Royal Purple vs Mobil 1 – Which is Better?

Royal Purple and Mobil 1 are two of the most popular engine oils. They are both high-performance synthetic motor oils that cost a bit more but deliver good results. Royal Purple vs. Mobil 1 – what are the differences? Which is better?

Mobil 1 has a higher detergent concentration than Royal Purple, which results in longer-lasting engine protection and quality over time. Royal Purple costs more than Mobil 1, however, this is because it has a greater concentration of additives that make your engine last longer and run more efficiently.

Royal Purple and Mobil 1 are motor oils that ensure high engine performance and only need to be changed once a year. Their differences lie in their formulations. As to which one is better will largely depend on how and where you will use it.

Some motorists believe that Royal Purple is better because of its excellent qualities. They say that the high performance of Royal Purple does more than what Mobil 1 can offer. However, other motorists say that Mobil 1 is better because it helps increase the car’s fuel economy and ride quality.

Read on to learn more about Mobil 1 vs Royal Purple, their features, pros and cons, and which is better.

Royal Purple vs Mobil 1 – Which is the Better Motor Oil?

The two leading brands of motor oil are Mobil 1 and Royal Purple. Both can provide engine protection for a range of vehicles. However, many car owners find it difficult to choose between Mobil 1 and Royal Purple because of their excellent qualities.

Mobil 1 has a higher detergent concentration than Royal Purple, which results in longer-lasting engine protection and quality over time. Royal Purple costs more than Mobil 1, however, this is because it has a greater concentration of additives that make your engine last longer and run more efficiently.

Mobil 1 has its Annual Protection Ultimate Full Synthetic Oil, and Royal Purple has its High-Performance Synthetic Motor Oil. Both are excellent synthetic motor oils. They are both produced and backed up by trusted brand names.

Choosing which one is best for your car is rather difficult. Some will say Royal Purple is better because of its superb qualities. Others will say it is Mobil 1 because it could give better engine protection and performance.

Regarding the Royal Purple oil vs. Mobil 1 issue, you need to know what they are really composed of and their differences. Knowing them well will hopefully help you decide which one is better for your car. Motor oil is essential to your car engine’s efficient performance, so you need to really do your due diligence on this topic.

So again, if you want to choose the best motor oil, Mobil 1 would be the choice. Mobil 1 has a slightly higher detergent concentration than Royal Purple. This stronger concentration provides more protection for the engine over time. Royal Purple is more expensive than Mobil 1 because there are more additives added to ensure greater engine protection.

Royal Purple

Royal Purple vs Mobil 1

Royal Purple is an American company that focuses on industrial, automotive marine, and racing lubricants. One of its most popular products is the Royal Purple 5W-30. As the name implies, the color of this lubricant is purple. It acquires this color hue because of the addition of a thermochromic dye that turns amber as the oil heats up.

Synerlec Additive Technology

This oil contains a proprietary Synerlec Additive technology and some performance filters that enable it to be sufficiently stable in resisting oxidation. Thus it only produces fewer deposits inside the engine. This motor oil even obliterates the engine deposits. It is the blend of synthetic oil together with this technology that effectively reduces engine heat and wear.

This lubricant increases engine power because it reduces friction and improves combustion efficiency. It increases engine horsepower and torque from 3 to 5% than other standard and synthetic oils.

Very Cohesive

Royal Purple motor oil is very cohesive and stays glued onto the metal surface long after the engine is turned off. This provides extra protection to the metal inside the cylinder during cold start-up.

Patented Wear Additives

It contains patented wear additives that reduce the harmful effects that fuel gas vapors may pose. This lubricant is highly compatible with other synthetic and mineral oils that contain ethanol. Therefore switching from other brands of motor oil to Royal Purple will not cause any problem.

As already been mentioned, Royal Purple also comes with performance filters. That means your car engine has added filtering protection. These filters will ensure that only clean engine oil will enter the engine’s combustion chambers’ confines.


Royal Purple is API-licensed and offers excellent engine protection and enhances the performance of all kinds of engines. It satisfies all warranty requirements of the majority of cars, light trucks, and SUVs.

This motor oil provides a higher protection level for car engines, more than what its nearest competitors can give. This is the main reason why it is more expensive than its nearest rivals. Actual real-life results support its claims.

Racing teams and professional engine builders have testified that they have experienced longer engine life and enhanced power using Royal Purple motor oil. This motor lubricant offers protection and enhances gasoline and diesel engine performance. Popular Royal Purple oils are the Royal Purple 5W-30 and the Royal Purple Max ATF.


  • The long interval for an oil change, once a year only
  • Up to 15,000 miles per oil change
  • Increased miles per gallon
  • You can use it for a wide range of vehicles
  • Prolongs the life span of the engine
  • Improves ignition start-up, especially during cold weather
  • Good for a wide range of vehicles, including gasoline and diesel engines, cars, trucks, lawnmowers, and many more
  • Improves ride quality


  • More expensive than its competitors
  • The makers can still improve packaging

Mobil 1

Royal Purple oil vs Mobil 1

Mobil 1 has gained the reputation of being an innovator of synthetic motor oils over the past 40 years. It still ranks among the top motor oils when it comes to strengthening and lubricating all kinds of engines. Mobil 1 has sustained its popularity all these years because of its ability to increase engine efficiency and extended service life.

