New Driver Sticker Law and Should You Use One?

Have you noticed the increasing number of vehicles with “New Driver” or “Student Driver” stickers? It probably makes you wonder if your state has a new driver sticker law. Or, maybe, new drivers want to put a warning sign for their safety. So, should you put a new driver sticker on your car?

No law in any major U.S. state strictly requires new motorists to put “New Driver” or “Student Driver” stickers on their cars. Some recommend it so that other drivers will be more patient and cautious on the road. However, some don’t recommend it as it might prompt rude drivers to take advantage of you.

At the same time, U.S. states have laws that mention the use of new driver stickers. One of these states is New Jersey.

Read on to learn more about new driver stickers, including how these are regulated in different U.S. states.

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New Driver Sticker – Law and Should You Use One?

new driver sticker

There is no new driver sticker law being implemented in major U.S. states. However, some parents prefer to put stickers on cars for the safety of their teen drivers. On the other hand, some people discourage doing this because rude drivers might take advantage of new drivers.

However, in other U.S. states, such as New Jersey, new drivers may place some identification, like a sticker, on their cars.

Is Using a New Driver Sticker Required?

A new driver sticker for your car is not required by law. But concerned parents prefer to stick it on their vehicles for the safety of their teen drivers. It serves as a warning for other motorists to be more cautious and patient with new drivers.

Let’s look at how the new driver sticker is implemented in several U.S. states.

New Driver Sticker for Cars

new driver sticker law

New Driver stickers are easy to find, whether in physical or online stores. So, if you are finding some to put on your car, they are most likely available in shops that sell car accessories.

For your convenience, here are two types of New Driver stickers that you can buy online:

  1. I.T.’S A SKIN New Driver Sticker for Car
  2. Signs Authority Student Driver Magnet Car Signs for The Novice or Beginner
  3. BOKA Student Driver Magnet for Car

Let’s take a look at each of them:

1. I.T.’S A SKIN New Driver Sticker for Car

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In Business for More Than 15 Years

It’s A Skin is a decals manufacturer and has been in the business for more than 15 years. It is based in Huntington Beach, California.

Laminated, Ultraviolet (U.V.) Protected Vinyl Decal

Its “NEW DRIVER Please Be Patient” sticker measures 10 inches x 3.125 inches. It is a laminated, ultraviolet (U.V.) protected vinyl decal featuring air release technology, making it bubble- and wrinkle-resistant.

Come in Ultra-high Definition High-resolution Colors

They come in ultra-high definition, high-resolution colors. The stickers come in super vibrant colors, ensuring that they are reflective even in the dark.


73% of those who bought online rated it five stars. 15% rated it four stars, while 6% rated it three stars. 3% of those who bought rated it two stars while 4% gave 1 star. Overall, it is a good buy and is recommended for young and new drivers.

2. Signs Authority Student Driver Magnet Car Signs for The Novice or Beginner

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Offers Student Driver Magnet Car Signs for New Drivers

Signs Authority offers student driver magnet car signs for new drivers. Some users say that it is better than decals or bumper stickers.

Come in Bright Yellow Color

These car signs come in a super bright yellow color. They are not huge, but they are visible. They are engineer grade and reflective to ensure visibility during daytime and nighttime.


Also, they have properties similar to that of the street signs, ensuring their durability regardless of the weather condition.

Will Not Damage Your Car Paint

The sign can be gently placed on and removed from the car when you want. It will not damage your car paint. You are probably concerned that the magnet will no longer stick after removing and re-sticking it several times. But it will still impressively look as good as new.

Those who have already bought and tried these magnets highly encourage teen drivers’ parents to buy and try them. 

3. BOKA Student Driver Magnet for Car

Click here to see BOKA Student Driver Magnet for Car on Amazon.

BOKA Student Driver Magnets for cars are highly reflective. Plus, it comes with improved font and color to get the attention of drivers.

Do the U.S. States Require a New Driver Sticker?


Student Driver Under 18 Years Old Must-Have Student Driver’s Permit

Under California law, student drivers under 18 years old must have their student driver’s permit for at least six months. During this period, any student driver will surely learn the fundamentals of driving.

These include learning about all the features of the car and learning about the different road signs. However, the time frame is not long enough to make them experienced drivers.

More than 500 people have been killed in road accidents in California during the last decade. Most incidents happened between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Sadly, most of these accidents involved teen drivers. Because of this, parents have become extra vigilant of their teen drivers.

