Static Vs Bagged Car Stance: Difference, Pros, and Cons

There is a big controversy between car modifiers nowadays regarding static and bagged car stances. They are debating which car stance is better. This article will discuss static vs. bagged car stance: the difference, pros, and cons.

Stance is a general term that describes the fitment of the wheel/tire of a vehicle and its overall suspension. Car modifiers use two kinds of car stances – the static stance and the bagged stance. They are different from each other, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

The basic difference between static vs bagged cars is adjusting the vehicle’s suspension. The vehicle’s suspension cannot be readily adjusted in a static car stance. In contrast, the suspension of bagged cars can be lowered or raised by just pushing a button.

Read on to learn more about static and bagged car stance, their differences, and their advantages and disadvantages.

Differences Between Static and Bagged Car Stance

Static Vs Bagged Car Stance

Modify a Vehicle’s Suspension

Static and bagged are two different car stances that modify a vehicle’s suspension. The stance of a vehicle is called static if static suspension parts like coil-overs lower it. Static stances cannot be readily adjusted because you have to lift the car to raise or lower it.

In contrast, you can quickly and without any effort adjust the height of a bagged car stance by just pushing a button or flipping a switch. Bagged car stances use airbags similar to the hydraulic lifts used on lowriders. They can be lowered or raised by flipping a switch on the fly.

Usual Menu for Off-road Vehicles

These two car stances are the usual menu for off-road vehicles, pickup trucks, and sports car enthusiasts. And more often than not, stance cars are just for show.

Car Owners Stance Their Cars for Display

Majority of car owners who stance their cars do it only for display. They seldom drive their cars on the road like common car owners and drivers do in their vehicles.

One aspect of the bagged vs. static cars debate is that those on the static side of the coin look at those who bag their cars as semi-cheaters. The reason is that baggers can put their cars at any ride height they want.

People with static stances would like to think of themselves as the more dedicated and hardcore since they are not afraid of damaging their cars each time they run over a speed bump.

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What Is Static Car Stance?

Vehicles Are Lower Than Usual and Have a Fixed Ride Height

Vehicles with a static stance are lower than usual and are stuck in that ride height. As such, you can’t readily adjust the suspension of these vehicles. It means their ride height is static.

Has a Coil-over Suspension

Static stance can also mean that the car is at a fixed ride height and is on coil-over suspension. If you did this to your car, its height would be more or less permanent. You can only adjust its height if you will use a wrench and spend time lowering or raising the suspension.

Coil-overs Are the Main Component for Static Stance

Coil-overs are the mainstream components that are used in static stance. They have been used by many car modifiers far longer than the more current air suspensions. Some coil-over systems are even costing much more than some modern air suspensions.

Offers a Degree of Customization

Some people usually prefer static or coil-over stances over air suspension because it offers a degree of customization and fine-tuning that one can do for the track.

While the main reason why people choose coil-overs is to make their cars look better by lowering their cars, there are additional benefits to this procedure.

Possible to Modify the Car’s Spring Rates

Coil-overs also make it possible to modify the car’s spring rates, dampening, its rebound and also allow adjustments to its camber. Another good thing about coil overs is that car owners need not break their banks to get this suspension for their vehicles.

Can Fit a Car Owner’s Budget

Many static stance options can fit whatever kind of budget a car owner has. For instance, you can install coil-overs on your car at the lowest end of the bargain for just around $500.

If you can afford it, mid-range coil overs can set you back approximately $1,000. But if you have a deep pocket, why not go for the high-end ones that will cost you only about $2,000.

How to Get a Static Stance

It’s called static stance simply because its setting is more permanent. This is a type of suspension that keeps still. There are two ways you can get this kind of suspension:

  1. Lower the springs, and
  2. Use coil-over suspensions.

1. Lower the Springs

Most Affordable Method to Lower Vehicle’s Ride Height

Lowering your car’s springs is the most affordable way to lower its ride height. However, once your car’s springs are lowered, you are stuck at that suspension height – until you decide to change the setting.

Change Stock Shocks with Sports Dampers

If you choose to lower your springs, it will be a good idea if you will change your stock shocks with sports dampers. The shock absorbers that came with your car will not be able to handle lower springs simply because they are not built to handle this condition.

