SCS Ray10 Wheels [Specs and Review]

One of the hardest wheels to get for a 4 x 4 is the SCS brand. You have to wait a long time to be able to order these wheels. Why are they so in demand? This article will discuss SCS Ray 10 Wheels – specs and review.

SCS Wheels are designed for and best used for four-by-four vehicles, especially light pickup trucks such as Toyota Tacomas. These wheels are designed in California and are manufactured by one of the biggest alloy wheel producers in the world. They are designed and tested with the highest quality industry standards.

SCS stands for Stealth Custom Series, a company that produces high-quality automotive wheels for light pickups. This company dedicates itself to creating sleek and dynamic wheels with modern design. They limit their wheel production to maintain the highest wheel quality.

Read on to learn more about the SCS Ray 10 wheels, their specs, and some reviews.

SCS Ray10 Wheels Overview

SCS Ray10 Wheels

SCS Wheels are some of the finest quality automotive wheels you will find in the market today. The manufacturers designed and made them in California. This company is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of alloy wheels.

They produce these wheels in a world-class facility complete with inspection equipment. Plus, they engineered and tested all the wheels from their factory with the highest quality standards.

The makers produced sleek, modern, and dynamic wheels that stand out from their competitors. The focus of the company is quality, much more than quantity. This is the reason why their production is primarily premium types of wheels.

This is also the primary reason they can only produce limited wheels. They have the same passion for wheel design and off-roading. Plus, they manufacture the wheels for the following:

  • Toyota Tacoma
  • 4Runner
  • FJ Cruiser
  • Tundra
  • Jeep Wrangler
  • Gladiator

They design their wheels so they can be hub centric. With this design, vibration does not exist, and you can avoid balancing issues connected with aftermarket lug-centric wheels. Their efforts are driven by unequaled design, precision, and innovation.

Every wheel that the VIA, JWI, and JWI-T approve SCS designs. They are always ready to assist their customers as they take their trucks to the next level. This ensures the highest quality of the SCS wheels.

What Are the SCS Ray10 Wheel Specs?

There are several wheel sizes that SCS manufactures for its Ray 10 model. Here are the details of these specs:

SizeBolt PatternBSOffsetWeight
18 X 95 X 1506.00 inches+25mm27 lb. 7 oz.
17 X 96 X 139.73.50 inches-38mm25 lb. 14 oz.
17 X 8.56 X 139.74.30 inches-10mm24 lb. 10 oz.
16 X 86 X 139.74.00 inches-12mm22 lb. 3 oz.
  • Price – $260 to $345
  • Construction – Flow Form
  • Basis Wheel Design – Hubcentric
  • Maximum Load – 2,200 to 2,500 pounds

SCS Ray10 Wheels Review

The production of SCS wheels is minimal because they focus on making premium quality wheels. In other words, they are not after their products’ quantity but their quality. Additionally, as they are passionate about off-roading, they are more so with wheel designs.

Those avid off-roaders know that “bullet hole” is synonymous with off-roading. SCS has fine-tuned this concept with its Ray 10. With the Ray 10, SCS has incorporated a steep break in the beveled holes.

This is not the only departure from the standard design of wheels. They have also included a thick simulated rim flange beadle to make the Ray 10 stronger. The Ray 10 was designed with a steep beak to project a concave impression.

The wheel also has recessed valve stem holes. This prevents the tire valves from damage while you are using it off-road. So, if you are off-roading, you don’t have to play nice with the rocks; strong, hard objects are usually part and parcel of rough terrain and trails.

What Is Flow Form Technology?

scs ray 10 wheels tundra

Design Technology

SCS Wheels utilizes the Flow Form Technology to design the Ray 10. This design technology is for performance cars with robust engines, such as:

  • 4x4s,
  • Light pickup trucks,
  • Sports sedans, and
  • Sports cars.

The engineers at SCS Wheels have reinvented the making of passenger wheels by adopting this Flow Form Technology in making their entire wheel model lineup.

Follows the Method of Producing Aluminum Forged Wheels

When you talk about testing wheels, this technology is the most advanced way and follows the method of producing aluminum forged wheels.

The process of flow forming of the barrel has the same attributes as the forging process of metals. After the molten metal is cast, it is placed on a machine. This machine has hydraulic rollers that use heat to inject tremendous pressure on the inner barrel.

Alters the Grain and the Mechanical Properties of the Casted Rim

As the wheel is cast-spinned, the pressure of the hydraulic roller stretches the metal alloy. This will shape the remaining width of the wheel. The Flow Form process alters the grain and the mechanical properties of the casted rim. This will make it stiffer and more robust.

