MS-6395 Oil List [What are They and Their Benefits] 

The right oil is vital for car performance. It acts as a lubricant, allowing the different components of the engine to move freely while also minimizing noise and wear. Not all oils, however, are the same. In this article, our focus is on a specific category, which is MS-6395 oil. 

MS-6395 or Materials Standards 6395 is Chrysler-certified motor oil. It is made following the requirements of global certifying organizations, such as the American Petroleum Institute and the Society of Automotive Engineers. The category includes oils from different brands, including the following: 

  1. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 
  2. Royal Purple 
  3. Castrol Edge 
  4. Valvoline Advanced Full
  5. Quaker State Ultimate 
  6. Motul 8100
  7. Havoline Deposit Shield 
  8. Pennzoil Motor Oil 
  9. Valvoline Daily Protection 
  10. Quaker State Advanced 

Read on to learn more about MS-6395 oil, including its benefits, as well as some of the most famous examples. 

What Is MS-6395 Oil? 

MS-6395 Oil List

Motor Oil Certification from Chrysler

MS-6395 is a motor oil certification, which Chrysler gives. MS stands for Material Standards. The company issues and approves this certification for oils compatible with 3.6 to 5.7-liter engines. If a specific oil has such a certification, it passes the stringent standards the company has set. 

To be given an MS-6395 certification, the oil has to have additives for lubricating gas engines. It also meets the minimum performance requirements that other carmakers set. Hence, you can use these oils beyond Chrysler vehicles. 

Meeting International Standards 

Like other oil manufacturers, Chrysler has a strict protocol in its manufacturing process. The company adheres to the highest global standards. That said, to ensure optimal performance, the following are the standards a motor oil has to meet:

American Petroleum Institute

Being approved by API, MS-6395 has American Petroleum Institute Certification. This stamp means that it has been through thorough tests, so it is recommended for specific vehicles. 

Society of Automotive Engineers

This organization is responsible for giving engine oils a viscosity grading system. It categorizes oils depending on how they are compatible with specific environments. 

Is MS-6395 Conventional or Synthetic Oil? 

Conventional oil is the old-age standard for engine oils. It is made of refined crude. Plus, it is cheaper than synthetic oil, making it a common choice for people on a budget. You will find it more commonly in old cars

For newer vehicles, synthetic oil is a more common option. As the name implies, it is from man-made materials. It has artificial chemicals, which are responsible for its many benefits. Between the two types, it is a better option. It offers many advantages, including the following:

Luckily, MS-6395 is available in both conventional and synthetic variants. You will find several options from some of the most popular brands. 

What Are the Benefits of MS-6395 Oil? 

The benefits of the MS-6395 oil are like almost any other type of engine oil. In a nutshell, it improves the overall performance. Here is a list of some of the most compelling reasons to use MS-6395 oil: 

1. Optimizes Performance

This is one thing that summarizes all the benefits of MS-6395 oil. It makes the engine more effective and efficient, allowing it to deliver an incredible performance even in the harshest environments. 

2. Minimizes Friction and Noise

The MS-6395 acts as a lubricant; it greases the different components of the engine. As a result, it minimizes friction and noise, contributing to a better overall driving experience. 

3. Reduces Wear and Tear

Since it acts as a lubricating agent, the components will experience minimal wear. In turn, the MS-6395 oil prolongs the functional life of the engine without compromising its performance.

4. Better Fuel Economy

When you are using MS-6395 oil, it is easy to ensure the top-notch functionality of the engine while promoting efficiency. Your car can go longer without being fuel-hungry.

MS-6395 Oil List – Our Top Picks

chrysler ms-6395 oil specification
Royal Purple Synthetic Oil

You will find many oils that meet the MS-6395 standards with their popularity. Below, we’ll talk about some of the top options worth considering:

1. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil

100% Synthetic Engine Oil

Made by one of the most reliable brands globally, it is a 100% synthetic engine oil. It has molecules that offer the following:

  • Complete protection,
  • Guarantees cleaner pistons,
  • Better fuel efficiency,
  • Minimal wear, and
  • Extreme performance even in harsh conditions. 

Guaranteed Engine Protection for 500,000 Miles

With the regular use of this oil, you can enjoy guaranteed engine protection for 500,000 miles or 15 years, whichever comes first. 

Unique Formula

More so, it has a unique formula that prevents low-speed pre-ignition. The latter is a type of premature combustion that can damage the engine over time while negatively affecting its performance.

2. Royal Purple Synthetic Oil 

Additive Technology

With API and ILSAC licenses, this is another option worth considering when searching for MS-6395 oils. Among others, it is incredible because of its additive technology. With the latter, it minimizes metal-to-metal contact for engine longevity. From corrosion to oxidation, expect the highest level of protection. 

Low Friction Coefficient

Another good thing about this motor oil is its low friction coefficient. As a result, it delivers better mileage. 

Anti-Wear Benefits

More so, it has exclusive additive chemistry with anti-wear benefits. This is highly effective in minimizing the harmful effect of exhaust gases. 

3. Castrol Edge 

Full-synthetic Motor Oil

Castrol Edge is a full-synthetic motor oil line that follows the MS-6395 standards. 

