SAP Service Activation Letter – Is It a Scam?

Did you receive a letter that says you have not contacted SAP to activate your vehicle service contract? What is this SAP Service Activation letter – is it a scam?

BBB, or Better Business Bureau, says SAP is not accredited. It seems that if you received a letter prompting you to activate the service contract of your vehicle, they are not being honest.

There’s an online report that this scheme appears to be a classic identity theft scam. It links the vehicle warranty activation notice with no business or return information. The report advises the recipient to ignore it because it is potentially a fraud.

Read on to learn more about SAP Service Activation Letter, whether it’s a scam or not, and what you need to do if you receive it.

SAP Service Activation Letter

sap service activation letter

SAP Is Not BBB Accredited

The Better Business Bureau reports that the SAP is not BBB accredited. So, if you received a letter from SAP about activating your vehicle warranty, it does not mean it is honest with your warranty’s actual status. This means you are potentially being scammed.

What Is BBB?

The Better Business Bureau provides consumers current information about business and charitable organizations. This company is a non-profit private organization that you should refer to when assessing whether a business or a company is legit.

If you will base it on BBB’s assessment, it appears that SAP is not being completely honest in its letter. So, if you receive a notice from this company about your vehicle warranty, be careful in replying because you can be scammed if you do.

A vehicle warranty is a scheme wherein the manufacturer warns you that your extended vehicle warranty is about to expire. This letter is encouraging you to make your decision as soon as possible. It works like your contract with an internet provider or cell phone.

What Is a Service Activation?

SAP, on its website, says that a service activation is a contract for the activation and maintenance of vehicles registered on the SAP Gateway server. In SAP’s letter or notice, they say that their records indicate that you have not yet communicated with them about activating your vehicle service contract.

Some consumers were given a customer service number leading them to a contract or business deal with Sky Auto Protection. On its website, Sky Auto Protection started its business of vehicle extended warranty in 2013.

Is SAP Service Agreement Program Legit?

sap service activation legit

A Pretense to Activate a Service Contract for a Vehicle

Several online reports say the SAP activation service letter is a phishing scam. According to these reports, that letter is a pretense to activate a service contract for your vehicle.

Does Not Indicate Warranty Coverage Options

However, it does not provide helpful or factual information about what SAP sells regarding pricing or warranty coverage options. The letter opens with the statement, “our records indicate that you have not contacted us to activate a vehicle service contract.”

One consumer tried communicating with SAP through their “contact us” link. This consumer wanted to have their name taken off SAP’s list. However, this vehicle owner found out they couldn’t submit their request unless they supplied SAP with information.

Info SAP Requests from Consumers

The information SAP requested include the following:

  • Name of the vehicle owner
  • Telephone number of the owner
  • Email address of the owner
  • Make and model of the vehicle
  • Mileage of the vehicle
  • Coverage ID

SAP said they would only take the vehicle owner’s name off their list if the above information is supplied.

So, this consumer can’t help but say this is a phishing scam. SAP wants you to provide them with all the information they request before you can be removed from their mailing list.

How Did SAP Get Your Mailing Address?

There are many ways an enterprising entity can get your mailing address. However, getting your personal information without contacting you first is very difficult. So, this smells like a phishing scam.

Experience Upon Receiving SAP Service Activation Letter

Here’s another report from that indicates that this SAP Activation letter is a scam. It listed the experiences of two consumers who received this letter in their emails. 

One of them received the letter printed on pink paper through USPS. The letter states that if the consumer does not call 1-877-811-7774 by a specific date, their vehicle warranty will lapse. After the warranty expires, they will be financially liable for any vehicle replacement and repair.

However, it seems the letter is a scam because it did not include the car’s make, year, or model and even the dealership where the consumer bought their vehicle.

The other consumer also got a letter through their mail. They said the letter encouraged them to call the company to activate the warranty coverage for their vehicle. This consumer said that they knew this was a scam because they knew the status of their car warranty.

