Replace Car Key by VIN Number Online

You don’t have to worry if you’ve lost your car key. If you know the VIN of your car, you can ask a locksmith to make another key. It’s now possible to replace a car key with VIN online.

Replacing your car key using the Vehicle Identification Number of your car is pretty simple. Just provide the documents that prove you are the car owner, such as registration or insurance. Some companies cut car keys by VIN online.

If the service company sees that you are the vehicle owner, they can make you a replacement key using its VIN. Once they pull a key code from the VIN, they can cut your replacement key right away.

Read on to learn more about replacing a car key using the VIN online and what is involved in the process.

Replace Car Key by VIN Number Online

replace car key by vin number

Proof of Ownership

If you’ve lost your car key, replacing it is pretty simple. But first, you have to prove to the online car key locksmith that you own the car. You can do that by presenting your car registration or car insurance documentation.

Request a Replacement by Using Its VIN

When they are sure that you’re the vehicle owner, they can now request a replacement of your car key by using its VIN. The locksmith will pull out a code from your car’s VIN, which they will use to cut your replacement car key.

Vehicles Have Key Codes

The majority of the vehicles manufactured in the United States from 1990 to the present have key codes. These codes are stored in files with every car manufacturer. So, if you’ve lost your car key but can prove that you own the car, they can get the code to make you another key.

What Are the Requirements to Make a Replacement Key

Some online locksmiths offer key replacement services. If you can prove that you are the owner of the vehicle, they can easily produce another key just by knowing the VIN of your car. They will pull out its code stored in the database of the car manufacturer. You may also need a duplicate key as a spare.

Before they can make you a replacement key, they will need the following:

  • The registration of the car with updated information about the owner and the car itself.
  • Your driver’s license, if you own the car.
  • You should be present if you are the car owner.
  • Information about the car such as its year, make and model.
  • The VIN if the dealer or locksmith is using it to make the replacement key.

What to Do When the Car Is Locked and Its Documents Are Inside

Ask the Locksmith to Unlock the Car

If your car is locked and its documents are inside, you can ask the locksmith to unlock the car so you can gain access to the papers. However, if the documents are not there, the locksmith, if they are honest, should relock the car and refuse to take the job.

Check the Insurance Card for VIN

If you are the real owner, but you did not bring your car, you can still get the VIN. It is indicated on your insurance card. So it is best if you have this card with you all the time. If you don’t have the card with you, you can still get the information by calling the insurance agency where you bought your car insurance.

Check the Front of Dashboard

If you brought your car with you, and you don’t know its VIN, check the front of the dashboard. Specifically on the driver’s right side, close to the bottom of the windshield. If you are outside the car, look through the windshield, and you will be able to see it.

How Modern Locksmiths Use VIN Online to Make Keys

replace car key by vin number price

There is a standard process of getting a key made from a VIN. Modern online locksmiths use them to make replacement car keys. Some locksmiths vary their methods a little, but generally, this process is what they use to produce car replacement keys:

  1. They will ask you to provide proof that you own the vehicle. So, you need to produce the necessary documents such as the car’s registration, its insurance, and your driver’s license.
  2. You need to inform them about the model, year, and make of the car that requires a replacement key.
  3. The locksmith can now use the VIN number of your car to pull out a code from the manufacturer so they can start cutting the replacement key.
  4. Once the locksmith gets the code from the VIN, they will start to cut the exact fit of the replacement key.
  5. Once the key is made, the online locksmith will ask a courier to deliver it to your home.

Cost Can Vary

Be aware that the cost of replacing a car key can vary widely. This is due to the different shapes of their cuts. Different cuts or shapes also require different machines. The more intricate the shape of the cut is, the more costly the replacement key will be.

Harder to Obtain Codes Mean Higher Replacement Key Cost

Additionally, some cars need other ways of obtaining their codes. The harder it is to obtain the codes, the higher the cost of the replacement key will be.

Again, how to replace a car key using a VIN number online? Car key replacement by VIN online starts with you providing proof of car ownership (e.g., registration or insurance).

