Modded Toyota Camry – Tips, Ideas, Guide

Toyota Camry has undergone several generations of styling and body changes since its debut in 1982. It was the best-selling vehicle from 1997 to 2016 and is now mostly known as a four-door family sedan. The Toyota Camry has many popular modifications, so what are they? And how can you unlock your vehicle’s full potential?

The Toyota Camry has many mods options, such as a high-performance air intake system, dash covers, and a faster suspension. You can also consider removing the factory radio and replacing it with an advanced stereo system. Moreover, you can go with some Coilover basics to adjust the height of your car. 

Other mods include new sway bars, exhaust mufflers, a sizable subwoofer box to add some bass, new wheels, rims, and windshield shades. 

Read on to learn more about the mods available for the Toyota Camry and how to set them up properly.

Modded Toyota Camry

Modded Toyota Camry

A fast suspension, dash covers, and a high-performance air intake system are just a few of the Toyota Camry’s potential upgrades. You might consider removing the factory radio and replacing it with a cutting-edge audio system. 

And, of course, you can always modify your car’s height by using some basic coilovers.

1. Air Intake System

An air intake upgrade is one of the simplest Toyota Camry modifications to pump your engine more power to the wheels. Every car has a wild side, so you can unleash yours with a high-performance Toyota Camry air intake.

The thing is that the factory air intake provides your engine with just the proper air to operate. It’s like attempting a marathon while wearing a gas mask.

However, a high-performance Toyota Camry air intake forces unrestricted air into your engine, which results in significant power increases. A Toyota Camry that is modded will now run more efficiently and cleanly.

2. Floor Liners and Mats

Handmade floor mats can deter food spills and wort-out footwear. So, just make sure to look for high-quality ones to get that sleek look. They can keep out all the debris, mud, and other things you track in from outside. 

Moreover, you will have protection and can wash them with a hose if you choose all-weather floor mats.

For floor liners, go for universal-fit ones, which you can change with easy cutting to create that perfect fit beneath your feet.

3. Dash Covers 

No matter how powerful your Toyota Camry is, it can’t stop the sun’s effects on your car. Any car’s dash can get damaged over time by the hot sun, so when this happens, a Toyota Camry dash cover will restore the original appearance and give your interior a distinctive style.

This is one of those straightforward Toyota Camry mods that not only makes your car cleaner but also helps maintain its market value in case you ever decide to part ways.

Moreover, the new dash covers come in various styles, so you may add a unique flair to your interior, conceal any cracking, or protect what you already have.

4. Factory Stereo System

The factory stereo system has 7 “six speakers and an LCD receiver. The Toyota Entune app can provide good navigation, but it sometimes may not work well with Apple CarPlay® or Android AutoTM.

The good news is that you can fix this with a new receiver; new speakers will improve the quality of whatever music you play.

We do not recommend removing this receiver because it is one of those tightly integrated and also houses climate controls. It also makes no difference whether you start with the top-tier 9-speaker JBL system or the 6-speaker one.

Adding Bass

Whether or not it’s sporty, the Camry is still a family vehicle at heart, and it has a sizable trunk that can accommodate a sizable subwoofer box. If you like bass, you can add a mono amplifier and make some nice things happen because space that measures 43″ W x 18″ H x 30″/43″ D is available.

A powered subwoofer can increase your bass without using too much cargo space.

5. Suspension Set Up

Make the suspension faster than the engine at all times. Being able to turn and halt will always be more important as a car owner than just driving quickly.

A properly adjusted Toyota Camry suspension can help you out-handle your rivals and may even improve your driving habits depending on your racing type. 

Until the suspension is changed with a performance setup, a car with a softer suspension will nearly always handle poorly. You should always replace an old, worn-out suspension since it significantly impairs handling, especially in spirited driving where handling is crucial.

6. Factory Radio Removal

You can take out the 7″ stock receiver quite easily. Of course, putting the car in park and unplugging the negative battery line will be simpler to avoid any electrical shorts. 

To free the seven remaining clips, use a panel tool to pull the lower dash trim panel on the driver’s side toward the back of the car. Remove the trim panel and disconnect the electrical wiring. Pull out the passenger’s side vent trim strip to release another eleven clips.

Then, pry out the passenger’s side lower dash trim panel to release eleven clips and remove this panel. Once done, take the strip off.

How to Take Out the Factory Radio


  • 10mm socket
  • Panel tool
  • Ratchet and extension
  • Pry off nine retention clips after removing the four 10mm screws holding the factory radio in place. 
  • Remove the radio, unhook everything, and get the stock radio out of the way.
  • Once you finish installing, reconnect the battery and test the radio to ensure it is operating correctly. 

