NAPA Legend Battery Review and Warranty Explained

Would it be good if your car battery does not need too much maintenance, yet it performs very well every time? Well, there’s just one battery like that. In this NAPA Legend battery review and warranty explained, you will see that it’s that kind of battery.

NAPA Legend batteries have high-quality materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions such as extreme heat or cold. Proof of their good quality is that the highest-rated battery, according to Consumer Reports, is the NAPA Legend Premium 842A4. These batteries have long service lives.

The manufacturer of NAPA Legend batteries is confident about the battery’s performance and durability that it is providing a 75 months warranty and an 18-month free replacement warranty on the battery.

Regarding its service life, a NAPA legend battery can last from four to six years in a moderate climate and two to four years in hot climates.

Read on to learn more about NAPA Legend batteries, their features, specs, and how their warranty works.

NAPA Legend Battery Review and Warranty Explained

napa legend battery review

According to Consumer Reports, the highest-rated battery is the NAPA Legend Premium 842Af. That distinction speaks a lot about NAPA Legend batteries’ quality, durability, and performance. 

18 Months Free Replacement Warranty

The manufacturer is very confident about its batteries that it is giving them 18 months free replacement warranty. NAPA Legend batteries can last from four to six years in milder climates and two to four years in hotter climates.

Present the Original Receipt

Regarding battery warranty claims, NAPA requires their battery buyers to present the original receipt of their purchase. When they take the faulty battery to their outlets, they need to bring this receipt for replacement.

However, the warranty does not cover battery failure caused by the following:

  • Misuse,
  • Lack of maintenance, and
  • Accidents.

NAPA Legend Battery Features

You should consider a NAPA Legend battery if you want a powerful battery. This battery brand name is popular for its remarkable design and performance.

NAPA designed their batteries for modern-day vehicles that use many electronics such as:

  • Power steering,
  • Electronic sensors,
  • USB and aux outlets, and many more.

They have excellent housing to ensure that you don’t have to worry about replacing them any time soon because of damage done by external forces. These batteries also come with excellent features that make them one of the best batteries in the country:

1. Solid Construction

Safety Relief Valve System

One of the beneficial features of NAPA Legend batteries is its housing which has a solid construction. The battery housing features a specially designed safety relief valve system.

This system controls the gas pressure inside, which is the key to preventing capacity loss. A battery will lose capacity without this system due to excessive gas seepage.

Reinforced Polypropylene Case

The battery’s solid construction not only makes it very safe to use but also serves to prolong its life. NAPA made the case with reinforced polypropylene which is tough and durable. This minimizes corrosion, vibration, and other factors affecting its function and reducing its performance.

2. AGM Design

Excellent Starting and Reserve Power for the Car Electronics

All NAPA Legend batteries use the AGM design. This is by far the best battery technology available today. The AGM design ensures that the battery can provide excellent starting and reserve power for all the car electronics.

It also serves to extend the life of the battery. NAPA Legend batteries can last twice as long as non-AGM batteries with this technology.

Helps the Battery to Charge Faster

This feature also helps the battery to charge faster than standard batteries. The battery will also last longer because the AGM design helps it discharge slower.

3. Spill-Proof Design

Suspended Electrolytes

NAPA Legend batteries have spill-proof designs. Instead of using liquid electrolytes, NAPA batteries use suspended electrolytes, preventing them from spilling or leaking. There is no possibility of liquid electrolyte freezing during winter with this design.

No Need to Add Water

So, the battery can deliver the same level of performance throughout the year. You can also save time because the electrolyte is not liquid. There is no need for you to add water from time to time or to check the water level regularly.

4. Strong Battery Handles

NAPA Legend batteries are fitted with strong handles that make transportation easy and installation convenient. According to reviews about these batteries, these are quite heavy, so this feature is convenient.

5. Maintenance-Free Terminals

NAPA Legend batteries are fitted with two battery terminals that are maintenance-free. So, you don’t need to clean them regularly to make a good connection.

Types of NAPA Legend Batteries

napa legend battery warranty

NAPA manufactures different types of car batteries. Each of these batteries fits a particular type of car. So, you should consider the type of your car before choosing the NAPA Legend battery that you will buy:

1. NAPA Power Battery

Most Affordable But Offers a High Starting Capacity

The NAPA Power battery can provide the starting power needs of your car. It is the most affordable of all NAPA Legend batteries, but it still offers a high starting capacity and is maintenance-free.