If you fail to make this modification, your suspension has a higher chance of blowing up as you drive around at a low riding height on asphalt.

2. Use Coil-Over Suspension

Most Popular Method of Achieving a Static Stance

Using a coil-over suspension is the most popular method of achieving a static stance today. This method will cost you more than just lowering your springs. However, the look that your car will acquire will be much better. That’s why this method is the one preferred by most car enthusiasts.

Enables You to Adjust Your Car’s Ride Height

If you lower your coil-over suspension, you will still be limited to one ride height. However, you can adjust your car’s ride height if you jack it up to the desired height. Though this process will cost you more, you will be able to keep the integrity of your car.

Increases Your Car’s Worth

You will also be able to increase the value of your car as much as you can. Using coil-over suspensions will not just avoid damaging your car irreversibly, but you can also increase its worth, should you think about selling it in the future.

There are many manufacturers of coil-over suspensions that offer a variety of units that can be used for just about any type of vehicle ever built.

The choices available in the market include ‘race’ or ‘sport’ lowering springs. They are for those who don’t want to change the entire suspension setup of their vehicles.

Get a Matching Spring/Upgraded Shock Combination If on a Budget

If you’re working on a budget but still want an enhanced look for your car, you can choose to get a matching spring/upgraded shock combination. Choosing this option will still provide your vehicle with a good performance suspension without going to the more expensive entire coil over route.

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Pros and Cons of Using the Static Suspension System to Get Static Stance

static vs bagged cars

There are advantages and disadvantages to using the static suspension system, as in everything else:


  • Changes are relatively easy to perform
  • Affordable
  • The most effective way of getting a static stance.


  • You may be required to buy aftermarket shocks
  • You will be damaging your vehicle irreversibly

Pros and Cons of Coil-Over Static Stance

Coil-over static stance also has its share of advantages and disadvantages


  • Favored by most car enthusiasts who are into suspension modifications of their vehicles
  • Price is moderate for those who want their vehicles stanced
  • The majority of those in the hardcore community consider it a positive thing
  • If you want to change your car, this method will give you more moderate control of your vehicle.
  • There are fewer moving parts


  • The risks of damaging your car are higher, especially if you run over speed bumps.
  • You run the risk of encountering handling issues.
  • Adjusting the height of your vehicle will be very difficult
  • Wear and tear of your car will be faster

Again, static vs. bagged car stance – what is the difference? Static car stance refers to a suspension setup that uses coil-overs or spring-type suspensions other than airbags. A car’s stance refers to the wheel or tire fitment and overall suspension height relative to the ground.

What Is a Bagged Car Stance?

Airbags Handle the Vehicle’s Suspension

A bagged car stance means airbags handle the vehicle’s suspension. This means that your vehicle is running on air suspension. So, instead of the standard suspension, these cars have airbags as their suspension system.


This system has several components. The system has an onboard air compressor, some switches, and airbags. You can turn on and off the switch to inflate or deflate the airbags on the vehicle’s corners.

Allows You to Change Ride Height on the Fly

So, this system allows you to change your ride height on the fly by just flipping a switch. Many car modifiers believe this is the superior car stance for those who care for their vehicles.

Brings Car Owners Convenience

Many car enthusiasts also use bagged car stances for convenience. They can adjust their ride heights while driving. If they need to go over a steep entrance or see a speed bump ahead, they can ‘air up’ their vehicles by pushing a button from their phone or a controller.

Most Expensive Method for Car Stance

However, this is the most expensive method of car stance. But it’s worth it. Bagging your car will replace your shocks and springs with airbags. These airbags are designed to be filled with air and adjusted to the height the vehicle owner wants.


Most of these bagged suspension systems are programmable. You can change the vehicle suspension height for different conditions and modify the suspension height at your pleasure.

Using airbags will allow you to quickly achieve your vehicle’s sweetest, most visibly pleasing look without ever sacrificing its body. With a bagged car stance, you will be able to lower your car more than what you can do if you will lower your springs or use coil-over suspension.

Makes Your Car Look Like It Is Sitting on the Ground

A bagged car stance will make your car look like it is sitting on the ground. If you did a splendid job of bagging your car’s stance, you would see that it’s sitting on the ground. The vehicle’s ride height can be adjusted to slam to the ground with air suspension.