You’ll get a better deal on the dash kit and wire harness adapter when you purchase your new receiver from Crutchfield. They will also come with instructions on installing the new receiver and linking everything. 

7. Coilover Basics

modded toyota camry trd

To lower your center of gravity and stiffen up your chassis for better handling and control, you can use Coilovers to adjust the height and damping of your Toyota Camry.

Moreover, it allows you to turn your car into an actual performance machine, converting it into a palpable wheel horsepower. This makes your car look sportier—and better, in our opinion.

Choosing the appropriate Coilover can be challenging because many different brands and models are available. When buying Toyota Camry Coilovers, you should pay close attention to the following:

Spring Rates

An essential component of your suspension system is the springs. They regulate the car’s ability to bounce, absorb shocks, and produce little body roll when loaded.

You will need to compress higher spring rates with more effort, which limits how far the suspension can travel. When you brake, accelerate, or turn your car, the body of the vehicle moves. 

By minimizing body movement, you improve handling predictability and efficiently distribute the cornering load across all four tires, improving the overall grip.

With stiffer springs than OEM suspension, most aftermarket Coilovers improve handling and give the driver a better sense of the road and their vehicle when engaging in an intense driving.

Top Mount

A top mount fastens the top of the Coilover to your car and holds everything together. There are two types of bushings, rubber or pillow ball type. They are located between the mount and strut assembly.

Since rubber bushings deflect more and are a major contributing factor to the loss of suspension precision, it should be no surprise that OE manufacturers use them regularly. 

Most OEM struts have soft rubber, which allows for significant energy deflection. A more rigid rubber mount increases durability and lessens energy deflection.

A pillow ball bushing is a metallic spherical joint that does not move when you apply heavy force, unlike a traditional rubber bushing. That is why the suspension and steering will feel much more precise and firm.

Monotube Design

Two types of dampers are inside any Coilover: monotube and twin tube. An inner and an outer tube are used in a “twin tube,” if you will. The piston shaft, valve, and oil are inside the inner tube. Nitrogen gas and damper oil are contained in the outer tube. 

The piston forces oil out of the inner tube by its valve and into the outer tube when you squeeze the suspension.

The oil will draw back into the inner tube from the outside tube as the piston repositions itself. The majority of OEM suspension uses the twin-tube damper setup simply because it allows for more suspension stroke and enhances ride quality, 

Monotube dampers separate the liquid from the gas with a floating piston while holding the gas and the shock in one tube. The construction forces the damper piston to push oil via chambers and valves on the piston itself.

The gas will compress and react more swiftly by compressing slowly through small bumps and more quickly through larger bumps.

The Monotube differs from typical twin-tube dampers in that you can use either side up, which is a significant feature. The Monotube contains more fluid, has greater heat dissipation, and enhances the damper’s reactivity compared to the twin-tube design.

Valving Adjustability 

People typically buy a set of Coilovers for their Toyota Camry to lower the vehicle, which makes sense. You get better performance, and the excessive body roll will be reduced thanks to the lower center of gravity. 

High-grade Coilovers must be able to alter ride height, spring preload, and damping. Adjusting the Coilovers, you may fine-tune your car’s behavior and give it the ideal ride height.

It is also essential to have the option to switch out the springs for stiffer ones because track cars require far higher spring rates than street cars do to increase grip, enhance handling, and lessen body roll.

To avoid a bouncy ride, it is essential to match your spring rate with your damping, whether you switch to a stronger or softer spring.

8. Steering Wheel Covers

By adding a chic Toyota Camry steering wheel cover, you may rediscover your passion for driving your car. Covers like Wheelskins are handmade and can be much better than the factory ones. 

You can also use a premium leather steering wheel cover that fits your Camry like a second skin.

Those steering wheel covers are also available in various colors and two-tone options to give your interior a more contemporary feel.

Again, what can you do to get a modded Toyota Camry? A modded Toyota Camry is popular. Some of the mod options include the following:

  • High-performance air intake system,
  • Dash covers,
  • A faster suspension,
  • Advanced stereo system, and
  • Coilover basics. 

9. Dash Corner Speakers Removal

modded toyota camry 2005


  • Panel tool
  • 10mm socket 
  • Ratchet and extension 
  • Wire stripper

Both systems use the same 3-1/2″ corner dash speakers, but they are different in how you change them.

If you replace the tweeters, you will need to splice the input and output wires together to keep the woofers functioning because the dash speakers and door woofers are linked together at each tweeter location in the base system.

If you’re not a fan of splicing, using “Posi-Products” connectors is also an option here and is simpler and faster.