Why the Need for Replacement Keys

You might be wondering why a person needs to have their car keys replaced. There are several reasons why this can become a necessity:

1. Lost Car Key

This is the usual reason you will need a replacement key for your car. You may have a spare key, but what if you also lose that one key as well? Thankfully, even if you lose your spare key, modern locksmiths have a way of making a replacement car key that will exactly fit your car.

2. No Longer Working Car Key

There are several reasons why the original car key cannot start your car:

  • The key itself is damaged
  • The key fob is already worn out
  • There is internal damage to the keyless entry mode
  • The ignition cylinder is malfunctioning
  • The car lock is damaged

Role of VIN in Making Your Car Replacement Key Online

Losing a car key is no longer a hassle today because you can order a replacement key online. Just by using the VIN of your car, the online locksmith can make a new key and have it delivered right to your doorstep. You don’t need to go out of your home to get another car key.

Car Locks Are Made with a Special Key Code

You should understand that when your car was produced by its original manufacturer, the car locks were made with a special key code. This code is saved or stored with the VIN, which designates every cut in the car key.

VIN Provides the Locksmith All the Information Needed to Produce Another Key

The VIN will provide the locksmith with all the information to produce another key with an exact copy of your lost key. However, there are instances when they can’t use the VIN because the lock has been replaced or the vehicle is an old model.

Online Locksmith Use the Codes in the Computer-operated Key Cutter

The online locksmith uses these codes and enters them in their key cutter, operated by a computer. This machine cuts the car key to match the original key. They would then attach other equipment to your car to program the security information in your car.

A Replacement Key Has to Be Programmed by the Locksmith

The VIN is important because modern vehicles require certain computer chip programming inside the key. The locksmith needs to connect a computer to the vehicle to make a replacement key.

The keys of modern cars are called transponders, also called chipped keys. Manufacturers programmed these keys for their particular cars. This is done so that a car can recognize the key and pass through the car’s security system. Only then can the car start.

In other words, the replacement key won’t be able to start your car until the online locksmith programs it to your car.

Less Time and Inconvenience

This will enable the key to start your car. The key will only start your car, not other cars. Car dealers can also do this, but you have to bring your car to them. And it may also take them several days to do it. In comparison, an online VIN key replacement can do it in less time and with less inconvenience.

How to Order a Replacement Key Online

replace car key by vin number cost

The most convenient way of getting a car key replacement is to have it done online by VIN. You don’t need to get out of the comfort of your home. If you order your replacement key online, wait for your pre-cut key to arrive at your doorstep.

You can program your replacement car key if your car has onboard programming. You have to drive your vehicle to the dealership or the locksmith in the past. That is too much of a hassle. Now, online car key replacement services are using just the VIN of the car.

Here are the steps you will take if you want to ask an online company to produce a replacement car key:

1. Visit the Company’s Website

Your first step is to visit the company’s website that offers this service. There is a form that they may ask you to fill up. Choose the cut car key by VIN. You may be asked to fill out all the required information about you and your car.

2. Choose Buy Now

The page will ask you to buy now. If you choose to buy now, the next step is to checkout. The site will ask for all of the car’s details and your proof of ownership of the car.

3. Make Your Payment

Upon making your payment, and supplying all the requested information, the locksmith will start cutting your car key using the VIN code process.

4. Wait for the Delivery

The car key replacement by VIN online service company will deliver your replacement key to your chosen address through your chosen shipping method at the designated time.

Car Key Replacement by VIN Number Online Alternative

You can also use a reliable locksmith in your area to produce your car replacement key. They can also do it from the key code they can retrieve from your car’s VIN. Most of them know all types of car keys, and they have the experience and skills of cutting them.

They should get the original car key cuts if you supply them with your car’s VIN. They will have the information they need to cut a replacement key for your car. However, if your car is of the older models and does not have a VIN, they will use another method to cut your replacement key.

Conclusion: Replace Car Key by VIN Number Online

It is relatively easy to replace your car key using its VIN. You only need to provide proper documentation proving that you own the car. These can include your car’s registration and its insurance.

Then ask the car replacement key by VIN online service company to produce the new key. This option offers less hassle and is faster than the traditional way of asking a locksmith to produce a replacement key.