Foreign Countries

The full name of this company is Midas Inc. It is a subsidiary of TBC Corporation, the biggest marketer of automotive replacement tires in North America. Midas has over 2,300 locations across the United States, Canada, and foreign countries.

The center of the oil change operation of Midas is in Itasca, Illinois. Its thousands of vehicle service centers are either duly licensed or franchised.

2. Attending Mechanic Will Assist You in Choosing the Type of Motor Oil

If you are still in doubt about the type of motor oil to use in your car, the attending mechanic will assist you and advise you as to what oil to use when you go to a Midas service center.

Their mechanics won’t put any motor oil that does not conform to the specifications of your car’s manufacturer.

3. Open from Monday to Saturday

You might want to know when is the best time you can go to Midas for an oil change service. Here are the office hours of Midas in a typical week.

  • Monday – 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Tuesday – 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Wednesday – 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Thursday – 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Friday – 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Saturday – 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Sunday – closed

4. Offers Other Auto Services

Midas offers different types of automotive services, including:

  • Oil change,
  • Brakes repair,
  • Exhaust and muffler service and repair, and
  • Tires and tire repair.

Examination of Other Parts

Midas can also thoroughly examine the following:

  • Car’s engine,
  • Heating system,
  • Hoses and belts,
  • Steering,
  • Air conditioning system,
  • Suspension, and many more.

5. Midas Touch Courtesy Check

Whatever vehicle service you choose to get at Midas, you will be given the Midas Touch Courtesy Check. Midas experts will examine your car’s exterior and interior in this service.

They will also check under the hood and perform visual inspections of your car’s transmission fluid and power steering fluid. These mechanics will explain to you the recommendation of your car’s manufacturer about these fluids.

6. Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified Mechanics

All the mechanics of Midas are Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified. This certification is regulated and issued by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

These mechanics are qualified to take care of car repairs and maintenance. After checking your vehicle, they will give you a written report detailing their findings.

This complete service checkup that you will get at Midas will ensure that your car will last longer. It will also make your car more fuel-efficient and more dependable. These Midas mechanics are capable of maintaining different makes and models of vehicles.

7. First Vehicle Service Company That Provides a Lifetime Guarantee

Midas is also the first vehicle service company that provides a lifetime guarantee. TBC acquired Midas in 2012. The company claims that this allowed them to expand their services to meet the needs of their customers.

To attract more customers to their car maintenance services, Midas is also offering discounts for their services through Midas Coupons. I will give you more details about these coupons in the next section of this article.

8. Midas Oil Change Coupons

You can’t escape the oil change service for your car. If you want to extend the life of your engine, you have to change its motor every time it is scheduled. Admittedly, this is a costly proposition. However, you can make this procedure a little more bearable for your wallet at Midas.

Offers Discount Coupons for Car Maintenance Services

Midas offers discount coupons for their car maintenance services. You will find a Midas oil change coupon on their official website, Midas.com. The coupons available at this site can help you avail of great deals at Midas at less than usual prices.

Have Specific Validity Periods

These coupons have specific validity periods. So, if you are looking for more affordable deals, you are advised to check their website more often to take advantage of their latest discount offers.

You will surely get the best Midas deals if you do this because they post new coupons and discount codes regularly on their site. You have greater chances of paying for an oil change at Midas at less than the usual price by periodically visiting their site.

Honored in All Midas Car Service Centers Anywhere in North America

The discount codes and coupons you will get on the site are honored in all Midas car service centers anywhere in North America. If you take advantage of these coupons, you will surely get a good discount on your next visit for an oil change at Midas.

How Long Will An Oil Change Take at Midas?

midas oil change hours

An Oil Change at Midas Will Take Around 60 Minutes to Complete

An oil change at Midas will take around 60 minutes to complete. The service takes this long because it includes changing the oil filter. This is part of the complimentary service of Midas to their customers as prescribed by their Midas Touch Courtesy Check.