Annual Oil

This lubricant is also regarded as annual oil, meaning it needs changing only once a year. It is pure synthetic oil that comes with proprietary SuperSyn protection that ensures engine protection in extreme temperatures. This motor oil extends an engine’s service life by preventing the formation of sludge and deposits inside.

Patented Formula

Mobil 1 also satisfies all the requirements for synthetic oils. Its patented formula contains a quality base oil combined with a distinct additive package. This lubricant has the ability to dissolve sludge and remove soot.

Mobil 1 does not suffer degradation in its components and its lubrication capabilities throughout its lifespan. The chemical components contained in the proprietary formula stay the same and do not change even in worse conditions.

Boost Engine Performance

This motor oil can also boost engine performance and improve ride quality. It is rated at 15,000 miles per change. That means you can drive your car without worrying about changing oils during the year – whatever your driving style.

Improved Frictional Properties

This motor oil offers improved frictional properties. It helps make the engine more fuel-efficient, thus increasing the number of miles your car can travel with one gallon of fuel. Mobil oil does not just protect your car engine in high temperatures. It offers protection in cold weather as well. Mobil 1 will also enable your car engine to start fast during cold start-up.

Overall, this motor oil will improve your engine’s oxidation and thermal stability. It maintains the engine’s ability to perform like new by providing superb cleaning power and wear protection. Unfortunately, Mobil 1 does not come with performance filters. You need to buy an oil filter separately. Mobil also sells oil filters, though.


  • Able to last 18,000 miles per oil change, meaning you only need one oil change per year
  • A well-established and reliable brand makes it
  • Contains additional detergents for cleaning the engine
  • More affordable than its competitors


  • Performance filter is not included
  • It does not improve mpg so much
  • Not much improvement in ride quality
  • Recommended only for vehicles that usually run through the highways

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Similarities and Differences Between Royal Purple and Mobil 1


There are several similarities between Royal Purple and Mobil 1:

  1. They both carry the latest ILSAC (International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee) and API (American Petroleum Institute) engine oil licenses.
  2. They are both warrantied for 5 years.
  3. Both have been granted GM Dexos 1, GM’s current global specifications for gasoline engine oils.
  4. Both are high-quality synthetic motor oils.


But they also have several differences between them:

1. They Have Different Additives

Royal Purple has its proprietary Synerlec Additive technology, including performance filters that protect against engine wear, oil foaming, corrosion and rusting, and engine breakdown. It can manage and control the flow of oil, catch and clean or remove contaminants.

This prevents the vehicle from being sluggish or feeling heavy. The mileage of the car for each gallon improves, and the ride quality becomes smoother and quiet.

Mobil 1 also has its own proprietary SuperSyn protection, along with a blend of high-performance synthetic oil and an additive component system that ensures excellent engine protection. This combination helps the engine to run like new too.

The additive technology of Mobil 1 makes the oil film considerably stronger than its competitors. It provides a one-off performance filtering solution. In this respect, Mobil 1 is better than its competitors.

2. They Have Different Thermo-Oxidation Engine Oil Simulation Test Results

When these two motor oils were subjected to the TOEOS test, they produced different results. This test is done to determine the number of deposits in the oil at high temperatures. Typically, motor oils and other lubricants form deposits when heated.

If left unchecked, these deposits will degrade the efficiency and overall performance of the vehicle. This is an important consideration now that there is an increase in direct fuel injection and turbocharged engines.

Mobil 1 vs Royal Purple

Anyways, here are the test results: Royal Purple produced a deposit weight of 10 out of 100. Mobil 1, on the other hand, produced a deposit weight of 49 out of 100. As you can see, Royal Purple has considerably fewer deposits than Mobil 1. Therefore, in this Royal Purple Oil vs. Mobil 1 issue, the better product is Royal Purple.

3. They Have Different Intervals for Oil Changes

The oil change interval that Royal Purple recommends for its motor oil is 15,000 miles. Mobil recommends a change in its Mobil 1 lubricant for every 18,000 miles. In contrast, many motor oil producers recommend an oil change interval ranging from 5,000 to 7,500 miles only.

This is the advantage of full synthetic oils. Their components are enhanced to offer longer mileage that can even last up to a year before the oil needs to be changed. The driving habits of the driver also affect the frequency of oil changes.

Since Mobil 1 has more miles than Royal Purple, it is the better engine lubricant in this respect.

Conclusion: Mobil 1 vs Royal Purple

Mobil 1 has a stronger detergent concentration than Royal Purple, which results in better and longer-lasting engine protection over time. Mobil 1 is less expensive than Royal Purple because Royal Purple has a better concentration of additives to improve your engine.

Royal Purple and Mobil 1 are both designed to be changed only once a year and ensure high engine performance. Their differences lie in their components and formulations. Determining which of the two motor oils is better largely depends on how and where you will utilize it.

Royal Purple may be better in a particular application and situation than Mobil 1. But that could also be said about Mobil 1. In some applications and conditions, Mobil 1 could give better performance than Royal Purple. Your driving habits and preference will determine which of the two is more appropriate for your car engine.

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