Other Features

This battery comes with a flush cover, minimizing the chance of damaging cuts. It also features a ventilation system that prevents unwanted loosening. The battery has packing handles, making transport and installation easy and convenient.

2. NAPA Legend Battery

Dynamic Starting Power

This battery model comes with a dynamic starting power. Dynamic means you can adjust its starting power. This battery is also very reliable, ensuring that your engine will always start. NAPA also uses computer-aided production methods to manufacture this type of battery.

Well-built, Durable, and Complex Battery

In other words, NAPA used advanced computer technology in making this battery. So, it is a well-built, durable, and complex battery. It has a considerable reserve capacity.

This battery is designed to satisfy the requirements of connected devices in vehicles fitted with many electronic devices used while driving. It also comes with durable handles on each side.

3. NAPA Legend Premium AGM Battery

Improved Polypropylene Material Casing

This battery type uses NAPA’s improved polypropylene material casing that ensures external forces will not easily damage it. This Premium AGM battery can provide increased cranking power as with all NAPA batteries.

Short Time to Recharge

In addition, this battery only takes a short time to recharge. It’s a fast-charging battery compared to other batteries of its size. That will save you time, money, and effort. It is also spill-proof and maintenance-free.

General Classification of NAPA Batteries

NAPA manufactures three general types of batteries:

1. Automotive

NAPA produces batteries for motor vehicles. Customers have a variety of choices when it comes to automotive batteries. The best, though, in NAPA’s model lineup is the AGM batteries because they can last for a long time. They are also effective in bumpy and rough areas.

2. Multi-Sport

NAPA designed these batteries for RVs. They can satisfy the demands of various leisure vehicles like SUVs, snowmobiles, and vehicles.

3. Deep Cycle

NAPA also manufactures deep cycle batteries. What you use in your car is a starter battery that can provide the power to start your car’s engine.

These batteries can quickly exhaust all their charge. On the other hand, deep cycle batteries can release less energy over time. This is the battery you can use to park your car for a long time.

Again, are NAPA legend batteries good batteries? According to Consumer Reports, NAPA Legend Premium 8424F is the highest-rated battery. It is made of high-quality materials to withstand harsh conditions and has a longer lifespan than other brands.

NAPA Legend Battery Warranty Explained

75-month Warranty

The warranty coverage for all NAPA Legend batteries is for the long term. You will get a 75-month warranty if you buy a NAPA legend battery. To attract customers, other battery brands usually offer 40 months maximum. NAPA’s battery warranty is 35 months more.

What you are getting in effect with NAPA Legend batteries is a warranty for the entire lifespan of the battery. This will give you enough assurance that you are buying a battery from the right manufacturer.

Battery Replacement Warranty

Regarding battery replacement warranty, the period is shorter, exactly 18 months. Unfortunately, this is only half of what other brands offer for their replacement warranties.

Only Buy from Authorized Dealers

You should also consider where you are buying the NAPA Legend battery. NAPA only honors the warranties of NAPA batteries sold by their authorized dealers.

NAPA Battery Warranty Provisions

how good are napa legend batteries

While NAPA warranties all its batteries, you must follow certain provisions for a warranty claim to be valid. Here are the key provisions followed by NAPA for its battery warranties.

Original Receipt Required

You must present the original receipt of the NAPA battery to verify the purchase and the date of purchase. It should be presented to the seller. NAPA and its sellers will not entertain NAPA battery warranty without a receipt.

Authorized Sellers Only

If you bought the NAPA battery from an authorized seller, your warranty claim would only be honored.

Terms of Replacement

You can only replace your battery if it has defective workmanship or materials. Before giving the replacement, the battery tech of NAPA or the seller will conduct appropriate tests of the questionable battery.

This is done to determine its real condition. Replacement is not due if the battery was only discharged and if the battery is brought up to its fully charged state.

Here are more details about the NAPA’s replacement terms caused by faulty workmanship or materials:

  • Free replacement within 24 hours for selected batteries
  • Free replacement within 18 months of purchase of NAP Legend and NAPA Sure Start batteries.

