Neo Chrome – Wrap, Paint, Wheels [Full Guide]

While most drivers want their cars plain and simple, some car enthusiasts want cars that stand out from the rest. This is what makes the neo chrome in demand among car owners. But what exactly is a neo chrome?

Neo Chrome is a new version of Chrome Plating. It is a colorful metallic finish similar to Burnt Titanium or Aurora Electroplating. To make some parts of the car neo chrome, they initially have to be chrome plated.

When we say that a car is chrome plated, it means that some metal parts of it have undergone a technique in which a thin layer of chromium is electroplated onto them. Most people think that chrome plating is only for aesthetic or decorative purposes. However, it also increases surface hardness, makes cleaning more convenient, and provides corrosion resistance.

Read on to learn more about neo chrome, including its benefits and how it is done on cars.

Neo Chrome – Wrap, Paint, Wheels [Full Guide]

neo chrome

Refers to a New Version of Chrome Plating

When we say Neo Chrome, it refers to a new version of Chrome Plating and is also sometimes called neon chrome. It is a colorful metallic finish that is often confused with Burnt Titanium or Aurora Electroplating as their processes are somewhat alike.

To make some parts of the car neo chrome, they initially have to be chrome plated.

What Is Meant by Chrome-plated Car

A chrome-plated car is a vehicle in which some metal parts have undergone a technique wherein a thin layer of chromium was electroplated onto them.

Chrome Plating Makes Cleaning More Convenient

Most people think that chrome plating is only for aesthetic or decorative purposes. However, it also makes cleaning more convenient, increases surface hardness, and provides corrosion resistance.

Metal Surfaces Are Transformed Into Interesting Color Schemes

Through chrome plating, metal surfaces are transformed into interesting color schemes. The process is called electroplating, wherein chromium is applied on metal surfaces.

In this process, an electric current passes between electrodes soaked in chromic acid. A single electrode becomes plated, and the chromium atoms are then deposited on the electrodes on the metal surfaces.

What Is the Process of Neo Chrome Plating?

In the neo chroming process, the metal hardens. The procedure is carried out carefully under strict conditions because of carcinogenic chemicals.

Most vehicles feature alloy metal rims but are not as shiny as the neo chrome rims. You can also achieve neo chrome wheels without getting new wheels. All you need are spray paints specifically formulated for the wheel rims.

Using a gray scuff pad, you can scuff the alloy surface to ensure that the neo chrome paint will stick to the rims. Make sure to cover the air valve with a small piece of tape so the paint will not cover the opening.

Also, rub enough wax or grease on the wheels to avoid coloring them. After doing all these, you can spray the wheel rims with the neo chrome paint.

Advantages of Neo Chrome Wrap

Some car owners prefer a neo chrome wrap instead of a neo chrome paint. While both are highly recommended, many car owners choose neo chrome wrap due to its few key advantages compared to neo chrome paint.

These advantages include the following:

  1. More Convenient to Remove
  2. Paint Protection
  3. Maintenance Convenience
  4. Easier to Change Color and Design
  5. Long-Lasting
  6. Quick Installation
  7. High Resale Value of Vehicles
  8. Design Options
  9. Low Cost
  10. Better Quality

Let’s briefly talk about each of these benefits:

1. More Convenient to Remove

Compared to paint, a wrap is more convenient to remove. You need a sanding device before you can repaint the car. Some paints are hard to remove, so you might still have to buy paint removal solutions.

Unfortunately, manual paint removal requires a lot of work, and mechanical paint removal tends to damage the vehicle.

On the contrary, a wrap is way easier to remove than paint. The process involves heating the decal, carefully stripping it off, and applying an adhesive remover. Typically, a wrap has a timeframe of about ten years.

If you remove your car’s wrap within the timeframe, you can expect the paint underneath it to go undamaged. This makes it more convenient than paint removal, not to mention a lot safer.

2. Paint Protection

Placing a wrap over your vehicle’s paint adds a layer of protection, keeping it free from damage. Without it, your car’s paint gets exposed to weather and environmental hazards. Typically, car paint is prone to scratches and chips-off.

Also, if your car is exposed to the sun most of the time, the paint’s color will most likely fade. With a wrap, you can avoid these things from happening.