Oil Change Plus Service Will Take Additional 15 Minutes

If you choose to get the Oil Change Plus service, another 15 minutes will be added to the oil change time because Midas mechanics will rotate the four tires of your car.

DIY Oil Change Takes Around One Hour

Performing a DIY oil change typically takes around one hour if you are already experienced. It will take longer if it’s the first time you are doing it.

Make an Appointment

To make the best of your time, you are advised to make an appointment with the Midas location, where you will have your oil changed. Of course, you can get there as a walk-in customer, but you don’t know what to expect, especially during busy hours.

Midas Also Performs Routine Checks

So, it’s better to make an appointment to ensure that your car will be duly serviced once you arrive at the Midas outlet. Keep in mind that at Midas, an oil change does not mean they will only change the engine’s oil. Midas mechanics will also perform routine checks on the car, taking time.

Frequently Asked Questions

midas oil change promo

To help you remember what I have discussed in this article, I have compiled here the many answers to the often asked questions about the oil change prices at Midas:

What Are the Oil Change Prices at Midas?

Midas offers different kinds of oil changes at their car service centers. The price of a certain oil change depends on the type of motor oil used, the quantity of oil required, and the added service that the customer may require.

With that said, the average oil change prices at Midas are the following:

  • Oil and filter change – $27.95
  • High mileage oil – $39.95
  • Synthetic blend – $69.95
  • Synthetic oil – $89.95

What Type of Motor Oil Is Used by Midas for an Oil Change?

It depends on what the car owner wants and what their car manufacturer requires. In general, Midas uses the best motor oils for the condition of the car and the wants of its owner. At Midas, Pennzoil Motor Oil is the brand used in oil changes unless the car owner wants a different type of motor oil.

Does Midas Use a Good Full Synthetic Oil?

Yes, it is. This oil type offers the best lubrication, viscosity retention, sludge protection, and stability. When this oil type is used, you will experience smoother engine performance, improved gas mileage, and better protection against engine wear and tear.

Does Midas Offer a Maintenance Package?

Yes, Midas has a maintenance package that it offers to its customers. They call one of the packages “Midas Touch Maintenance.” This package involves several services, each with its corresponding prices.

Here are the details of this package:

  • Oil & Filter Change – $27.95
  • Synthetic Oil – $89.95
  • Synthetic Blend – $69.95
  • High Mileage Oil – $39.95
  • Brake Fluid Service – $69.95
  • Power Steering Fluid Service – $89.95
  • Fuel Injection Service – $89.95
  • Midas Touch Courtesy Check – Free
  • Wiper Blades & Lighting – Call for the estimated price

Are Midas Mechanics Good?

Yes, they are. All mechanics of Midas are ASE certified. They are fully qualified to take care of your car. Midas policy is to treat their customers’ cars as if they were their own.

Can I Bring a Motor Oil to Midas?

Yes, you can. But if your motor oil is the same as the motor oil they are using, it is better to use their oil because they buy this oil in bulk or drums. That is why they can give it to you at a discount.

How Long Is an Oil Change at Midas?

An oil change at Midas will usually take around 60 minutes. It could take up an additional 15 minutes if you ask them to rotate your tires. But typically, Midas mechanics will only take one hour to complete the oil change.

Knowing how to do it will also take you about an hour to complete the job. However, if this is the first time you will do it, prepare for a much longer time.

Can You Get a Discount at Midas?

Yes, you can. Midas regularly posts discount codes and coupons on their official website at Midas.com. If you want to get a discount on your following oil change, visit their official website regularly so you can time your oil change schedule with the time they are posting these coupons.

In Closing: Oil Change Prices at Midas

For their oil change prices, Midas charges the following:

  • Oil and filter change – $27.95
  • High mileage oil – $39.95
  • Synthetic blend – $69.95
  • Synthetic oil – $89.95

In a typical car service center, the price of an oil change can range from $35 to $75, depending on the location. However, if you want synthetic oil for your car, you can expect to pay between $65 and $125 for your oil change.

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