So, when your vehicle is parked, it will look cool. And when you want to leave, you flip a switch and raise your car to a height that will enable you to avoid scraping the ground. With this system, you can still go over speed bumps without worrying about damaging your car.

You won’t drive gingerly and avoid turning too sharply in tight corners because you know that you can just as easily lift the suspension to prevent potholes and small craters on the road.

Camber Your Car to Achieve the Lowest Ride Height

If you want the lowest ride height your vehicle can go, you can camber your car. Performing a negative camber will move the top of the wheels inside.

That will effectively tuck the wheels inside the fenders. But monitor your tires frequently because doing a negative camber will increase tire wear. It may also cause suspension issues.

Growing in Popularity Due to Recent Technological Advances

Bagged car stance is growing in popularity because of recent technological advances. You are no longer limited to the stock suspensions and ride heights that stock cars are fitted with when they come out of the car plant. There are many aftermarket air suspension systems to install on your car.

It’s good to note that Mercedes-Benz is now using air suspension in its flagship car models. They improved the level of performance and comfort above their previous vehicles. More and more car buyers are now thinking about a bagged car stance.

Pros and Cons of Bagged Car Stance

is static or bagged better

Like static car stance, bagged car stance also has particular pros and cons. Let’s discuss them now:


  • Worry-free driving because you know that whenever you are approaching speed bumps and any irregularity on the road, you can always raise your ride height so your car won’t get damaged.
  • Full flexibility in adjusting the suspension according to your desires
  • This is the most cost-effective method of car stance for the long term


  • Most expensive option
  • Static car standing enthusiasts consider this cheating since there is no risk of damaging the vehicle.
  • Applicability is not as wide as the static stance
  • Requires more maintenance
  • There are wiring issues
  • Possibility of blowing lines and struts

Which Is Better Between the Static and Bagged Car Stances?

Both static and bagged car stances offer advantages to car modifiers. The choice boils down to what a car owner wants for their car and what they can afford to spend. Here are some thoughts that you can consider.

Static car stance or coil-over suspension is great for those who:

  • They don’t want to bother themselves with reliability and maintenance
  • Want to take their cars to the track
  • Want to get rid of a bad wheel gap
  • Think that static stance is more legit
  • Think that bags are for groceries

A bagged car stance or air suspension is a good option for the following people:

  • Want a convenient and easy way of adjusting the height of their vehicles
  • Want to dial in the fitment of their vehicles
  • Fancy to make their vehicles look amazingly cool and elicit attention
  • Have the budget to get it done
  • Don’t mind about the maintenance work required

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the often asked questions about static and bagged car stances. Reading them will help you understand this topic better:

What Does Static Stance Cars Mean?

If your car has a static stance, it is lower than the usual height of the vehicle. Meaning it is stuck in that lowered position. Such vehicles are usually fitted with coil-overs to be mechanically lowered than their original ride (suspension) height.

What Are Bagged Stance Cars?

Vehicles that are bagged stance are usually fitted with airbags in place of the standard suspension components. This means these vehicles are suspended by air. Such systems use airbags filled with compressed air to lower or raise the vehicle’s ride height.

What Is the Difference Between a Static Stance and a Bagged Stance?

The primary difference is in their raising and lowering of the vehicle. As the word implies, static stance vehicles are stuck in their adjusted heights. You can only raise or lower the ride height by jacking the car and using a wrench to raise or lower the height. This is a very tedious task.

In contrast, you can easily adjust the ride height of bagged stance cars by flipping a switch. So, a bagged stance is an easier and more convenient way of changing a vehicle’s ride height.

Which of the Two Stances Is Better?

Determining which is best for you depends on your intent and budget. A bagged stance costs more money to do than a static stance.

If you want a convenient way of doing it, you can choose a bagged stance. But if you’re a hardcore car enthusiast who wants the real thing and wants to economize on this project, you will go for the static stance.

In Closing: Differences Between Static and Bagged Car Stance

Stance refers to a vehicle’s wheel/tire setup and overall suspension. The two types of car stances include:

  • Static stance, and
  • Bagged stance.

There are differences between the two, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

The primary difference between the two is in adjusting the vehicle’s suspension. You cannot readily adjust the vehicle’s suspension in a static stance. But in the bagged stance, you can raise or lower the suspension’s height by pushing a button.

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