3. Maintenance Convenience

While paint also lasts long, it requires intensive maintenance, especially if you want it to last even longer. For instance, you must wax your car regularly to protect the paint. Wash it regularly to prevent contaminants from corroding and damaging the paint.

Also, you have to apply protective coats. If you don’t do these things, the car paint will get damaged sooner than expected.

Since wraps don’t have pores like paint, they will prevent contaminants from passing through. You also don’t need to wash your car often. But if you do, it only requires a simple cleaning process. This means that cleaning is not only simpler but cheaper too.

4. Easier to Change Color and Design

Wraps have an advantage over paint jobs when changing your car’s appearance. If you want to change your car paint, the repainting process takes a lot of time.

And it takes even longer if you want to put special effects or finishes. Impressively, there are professional car painters who can do this job with high expertise.

It is easy to replace the existing wrap with a new one. The process is not as extensive as when changing your car’s paint. It is also easier to include effects and finishes based on your preference.

5. Long Lasting

Paint jobs last long, and this has been proven through the years. But, of course, there are high-quality and low-quality paints, wherein the latter fade or get damaged sooner than the former.

Wraps are durable, and they are designed to last for a decade. They also protect your car from getting scratched or chipped. Also, some wraps have an ultraviolet-resistant coating that maintains the colors’ vividness.

6. Quick Installation

Putting a wrap on your car takes a few days. At the same time, it takes weeks for a paint job to get done entirely. Typically, the process of putting a wrap takes less than a week. Even shops can install it in one day, making it convenient for car owners.

7. High Resale Value of Vehicles

A wrap is ideal if you want to keep the original paint job. That way, you maintain the value of your car, which is very important if you want to sell it in the future.

We all know how valuable it is to sell a second-hand car with its original paint job in still good condition. A damaged or worn original car paint will most likely reduce the resale value of a car.

8. Design Options

Neo chrome features a multi-colored finish. Interestingly, the neo chrome wrap is available in different designs and patterns. There is a wide selection, and you will find the one you like best.

As we all know, choosing a paint color for your car is limited. Also, if you want a color that stands out from the rest, it might not be readily available. You will need a skillful painter who expertly mixes color well and can correctly achieve the color you have in mind.

9. Low Cost

Neo chrome wraps do not come cheap, but they are less costly compared to paint jobs. The cost of paint jobs ranges between $3,000 and $10,000.

This is not only because of the cost of the paint itself but because the whole paint job process is extensive. Besides, other solutions and materials, besides the paint, are needed to complete the job.

High-quality neo chrome wraps range between $2,500 and $5,000. Interestingly, it is cheap to protect your car’s original paint and maintain it. Not to mention that it is also convenient to have it installed.

10. Better Quality

Neo chrome wraps are better quality than paint jobs because they can maintain their vividness for years. Its protective coating will not fade even if your car is often exposed to the sun. Unlike with paint jobs, the color fades especially if it is of low quality and if your car has too much sun exposure.

Again, what is a neo chrome wrap? A neo chrome refers to a new Chrome Plating version. It gives your car a gorgeous metallic finish. To get a neo chrome for your car, have it chrome-plated.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Neo Chrome

neo chrome wrap


Using neo chrome has two main advantages, which include the following:

  1. Reduces Maintenance Cost
  2. Weather-resistant

Let’s briefly explain the two:

1. Reduces Maintenance Cost

Neo chrome makes it easy to clean your car. It doesn’t absorb contaminants that may damage the vehicle. Suffice to say that, with neo chrome, it is easy to maintain the body of your car. Therefore, the maintenance cost is lower than the maintenance cost of cars without it.

There is, of course, nothing wrong with keeping the original paint of your car or having it merely repainted with any other color of your choice. It just requires an extensive maintenance procedure because it is prone to contaminants that can lead to cracks or scratches.

To prevent this, you have to wash and clean your vehicle regularly. Also, avoid parking in areas that will place your car under too much sun exposure, which will cause the paint color to fade.

2. Weather-resistant

Unlike traditional paints, neo chrome is weather resistant. It can withstand weather changes without damaging its quality. Compared to traditional paints, neo chrome resists corrosion and rusting better. Neo chrome makes your car heat and scratch-resistant.