NAPA Legend Battery Warranty Exclusions

Before NAPA or its seller extends a battery warranty to a customer, they will first determine if the claim is warrantied. There are certain exclusions to this warranty, which are as follows:

  • Batteries that are left unused for too long.
  • Untested or improperly tested batteries.
  • Damaged batteries by accidents, collisions, fires, or explosions.
  • Discharged batteries
  • Frozen Batteries
  • Batteries that failed due to poor maintenance, or neglect, such as low water level due to overcharging.
  • Batteries with broken housings, broken terminals, side terminals that are pulled out, and similar damages.

Is NAPA Legend Battery Worth It?

Reliable and Long-lasting

A NAPA Legend battery is worth your money if you want a high-quality battery that is reliable and long-lasting. But that comes at a price. NAPA Legend batteries are not the cheapest batteries in the market. They are higher priced compared to other conventional batteries sold in the market.

Price Range

The NAPA Legend battery price can range from $100 to $600 per unit. That is quite high compared to the average cost of standard car batteries based on battery reviews.

But what you are getting is high quality, high reliability, and a longer life span. Overall, a NAPA battery offers you more value for your money.

Maintains More Than 6,000 Outlets Across the Country

NAPA maintains more than 6,000 outlets across the country. They are one of the biggest battery retailers in North America. NAPA has been in this business since 1925. That’s quite a long time, and they are still here, actively producing and selling their battery brand to modern car owners.

Who Makes NAPA Batteries?

NAPA has a name recall for many people. These people assume that since these batteries carry the NAPA name, it is also the company that manufactures them. In reality, NAPA batteries are made by East Penn Manufacturing.

East Penn Manufacturing has been producing NAPA batteries since 2009. This company has been manufacturing lead-acid batteries, the ones that you have in your car, for more than 70 years.

East Penn’s most popular battery brand is Deka Batteries. Aside from car batteries, East Penn also produces cables, wires, and different battery accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions people often ask about NAPA Legend batteries:

Is NAPA Legend a Good Battery?

NAPA Legend batteries are of high quality, same reliability, and are long-lasting. Consumer Reports gave its highest-rated battery distinction to a NAPA Legend battery, the NAPA Legend Premium 842AF. That says a lot about the reliability, long life, and high quality of the batteries with this brand.

What Is the Warranty of NAPA Legend Batteries?

There are several types of warranties that NAPA extends to its battery buyers. Generally, all NAPA batteries are given a 75-month warranty. NAPA also extends a replacement warranty for batteries with faulty materials and workmanship. They give an 18-month warranty for batteries that have this issue.

How Long Do NAPA Legend Batteries Last?

On average, NAPA batteries are guaranteed to last for 75 months. That is the warranty period extended by NAPA to its batteries.

Most batteries will last from two to four years if used in extreme conditions like hot climates. If the battery is used in milder weather, you can expect it to last four to six years.

Is a Receipt Required to Claim the Warranty?

NAPA requires you to present the original receipt of your battery purchase. It will prove to NAPA that they authentically make your battery.

Does NAPA Honor a Warranty Claim If the Battery Is Bought from Unauthorized Store?

NAPA will not honor the warranty claim if the battery is purchased from a store that is not an authorized dealer. So, before buying a NAPA battery, check first if that dealer is authorized to sell it.

Where Can I buy NAPA Legend batteries?

You can buy NAPA Legend batteries from any authorized dealer of NAPA. That is the safest way to buy these batteries. The easiest way is to buy it online, through NAPA’s official website at

Can I Use a NAPA Battery in Any Car?

You can use NAPA batteries in any car. Just be sure that the NAPA battery you will install is just the right battery grade your car requires.

Conclusion: NAPA Legend Battery Review and Warranty Explained

NAPA Legend batteries can withstand harsh weather conditions like extreme heat or cold because they are high-quality materials. Proof of this is the highest rating given by Consumers Report to the NAPA Legend Premium 842A4. So, these batteries can last long.

The manufacturer of these batteries is so confident about the performance and durability of its products that it is giving an 18-month warranty on every NAPA Legend battery it sells.

As for the length of its life, you can expect a NAPA Legend battery to last from four to six years in milder climates and two to four years in hotter climates.

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