DMV Does Not Require New Drivers to Place New Driver Stickers

The Department of Motor Vehicles in California does not require new drivers to place new driver stickers on the vehicles. There is no law stating that there should be any new driver identification on the vehicle.


New Driver stickers are not required in Texas. There are, however, people who suggest that it should be used as it might prompt other drivers to be nice to you.

But some say that you should not place a New Driver sticker on your car. They say that it might prompt other drivers or motorists to take advantage of you.

So, if you are a new driver in Texas, the decision is up to you. You have the option to put a sticker or not.

New York

SAFE TEEN NY Sticker Is Optional

New Driver stickers are not required in New York. However, placing a SAFE TEEN NY sticker on the car is optional. This forms part of a law passed in the state.

In New York, there are laws specifically for teen drivers. The passage of these laws resulted from the consistent reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that the leading cause of death among teens is road accidents.

SAFE TEEN New York Package

As a result, the SAFE TEEN New York package was established. This package includes an increased supervised driving time, increased penalties for street racing, and limitations on the number of young non-family member passengers. By young, it means passengers who are 21 years old or below.

The SAFE TEEN, New York package, has a law for parents or legal guardians. If their teen drivers committed traffic violations, parents or legal guardians would be required to attend court appearances.

SAFE TEEN NY Driver Safety Commission

A 12-member panel of experts has been established through this SAFE TEEN NY package. It is called the SAFE TEEN NY Driver Safety Commission.

Its task is to examine all factors contributing to the increasing number of teen drivers’ road accidents. That way, they can make recommendations on how to address the issue.

DMV Is Authorized to Produce and Supply SAFE TEEN NY Stickers

Under S. 8017, DMV is authorized by the state to produce and supply SAFE TEEN NY stickers. The stickers should readily be available to New York parents and legal guardians with teen drivers.

This sticker aims to alert other drivers and law enforcement that the driver is most likely young and inexperienced.


Like other major U.S. states, Ohio does not require new drivers to place New Driver stickers on their vehicles.

So, if you are a new driver in Ohio, you don’t have to place one on your car. But if putting one on your car will appease you, feel free to do so.


Placing New Driver stickers on cars is not required by law in Illinois. Some strongly recommend alerting other drivers that you are a young and inexperienced driver. But some oppose it too. They say that New Driver stickers or magnets only signal other drivers that they can take advantage of you.

Again, it’s up to you if you want to put a sticker or not. Either way, it is legal.

New Jersey

Kyleigh’s Law

In New Jersey, it was in 2010 when a new driver sticker law was passed. This was after 16-year-old Kyleigh D’Alessio was killed in a road accident in 2006 while her teenage friend was driving.

D’Alessio’s mother exerted an effort to help pass a law, which is now known as Kyleigh’s Law. Under this law, new drivers must have red decals on their vehicles’ front and back license plates.

Mandates New Drivers to Have a Limited Number of Passengers

Aside from that, the law mandates new drivers to have a limited number of passengers, and they are required to follow an 11:00 PM curfew.

This law triggered complaints from teenage drivers, saying that decals are humiliating. But the authorities have always been firm in implementing the law. They point out that this law might be able to save many lives.

Seeks to Minimize the Occurrence of Road Accidents

Kyleigh’s Law aims to promote awareness among drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians. It aims to make everyone more cautious and patient while on the road. But more than anything else, it seeks to minimize, if not eliminate, the occurrence of road accidents.

Again, is a new driver sticker for the car required? In most states in the U.S., using a new driver sticker is not mandatory. Some people advise new drivers to use them for safety purposes, and some don’t.

No Outlet Sign Meaning

Is Using New Driver Stickers on Cars a Law?

new driver sticker for car

Why Do People Put Student Driver Stickers on Cars?

In California, Leyna Reynolds has been trying to push a law about using New Driver stickers in the state.

This idea started when she was in high school. Since she had to drive to and from her rowing practice, she made Student Driver decals for her car.

She has been coordinating with California lawmakers regarding this. For now, it is still a legislative bill. But even though a law has not yet been passed, you will already notice a lot of vehicles with New Driver decals.

This is a good sign as it means that more and more new drivers prioritize their safety and the safety of others.

In Closing

There is no new driver sticker law being implemented in major U.S. states. However, some parents prefer to put stickers on cars for the safety of their teen drivers.

On the other hand, some people don’t think this is a good idea. They think that rude drivers might take advantage of new drivers.

While it is not required, there are U.S. states with laws about the optional use of New Driver stickers. These include New York and New Jersey.

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