If neo chrome has its advantages, it has some disadvantages too. It includes the following:

  1. It Doesn’t Come Cheap
  2. Adds Weight to the Body of the Car

Let’s briefly talk about these disadvantages:

1. Not Cheap

Neo chrome may be less costly compared to traditional paints. However, it doesn’t come cheap either. The total cost may go up depending on several factors, including:

  • Required layers,
  • Quality of the finish,
  • Surface area, and
  • Size of the vehicle.

Neo chrome installation also consists of the nickel plating process, which may be expensive.

2. Adds Weight to the Body of the Car

Opting for neo chrome will make the metal hard, adding a little weight to your vehicle’s body. This may not be too much, but it can disadvantage some drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions – Is Neo Chrome Good on Vehicles?

neo chrome paint

Here are some frequently asked questions about installing neo chrome on vehicles:

Can You Neo Chrome Your Car?

It is possible to change the appearance of your vehicles by adding neo chrome features. Due to technological advances, you can now install it on any surface.

How Much Does It Cost to Neo Chrome Your Car?

The cost of the neo chrome wraps ranges between $2,500 and $5,000. But to have it installed might cost you about $6,000 or more. It all depends on the quality of the neo chrome wrap you choose, the installation materials, the difficulty level, and the car’s size.

Is It OK to Put a Neo Chrome Tint on the Headlights?

It is possible to put a neo chrome tint on the headlights. But using a car with tinted headlights might not be legal in your state. So before you decide to install neo chrome tints, check your state laws first.

Can Chrome Plating Be Colored?

Metallic surfaces such as titanium, copper, bronze, steel, and even plastics can be plated in metallic and non-metallic hues. These include chrome, green, yellow, or blue.

Is Neo Chrome Good to Use for the Car?

Neo chrome is good for vehicles and comes in different edge-cutting designs. It makes cars look beautiful, shiny, and stand out from other cars.

What Car Parts Can Use Neo Chrome Painting?

You can use neo chrome on various parts of your vehicle. However, it is most ideal on the body, mirrors, steering wheels, and wheel rims. If you want a different look for your car but still want to maintain a minimalist look, you can choose to have a neo-chrome steering wheel or mirrors.

How to Know If Something Is Chrome Plated?

A car is chrome plated if it is as highly reflective as a mirror. Otherwise, it probably is zinc plated or stainless.

You will surely see your face on a neo-chrome surface. If not, it probably isn’t neo chrome. Neo chrome creates shiny surfaces with amazing color schemes. Aside from being more reflective or brighter, it is also bluer. In essence, there is an unexplainable glint to chrome plating.

How Do I Protect My Chrome Paint?

You can protect your chrome paint using an acrylic sealer, which can be hand brushed or airbrushed.

How Do I Clean Chrome?

To clean chrome, use a non-abrasive cloth or sponge with hot, soapy water to wipe the surfaces. You can use an old toothbrush to scrub and clean them for hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Then, use a clean cloth to wipe it dry.

Which Is More Expensive, Chrome or Stainless Steel?

In essence, chrome plating is less costly compared to stainless steel. It is also lighter in weight.

In Closing: Neo Chrome – Wrap, Paint, Wheels

To reiterate, Neo Chrome refers to a new version of Chrome Plating and is sometimes called neon chrome. It is a colorful metallic finish that is often confused with Burnt Titanium or Aurora Electroplating as their processes are somewhat alike.

Typically, to make some parts of the car neo chrome, they initially have to be chrome plated.

A chrome-plated car refers to a vehicle wherein some metal parts have undergone a technique wherein a thin layer of chromium is electroplated onto them.

Most people think that chrome plating is only for decorative purposes. However, it also makes cleaning more convenient, increases surface hardness, and provides corrosion resistance.

Of course, many car owners still choose traditional paint jobs. But some drivers want their vehicles to stand out from the rest. Some are even fascinated with changing the color of their cars from time to time. Neo chrome may be ideal for you if you are one of them.

Neo chrome wrap makes it more convenient for you to change the look of your car as often as you want. Not to mention, this process is cheaper than repainting your car all the time.

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