Produces a Lighter But Stronger Wheel

So, this flow form technology will produce a lighter but stronger wheel at any designed load rating. This process is much better than tilt casting, low-pressure casting, and gravity casting.

Design Concept Based on Classical Wheel Sensibilities

This design technology makes the SCS Ray 10 ahead of its competitors. The design concept is based on classical wheel sensibilities and innovative engineering capabilities. The next-generation bullet hole has been designed to create optimal wheel lightness.

And yet the wheel is strong enough to take on the most extreme trail and off-road conditions. The SCS Ray 10 also has a step lip, a stylish flushed center cap, and a concave beveled hole to give it a minimalist look.

Again, what are SCS Ray10 wheels? SCS Ray10 wheels are for 4×4 vehicles, such as Jeep Gladiator, Wrangler JK/JL, and Toyota Tacomas. Its manufacturers fine-tuned its bullet hole design to better cater to off-roading.

SCS Ray 10 Review

buy scs ray 10 wheels

Here’s an honest customer review showing what the SCS Ray 10 is.

This customer bought an SCS Ray 10 size 17 x 8.5. He purchased one set or four pieces of these wheels. The following is his actual review of the wheels:

1. Good Looking

He found that the Ray 10 he bought from SCS Wheels simultaneously looked so mean and clean. According to him, SCS wheels are trendy but hard to get. He knows that the company that produces these wheels is turning out so few of them.

2. Limited Availability

As a result, SCS wheels are available only in very few places. It would be best to wait before buying them because the available SCS wheels sell fast. So, these wheels are not readily available in the market simply because they don’t mass produce them.

The sizes 17 x 8.5 and 17 x 19 are the SCS wheels most in demand. So, they are always sold out. If you want to order SCS wheels, follow them on Instagram.

This is where they post their notices whenever new wheels are available. They can only produce so many wheels. That makes them quite limited in their production capacity.

3. Not Manufactured in the U.S.

They will deliver the wheels inside four boxes, one for each box. The wheels’ size and weight are printed on the box, 17 x 8.5 and 15 pounds and 14 ounces, respectively. The box is also accompanied by a letter.

In the letter is written saying “Thank You” to the buyer with his name in the envelope. This is an excellent way to build customer rapport, as this customer noted. Inside the envelope is an SCS sticker a customer can place anywhere in the vehicle.

The box also lists the specs of the wheels, including their size, color, number of lug nuts, offset spacing, and other things. What’s surprising is the “Made in Thailand” print.

So, these wheels did not originate in the United States (California), as they advertise to people.

They ship their finished products from Thailand to California, distributing them to those who have ordered them in the United States. They don’t market or sell their wheels ahead but only sell them a week or days before.

Additionally, there are wheel locks on the wheels, but it seems they are only for show, this customer guessed. You can also remove its center cap.

3. Rim Won’t Slip on the Wheel When Off-roading

He went on to look at the features of the wheels. The rim, he noticed, is designed so that when you air down the tire, it won’t slip on the wheel, especially when rock climbing or going off-roading in extreme ways.

The bead of the tire is sandwiched between the plate and the wheel. So, the lip of the tire is in between. This feature will not allow the tire to slip from the wheel when you do serious off-roading.

4. Complaints About the Wheel’s Lip 

A lot of people have complained about this lip on the wheel. Its edge is a couple of centimeters taller than the lip. He said that when it rains, water will collect there and result in the collection of puddles of water and mud. This will start staining the wheels.

But many people loved this wheel because of its good looks. They look so clean. Some people even say these wheels have one of the cleanest looks on the market. According to this customer, the quality of these wheels is excellent, and many people love how they look.

5. Good Customer Service

This customer said that there’s no problem communicating with this company. If you need some information, ask them through email; they will readily reply and provide you with whatever information you require.

They’re good at communicating with their customers. This customer noted that this approach says a lot about this company.

In Closing

The Stealth Custom Series wheels manufacturers designed and made these wheels for 4×4 vehicles, especially for Toyota Tacomas and similar light pickup trucks.

They are designed in California and are produced by one of the largest manufacturers of alloy wheels. These wheels are manufactured using the highest quality standards known in the industry.

SCS is a company that produces high-quality, dynamic, and sleek alloy wheels with modern designs. Their production of wheels is limited, mainly because they try to maintain their highest quality standards.