Fluid Titanium Technology

Among others, it stands out because of its Fluid Titanium Technology. This innovation delivers many benefits, from engine performance to sludge protection. 

Performs Better in High Temperatures

Castrol Edge performs better in high temperatures by up to ten times better than the industry standard. Meaning, even in harsh environments, this engine oil can keep up. 

Lastly, it is strongest when the engine pressure is at its highest. This way, it protects the engine when performing at its peak. 

4. Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic 

Innovative Additive Technology

This is another MS-6395 oil worth considering, from hard-working trucks to city cars. It has an innovative additive technology, which protects even in the most demanding environments. 

Heat Protection 10X Better Than Competitors

Looking at its features, one of the most notable is the presence of extra detergents, which complement the full synthetic formula. Because of this, it has heat protection that is up to ten times better than its leading competitors. Additionally, it fights sludge and deposits to keep the engine clean. 

Packed with Superior Antioxidants

The formula of this oil is also inclusive of superior antioxidants. They resist the breakdown of motor oil to keep up regardless of the environmental conditions.

5. Quaker State Ultimate Durability

Less Friction and More Power

Even with today’s advanced engines, this is highly-capable MS-6395 motor oil. You can expect less friction and more power, unleashing the best performance of your vehicle. 

Ultimate Wear Protection

While it has many commendable features, one thing that we love the most is its ultimate wear protection. After years of driving, even on rough roads, this oil will help in minimizing wear. It has heat-activated viscosity improvers, which maintain thickness and prolong engine life. 

Excellent Lubrication

Even in freezing temperatures, it has excellent lubrication. This means that it won’t freeze even when it is freezing, so your vehicle will start in an instant, and the engine will not idle. 

Again, what is an MS-6395 oil? The MS-6395 oil is a Chrysler-certified motor oil that passed the requirements of worldwide certifying organizations, including the American Petroleum Institute and the Society of Automotive Engineers.

6. Motul 8100

ms-6395 list

Available in Different Variants

This MS-6395 engine oil is available in different variants, each with its respective properties. One of the options is the Motul 8100 X-Clean. It is a lubricant that works best for four-stroke engines. It is for the latest vehicles, including those with turbo-diesel direct injection. 

Motul 8100 X-Cess

Another option is the Motul 8100 X-Cess. It works on both gas and diesel engines, whether turbocharged or naturally aspirated. It also works even with catalytic converters.

7. Havoline Deposit Shield 

Deposit Shield Technology

One of the most advanced MS-6395 oils in the market is notable because of its Deposit Shield Technology. It delivers dynamic protection, adjusting depending on the external conditions. 

Cutting-edge Additives

If one thing differentiates it from the products above, it would be that it is a conventional oil and not fully synthetic. It has cutting-edge additives that make it compatible even with high-mileage cars. 

8. Pennzoil Motor Oil 

Diverse Product Line

Pennzoil has a diverse product line, so there is something for everyone. You can choose from the following:

  1. Gold
  2. High Mileage
  3. Platinum
  4. Euro

Active Cleansing Technology

Most of the available Pennzoil motor oils share similar features. For instance, it is common for them to have Active Cleansing Technology. The latter gets rid of grime and deposits that can compromise an engine’s performance over time. 

Helps in Heat Management

Additionally, the company’s engine oils help in heat management, especially in hard-working areas of the engine. This way, it minimizes wear and prevents overheating. 

9. Valvoline Daily Protection 

America’s First Motor Oil Brand

America’s first motor oil brand – this is Valvoline’s claim to fame. Despite being an industry pioneer, it has kept up with the tight competition, offering exceptional products like this MS-6395 motor oil. 

Exceeds Industry Standards

It has a special formula that exceeds industry standards, so we are confident of its wear protection. This way, your engine will run like new even after years of use. It also has low-friction technology to protect the engine components while promoting better fuel efficiency. 

10. Quaker State Advanced Durability

Tough and Affordable

Not to be confused with Quaker State Ultimate Durability, which we have earlier talked about, this is another MS-6395 oil that should be on your list. Tough and affordable, this conventional motor oil promises up to two times better wear protection compared to the industry standard. 

Suitable for People Who Drive at High Speeds on Highways

Aside from being made for people on a budget, it is suitable for those who often drive at high speeds on highways. It is also for light-duty vehicles with low to average mileage. If you have a heavy truck or an old model, you might want to look for another MS-6395 oil. 

Conclusion – MS-6395 Oil List 

MS-6395 is Chrysler’s certification program of motor oils. The issuance of such a certificate means that the oil has been through a stringent test and has passed global industry standards. It can be conventional or synthetic. Although, between the two, we’d say that synthetic MS-7395 is the better option, especially if you have a newer car

Below is a quick list of some of the MS06395 oils you will find in the market. 

  1. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 
  2. Royal Purple 
  3. Castrol Edge 
  4. Valvoline Advanced Full
  5. Quaker State Ultimate 
  6. Motul 8100
  7. Havoline Deposit Shield 
  8. Pennzoil Motor Oil 
  9. Valvoline Daily Protection 
  10. Quaker State Advanced 

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