The letter this consumer received did not also state the kind of vehicle they owned. It became clear that this letter was a scam because, at the bottom of the letter, it says that it is just “an advertisement to obtain coverage.”

Again, is the SAP service activation letter legit? According to Better Business Bureau (BBB), SAP is not accredited. Do not give them your information without checking its legitimacy first.

Signs That the SAP Activation Service Letter Is a Scam

You can’t tell when you will get this kind of letter in your mail. However, you will know if it is coming from a legitimate company or not if you will take careful note of the following:

1. Does Not Include Any Vehicle Information

If the activation letter you received in the mail does not include any information about your vehicle, and if the letter asks you to supply it so they can extend your coverage, it is a scam. You should not even reply and not supply the information they request for.

2. Wrong Date and Time

If the letter comes at a date and time that is nowhere near the expiration of your vehicle warranty, it appears to be a fake offer of extended warranty coverage.

This type of coverage should be based on the age or miles traveled by your vehicle. If no such basis is stated in the letter, it is false and, at best, just a phishing scam.

3. Does Not Match Your Car Dealer’s Name

If the name or telephone number of the company that sent the letter does not match that of the dealer that sold you the vehicle, it is more likely a scamming letter.

4. Does Not Indicate the Make, Model Year, and Original Price of Your Vehicle

If the warranty expiration is legit, it should contain your vehicle’s correct make, model, and price when you originally bought it. The letter is probably a scam if this information is not the same.

5. Uses Pressure Tactics

If you feel that you are being rushed to make your decision, it is a sure sign that the letter is not legitimate. A strategy of scammers is to push you to decide now.

They will not give you enough time to think about it. These scammers will use all kinds of pressure tactics to make your decision immediately.

6. Exaggerates Future Repair Costs

Most scammers will inflate the cost of possible vehicle repairs to push you to decide now. If you sense that this tactic is being applied to you, you are being scammed.

7. Sent From a Different State

If the letter came from a different state than the state of the car dealer where you bought your vehicle, it went from a scamming company. Check with your dealer if they were the ones who sent the letter.

Should You Buy an Extended Warranty?

sap service activation notice

There are car dealers that sell extended warranties at the time of purchase. However, buying such type of warranty is still up to you. It would be best to understand that no one can force you to purchase anything you don’t want.

However, there are car dealers who will impress the need to buy an extended vehicle warranty to influence the buyer to sign on the dotted line. Don’t be like some car buyers who regretted their decisions when they found them unnecessary.

So, checking with the financing company before signing the contract is very important. You must do this because some dealers sneak in extended warranties on unsuspecting buyers. It is essential for you to check first and to read the fine print before signing the contract.

What Is a Vehicle Service Agreement Program?

Service activation letters are usually tied up to vehicle service agreement programs. This program is a vehicle repair contract between a car owner and the service provider. It is a vehicle repair agreement that enables an owner of a vehicle to enjoy regular repairs without spending money.

This program becomes binding when the vehicle owner and the service provider sign the contract. It is offered by the service provider to the vehicle owner. So, if you agree to the contract terms and sign them, you are binding yourself to the agreement you made with the service provider.

The service provider also does the same. After you have paid the contract amount, the program proceeds immediately. Before you can agree to a contract, both parties should supply the correct information about everything involved.

That includes essential things such as the vehicle’s make and model, the contract’s cost, the vehicle owner’s name, and the service provider’s name and address.

So, if a business entity you don’t know sends you a notification letter that says your vehicle service agreement is about to expire, asking for detailed information about your vehicle, it is most likely a phishing scam.

In Closing

Based on a BBE or Better Business Bureau report, this organization is not accredited with them. The letter you received from a company calling itself SAP does not seem legit. If this is the case, it appears that you are being scammed.

If you received this type of letter, you are advised to ignore it because it is potentially fraudulent notice. It links your vehicle warranty without any return or business information.