Posi-Products connectors will also be helpful for the standalone JBL speakers because there isn’t a wire harness available in this area.

You will find it relatively easy to remove the speakers physically. You will need to pry up the corner dash grille to loosen two clips. The speaker is fastened with two 10mm screws.

  • First, remove the grille. Disconnect the speaker and remove it, and then set it aside.
  • Once you are done with the wire connections, secure the speaker using the screws you previously removed.
  • Finally, test the speakers and get the grille back in place.

10. Front Door Speakers Removal


  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Panel tool
  • Small flat-blade screwdriver
  • 10mm socket
  • Ratchet and extension

The 6″ x 9″ Toyota models that come standard on the front door speakers (both types) are slightly smaller than your typical 6 x 9s. A few unique 6″ x 9″ component speaker kits from Kenwood will work well. 

You may pick from a sizable selection of 6-1/2″ or 6-3/4″ models if you use an aftermarket speaker brand instead. Then, you can install them using brackets included with your Crutchfield speaker. When you enter your vehicle’s information, you’ll see them all.

Don’t forget that the woofers are connected parallel to the A-pillar speakers or corner dash speakers.

How to Remove the Front Door Speakers of Your Toyota Camry

  • Pry the sail panel off, releasing two clips as you go, starting at the top corner. 
  • Pry off the screw cover behind the door release by moving down a little and removing the exposed Phillips screw.
  • To free the retaining clips, pry up the power options switch panel starting at the back edge. Remove the switch panel and disconnect the wiring harnesses.
  • Once that panel is out, lift the armrest panel to free the eleven clips. Then, remove the exposed Phillips screw. 
  • Remove the armrest panel and disconnect the tether before removing the exposed Phillips screw.
  • To remove the courtesy light assembly, pry it and then unplug it. 
  • You should free ten clips by prying off the door panel’s sides and bottom. 
  • Remove the door panel, unplug the electrical harness from the door lock and release the assembly. 
  • Once you remove the four 10mm screws holding the speaker in place, you can unplug it, pull it out and place it aside.
  • Use the Crutchfield wire harness to connect the new speakers to the factory wiring. Then, test the speakers to make sure they are working well before securing them to the adaptor bracket. 
  • Lock the speakers before you put the door back together. Ensure the door locks correctly and that the wires don’t obstruct the operation of the windows.

11. Sway Bars

Sway bars are another great way to customize your Toyota Camry. Usually, most models are set with understeer leaning by default. They are safer and easier to drive, but the bar’s size can significantly impact the car’s handling. 

Remember that when you lower a car, the suspension geometry changes. This can lead to faulty sway bar preloading, unexpected handling, or, in the worst case, damage. Use movable end links to preload the sway bar to fix this properly.

12. Exhaust Mufflers

The exhaust and muffler do not just give your car a dull hum as you drive. They can also significantly affect how powerful your Toyota Camry is overall. 

You will undoubtedly want to increase your horsepower and fuel efficiency or even add a pleasant tone to your driving, and exhaust mufflers can do just that.

13. Toyota Camry Brakes Kit

Speeding up is enjoyable, but how can you stop when you’re at your strongest? This is something that you should take into account. Generally speaking, large calipers are used in big brake systems to hold and compress bigger brake pads. 

You’ll need to press the brake pedal for less time to stop if the brake rotor has a more excellent brake pad surface. Additionally, it prevents brake fade, which is the buildup of heat and energy from the brakes.

That is why a Toyota Camry big brake kit is essential for your build since it allows you to brake effectively, safely, and stylishly.

14. Wheels and Rims

Nothing screams sport and style more than new wheels when it comes to appearance. The factory-installed wheels of the Toyota Camry roll and maintain the vehicle’s position on the road, although they are thin, heavy, and undersized.

Your Toyota Camry will change forever if you add some BBS wheels.

15. Windshield Shades

With a Toyota Camry windshield screen or cover, that flaming object in the sky has no chance against your car. Moreover, leather seats can be unpleasant to sit in after a long day in the sun.

Your car’s interior will keep warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer with a unique Toyota Camry roll-up windshield cover. It will prevent your dash from cracking and protect against fading upholstery. 

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Conclusion – How to Modify Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry has experienced multiple generations of styling and body modifications. Today, there are many mods you can choose to customize your Camry, such as a high-performance air intake system, dash coverings, and a faster suspension.

You can also consider removing the factory radio and installing a high-tech sound system. 

New sway bars, exhaust mufflers, wheels and rims, and windshield coverings are a few extra mods to consider. 

It is time to add some artistic touches to your Camry and make the most of it!

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